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16 Free Printable Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Header Hello Kitty Coloring Pages
Amparo Lopez
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Amparo Lopez
Written by
Amparo Lopez
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Hello Kitty has left an indelible mark on popular culture, gaining her place in the global collective imagination. Created in Japan in 1974 by Sanrio, this round white character and her insignia red bow spanned through the hearts of many generations and remain dear to many to this day.

Her cuteness is at the center of such incredible popularity. It is rooted in Sanrio’s philosophy, too. When Hello Kitty was invented, Sanrio’s motto was “Small gifts, big smile.” Its mission was to help people reach out to friends by exchanging small, inexpensive gifts. 

Hello Kitty has always been about making friends, and about showing them we care about them with small, thoughtful gestures. 

That’s why we created a series of 16 kawaii (cute in Japanese) coloring pages for fans of all ages to enjoy. Whether bonding over a coloring session or gifting the artwork to friends and family, big smiles and friendship are the things that truly matter at the end of the day.

1. Hello Kitty Astronaut

1 Hello Kitty Astronaut

From her cozy home in the London suburbs, Kitty has ventured into outer space in search of new galactic friends. What color should her astronaut suit be? Oh, and don’t worry, her bow is still under her space helmet!

2. Hello Kitty Reading

2 Hello Kitty reading

When it’s rainy outside, one of Kitti’s favorite hobbies is reading an enchanting fairytale at home. This one is about a magical island surrounded by a calm, beaming sea and sunshine all year round. In it, huge emerald-green trees whisper to each other the adventures of three young friends who spend their days sailing and exploring the world. 

3. Hello Kitty Playing Guitar in a Japanese Festival

3 Hello Kitty Playing Guitar

A talented musician, Kitty is ready to rock at the season’s matsuri (a traditional Japanese festival). She’s got her guitar and ornate headband; she only needs some cheerful colors to tune into the full festive mood.

4. Hello Kitty Sailing

4 Hello Kitty Sailing

You can almost hear the soothing sounds of the water in this illustration. Kitty is for sure enjoying it while she sails across the river in her cozy boat. She’s got a picnic basket packed with a tasty meal to enjoy with Bad Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Pompompurin, Kuromi and Keroppi, who await her on the other side.

5. Hello Kitty with Balloons

5 Hello Kitty with Balloons

It’s balloon-themed pajama party time! Kitty is waiting eagerly for her friends to arrive and kickstart her fabulous sleepover. Help her decorate and get all the props ready with some colors; that will make it an unforgettable evening.  

6. Hello Kitty Skateboarding

6 Hello Kitty Skateboarding

Because of her curious personality, Kitt’s always ready for new adventures. She has replaced her red bow with a beautiful floral cap for the occasion, which shows how serious she is about skateboarding. And it did pay off; did you see she’s wearing an award pin? 

7. Hello Kitty Pilot

7 Hello Kitty Pilot

Have you ever imagined Hello Kitty zooming through the skies? Her sophisticated aircraft will take her as high as the puffiest cotton-like clouds. Fun fact: in real life, Kitty and her friends have their own airplanes. You can make this one as colored as those.

8. Hello Kitty in School

8 Hello Kitty In School

This is what Kitty would look like in an 1800 Victorian-era London school — pretty magical, don’t you think? With her charming long dress and a noteworthy, delicate bow, she’s eager to attend her favorite subjects in school: English, music and art.

9. Hello Kitty at Home

9 Hello Kitty at Home

Did you know Kitty had a beloved pet called Charrmy Kitty? Charmmy Kitty is kind and caring, although she can be a tad cheeky at times. But most of all, she enjoys spending time with her best friend in the world, Kitty.

10. Hello Kitty Sand Castle

10 Hello Kitty Sand Castle

It’s summertime and Kitty and her family decided to go on holiday to Hawaii. Few things are as fun as building sand artwork at the beach. Together with mother, father and Mimi, Kitty’s twin sister, they built the most beautiful sand castle with a tall tower worthy of enchanting princesses. 

11. Hello Kitty Playing Guitar

11 Hello Kitty Playing Guitar

The Japanese festival was an absolute success. So Kitty was invited to play in her hometown. She’ll be tuning to some pop melodies this time in her (obviously) pink guitar. Will her dress match it?

12. Hello Kitty Baking

12 Hello Kitty Baking

Kitty is an excellent baker. She has a sweet tooth and loves making cookies for her friends and family to enjoy. In this illustration, she’s preparing all sorts of tasty cookies to make sure everyone gets a taste they like. Chocolate chips, orange peels, ginger and honey… is she missing any? For a loving final touch, she’ll be making them heart-shaped.

13. Hello Kitty Japanese Dress

13 Hello Kitty Japanese Dress

With a magnificent kimono worthy of the most beautiful Japanese princess, Kitty beams radiantly. However, a praiseworthy kimono needs not just a stylish design but also an eye-catching color palette to stand out.

14. Hello Kitty Future Adventure

14 Hello Kitty Future Adventure

It’s the 23rd century and Kitty is ready to explore this world (and why not many others!). Her gear is a cute, stylish armor suited to delve into an unknown and fun journey. What strange creatures will she befriend in her futuristic adventures?

15. Hello Kitty Gardening

15 Hello Kitty Gardening

Join Kitty for a cheerful gardening session on a bright Sunday afternoon. From planting new roses to watering shrubs and trees, there’s a whole world of green to explore!

16. Hello Kitty Hot Air Balloon

16 Hello Kitty Hot Air Balloon

Kitty explores the skies in her balloon adorned with ribbons and elegant details. It’s just the vibrant colors that are missing from this picture! 

Fun Tip: While coloring this last one, sing along with Kitty and Mimi the magic balloon song: Way up in the blue sky, past the clouds away, we’ll fly. Come on, let’s fly away! 🎵

Did We Miss Any Iconic Hello Kitty Looks?

With nearly 50 years of history, Kitty has had countless adventures. She visited many countries and learned from many cultures, always making friends along the way.

We tried to create designs as diverse as Hello Kitty’s universe is, but we surely didn’t cover all its richness. So, if there’s a favorite Kitty look we haven’t included here, please share it with us! We’d love to hear about it.

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