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38 Awesome Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

HEADER Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages
Danny Ashton
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Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
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We have designed twenty original Mario coloring pages that you can print out for your Super Mario-obsessed kids.

With the release of the Super Mario bros movie this year, interest in the world of Super Mario is at an all-time high. Since the first appearance of Mario in 1981 Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Luigi and Princess have been capturing kids’ hearts worldwide.

Most online coloring pages are poor quality and don’t provide much fun to the person coloring them. We tried to produce interesting scenes featuring our favorite video game plumber. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you have any ideas for future coloring pages, and also share your finished designs with us, and we can share them with the world:

1. Mario and Luigi


With the movie’s recent release, this coloring page allows you to change the color of Mario and his taller brother Luigi to any color you want.

2. Mario Wonder – Turn into an Elephant


We just loved the latest Super Mario Wonder on the Switch, and there is no better scene than when Super Mario gets the power to turn himself into an elephant.

3. Super Mario 3D World


3D Mario World allowed you to turn any Mario character into a Cat that could climb much higher. Have fun recreating your favorite scene from Mario 3D world in this coloring page.

4. Mario Kart


The Mario Kart series is a ton of fun, so what better to color in than Super Mario himself driving a go-kart to the finish line?

5. Racoon Mario


Originally a character that first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3, this power enabled Mario to obtain the skills of a raccoon with a tail that lets you slowly float down the screen.

6. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

This open world is a big hit with younger players, so it’s tons of fun to color in the scene with Super Mario throwing Capey.

7. Mario Baby


First seen in Yoshi’s Island, Baby Mario is another major favourite with younger Mario players. He also made a cameo appearance in the latest Super Mario Bros movie.

8. Classic Mario


Not all Super Mario has to be in modern 3D, this coloring page takes us back to the early years of classic Mario with the ability to color in Mario anyway you please.

9. Super Mario Selfie

What better way to start our list of coloring pages than with a portrait of the main character of Super Marios Bros – Mario!

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10. Mario Running

If you have played any Super Mario game or seen the latest film, you will know that running fast is the key to winning the harder levels. This coloring page allows you to customize Mario’s costume to your heart’s content.

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11. Super Mario Playing in a Band

In Mario Odyssey, we got a chance to find al the band members, but what if Mario could play the drums himself? In this coloring page, you can imagine this scenario with Mario rocking out.

MARIO rock band coloring page

12. Super Mario Bass Player

In one level of Super Mario Odyssey, you get to bring the band together, but there is no reason that Mario couldn’t play in the band himself. In this coloring page, Mario plays the Bass guitar.

Delrond coloring page on white background showing mario playing 4a5ca93a 15d6 459c 9b1d 7ad045f93001

13. Mario Reading

You don’t get to be a plumber without studying the books. What book do you think Mario would like to read?

Delrond Coloring pages black on white background super Mario st 55fbcb37 23ba 456d bf00 378063cbebc1

14. Mario Kart Racing

While Mario platform levels are what most of us remember, there are a whole set of Mario Kart games, and it even made a major appearance in the latest Super Mario Bros movie. Be creative as you want with the design of this kart.

Delrond Coloring page of Luigi driving a Kart in the game mario 06ade036 8564 4390 b43d 0f639878483e

15. Mario Playing Football

Mario Strikers brings soccer to the world of Super Mario and is one of the funniest football games on the Switch that we have played in a long time.

Delrond coloring page with white background showing Super Mario cee12641 a143 4a2b 885e 3262deac47d2

16 . Mario Painting

When not using paper to rebuild the world in Mario Paper, Mario has the skills to paint the walls, so have some fun imagining what Super Mario color his room.

Delrond coloring page on white background showing super mario p 1e752eaf 681d 4437 88d5 e48fbee9f983

17. Mario Snowboarding

We don’t see if Mario can snowboard in the latest film, but we don’t see why he and his brother Luigi don’t love shreddin’ the slopes in their downtime.

Delrond coloring page on white background with Super Mario snow 8221b09c a3bd 4c46 b478 4ec9eda2732f

18. Mario on a Mystery Block

Mastering hitting the mystery blocks is key to beating the hardest levels, so what is in this box that Mario is sitting on?

Delrond coloring page on white background Super Mario is jumpin 0e44e1c4 1b51 4288 b692 cb3692a2f8f8

Mastering hitting the mystery blocks is key to beating the hardest levels, so what is in this box that Mario is sitting on?

19. Mario on a Plane

When not turning himself into a squirrel to fly, we can’t see why Mario wouldn’t like to fly his plane to avoid getting hit by Goombas or Koopas.

Delrond coloring page on white background Super Mario Plane Wal 500f4a23 b38f 47e0 8000 27c637664e0b

20. Mario Riding a Motorbike

I could totally see Mario jumping onto the back of this classic motorbike and taking a ride down the rainbow road.

Delrond coloring page with white background showing Super Mario b49ebdcb ae89 4207 afe3 f09c0269d8f2

21. Mario Driving a Classic Car

This classic car wouldn’t be out of place in the Metro Kingdom, and I could see Mario impressing the Princess when he visits Peaches Castle.

Delrond coloring page with white background showing Super Mario c6ebec62 2245 4def acb6 3d657d222ebd

22. Mario Going on a Spacewalk

Mario only needs Cappy when jumping around on the Moon level, but I think he would need a proper suit if he went to deep space.

Delrond Coloring page with white background Super Mario on the 2f7e9ca3 3568 4eee 9723 9feb7362bf79

23. Mario Enjoying the Snow

This coloring page would make the perfect Christmas card for those who love the world of Super Mario Bros.

Delrond coloring page on white background with Mario in a snow 37569ab0 3d62 4547 9f7e 11c3492c877e

24. Super Mario Stars

Every Mario game involves looking for stars; what color will you make the stars on this coloring page?

Delrond coloring page on white background Super Mario who jumpi dd90b029 b70a 4223 be8a e5b4c5f651b5

25. Mario Traveling Back in Time

With the amazing success of The Super Mario Bros movie, maybe they will create a new movie where Mario travels to the future. Well, until they make that film, you have this coloring page to have fun with.

Delrond clean page from a coloring book for children With Super 43dead31 5b66 4197 8d17 5a02fb2c5030

26. Cowboy Mario in the Wild West

Talking about Mario and time travel, what if he could go back to the days of the Wild West?

Delrond coloring page on white background Super Mario is runnin 52faab6b 8b0b 48df 99d0 6d0c853fd067

27. Mario Goes to School

Mario still went to school, so feel free to color him in studying for his plumbing diploma.

Super mario sat on his desk studying

28. Mario Skateboarding

If Mario can snowboard, then he can also skateboard super well. What color should his board be?

Delrond coloring page with Super Mario riding a skateboard whit 1a1051e7 02c9 4cbe 927e 066e8d363426

29. Super Mario Portrait

There isn’t a more unique face than Mario in the world of video games. With this coloring page, you can design him exactly how you want him to look. I would love to see a rainbow hat!

Delrond Coloring page of Super Marios head with a white backgro 5866cc56 9cc4 4c92 8b71 adfd66c62cf3

30. Luigi

Why does Mario get to be the only one who gets to have fun? In this coloring page, we have his taller brother Luigi rocking it out with a guitar with toad watching from a distance.

LUIGI coloring page

31. Bowser JR

As the son of Bowser, Bowser JR has a lot to live up to. In this coloring page, we see Bowser jr is having a fun day out building sandcastles at the beach.

BOWSER JR coloring page

32. Goomba Olympics

In this coloring page, we see a number of Goombas competing in the Olympics in a hurdle race. If I had to win the Olympics, I think the Goomba is the last character I would choose to do the hurdles!

GOOMBAS coloring page

33. Bowser Ballet

Who says that Bowser only likes to spend his days in castles trying to defeat Mario? On his off day, he loves to practice ballet, so have fun with this amusing coloring page featuring the ultimate enemy of Super Mario Bros!

BOWSER coloring page

34. Princess Peach in Mario Kart

As we saw in the latest Mario movie, Princess Peach is quite the driver. In this coloring page, we can see Peach winning the race in Mario Kart, a race that seems to go through space!

PEACH driving coloring page

35. Toad watering a piranha plant

Toad is dealing with one of the most annoying enemies in Super Mario Bros the piranha plant. With a bullet bill flying in the background, this coloring page will be a ton of fun for fans of the Mario games.

PIRANHA PLANT coloring page

36. Wario Lifting Weights

As the arch-rival of Mario, Wario has to stay in shape if he is ever going to have a chance to beat Mario. In this coloring page scene, Wario is lifting loads of weight in comparison to the tiny weights lifted by Luigi.

WARIO coloring page

37. Snowboarding Toad

On his day off, he likes to hit the slopes on his snowboard. Feel free to color toad however you like this custom coloring page just for you.

TOAD coloring page

38. Yoshi Talent Show

No Mario coloring page collection is complete without his dinosaur sidekick Yoshi. In this coloring page, Yoshi is juggling fruit for you to color in as you like.

YOSHI coloring page

Did We Miss Any Iconic Mario Scenes?

I hope you have fun with these 20 coloring pages. I ensured they were easy to download so you can use them for free without logo. Just let me know in the comments below (or via email) if you think I should add any other activity.

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So… What other coloring pages would you like to see in future blog posts?

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