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30 Best Toys for 10-Year-Old-Girls

Updated 27 May 2021

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge toy and games fan, and enjoys testing out and reviewing new toys. She is a big board game and Nintendo Switch fan.

As a former 10-year-old myself, I can confirm that it’s a truly awesome age to be. Old enough to have some growing independence, but young enough to also have no responsibilities beyond making your own bed. As this list shows, it’s also an age where your toys get REALLY cool.

For today’s 10-year-old girls, there’s a whole range of great toys out there, from metal detectors (for looking for treasure) to NERF guns (for stopping anyone stealing your treasure), polaroid cameras (for taking selfies with your treasure), and karaoke microphones (for, erm, singing about your treasure?). 

We’ve picked out these 30 best toys for 10-year-old girls to help you select the right one, and we’ve also eliminated any fake reviews so you can trust that your little one won’t be disappointed.

1Fashion Angels Pretty Pedi Pedicure Set

Fashion Angels Pretty Pedi Pedicure Set

The Fashion Angels Pretty Pedi Pedicure Set offers your child the ultimate spa treatment kit. They can take a foot bath with a bath bomb and paint their toes with added nail art. Your daughter will absolutely love the wide choice of nail polish colors. When nail polish isn’t enough, she can choose between 80 stick-on gems and 190 stickers to match her personality or mood at the time. When it comes to nail art, the kit even includes a handy instruction sheet to follow. This set is great when she wants to sleepover at a friend’s or even spend quality time with you. That’s right, your daughter can design your nails too!

What we love

  • No harsh chemicals or odors in the nail polish/water-based polish
  • Includes materials to make nail art on toes or fingernails

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The nail polish bottles could be a little bigger

2Karaoke Microphone for Kids

Karaoke Microphone for Kids

The Karaoke Microphone is ideal for your daughter that loves to perform. It comes in four different colors and sports a shiny metallic look. The microphone isn’t heavy and is made with BPA-free materials for safety and durability. You won’t have to worry about you or your daughter tripping over a cord because it runs off Bluetooth! This microphone will allow your daughter to get creative with the different settings available and she can take it with her anywhere she goes. She can even practice her interviewing skills with the record option!

What we love

  • Has plenty of options for hours of fun (voice changer, remix, etc.)
  • Connects to your phone (Apple or Android) and your tablet or iPad

What We Don't Like That Much

  • While we love the power it has, the highest volume could get annoying

3Meet the Glimmer Girls Box Set (Faithgirlz / Glimmer Girls)

Meet the Glimmer Girls Box Set (Faithgirlz / Glimmer Girls)

The Glimmer Girls stories follow sisters Mia, Maddie, and LuLu as they get themselves into all kinds of mischief, all while on an international adventure! The first book details the sisters in their hometown of Nashville. Soon enough, they get wrapped up in a mystery with their friend when an item from an auction suspiciously goes missing. The second book follows the girls as they make their way to New York City, in order to see their mom perform a concert. However, their plans get derailed when they get lost on a sightseeing side trip! The third book follows the sisters as they travel to London to watch their mom perform. On a trip to an art gallery, Maddie thinks she witnessed some of the art being stolen and drags her sisters and nanny into another wild adventure to recover it.

What we love

  • They are stories that promote good morals
  • Provides hours of entertainment with exciting stories

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The set only contains three books, you’ll have to purchase the others separately

4Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

When you take your daughter to the beach, she might want to swim, float in the ocean, or even ride a wave! The Bo-Toys Body Board offers a highly durable board designed with 60/40 rails to allow for more maneuverability, increased speeds, and maximum fun! It features heat lamination technology as well as an EPS core. The board attaches to your daughter’s wrist or ankle, so you don’t have to worry about her losing it during a wave. It has a height of 41 inches to ensure stability while floating or standing on the board.

What we love

  • Comes in a variety of bright colors
  • Withstands all wave conditions

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Dents might occur if used on rocky areas

5Pressman Pass the Pen Yellow, 5”

Pressman Pass the Pen Yellow, 5”

The Pressman Pen is designed to provide your child with challenges as well as laughs. The concept of the game is simple. You take the pen and get ten seconds to draw a picture, while the pen works against your resistance. The timer automatically retracts the pen once the time is up. Then, you guess what the other person has drawn. If everyone guesses wrong, you get to continue the drawing for another ten seconds until someone gets it right. Children will love to play this game with their friends and try to guess their wacky drawings.

What we love

  • Entertainment for the whole family
  • Challenging to get used to the speed, which creates tons of laughs

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pad of paper included is quite small, so you may need to use a notebook

6NERF Halo MA40

NERF Halo MA40

This NERF Halo MA40 is a replica of the MA40 blaster inspired by the game Halo Infinite. The nerf gun is equipped with a motorized dart blaster that shoots the darts across the room, quick as a flash! To fire a dart, you hold the acceleration button to power it up. Once it’s powered, press the trigger and watch it launch the dart! The blaster comes with a ten-dart clip and includes ten official Nerf Elite foam darts that have undergone testing for quality and performance. In addition to the clip and darts, you also get a rail riser. The rail raiser can be attached or unattached to the tactical rail for better control and aim. You can also customize the gun with Nerf gear and more accessories (not included).

What we love

  • Includes a code to unlock an item in the Halo game
  • While it’s large in size, it’s not heavy to carry around

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Doesn’t include the C batteries required to use it

7Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer a Kids Laptop

Tanoshi 2-in-1 Kids Computer a Kids Laptop

The Tanoshi 2-in-1 computer runs on the Android 7.0 operating system. It’s designed with education and parental safety in mind. Children won’t be allowed to download or browse the internet for anything inappropriate. It comes preloaded with dozens of educational apps like an introduction to coding, spelling lessons, and typing lessons. It also has games that work to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The computer has a removable keyboard for when they want to watch their favorite programs or when they need to do their homework. It also features a front face and rear face camera for when they want to take pictures with their friends or if they need to connect to Zoom for school.

What we love

  • Has parental controls for all apps/screen time
  • Kid-friendly, easy setup

What We Don't Like That Much

  • They don’t sell replacement parts

8Little Dragons Café – Nintendo Switch

Little Dragons Café – Nintendo Switch

At last, your daughter has the chance to raise her own dragon while running her own café! This video game allows your child to raise her dragon companion in one mode, while the other mode teaches empathy, nurturing, and care through the story quests. The game lets your child design her own café, grow her own ingredients, make the menu, and serve it to others. The side quests will have her occupied for hours as she travels the world with her dragon and solves townspeople’s problems. The more quests she completes, the happier the villagers get and the more in-game items she unlocks to further expand her café.

What we love

  • Not overly challenging to the point you’d have to help your child play
  • Cute graphics and wholesome story mode

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Does get repetitive at times

9Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids

Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids

With this kit, your daughter will have the chance to make her own soaps and bath bombs, all the while teaching herself about chemistry and basic science. The set includes a detailed, illustrated guide to show your daughter how to create the mixtures. As is unfortunately commonplace, the ingredients often found in bath bombs and soap can make you worry. This kit only includes safe, non-toxic ingredients for her to mess around with to her heart’s content. Your daughter can create her own designs, scents, and colors too with this kit. It includes all she needs to create soaps and bath bombs and even includes gift bags in case she decides to make a gift for a family member or friend!

What we love

  • Can foster a love of science/chemistry
  • Create up to ten different mixtures

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The coloring in the bath bombs may stain your tub/shower

10LEGO Super Mario Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Expansion Set 71381 Building Kit

LEGO Super Mario Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Expansion Set 71381 Building Kit

The Super Mario LEGO set includes a jumping platform and two well-known villains from the game (Chain Chomp, and Bramball). With some patience and persistence, your child will have it assembled in no time at all. Once it’s put together, your daughter can use their Mario figure (not included) to knock Chain Chomp out of the way to reach the coin block. The set contains 160-pieces used to create a module that’s 3.5 inches high and 8 inches wide, 6-inches in depth. Your daughter can build for hours with the set, as it can be taken apart and re-assembled to create a new course each time. She will also love to compete with friends in the race to reach the coin block first!

What we love

  • Your child builds the set, then can play as Mario (interactive build set)
  • Can connect the set to other LEGO sets your child owns

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Only has digital instructions

11NPET 22-inch Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

NPET 22-inch Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The NPET skateboard is lightweight and portable to fit in your daughter’s backpack, so she can take it to her friend’s house or on her next adventure. The deck measures 22” inch long and 6” inches wide with 78A polyurethane wheels. The quality and design of the skateboard put safety first and foremost. The deck is designed to be smaller, which helps make navigation easier and smoother when it comes to turns. This skateboard will provide your daughter with great exercise, while also teaching her how to skate, for when she transitions to a regular board as she grows up.

What we love

  • Non-slip top deck for added safety
  • Ideal for beginner skateboarders

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Adult supervision required in case of falls

12Code Rocket Coding Toys

Code Rocket Coding Toys

This Code Rocket toy fosters a relationship with math and science in a way that is fantastic fun, so she’ll want to keep learning again and again. The kit includes 20 free online coding projects and it’s ideal for children who have experimented with block-coding or scratch coding, but no experience is necessary. Your daughter will be taught variables, loops, functions, ‘if’ statements, ‘for’ loops, and troubleshooting. The robot has eight built-in LED lights with two buttons and a speaker to start the lessons immediately. It even includes Morse code! Whenever your daughter wants to access the free coding projects, she can use the free software that’s compatible with any laptop or desktop computer.

What we love

  • Teaches C++ coding
  • Provides hours of fun learning

What We Don't Like That Much

  • May need help from an adult for some projects

13MaxUSee Kids Telescope 400x40mm with Tripod & Finder Scope

MaxUSee Kids Telescope 400x40mm with Tripod & Finder Scope

The MaxUSee Telescope aims to foster an early love for science in your daughter’s mind, all while presenting an opportunity for you and your daughter to bond. She will learn about the stars, planets, moons, and the sky when she looks through the telescope. It includes three different telescopic eyes that allow your child to look at fast-moving objects, objects far away, and a mirror. It includes high-quality optics to deliver clearer and more crisp images while your child investigates space. The telescope comes with a quick start guide that helps her explore the moon as well as lots of different stars.

What we love

  • Portable to take with you anywhere you go
  • Lightweight design

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The instruction manual isn’t always clear

14NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector


The Junior Metal Detector will provide your daughter with hours of treasure-hunting entertainment. It has a 7.5-inch dual coil that is waterproof and features adjustable sensitivity, perfect for helping your child find “treasure” and letting them explore. The metal detector detects objects up to 7-inches underground! To get your child started, the detector comes with five replica gold doubloons that you can hide and watch them search and find for practice! Your child can take this detector anywhere with them because it’s foldable and the arm support can be removed to neatly pack it away.

We have 10 more metal detectors for kids.

What we love

  • Both adults and kids can use it
  • Comfortable for long time use

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Detection sensitivity may need adjustments

15Drum Set Eastar 14 inch Drum Set

Drum Set Eastar 14 inch Drum Set

This drum set provides your child with the means to start her rhythmic rockstar career! It includes a bass drum (14” X 10”), mounted tom drum (8” X 6”), mounted snare drum with an internal adjustable soundbelt (10” X 5”), and a cymbal with a cymbal arm (10”). The set uses hardwood shells with high strength that creates a loud, bright sound. The drum skin is designed to create larger tension and vibration, which makes the sound more balanced. When your child first sees this drum set, they’ll want to immediately start making a beat. Luckily, it includes a bass drum pedal, one round padded adjustable drum throne, and two sets of wooden drumsticks (two for kids and two 7A for adults).

What we love

  • No tools required to assemble/easy to assemble
  • Option to add on to the set

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The frosted drum skin stains easily

16Kids Camera, Underwater Waterproof Digital Camera

Kids Camera, Underwater Waterproof Digital Camera

The Kids Camera features an IPS screen with a variety of functions. It has video recording, playback, auto turn-off when not in use, as well as photo capture. The 8MP camera is designed for your daughter to capture her favorite moments with quality photos. When you take her on trips or vacations, you won’t have to worry about the camera getting damaged with the protective case. If she drops it on the ground during a hike or in general, the camera lens is still protected. Your child can take photos for up to 1.5 hours before the camera will need a charge, and it can store up to 300 photos before they’d need to expand the memory.

What we love

  • Features a long battery life
  • The camera is waterproof

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Doesn’t come with a manual or instruction guide

17Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop White/Orange, 18" x 10.5"

Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop White/Orange, 18

The Spalding NBA Jam basketball hoop provides your child with the chance to become their own basketball champion in the comfort of their bedroom. The hoop measures 18 inches x 10.5 inches with a 9-inch steel breakaway rim. You get a 5-inch rubber mini ball to shoot hoops with and the kit comes with an assembly tool for installation. Your child will love this hoop because it creates the opportunity to play basketball even when it’s a rainy day or too hot outside. While the hoop isn’t large, it will still allow your daughter to practice shooting hoops with her friends.

What we love

  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Quick assembly process (five to ten minutes)

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The hoop isn’t foldable

18Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera - Green (9029)

Polaroid Originals Now I-Type Instant Camera - Green (9029)

The Polaroid Originals Now I-Type camera brings back the retro days when you took a polaroid picture and it printed as you took them. However, the camera now has a modern twist to it. The features include autofocus to capture moments as they happen without any degradation or blurriness. It also comes with double exposure that lets you capture two events at the same time. Your child can set a timer and flash to make sure they get their friends in the photo in time. The camera supports two different types of film (i-Type and 600 film). Your child will love the color mode that changes the contrast and the perspective of the photos taken, providing a more enjoyable experience.

What we love

  • Takes quality pictures in both modes
  • Instantly prints pictures

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sometimes the camera doesn’t accurately display the number of pictures left

19SANNUO 10-inch Kids Tablet, Android 10.0 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB 3G LET Dual SIM Card

SANNUO 10-inch Kids Tablet, Android 10.0 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB 3G LET Dual SIM Card

The SANNUO tablet uses the Android 10.0 operating system to offer a lightning-quick experience whenever your child uses an application. The tablet comes with a silicone sleeve and a bracket that protects the eyes from strain. This tablet has parental controls installed to ensure your child doesn’t inadvertently end up downloading or viewing inappropriate content. The internet browser automatically blocks unsafe websites and only supports kid-friendly sites. While it comes with apps installed, children can download approved apps set by parents. These can include games, educational tools, or other fun apps. The battery lasts up to eight hours when you read on the device and up to five hours when your child watches TV/movies or plays games.

What we love

  • Protective screen case and screen protector for any unfortunate accidents
  • Comes with tons of pre-loaded children’s learning apps and show apps (Disney+, Netflix, Youtube)

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The camera is only 2mp

20Smartivity Music Machine STEAM Building Kit

Smartivity Music Machine STEAM Building Kit

The Smartivity Music Machine enables your child to tap into their creative and critical thinking skills. Before they can play the music, they’ll need to build the machine. The machine itself is made of solid, non-toxic wood and includes sound plates, movable pegs, bands, and a handle pipe. It also includes music sheets, but your child can choose to create their own songs. You won’t need to provide any additional equipment to make music. Your child plays music by tapping the pegs down which creates the xylophone sound. Whenever your child wants to show you their creation, they can play the song back with the turn handle. When they want to make a new one, they just remove the pegs plugged into the holes!

What we love

  • It takes time to assemble, which keeps your child busy for awhile
  • The manual shows your child how to play a selection of songs

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sometimes the music gets out of tune

21Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit for Girls Crafts – Make Your Own Lip Balm

Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit for Girls Crafts – Make Your Own Lip Balm

The Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit fosters a love for science and chemistry within your child while still making it fun. They can take this kit with them to their friend’s house or assemble it at home. Your child can create up to six different lip balms. Each one has a different flavor and scent. Unlike traditional lip balms, the ones they will create don’t use any harsh, toxic chemicals or odors. It uses all-natural beeswax as the base. The balms don’t require any intense chemical mixing and only the use of a microwave. While your child waits for their creation to come together, they can browse the Amazon journal included that gives them more project ideas!

What we love

  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Instructions are easy to follow

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Adult assistance needed for heating the wax and to avoid spills

22Anivia Gaming Headset Stereo Headphone with Microphone for Laptop

Anivia Gaming Headset Stereo Headphone with Microphone for Laptop

The Anivia Gaming Headset is a plug-and-play headset without the requirement of a driver needing to be installed. Your child can use it in their favorite game console (except Xbox 360 or version one of Xbox One controller), phone, laptop, or tablet. The sound comes out of a large 40mm drive unit that creates stereo sound. Your child will love the microphone feature that will allow them to chat with their friends while they play. When they don’t want to use the microphone or need it, it folds up for easy storage.

What we love

  • Doesn’t feel heavy or hurt ears, even when wearing for a long time
  • Cable is roped for better durability and less chance of tearing or breaking

What We Don't Like That Much

  • While the sound quality is great, they don’t offer noise canceling

23Huffy Kids Bike Go Girl & Ignyte 20 inch

Huffy Kids Bike Go Girl & Ignyte 20 inch

The Huffy Kids Bike is ideal for riders with a height of around 44-56 inches. The bike comes in an eye-catching pink on the frame with hot pink wheels and handlebar. You get shimmery multicolor streamers and an inscription on the seat that reminds your child to “Believe in Yourself.” It doesn’t come with training wheels, but you can easily add your own pair to turn this bike into a starter bike and move to the next level as your child gets more comfortable. The chain guard will protect their ankles and keep the chain clean, requiring less maintenance.

What we love

  • The assembly is quick and easy
  • Features adjustable handlebars and seat

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The brakes may need to be aligned before use

24Brain Freeze Family Card Game: The Speak-Before-You-Think Party Game for All Ages - Family Edition

Brain Freeze Family Card Game: The Speak-Before-You-Think Party Game for All Ages - Family Edition

Brain Freeze is a card game that your children can play without the worry of inappropriate content. Each game takes up to 30 minutes to play. The game is best suited to play with three or more players to ensure a more enjoyable experience. The game is simple to play and doesn’t require much effort. Each player will draw a card from the deck, and when it’s their turn to play they lay it on the table for the other players to see. When two icons on a card match, players all shout out their answer to the opponent’s card. Then, the player who answers first scores points. The one with the most points at the end wins!

What we love

  • A family-friendly card game similar to Cards Against Humanity
  • Instructions are straightforward but optional rules exist for different variations of the game

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sometimes you get the same questions repeatedly

25Luwint Portable Pocket Pirate Monocular Telescope

Luwint Portable Pocket Pirate Monocular Telescope

The Luwint Pirate Monocular Telescope teaches your child to explore their imagination while encouraging an interest in science. Your child can use the telescope to watch the clouds, look at the stars and moon, or just explore the area around them. Parents can treat this toy as a bonding experience from the assembly to the exploration. Your child can carry the telescope with them all day, wherever they go. The monocle comes in seven pieces that are made of quality, safe ABS plastic. The round eyepiece is designed to protect the eyes and provides a comfortable experience when looking at the sky or around them.

What we love

  • Comes in various colors
  • Lightweight, so easy to carry around all-day

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Children may require an adult’s help for assembly

26Pokemon Ultimate Collection Series Books 1-14 Set

Pokemon Ultimate Collection Series Books 1-14 Set

This set includes 14 Pokémon stories that whisk you away alongside Ash and his friends on their fun-filled journeys, and who can forget the adorable Pikachu! Your child will love to hear the exciting stories of what their favorite characters get up to. They’ll also meet new Pokémon in these adventures too. The stories of Ash and his friends will teach your child the value of friendship and adventure. The books start at the very beginning of the journey and chronicle the perils and villains they encounter throughout the trip. Each book ends on a cliffhanger that will leave your child asking for more!

What we love

  • Includes the entire set of books, sparing you the need to purchase more
  • Has entertaining Pokémon stories to keep your child occupied for hours

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The books could use more illustrations

27Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: Launch Edition - Nintendo Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: Launch Edition - Nintendo Switch

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is a Japanese puzzle game that’s been updated to include even more features. The game is in essence a simple puzzle matching game, where you take the same-colored line of blocks or ‘Puyo’ and clear them from your board. This version of the game lets you play traditional Puyo Puyo or a mix of them together for a greater challenge. Your child doesn’t need to be connected to the internet to play, but they can connect if they want to play against other people in real-time. However, there is an offline multiplayer mode, so all of your little ones can share.

What we love

  • Teaches your child critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the use of puzzles
  • Contains multi-player, a battle mode, and solo arcade mode

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The solo mode can get repetitive after a few times

2830" Wood Classical Guitar with Case and Accessories for Kids/Girls/Boys/Beginners (Pink)


This guitar is constructed from durable wood, unlike most children’s guitars that are made of plastic, which tend to break easily. You can rest assured if your child drops the guitar by accident or mishandles it, it won’t fall apart. It has a smooth, glossy finish and comes in various patterns and colors. The guitar comes with all the accessories your child will need to learn to play guitar. The carry case contains a shoulder strap, spare strings, a foot pedal, and plenty of guitar picks. Once your child picks up this guitar, they’ll never want to put it down!

What we love

  • Ideal guitar for a beginner
  • The sound quality is very good

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sometimes goes out of tune while playing

29Speed Cube Set, Puzzle Cube, Magic Cube 2x2 3x3 4x4 Pyraminx Pyramid Megaminx Puzzle Cube Toy

Speed Cube Set, Puzzle Cube, Magic Cube 2x2 3x3 4x4 Pyraminx Pyramid Megaminx Puzzle Cube Toy

The Speed Cube Set is an educational toy that your child can use to test their brain. It will teach them patience, logical thinking, spatial thinking, concentration, and improve their memory. It comes with five cubes in the set that start with a basic 2 X 2 cube that progresses to a 4 x 4 cube for more challenges. The cubes are made with quality, safe ABS material that provides more flexibility and is safe for the environment. Your child will love solving the puzzle patterns for hours and hours.

What we love

  • The puzzles come with solutions in the instructions and on Youtube in case your child gets stuck
  • Includes puzzles that challenge beginners and more advanced players

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The 4 X 4 cube sometimes sticks when turning too quickly

30Animolds Crazy Huge Rubber Chicken

Animolds Crazy Huge Rubber Chicken

The Animolds Crazy Huge Rubber Chicken measures up to 29 inches tall and squeaks for 45 seconds. It’s one of the funniest gag gifts for children and adults alike. You may have seen it on Youtube or TikTok screaming and scaring people at first until they break down into crying with laughter! This chicken will provide your child with a unique, fun toy that they can use not just as a gag, but as somewhat of a companion like a stuffed animal. Your child may even use it to de-stress after a long day of school or a fight with a friend. Squeeze it and watch hilarity ensue.

What we love

  • Provides entertainment and laughs for the whole family
  • Your child will love to prank their friends and family with it

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The color of the chicken you receive is random

In Conclusion

From lip balm to pirate telescopes, a 10-year-old girl has the freedom to like anything she wants to like without worrying about being judged. So whether it’s an acoustic guitar, a bodyboard, or a collection of Pokemon books, you can be confident that something on this list will be exactly what they want right now. 

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