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12 Elsa Coloring Pages for Little Frozen Fans

Header Elsa Frozen Coloring Pages
Gisele Navarro
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Gisele Navarro
Written by
Gisele Navarro
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When Elsa was locked away for years isolated from the outside world, she could probably have done with some coloring pages to have fun and pass the time.

Frozen was released in 2013 and it took the world by snow storm, winning everything, Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Grammys, and Golden Globes, but most of all it won our hearts and imaginations. Loosely based on a story from the king of fairy tales, Hans Christen Anderson, it introduced us all to such incredible characters, such as Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and of course who can forget Olaf. 

So why not get together, out of the cold and ice, and color in some of your favorite Frozen characters. And don’t forget, if you color outside the lines, don’t worry, just ‘Let It Go’.

1. Elsa

1 Elsa Frozen coloring page

Color in Elsa, showing off her magical powers of ice and snow. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to need some more blue pencils if you want to color all these in, or you might have to get creative with some green and yellow. At least you don’t need to color in the snow.

2. Anna and Olaf

2 Anna Olaf coloring page

Olaf is our favorite funny little snowman. More than just sticks and snow, he is the product of Anna and Elsa’s sisterly love. His dream of being In Summer, makes for my favorite song from the films. Frozen wouldn’t be the same without him. 

3. Young Elsa and Anna

3 Young Elsa and Anna Frozen

Here they are, creating the snowman himself, Olaf, or at least the first draft. No one was expecting him to come to life, but no one’s complaining. Lets just hope Elsa’s a bit more careful with her powers this time.

4. Elsa and Anna

4 Elsa sad Frozen

We all have times we feel sad, especially falling out with your siblings. But not everyone has a magical sister with powers over ice and snow. Elsa would do anything to cheer her sister up, and I know what would cheer me up, only the best Frozen toys in all of Arendelle.

5. Elsa, Anna and Olaf

5 Elsa Anna Olaf coloring page

Even the princesses of Arendelle like a bit of arts and crafts, although it looks like Olaf is getting in the way. Maybe after they’ve finished covering him in paint and glitter, they might move on to some of our other classic coloring pages, like The Little Mermaid, or Barbie.

6. Elsa and Anna

6 Elsa with Anna

It wasn’t all plain sailing for Elsa and Anna, their relationship had a lot of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they love each other, and together, they’re an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

7. Anna

7 Anna in the forest

Anna has such an amazing dress, with such cool patterns, inspired by traditional Scandinavian clothing. And now you can color it in. Will you keep it as it is? Or do you think you can make a few changes and make it better? 

8. Young Anna

8 Young Anna Frozen

Color in sweet Anna’s freckles. She’s just a young girl here. She keeps herself busy by having loads of fun with Elsa, playing with her powers and making snowmen. She’s also got a lot to learn, especially about not trusting strange men, like the sneaky devious Hans. We are not fans of Hans over here.

9. Elsa

9 Elsa snow details

In her best dress and beautiful icy makeup, Elsa looks like she’s all dressed up to go to the ball, but since she accidentally plunged Arendelle into eternal winter, it’s probably going to be a snowball.

10. Elsa Mermaid 

10 Elsa Mermaid Coloring Page

Elsa has taken a leap out of Ariels’ book as we see her swimming majestically under the seeeeeeeeeea. Look at all those scales on her mermaid tail. Will you fill them in with all the colors of the rainbow or stick to one?

11. Queen Elsa

11 Elsa Queen Coloring Page

A dress fit for a Queen. But Elsa is no ordinary royal. Choose your colors wisely as this extra special dress needs to be perfect. Will it be gold? Will it be silk? Or will it be satin? You’re the designer, I leave it in your hands. 

12. Elsa in a Castle

12 Elsa in a Castle Coloring Page

In a giant towering palace, a kingdom of ice

No one is around, no snowmen, no mice

Her escape from the world to protect those she adores

All was quiet and lonely, but who’s at the door?

With so much ice and so much snow to color in white

You could give up completely, you very well might

Instead, grab another color without hesitation

Ice can be purple, in your imagination

Did We Miss Any Iconic Elsa Moments or Friends?

We hope you enjoy coloring in some of our favorite Frozen characters and moments, we highly recommend listening to your favorite songs from Frozen whilst you go wild with the felt tip pens.  

We worked hard to give you these great coloring pages but maybe it’s not enough, maybe you want to see a bit more Sven or a bit more Kristoff. Perhaps you want to color in a whole book of snow trolls, I couldn’t blame you. If this is the case leave a comment below, or contact us directly with suggestions of what you want to see in our next coloring pages 

Happy coloring!

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