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30 Best Toys for 9-Year-Old-Girls

Updated 6 October 2021

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge toy and games fan, and enjoys testing out and reviewing new toys. She is a big board game and Nintendo Switch fan.

Whether they’re flying around on hoverboards, piloting mini drones, coding robots, or making movies on their Action Cam, today’s 9-year-old girls are setting themselves up to be the next tech geniuses, famous rock stars, and YouTube sensations. Our dreams of having the toys that appeared in Back To The Future Part II are their reality.

If they want to learn the guitar, it’s right there for them. If they want to be Ninja Warriors on an obstacle course, it’s out in their backyard. If they want to experiment and learn about science, there are kits in their laboratory/bedroom, and if they want to solve mysteries, Nancy Drew is on hand to lead them into a whole world of excitement and adventure.

We’ve picked out the 30 best toys for 9-year-old girls in 2021 and like Nancy Drew, we’ve settled our investigations and ruled out anything with fake reviews and ratings, so you can trust that these are the very best toys that will bring your child’s dreams to life.

1Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit

Recently, making clay jewelry has been extremely trendy, and this Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit is the perfect start for any kits excited about fashion and wearing their own creations. Packed with 8 different colors of clay, 99 beads, a bracelet cord, and necklace chains, as well as everything else needed to create fun beautiful jewelry, your kids will love expressing themselves through handmade accessories. The kit also comes with some extra charms for the necklaces, which, paired with the brightly colored clay options, will be a great addition to any outfit, which your child can proudly wear.

What we love

  • The clay is bakeable, making the jewelry sturdy
  • Great for groups of kids and parties

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Does require a lot of help from adults, especially with baking involved

2VTech KidiZoom Action Cam HD

VTech KidiZoom Action Cam HD

The VTech KidiZoom Action Cam is an all-purpose camera that can withstand any fun and crazy activities that you and your kids want to film! With a waterproof case, a floating handle, a bike mount, and an adhesive flat mount, this camera can be used or put anywhere to capture all of your antics through a wide-angle lens. Not only that, but the camera includes features such as time-lapse, stop motion, slow motion, and more, making it fun to capture activities in brand new ways.

What we love

  • Comes with an easily rechargeable battery that lasts for 2.5 hours
  • Also comes with games

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Only comes in bright yellow

3The Secret Lake: A Children's Mystery Adventure Paperback

The Secret Lake: A Children's Mystery Adventure Paperback

A great mystery novel about a disappearing dog, The Secret Lake is a fantastic starter book for kids interested in mysteries and learning to read novels. It is a fascinating tale about two siblings, Stella and Tom, who when searching for their elderly neighbor’s dog who keeps disappearing, discover a secret lake that turns out to be their home from one hundred years ago! Travelling through time, Stella and Tom run into many obstacles, friends, enemies, and much more, uncovering the links between the present and their past.

What we love

  • Great for developing imagination
  • A good mystery that your kids won’t be able to put down

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Can be a little advanced for kids who don’t read much

4Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate

Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skate

Based on the classic Quad Sidewalk Skates, these Chicago Girls Sidewalk Roller Skates are great for kids learning how to skate, or even those who are experienced skaters. Meant for indoors and outdoors, the four sturdy wheels on these skates make for a smooth, enjoyable ride. The boot shape, designed like a sneaker, is also great for balance, as the laces tie tight and the material is thick, making for perfect balance control.

What we love

  • Wheels can be tightened if needed
  • Very durable design that will hold up over many trips

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sized by adult feet, so may need to size down for children

5Makeblock Codey Rocky Coding Robot

Makeblock Codey Rocky Coding Robot

Amazing for kids looking to expand their knowledge of computers and technology, the Makeblock Codey Rocky Coding Robot is a great way to practice STEM skills. Along with the included programming software, your kids can create any sort of code for Codey, the remote control, and Rocky, Codey’s car, to follow! Coding is a skill that anyone can benefit from, so learning to code and program Codey and Rocky to sing, move on command, and more, will be a useful STEM skill they can cherish forever. With an LED light display, games included, and other amazing features, there is so much of Codey and his abilities for your kids to explore.

What we love

  • Perfect for any age!
  • Pattern displays and coding is all customizable

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Isn’t yet compatible with Chromebook software

6LEGO Minecraft The Pig House 21170

LEGO Minecraft The Pig House 21170

A brand-new LEGO set for your collection has arrived! The LEGO Minecraft Pig House is a cool take on a collaboration between two popular games. The Pig House is an interactive home, shaped like the Minecraft pigs, that can open and reveal an interior for your characters to live in. Included with the set is the Minecraft character Alex, two pigs, and a Creeper, as well as all the pieces to complete your home. Fun for those into building and Minecraft, this LEGO set combines two of your child’s favorite activities into one!

What we love

  • Inside the pig, there are many secret rooms and Minecraft features
  • Includes an explosive function when you’re ready to rebuild!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Lots of instructions, but not difficult to build

7DROCON Foldable Mini Drone

DROCON Foldable Mini Drone

A cool upgrade from the classic toy plane, the DROCON Foldable Mini Drone is a great gift for kids excited by technology and practicing their flying skills. With a remote control, your kids can fly this drone at three different speeds, doing 3D flips and rolls in the sky! Though it is super durable and won’t break easily, the drone is designed to maintain its altitude in order to prevent harsh falls. With foldable propellers, the drone is extremely portable for fun flying on the go.

What we love

  • Comes in either black or blue
  • Rechargeable, with battery power that lasts a long time

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Mechanics of flying may take a little while to get used to

8ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game & STEM Toy

ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game & STEM Toy

The Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Game is a set perfect for having fun on the go. With 9 magnetic Minecraft items and 40 beginner to expert challenges laid out in an instruction manual, this small kit brings never-ending fun. In this story-based game, the iconic Ender Dragon is trying to keep your child from travelling through the different worlds of Minecraft. Completing each of the challenges will not only boost logic skills but lead you through these worlds in order to beat the Ender Dragon.

What we love

  • Magnetic pieces make for easy travel, as pieces won’t fall off easily
  • Great for keeping kids busy and off electronics

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the puzzles may be more difficult for younger kids

9RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

One of the most fulfilling activities you can do with your child is to teach them how to ride a bike. Not only does it teach them balance and motor skills, but riding a bike allows them to gain a small amount of independence to help build their confidence. With the RoyalBaby Kids Bike, it is easier than ever to get your kids up and riding a bike. With a double handbrake system, front and back wheel breaks, durable tires, and optional training wheels, safety is key with this bike. The sizes vary, due to the height of your child, allowing you to get anywhere from 12-20 inches, and give your child a comfortable ride!

What we love

  • Comes in many colors for great customization
  • The bike arrives mostly assembled, removing the extra hassle

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It’s a heavy bike, which could be difficult for smaller children, but not impossible

10RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar

RockJam RJEG02 6 String Electric Guitar

For any kids looking to begin their journey into music, the RockJam 6 String Electric Guitar is a great kit to get them thinking about instruments and their musical abilities. With a 10-watt guitar amp featuring a headphone output and volume controls, a guitar bag for easy transportation, a guitar strap, extra picks and strings, as well as a full-sized electric guitar in either blue or orange, this kit has everything your child needs to begin developing their guitar skills and get their jam on. Start a rock band in your garage with this all-inclusive, great gift for your child.

What we love

  • Very easy to tune, which is great for those learning guitar
  • The amp is very high-quality and quite loud!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Doesn’t come with any instructions, as to how to tune or begin playing

11BONAOK Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Karaoke Microphone

Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, the BONAOK Karaoke Microphone makes it possible for your child and their friends to belt out any of their favorite tunes. The microphone has a very sleek, beautiful design that sits comfortably in your hand, and is also equipped with everything you need for a successful karaoke party. The microphone functions as a speaker, projecting the song as well as your voice. With the buttons on the front, the volume, echo, and more can be adjusted right on the microphone as well.

What we love

  • Comes in many different colors, perfect for those who like customization
  • Mic is rechargeable and has a long battery life

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Can be some difficulties when pairing with a TV

12Rainbow Craft 50ft Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Rainbow Craft 50ft Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

The Rainbow Craft Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course is a fun-packed slackline that can be attached to two trees for hours of fun. With features such as a hanging ladder, rungs and rings, knots, and rope swings, your kids can run their very own obstacle course! Great for practicing agility and exercise, this toy is a fun way to get kids outside and active on a nice day. With the attachable features, you can also switch up the order of the obstacles, challenging your children over and over again.

What we love

  • Comes with a carrying bag for easy travel
  • Each obstacle can hold up to 180 lbs, great for children

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Takes a bit to get set up

13Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser Skateboard

There’s nothing like cruising the neighbourhood with the wind flowing through your hair, not a care in the world. With this cruiser board, your 9-year-old girl can show off her gnarly side whilst getting from a to b in the coolest style possible. The cutaway shape provides a safer ride with greater control when it comes to cornering and the thick polyurethane injected wheels insure a smooth trip every time. It’s not called a cruiser for nothing.

What we love

  • It’s stylish brightly colored graphics and grip tape
  • It’s a mid-sized board perfect for 9-year-olds

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Be great if it included pads and a helmet

14Felimoda Hoverboard, 6.5 Inch self-Balancing Hoverboard with LED Light Flashing Wheel

Felimoda Hoverboard, 6.5 Inch self-Balancing Hoverboard with LED Light Flashing Wheel

As a hoverboard that comes in many different colors and is equipped with LED flashing lights, the Felimoda Hoverboard is a fun addition to outdoor playtime. This hoverboard not only looks cool but functions very nicely, with a great center of gravity, high-quality rubber tires, as well as non-slip footpads. Safety is the number one priority, leading to great design that makes it easy to maintain balance and learn to ride. The Felimoda Hoverboard is also Bluetooth compatible, allowing your kids to play their favorite music while riding.

What we love

  • Battery holds charge for 3 hours at a time
  • Rides smooth on all surfaces, including sidewalk and asphalt

What We Don't Like That Much

  • When the battery dies, the hoverboard may come to a halting stop

15Sew Mini Animals (Klutz Craft Kit)

Sew Mini Animals (Klutz Craft Kit)

The Klutz Sew Mini Animals kit is a fun craft kit for your children and all of their friends. With more than 12 felt animals, stitching and stuffing supplies included, the kit allows your kids to make their own stuffed animals! With no prior sewing experience or skills needed, it has never been easier and more fun for kids to create their own tiny animal toys. Stitch the different colors, eyes, mouths, and accessories onto each animal to achieve that great feeling of getting to play with something your child made themselves.

What we love

  • Included in the kit is a 48-page instruction book, making it easy to create the animals
  • Come with cute, colored thread for each animal

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Includes everything needed, except for scissors

16New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids

New Bounce Pogo Stick for Kids

Equipped with fantastic easy-grip and safety technology, this New Bounce Pogo Stick is a great way to get your kids up and active, which teaches them about balancing and bouncing. Not only this, but the wide stance model is good to help prevent younger kids from falling off. Coming in multiple colors, holding up to 160 pounds, and creating exciting outdoor game time, the classic pogo stick is back and better than ever!

What we love

  • Strong spring, great for high jumps
  • Suitable for tricks and fun jumps after enough practice

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Weight of the rider is very important and affects the quality of jumps

17Pokémon Clip 'N' Go Set

Pokémon Clip 'N' Go Set

Amazing for hardcore Pokémon fans, anyone can be turned into a Pokémon trainer with the Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Go set. This toy is an attachable Pokeball with your choice of one of five Pokémon options hidden inside. Clip the Pokeball to your belt and carry your Pokémon figurine around, pulling it out when you need to battle against your rival! With the Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Go set, there is nothing holding you and your child back from bringing Pokémon to life!

What we love

  • Comes with either Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Eevee, or Squirtle
  • Easily fits to any belt or pants waistband

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The figurine is small, but still very fun to play with!

18The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Collection

The Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Collection

A staple in the mystery novel world, Nancy Drew is a girl detective who solves countless mysteries all around the globe! With this ten-book set, your children can read the classics like The Secret of the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, and The Secret of Shadow Ranch. Get your kids excited about reading with the girl detective Nancy Drew solving thrilling mysteries and learning valuable lessons. Plus, this is only the start, as the Nancy Drew series only continues with more and more enticing mysteries.

What we love

  • Great for introducing your children to classic stories
  • Depicts a female hero who serves as a good role model

What We Don't Like That Much

  • May have some big words but is great for those learning to read at a higher level

19Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit with Remote Control, Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Sensor, Music Playing for Kids Program Learning of Scratch, Arduino and Python (Basic Version)

Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit with Remote Control, Line Tracking, Ultrasonic Sensor, Music Playing for Kids Program Learning of Scratch, Arduino and Python (Basic Version)

The Robobloq STEM Metal Q-Scout Robot Mechanic Kit is a great way to teach children about coding and programming, allowing them to fully learn and practice STEM topics. With a compatible app that goes along with the robot, your kids can learn how to program a robot to do things such as play music, avoid obstacles, and more! Even without programming, the robot has sensors to move efficiently and safely. Out of the box, your children can also put the robot together themselves, feeling accomplished with both the assembly and the coding.

What we love

  • Built with stable tires that work inside and outside
  • Music can be played from the robot as well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Instructions aren’t especially clear, but it is otherwise very easy to assemble

20Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Set - Nintendo Switch Mario Set Edition

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Mario Set - Nintendo Switch Mario Set Edition

As a great add-on for your Nintendo Switch, the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit game is a fun twist on the classic karting experience. With this game, you get to place connected gates around your home, racing the included little Mario or Luigi cars around your own home! Playing this game brings Mario to your home and makes the game the most interactive and exciting it has ever been. Not only that, but working through each level leads to great in-game environments, new gates, and costumes to keep you upgrading the whole time.

What we love

  • There is a camera attached to the RC car, making for great first-person POV
  • Works great in any sized space

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Has a hard time driving over carpet

21Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids

Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game for Kids

The Harry Potter Labyrinth game is a great twist to the classic game. In Labyrinth, the goal is to have your game piece find the shortest route through the labyrinth, while also grabbing all of the treasures and targets along the way. With 34 Harry Potter-themed maze cards, 24 Treasure cards, and 4 simple playing pieces, any Harry Potter fans will be over the moon playing with this toy!

What we love

  • Can be played many times with different outcomes
  • Brain challenging game that will test your board game skills

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The game pieces aren’t Harry Potter-themed, but everything else is!

22GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dart Board Kids Toy

GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dart Board Kids Toy

The Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board is a great two-part game for any kid interested in darts. Have fun with the original dartboard on one side and an archery target on the other. With both sides safe and easy to play with, there are countless options for fun-filled competition and practice. Develop better hand-eye coordination, create some healthy rivalry, and teach your kids the classic game of darts! Two sets of magnetic darts are included along with the board, so it’s ready to play right out of the box.

What we love

  • Magnets are very strong and will stay attached to the board
  • The magnetic darts are extremely safe and not as sharp as original darts

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Extra darts will need to be purchased separately

23Monopoly Game: L.O.L. Surprise! Edition

Monopoly Game: L.O.L. Surprise! Edition

As another great version of the cult-classic game of Monopoly, the L.O.L Surprise Doll Edition is great for any little girl who wants to try her hand at the board game. In this version, the properties are not the normal locations, but dolls instead. That being said, the goal is to collect all of the dolls, as well as the rare ones, for a special twist. With each doll, the more rent the players collect, and the more houses and hotels they can place. In this case, houses and hotels are depicted by stars and emojis, making it all-around fun for your young children, excited about board games.

What we love

  • Great for helping young kids with their math and team player skills
  • Comes with special LOL doll accessory tokens

What We Don't Like That Much

  • New pieces means there is a bit of a learning curve

24Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

The Wilson NFL Super Grip Football is the official NFL football, made in a junior size for kids who want to practice the sport with a football that will fit their own hands. Coming in either black and gold or the classic brown, this football is great for those who want to practice their skills, such as hand-eye coordination in throwing, punting, and holding it correctly in their hands. With the classic laces and texture, the grip is great, and will soon be tied to your child as they continue to practice.

What we love

  • Since it is official and branded by the NFL, it is a great collector’s item
  • Arrives inflated and ready to use

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Kids may outgrow it fast, but it’s a great starter

25Test Tube Adventures Lab in a Bag by Be Amazing!

Test Tube Adventures Lab in a Bag by Be Amazing!

For kids interested in STEM topics, conducting experiments, and doing great things on their own, this Test Tube Adventures Lab in a Bag kit is perfect. The set comes complete with over 15 science experiments along with the instructions and most of the materials needed for your children to create them. The best part is that the experiments end in that great feeling of accomplishment, as you will create tangible things such as bubbles, bouncy balls, and more! With reusable test tubes and an instruction manual, these experiments and many more can be recreated again and again.

What we love

  • Each experiment translates into real-life science lessons
  • The experiments don’t take very long, which means you can do more in less time!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Only comes with the materials for 5 projects, but has the hardware for many more

26FUN LITTLE TOYS 17 Inch Toy Guitar Ukulele for Kids

FUN LITTLE TOYS 17 Inch Toy Guitar Ukulele for Kids

The best way to get your children interested and learning musical skills is to buy them an instrument they will have fun learning to play! With the 17 Inch Toy Ukulele for kids, this instrument will bring all the excitement and joy of learning to play. Made for any age, this ukulele is made from high-quality wood with 4 sturdy strings, making it lightweight and easy to travel with, while also able to produce high-quality music. Along with the ukulele itself, the kit comes with a manual including beginner’s tips, as well as a strap to carry the ukulele around, and four picks for immediate play.

What we love

  • Comes in many different colors and styles for different personalities
  • Very pretty, which is fun for little girls getting into music

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The strings don’t stay tuned for long but are easy to get back to perfect pitch

27Smart Watch for Kids

Smart Watch for Kids

Modeled after the ever-popular smartwatches from phone companies, the Smart Watch for Kids will teach your children how to use a smartwatch properly and effectively. Coming in blue, pink, and black, the watch is equipped with a music player, games, an alarm clock, calculator, camera, and call functionality, this watch will keep you connected to your children without all the bells and whistles of other, more complicated smartwatches. Along with the regular calling, the watch also has an SOS function, which they can press if they’re feeling unsafe, and a family member will be called, keeping your kids protected.

What we love

  • SIM card is optional, depending on if you want the watch to just be for games or a phone too
  • Great way to stay connected and ensured that your children are safe

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Will need a SIM card, sold separately, for phone functionality

28Pokémon Sword - Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Sword - Nintendo Switch

As a new edition of Pokémon for the Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon Sword game is a great new adventure for Pokémon fans. Enter the new world of the Galar Region, where you will travel through idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forests, and even snowy mountains, bringing countless new Pokémon experiences! Working your way through new gyms, your player will have the chance to battle their way to the top and reign supreme as Champion, while also discovering new types of Pokémon partners, such as Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.

What we love

  • The designs and graphics of the game are extremely high-quality
  • Greater starter Pokémon game for new fans

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Missing some Pokémon, but still great with what is included

29MAXTRA Folding Electric Scooter with Removable Seat for Kids

MAXTRA Folding Electric Scooter with Removable Seat for Kids

When looking for fun activities to get your kids outdoors in the upcoming warm months, the MAXTRA Folding Electric Scooter is our recommendation for an exciting new toy for them to ride around all summer long. With a removable seat, the scooter works as a classic standing electric scooter, as well as the exciting new sitting feature. The seat and the handlebars are both adjustable, helpful for kids that are growing as the summers come and go. The scooter also comes with airless wheels, preventing flat tires, as well as brakes for ultimate safety while riding!

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What we love

  • Rechargeable battery that will last for an hour of continuous riding
  • No-slip footboard, preventing any falling or injury

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Kids will need to practice their balancing skills in order to ride smoothly

30Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit

One thing that’s great for kids is a toy that encourages them to be hands-on and excited about creating. With the Lakeshore Build-It-Yourself Woodworking Kit, the fun of making your own structures and crafts with your own tools and supplies is going to push kids to explore their creative side and make something useful! The kit comes with over 80 pine wood pieces, all smooth to prevent splinters or injury, as well as a lightweight hammer and nails to connect the pieces. With refined motor skills and fun problem-solving building challenges, this kit is great for kids excited to learn!

What we love

  • Perfectly sized hammer for small hands
  • You and your child can make useful things, such as a piggy bank and a birdhouse

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Getting the nails all the way in may take a bit of arm strength and help from a parent

In Conclusion

When you were 9, a hoverboard was something that only existed in the future, while the idea of building a robot or flying a drone was just as far-fetched. But it’s all real for today’s 9-year-old girls and you can make it happen for them!

Why don’t you teach your little ones what life was like back in the day with this awesome Buffalo Games Hella 90’s – Pop Culture Trivia Game.

If they enjoy the simpler pleasures, there’s also the ever-popular Pogo Stick or an NFL Football to throw around. But, let’s face it, she really wants a hoverboard, right? So why not check out the 10 Best Hoverboards and Self Balancing Scooters for some more inspiration!