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12 Best Blippi Toys

Updated 10 June 2021

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Author avatar James Ellaby

James is a content writer and a father of two young boys, which is helping him to relive his childhood and play with his old toys as well as lots of awesome new toys

“So much to learn about, it’ll make you want to shout… Blippi!” If that song haunts your dreams the chances are that, like me, you’re a parent of small children who love to watch the educational adventures of Blippi, an adorable man-child who teaches them about the world by visiting places like museums and soft play centers.

Young kids love him, so it’s no surprise that there’s a whole range of toys out there that they can play with, all while singing his songs about dinosaurs, fire trucks, and excavators. And garbage trucks, of course, so you can buy one of those, along with various colorful and fun educational toys.

One of the best things about Blippi is that kids and parents can trust him to be kind and helpful and not let you down, so we’ve made sure our 12 best Blippi toys are just as reliable by filtering out all the fake online reviews to only recommend the toys that have been given the thumbs up by real people.

1Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack (Best Budget Option)

Blippi Ball Pit Surprise 3 Pack (Best Budget Option)

This 3-pack of surprise Blippi balls delivers fun, excitement, and lots of smiles. Kids will be over the moon with the contents of these surprise balls. Each ball contains a different Blippi surprise that is super fun to unpackage and reveal. Best of all, these fun surprise balls also have an educational aspect. Each ball contains an alphabetical letter for which the surprise is themed. So your little one will learn letter identification through the fun of unwrapping each surprise. Within each ball is one of 12 Blippi characters who’s holding an object that begins with the ball’s special letter. Kids will have lots of fun unpackaging their surprises and collecting all 12 figures.

What we love

  • Blippi Surprise Balls come in four fun colors
  • The balls come with stackable blocks to teach shapes

What We Don't Like That Much

  • If collecting all of the characters, there’s no way to avoid the possibility of duplicates

2Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike (Best Quality Option)

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike (Best Quality Option)

If your kiddo is ready to hit the streets with a bicycle, consider this high-quality Blippi-themed, balance bike. With the Retrospec’s foot-to-floor, non-pedal design, this balance bike will arm your child with the confidence to ride a bike independently. With this starter bike, appropriate for 2 to 5-year-olds, children will learn to balance without ever needing training wheels; in fact, many children go straight from this bike to a 2-wheeler without training wheels. This bike is designed to improve confidence, coordination, and ability at a foundational age. Best of all, the bike has adjustable handlebars and a seat so your child can grow and learn with their Blippi balance bike.

What we love

  • The bike can be ridden indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect for a first balance bike

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Would be better if the tires were rubber instead of plastic

3Blippi Montessori Chunky Puzzles (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

Blippi Montessori Chunky Puzzles (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

This well-made, but more importantly, Blippi-themed puzzle set is sure to keep your toddler occupied in an industrious way. The puzzle set comes with 3 chunky, wooden puzzles that are perfect for little hands. The three puzzle themes include farm animals, dinosaurs, and construction vehicles. Each of the puzzles features Blippi himself among the themed settings. The puzzles are crafted in bright primary colors and durable wooden pieces. These puzzles will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. If you’re looking for a productive way for your child to get his or her Blippi fix, this puzzle kit is a must-buy.

What we love

  • The Blippi puzzles improve matching and problem-solving skills
  • The brightly painted puzzle pieces will improve color recognition

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Although the pieces are durable, the paint may wear off after a while

4Blippi Detective Roleplay Set

Blippi Detective Roleplay Set

The Blippi Detective Roleplay Set comes with all the tools your child needs to pretend to be a detective like Blippi. The Blippi-themed detective case is in iconic blue and orange, and the kit includes a yellow detective badge, a magnifying glass, and a camera. With these tools, your budding detective can follow the clues to solve his/her first big mystery. The set also comes with an activity booklet that will inspire your child’s detective work. With your help, they can take case notes and scan included QR codes to unveil exclusive Blippi content.

What we love

  • The activity booklet calls upon “detectives” to use their problem-solving skills
  • Your child can use his/her imagination to create new detective scenarios

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the set came with a working flashlight

5Blippi Costume Roleplay Accessories

Blippi Costume Roleplay Accessories

What better way to enjoy his/her favorite character than with a Blippi dress-up costume? Your child will have loads of fun roleplaying in Blippi’s iconic suspenders, bowtie, glasses, and cap. The dress-up accessories are easy for toddlers to put on without help and fit easily over his/her clothes. The clip-on bowtie and adjustable suspenders mean that your child can grow with these accessories too. Best of all, the Blippi Costume Roleplay Accessories can be worn while playing around the house or even on the go as they don’t interfere with car seat harnesses.

What we love

  • Your child will love using their imagination as they reenact Blippi scenes
  • These accessories are great for Halloween costumes, parties, and playdates

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish Blippi’s blue shirt was included to complete the set

6Blippi: Let's Look and Find Board Book

Blippi: Let's Look and Find Board Book

This bright and cheery, look-and-find Blippi book will keep your little one constructively busy as they identify objects in each depicted scene. Each page of the board book contains a themed scene and with the help of a prompting grown-up, children identify particular objects. Even better, the pages of the book are gatefold so each page reveals more than your child will expect. With Blippi’s cheerful smile beaming from the pages of the book and the brightly colored images, your little one will love interacting with this educational book. The “Blippi: Let’s Look and Find” board book is an excellent gift for the Blippi fan in your life.

What we love

  • Identifying and pointing to images improves hand-eye coordination
  • It teaches children to match words to objects

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It’s such a fun book that we wish it had more pages

7Blippi Talking 9-inch Articulated Figure

Blippi Talking 9-inch Articulated Figure

This 9-inch, fully articulated Blippi action figure is sure to wow your little one. The toy’s joints are fully articulated so that Blippi can be posed in a wide array of positions. Additionally, the Blippi figure is equipped to talk, making 8 amazing sounds and phrases. Notably, the Blippi action figure says recognizable catchphrases that will delight your child. This pint-size Blippi is ready for real action and your little one will adore creating Blippi scenes or imagining new scenes for their Blippi figure to play in. This Blippi figure is certainly poised to be your child’s next favorite toy.

What we love

  • Children can interact with Blippi but without the dreaded screen time
  • Blippi is super compact so a great toy for on-the-go

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Blippi’s iconic facial hair is missing from the action figure

8Crayola Color Wonder Blippi

Crayola Color Wonder Blippi

The Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Pages are the go-to for experienced parents. The mess-free, invisible Color Wonder markers bring the coloring pages to life with absolutely no stains or undesirable marks. Blippi, new to the Crayola family, is now pictured in Color Wonder. This coloring set comes with a whopping 18 coloring pages and 5 bright markers. Each of the coloring pages features Blippi and his friends in new and exciting scenes. Your child will love discovering the secret designs hidden in the magical pages of the Color Wonder sheets. Finally, the color sheets and markers can be easily stored in their heavy, cardstock envelope for simple clean-up.

What we love

  • No matter the surface your child uses the markers on, there is no mess
  • This is a great activity to do in restaurants or in the car

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish it came with more than 5 marker colors

9Blippi My First Science Kit

Blippi My First Science Kit

Essentially, this toy is a perfect science kit for first-time chemists. If your child is obsessed with Blippi, this toy will surely deliver big smiles. This science kit comes with all of the equipment your child needs to turn water into a primary-colored liquid. Then, using the included beakers, your child can mix their primary colors to create secondary colors. This first science kit will teach and show your child how, when mixed, particular colors make new, recognizable, colors. Included in the kit are beakers with lids, test tubes, a test tube holder, colored tablets, a color wheel, and a dropper. Your little one will feel like a real scientist as they learn the ropes of making new colors.

What we love

  • Pouring between test tubes and beakers improves hand-eye coordination
  • All of the materials are 100% non-toxic

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish more experiments were included

10Blippi Rocket Ship

Blippi Rocket Ship

This toy rocketship with Blippi in the pilot’s seat is a super toy for any Blippi fan. Notably, the rocketship comes with a small Blippi figure that fits behind the steering wheel or can be removed from the rocketship for additional playing options. The rocketship is equipped with spinning wheels and as they spin so too does the flame engine in the vehicle’s rear. Best of all, the wheels are free-moving so the vehicle is essentially under the control of your little pilot. Adorably, Blippi is outfitted in a spacesuit that features his iconic orange bowtie and his trusty glasses.

What we love

  • Blippi can also be purchased with a cement truck or monster truck
  • Blippi is removable from the vehicle

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the rocketship made some cool sound effects

11Blippi Recycling Truck

Blippi Recycling Truck

Does your Blippi fan love to watch the garbage and recycling trucks as much he/she loves his/her favorite YouTube sensation? If so, this is the best toy for your child. In his toy recycling truck, Blippi takes the wheel as he cleans up the town. Included with the truck are 2 trash cans, 2 garbage cubes, and a Blippi mini-figure. With your child truly at the helm, Blippi will load and dump the trash cans’ contents in the back of his compacting truck. Best of all, the toy truck makes fun sounds and repeated Blippi catchphrases.

What we love

  • The Blippi mini-figure is outfitted in recycling garb and a hardhat
  • The hand lever that dumps the trash improves fine motor skills

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Could be better if the Blippi outfit was removable to create another opportunity for play

12Blippi Surprise Boxes, Learning Numbers

Blippi Surprise Boxes, Learning Numbers

This awesome toy set includes 9 colorfully numbered surprise boxes with fun little trinkets hidden in each. This educational toy will help your little one to learn and identify numbers. The bright colors and design of the boxes are highly appealing to toddlers. Within the boxes are 9 small, yet exciting accessories that pair perfectly with the included Blippi mini-figure. Some of the surprise accessories include shoes, food, and games, all for Blippi to play with. Your child will not only have incredible fun uncovering the surprises but will also have hours of fun interacting with Blippi and his new accessories.

What we love

  • Not only does it help teach counting, but it also teaches numerals by sight
  • The surprise toys are made of durable plastic

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The numbered boxes are cardboard which can break down after excessive use

In Conclusion

Every generation has its version of Blippi, whether it’s Mr. Bean or Pee-Wee Herman, so there’s some nostalgia in watching his shows with today’s kids. What we didn’t have was a collection of great toys, there weren’t any talking figures or ball pit surprises, let alone a rocket ship.

If Blippi and his songs are a guilty pleasure for you even now, why not indulge yourself with some cosplay (or dressing up as it’s really known) by buying Blippi-esque Bowtie and Suspenders for Men? Meanwhile, if you’re buying for a kid who loves ball pits as much as Blippi does, have a look at our 10 Best Ball Pit Tunnel Combos to find the very best ones out there.