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Electric Dreams: 21 Vibrant Pikachu Coloring Pages

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Danny Ashton
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Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
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Pikachu is the one Pokémon that most people instantly recognize. 

Pikachu is an electric-type Pokémon that live in the forest and communicates with other Pikachus using their tails. They can even use their electric power to share messages with other electric-type Pokémon.

In the first Pokémon anime series, it was Ash’s first Pokémon that Professor Oak gave him. Pikachu was also a central character in all the Pokémon films and was the star of the 2019 movie Detective Pikachu, which grossed over $500 million.

According to our research, Pikachu is the most searched-for Pokémon around the world, so it only makes sense that we provide Pikachu-themed coloring pages for you to print out and color yourself.

From Pikachu reading a book to Pikachu riding a skateboard, each coloring page presents a unique and captivating scene that showcases Pikachu’s diverse adventures. Let your creativity soar as you choose the colors that capture Pikachu’s playful spirit, dynamic energy, and endearing expressions.

So, grab your favorite coloring pencils and crayons and get ready to add color to these 21 enchanting pages.

Let’s dive in and discover the magic of Pikachu through the art of coloring!

1. Pikachu’s Library Adventure

Join Pikachu as he delves into the pages of a captivating book. 

baby pikachu reading a book

Color Pikachu’s adorable expression and expressive eyes showcase its love for reading. Create a cozy setting with a comfy chair and shelves filled with books, inspiring the joy of storytelling.

2. Pikachu’s Solo Journey

Embark on a coloring adventure with Pikachu as it explores the world alone. 

Pikachu alone coloring page

Color Pikachu’s determined expression and dynamic pose capture its spirit of independence. Create a backdrop that you think Pikachu would enjoy.

3. Pikachu’s Tree-Top Hideaway

Look at Pikachu as it climbs up the branches of a small tree. 

Pikachu climbing a small tree

Color Pikachu’s playful expression and energetic pose. Let the lush leaves and branches come alive with vibrant colors, depicting the beauty of nature.

4. Pikachu’s Dance Party

Pikachu coloring page dancing with friends

Accompany Pikachu and his friends at a lively dance party. 

Color their dynamic poses and dance outfits to fill the page with vibrant energy. Create a backdrop that sets the stage for celebration, capturing the joy of friendship and the power of music.

5. Pikachu’s Culinary Creations

Pikachu dressed up as a chef, cooking up a storm in a bustling kitchen

Color Pikachu as it dons a chef’s hat and gets busy in the kitchen. 

Bring its culinary tools and delicious food creations to life. Get lost as you color in the backdrop packed with ingredients and utensils, showcasing Pikachu’s passion for cooking and the joy of preparing tasty treats.

6. Pikachu’s Fishing Expedition

Join Pikachu by the tranquil lake as it tries its hand at fishing.

Pikachu fishing on a lake

Color Pikachu’s patient expression and fishing gear. Create a serene setting with sparkling water and lush surroundings, capturing the peacefulness of the moment and the anticipation of a great catch.

7. Pikachu’s Green Thumb

Check out Pikachu as it tends to its vibrant garden. 

Pikachu gardening

Bring out its gardening tools and luscious plants to life! Fill the page with blooming flowers, lush foliage, and the freshness of nature, showcasing Pikachu’s love for plants and the joy of cultivating a thriving garden.

8. Pikachu’s Pajama Party

Pikachu as it curls up in a cozy bed, ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Pikachu in bed coloring page

Use color to help Pikachu get ready for a good night’s sleep. Create a dreamlike ambiance with soft colors and pillows, conveying a sense of tranquility and the joy of peaceful slumber.

9. Pikachu’s Soccer Match

See Pikachu on the football field, ready for an exciting soccer match.

Pikachu playing football

Create a vibrant backdrop with a cheering crowd, lush grass, and goalposts, capturing the exhilaration of the game and Pikachu’s passion for sports.

10. Pikachu’s Biking Adventure

Color in Pikachu as it rides a bike across a tranquil field on a sunny day.

Pikachu riding a bike

Color in the scenic backdrop with winding paths and nature’s beauty to bring Pikachu’s bike journey to life.

11. Pikachu’s Skateboarding Break

Check out Pikachu as it shows off skateboarding skills in a bustling town.

Pikachu skateboarding in town

Use your colored pencils to create an urban backdrop with buildings, ramps, and an energetic atmosphere, capturing the thrill of skateboarding and Pikachu’s street-smart attitude.

12. Detective Pikachu

See Pikachu as he channels his Sherlock Holmes detective prowess. 

Pikachu dressed like sherlock holmes

Use your colors to bring out Pikachu’s keen expression and detective attire. Design a mysterious setting with magnifying glasses, clues, and a sense of intrigue…

13. Pikachu’s Big Go-Kart Race

Pikachu on a thrilling go-kart race – maybe with Super Mario?

Pikachu driving a go kart

Create an exhilarating backdrop with a race track, cheering spectators, and a burst of speed, capturing the adrenaline rush of the race and Pikachu’s competitive spirit.

14. Pikachu’s Cave Expedition

Color in Pikachu as it bravely ventures into a mysterious cave. 

Pikachu exploring a mysterious cave

Design a dimly lit backdrop with stalactites, eerie shadows, and hidden treasures for Pikachu to hunt as he ventures through the cave.

15. Pikachu’s Wild West Adventure

Check out Pikachu in the Wild West, embracing cowboy spirit: 

Pikachu in the Wild West

Use your pens to create a frontier backdrop with rolling plains, cacti, and a sense of rugged charm, capturing the excitement of the Old West.

16. Pikachu’s Skateboarding Stunts

Color Pikachu as it performs impressive skateboard tricks. 

Pikachu on a skateboard

Get creative as you fill in the urban backdrop with ramps and cool graffiti to create an exciting space for Pikachu to perform his skateboarding stunts..

17. Pikachu Unleashing the Volt Tackle

See Pikachu as he demonstrates the electrifying Volt Tackle attack: 

Pikachu performing a Volt Tackle

Color Pikachu’s determined expression and charged-up energy. Use your colors to create an electrifying backdrop with lightning bolts and sparks.

18. Pikachu’s Motorcycle

Color Pikachu as it rides a roaring motorcycle, showcasing its daring spirit.

Pikachu riding a motorcycle

This is your chance to imagine where Pikachu is going. You could draw some winding roads and a scenic landscape. Or a big city with tall buildings and many cars on the road?

19. Pikachu’s Snowboarding Trip

Check out Pikachu as he hits the slopes for an exciting snowboarding session:

Pikachu snowboarding

Create a snowy backdrop with snowy mountains and glistening snowflakes that will contrast with Pikachu’s colorful snowboarding gear.

20. Pikachu’s Time Travel Adventure

Color Pikachu as it embarks on an extraordinary time travel journey.

Pikachu trimetravel

Design a backdrop with swirling time portals, ancient artifacts, and futuristic elements to bring Pikachu’s time travel adventure to life.

21. Rock and Roll Pikachu

If Pikachu did play a musical instrument, it would have to be the Bass guitar!

Pikachu playing the bass guitar

Have fun deciding the color of his guitar and imagining who else might be in the band. Squirtle anyone?

Did We Miss Any Iconic Pikachu Scenes?

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of Pikachu coloring pages, and that we have inspired you to bring Pikachu to life at home.

Do let me know in the comments below (or via email) if you have any ideas for other activities and hobbies we can bring to life with Pikachu when we update this page.

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