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12 Pokémon Coloring Pages: Unleash Your Artistic Adventure

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Danny Ashton
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Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
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Step into the enchanting world of Pokémon, where imagination knows no bounds and colorful creatures captivate young hearts. 

With their immense popularity and lovable characters, Pokémon has become a cherished phenomenon that resonates with children everywhere. The latest movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu was a major hit in 2019, grossing 433.2 million dollars, and last year, the most recent video game was released on the Nintendo Switch and sold 6.5 million copies in its first week!

It’s fair to say that Pokémon is as popular as ever.

Young fans can embark on a thrilling artistic journey with 12 mesmerizing Pokémon-themed coloring pages.

These engaging coloring pages entertain and nurture essential skills like hand-eye coordination and attention to detail. It’s not just great for kids, a New Zealand study showed that anxiety and depression could be reduced by coloring with just 10 minutes a day.

Join us as we explore this collection of animated Pokémon adventures, where creativity takes flight, and young artists make their mark, one brilliant hue at a time. Let the coloring begin!

1. Pikachu’s Cave Expedition

Let your imagination shine as you unveil the cave’s secrets alongside this curious Pokémon.

Pikachu in cave coloring page

Join Pikachu in a thrilling coloring page as it explores a mysterious cave. Bring Pikachu’s vibrant yellow fur to life and use deep shades to depict the cave’s shadows. Uncover hidden treasures as you color this captivating scene, immersing yourself in the excitement of Pikachu’s adventurous journey. 

2. Charizard’s Flaming Canvas: A Fiery Coloring Adventure!

Unleash your creativity and embark on an exciting coloring adventure, capturing the fiery essence of Charizard on the page.

Charizard coloring pag

We created a Charizard coloring page where you can bring this legendary fire/flying-type Pokémon to life: Color Charizard’s fierce orange scales, sharp claws, and powerful wings. Let the flame on its tail burn brightly as you add vibrant hues.

3. Squirtle: A Splash of Aquatic Charm

Immerse yourself in coloring Squirtle and let its playful spirit inspire you. 

Squirtle coloring page

Dive into the world of Squirtle, the water-type Pokémon—a coloring page where you can bring Squirtle’s cheerful demeanor and aquatic charm to life. Bring out the vibrancy of its blue shell and friendly expression with your coloring skills. Let the page come alive with shades that capture the refreshing essence of water. 

4. Bulbasaur: Nature’s Colorful Companion

Let your artistic imagination bloom as you create a captivating scene with Bulbasaur at the center of it.

bulbasaur coloring page

Discover the beauty of nature with Bulbasaur, the grass/poison-type Pokémon. Picture Bulbasaur nestled in a verdant landscape, surrounded by lush foliage. Color its leafy bulb and adorable features, infusing the page with the vibrant hues of nature. 

5. Mewtwo’s Coloring Adventure: Harnessing Legendary Energy

Let your imagination soar as you bring this legendary Pokémon to life on the page.

Mewtwo coloring page

Enter a captivating coloring page where Mewtwo, the powerful psychic-type Pokémon, takes center stage. Capture the aura of mystery surrounding Mewtwo with deep shades of purple while highlighting its sleek and intimidating presence. Create a backdrop showcasing its psychic prowess, whether a cosmic landscape or a laboratory setting. 

6. Abra: A Mysterious Teleporting Tale

You can teleport to a world of intrigue and wonder as you embark on this coloring journey with Abra.

Abra coloring page

Unravel the enigma of Abra, the psychic-type Pokémon. Visualize Abra’s psychic powers and its mischievous yet elusive nature. As you color the page, capture the aura of mystery with shades that evoke its psychic abilities. 

7. Lucario: Unleash the Aura of Courage

Tap into your inner creativity with Lucario, the fighting/steel-type Pokémon.

Lucario pokemon coloring page

Picture Lucario’s noble and determined stance, radiating strength and bravery. Color the page to capture its distinctive blue and black coloration and fierce yet noble features. 

8. Blastoise Colossal Water Cannon Coloring Page

Get ready to dive into this coloring adventure and unleash the might of Blastoise.

Blastoise coloring page

Brace yourself for the immense power of Blastoise, the water-type Pokémon with a colossal shell and fierce expression. With your coloring prowess, bring out the deep blue hue of its tough skin and the strength radiating from its cannons. Let the page burst with energy as you capture the torrential power that Blastoise commands.

9. Eevee’s Colorful Adventures

Let your imagination run wild as you color this beloved Pokémon, making a vibrant masterpiece filled with joy and wonder.

Eevee the Pokemon coloring page

A coloring page featuring Eevee, the adorable and versatile Pokémon with fluffy fur and cute, expressive eyes. Use soft shades to bring its charming features to life, from its velvety brown ears to its bushy tail. Create a whimsical backdrop that captures Eevee’s playful spirit and the magic of its evolving possibilities. 

10. Snorlax Sleepy Colors

Check out this coloring page featuring Snorlax, the lovable and sleepy Pokémon. 

snorlax modified

Capture Snorlax’s round and pudgy body, filled with soft shades of blue-gray. Let its sleepy expression and half-closed eyes come to life with gentle colors. Create a serene backdrop, perhaps a tranquil meadow or a cozy tree shade that reflects Snorlax’s peaceful nature. 

11. Charmander’s Fiery Palette: Embracing the Flame

Let your creativity blaze as you embark on a coloring adventure with this beloved Pokémon.

Charmander coloring page

Ignite your imagination with a captivating coloring page featuring Charmander, the adorable fire-type Pokémon. Color Charmander’s vibrant orange scales and cheerful expression bring its lovable features to life. Create a backdrop that captures Charmander’s fiery nature, whether a sunlit meadow or a rocky terrain. 

12. The One and Only Pikachu 

Let your creativity spark as you fill the page with joy, showcasing the captivating spirit of this beloved Pokémon.

Pikachu alone coloring page 1

Join Pikachu, the iconic and electrifying Pokémon, on an exciting coloring adventure. Use bold colors to bring its right yellow fur, rosy cheeks, and playful personality to life. Create a vibrant backdrop, perhaps a sunny meadow or a bustling cityscape, that captures the energy and charm of Pikachu. 

Did We Miss Any Iconic Pokémon?

I hope you have as much fun coloring these coloring pages as we made them. We tried to cover the most popular Pokémon like Pikachu and Charizard but also some less famous ones (hello, Blastoise!) that you might not have seen as a coloring page before.  We have provided the ability to print out each Pokémon so you can get coloring in immediately.

Comment below if you want to see other Pokémon in new updates. We also love to see completed coloring pages, so take a pic and email them to us, and we will publish them on TheToyZone.

We are regularly creating new coloring pages, so be sure to keep checking back for new pages.

💡 Tip: One of the most popular ones we’ve published is the Super Mario Bros coloring pages.

Happy coloring!

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