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30 Best Toys for 12-Year-Old-Boys

Best Toys for 12 Year Old Boys
Teddy Booth
Written by
Teddy Booth
Written by
Teddy Booth
Teddy is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek who loves all things LEGO, Nintendo and RC (drones included). His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, so that is why he spends A LOT of time curating the perfect list of toys and games that include options for everyone without putting kids inside boxes.
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Speaking as someone who hasn’t done much growing up since he was a 12-year-old boy (28 years ago), it’s not hard for me to remember what kind of toys I liked at that age. Of course, today’s 12-year-olds have a huge advantage over me because their toys are technological wonders that I could only have dreamed of.

Hoverboards, walkie talkies that actually work, Nintendo Switches, drones, smartwatches and LED ski skooters… this list is jam-packed with amazing toys that will delight any 12-year-old boy, whether they love action, science, adventure, creativity or sitting quietly reading a book, or even all of the above.

We’ve picked out the 30 best toys for this age group and have ruled out any fake online reviews to make sure that we’re only recommending toys that they’ll absolutely love.

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