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8 Creative Blippi Cake Ideas For Your Inspiration

blippi cake three year old
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Danny is the father of a 5-year-old who loves video games and a very active 2-year-old who is always playing outside. He has made plenty of mistakes buying toys in the early years of parenthood, so hopes he can help others avoid the same fate.
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The children’s YouTube sensation Blippi has made life much easier for many, many parents. Kids have spent countless hours watching the spectacled entertainer teach them about concepts like numbers, letters, and more. Here are 9 great ideas for capturing Blippi’s essence in cake form to give your favorite child an edible experience they’ll love.

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1) The Hat and Bowtie

hate and bowtie

Blippi’s iconic accessories help make the channel’s central figure easy to identify. By focusing on Blippi’s signature suspenders, bowtie, and hat, this cake taps into the host’s appearance without lots of complex additions. All you need are the right colors, some icing suspenders, and a gumpaste bowtie.

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2) The Whole Blippi

whole blippi

Even if you’re not super comfortable working with fondant, you can still create a cake shaped just like Blippi. Make two round-ish cakes, put them next to each other, and cut them to look like a torso and a head. Use icing to decorate the top and create Blippi’s beard, hat, suspenders, glasses, and bowtie!

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3) The Shirt Cake

blippi shirt cake

If you’re not a fan of layers, try making a big, round cake and decorating the top. Fondant can easily create details like a button-up shirt collar and Blippi’s iconic bowtie and suspenders. Don’t forget his glasses, too!

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4) Bold And Simple

blippi bold and simple cake

Other than the blue and orange color scheme, you don’t need much for children to recognize Blippi’s iconic look. A fondant bowtie and suspenders go a long way, of course. Add some buttons for more visual contrast, if you’d like, or consider decorating the base of the cake to enhance contrast.

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6) Blippi Cupcakes

blippi cupcakes

Rather than cutting into a big, fancy cake, give each child at your party a Blippi-inspired cupcake so they can have their own piece of the fun! You can work your Blippi cupcakes into a larger Blippi-theme at the party. Be sure to use plenty of blue and orange for things like napkins, plates, and party cups. Stick your favorite Blippi decorations into the top of each cupcake and you’re all set!

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7) Blippi In Action

blippi cake pro

While Blippi is present in every video, he doesn’t just stand there and look at the camera. Instead, each video is filled with fun activities. Modeling your cake after these activities is a great way to incorporate a child’s interests into their cake. You can have Blippi with construction equipment, a fire truck, animals, or any other themes you think the kids will enjoy.


8) Blippi Getting Dirty

blippi mud

Getting to eat anything that looks like dirt is a big hit among kids. If you’re decorating the sides of your cake with Blippi’s accessories, consider adding crushed Oreos or your favorite other fake dirt to the top. Sprinkle in some decorative construction equipment, edible rocks, gummy worms, and other outdoor-themed decorations.

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9) Putting It All Together

blippi cake three year old

A couple of toy trucks, some edible dirt, jellybean rocks, and fondant stars on a blue cake will spark joy in your favorite Blippi fans. You can choose to represent the star with his trademark accessories or even print off the channel logo and affix it to your cake. Remember to give the toy trucks to the kids afterward!

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