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56 Gift Ideas 12-Year-Old Girls Will Love

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At 12 years old, I loved writing in my secret diary, taking photos of my friends and exploring hobby after hobby. 12-year-olds today may have expanded their horizons somewhat. Still, I’m pleased to note that the things they love have not changed so drastically. At heart, they are still kids exploring the world and themselves, trying on new hobbies and identities to see what fits.

Between the ages of 10 and 13, kids are moving out of childhood and entering the somewhat chaotic phase of early adolescence. Tweens at this age are trying to figure out who they are and can seem to shift from interest to interest in a matter of weeks. As such, buying gifts for them can be a challenge! 

However, some things usually stay constant for longer than that – for example, kids who have always been sporty or artistic are probably still into those things. You can always ask if you’re unsure of her current interests! 

There are gifts here for the budding scientist, aspiring writer, avid gamer and those who still love nothing more than running around outdoors. One thing is sure – if you want your gift to be the show’s star, pick something from this list!

What Did We Look For When Shortlisting Gift Ideas For 12-Year-Old Girls?

As 12-year-olds are diverse with a wide variety of interests, I have tried to include gifts to suit all tween girls. Whether she loves video games, anime, jewelry, animals, science, reading or the great outdoors, there is a gift on this list that will make her heart sing. There are also options for all budgets and occasions, whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, a back-to-school gift or something to spoil her!

Gifts for Gamers

1. 100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

1 100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

Has your 12-year-old played Minecraft before? What about Sonic the Hedgehog? Or Guitar Hero? If the tween you’re buying for loves trying as many different games as possible, this is the gift for her. This scratch poster of 100 video games includes classic games and new releases. Your tween will enjoy seeing how many she has played and continued the journey over the years!

This poster comes from the original designers of the scratch-off bucket list posters. Though removing the scratch film neatly is a little tricky, the poster paper is top quality, and the images representing the games are cute and tasteful. 

💡This Neon Light Mario Mushroom Sign is a fantastic option for the Mario-obsessed. 

2. Deruitu Switch Accessories Bundle Compatible with Nintendo Switch (18 in 1)

2 Deruitu Switch Accessories Bundle Compatible with Nintendo Switch 18 in 1

For girls who can’t get enough of their Nintendo Switch, this will take their enjoyment of it to the next level. The set has a whopping 18 accessories, including a carrying case, a cartridge case for up to eight games, a screen protector, a compact play stand, joystick caps, joy-con steering wheels, joy-con grips, a charging dock and more!

Most customers who reviewed this were blown away by how well everything worked, especially considering the affordable price. Tweens will particularly love the switch wheels as they make gaming more enjoyable and the travel case for gaming on the go.

💡This Nintendo Switch – OLED is perfect for any gamer teen who likes to play on the go. 

3. INPHIC Pink Gaming Mouse

3 INPHIC Pink Gaming Mouse

If the 12-year-old in your life plays many PC games, she must have a proper gaming mouse to protect her wrists and hands. But she will probably be most excited about how this mouse will improve her gaming performance – making her response time faster and providing her with seven programmable buttons to use as keyboard shortcuts!

This gaming mouse features an ergonomic design and a rubber-frosted texture for a comfortable feel, pulsing lights and an excellent futuristic design. Just make sure your tween likes pink before you make this purchase!

💡Check out this SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset; it’s perfect for kids who love PC gaming with others. 

Gifts for LEGO Fans

4. LEGO DOTS Cosmic Wonder Bracelet 41903 

4 LEGO DOTS Cosmic Wonder Bracelet 41903

Perfect for the crafty kid, this LEGO DOTS Cosmic Wonder Bracelet comes with a flexible, adjustable band and 32 colorful tiles that girls can arrange on the bracelet in any way they like. The packaging comes with a few pattern ideas, but girls can also let their own creativity run free and come up with their own! 

The shooting star and planet tiles give this bracelet a cute cosmic theme, but kids can also use tiles from the LEGO DOTS 41908 Extra DOTS pack if they want to change things up. And at such an affordable price, this LEGO DOTS set makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love DIY jewelry. 

5. LEGO 21028 Architecture New York City Skyline

5 LEGO 21028 Architecture New York City Skyline

This New York City skyline LEGO set is perfect if your kid has been on vacation to NY before or if they have fallen in love with it via movies or TV. It’s also an excellent gift for kids who love building things and enjoy skyscrapers! Complete with a tiny Statue of Liberty, this kit contains the pieces to make all of the iconic buildings in New York.

With 598 pieces, this is quite a complex build, so it is ideal for girls who already enjoy LEGO or difficult puzzles. The kit also includes a booklet containing fun facts about these skyscrapers for kids with inquiring minds.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love the Big Apple.

6. LEGO 31129 Creator 3 in 1 Majestic Tiger to Panda or Koi Fish Set

6 LEGO 31129 Creator 3 in 1 Majestic Tiger to Panda or Koi Fish Set

This fantastic three-in-one LEGO set is ideal if you’re looking for a gift for a tween who loves LEGO and animals. She can build a majestic tiger, a koi fish or an adorable red panda with the same pieces. Plus, All three animals also feature posable limbs for more realism and fun – the tiger can even move its jaws and shoulders!

In addition to the main build, each animal has its mini model – a red bird for the tiger, a bonsai tree for the panda and water lilies for the koi. This 755-piece set is also a rewarding experience for kids who like building things!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love exotic animals. 

Gifts for Board Game Fans

7. Ravensburger 3D Labyrinth

7 Ravensburger 3D Labyrinth

3D Labyrinth takes the beloved moving maze game to new levels – literally! Instead of a simple maze, the setting of this version is a labyrinthine castle of soaring towers and deep vaults. This is a fun family board game for lovers of the original and newbies. Find the quickest way through the maze and be the first to collect your treasures to win!

3D Labyrinth is ideal for kids who enjoy spatial reasoning puzzles and who like fantasy tropes like wizards and dragons. Labyrinth has excellent replay value as many treasures are in a game board made up of a constantly moving maze.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love spatial reasoning puzzles. 

8. Friends Monopoly Board Game

8 Friends Monopoly Board Game

The sitcom Friends has recently experienced a revival, with new generations of teens and tweens falling in love with the classic show. If that is the case for your 12-year-old and she enjoys board games, Friends Monopoly is the perfect gift. It works a lot like regular Monopoly, with a few tweaks – like the exclusive character tokens, including a tiny pizza for Joey and T-rex for Ross!

As they move around the board, players tour the most iconic moments from the show and attempt to accumulate money. The quickest path to success? Trading the most Central Perk sofas and coffee mugs, of course!

💡 Many fans of Monopoly also enjoy Ticket to Ride, a train-route-building strategy game.

9. Stonemaier Games Wingspan 2nd Edition Board Game 

9 Stonemaier Games Wingspan 2nd Edition Board Game

This engine-building board game is marked for ages 14 and above, but if your 12-year-old is a tactical thinker and is already playing advanced games, it could be a nice challenge. In this card-driven board game, you play bird enthusiasts aiming to attract the best birds to your wildlife preserves. Draw and play bird cards, lay eggs and gain food tokens via a birdfeeder dice tower!

Every item in this board game is exquisitely designed and crafted, from the beautifully detailed bird cards to the wooden eggs to the gorgeous landscapes on the playing mats. Kids who love birds and enjoy complex games will love Wingspan!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love strategy games and birds.

Gifts for Girls Who Love Tech & Gadgets

10. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Android and iOS Phones 

10 Smart Watch Fitness Tracker for Android and iOS Phones

For tech-obsessed tweens, there are few better gifts than a smartwatch. This one allows kids to record their daily steps, check their heart rate, track their sleep time, monitor blood oxygen levels and track their progress in 28 different sports! They can also use it to answer calls and receive texts, which has an impressive battery life for such an affordable product.

This is an excellent gift for kids who play a sport competitively, but it’s also fun for kids who enjoy gadgets and tracking data about themselves. And it is a high-quality product, too, with a metal frame and full touch screen that provides crystal clear visuals.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love sports and gadgets.

11. KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera 

11 KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Photography is ubiquitous today, thanks to smartphones and Instagram. The only problem is that we often forget to save these photos or print them out to remember the experiences they document. This Kodak Printomatic allows girls to record memories in photos they can print immediately and show or give to their friends and loved ones! 

With the Kodak Zink photo paper, no ink cartridges, toners or film are needed. The printed photos are water and tear-resistant and backed by sticky paper so that you can stick them in an album! Plus, the camera is easy to use and comes in various fun colors.

💡 If you think she would prefer the classic polaroid look, the Fujifilm Instax Mini is also a great option.

12. Solar Robot Toys 6 in 1

12 Solar Robot Toys 6 in 1

In this educational robot kit, kids can build six different space exploration-themed robots with the included parts: a Mars rover, astronaut, space shuttle, space dog and space station. All the robots work via either solar power or battery for indoor use. This is the perfect gift for tweens who love robots and dream of becoming astronauts!

Building robots is an excellent educational opportunity, especially for girls interested in technology. The instructions should be clear enough for her to build by herself, and the pieces are made from non-toxic ABS plastic and are sturdy and durable.

💡 For a robot vehicle toy that also teaches coding, check out the Buddlets-Bot Robot Toy Kit.

Gifts for Sports Fans

13. NWESTUN Bow and Arrow for Kids with LED Flash Lights

13 NWESTUN Bow and Arrow for Kids with LED Flash Lights

Your 12-year-old may be just about to enter her teen years, but there’s still time for playing outdoors and learning perfect aim with a super cool bow and arrow set! Whether your tween enjoys aiming games like darts or pretending to be an elven warrior, she will love this gift. As a bonus, it will improve her balance, aim and hand-eye coordination.

When making your purchase, make sure you buy the larger bow and arrow set, as the smaller one is designed for younger children. This is also the one with the awesome LED flashing lights and arrows with suction pads so that they stick to the target!

💡 If you want to continue the aiming games indoors, this kid-safe dartboard set is a great option.

14. GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball 

14 GlowCity Glow in The Dark Basketball

If the girl you are buying for is an avid basketballer, she probably already has her basketball. But does she have one that glows in the dark? This great ball bounces just like a regular basketball, but it glows! It illuminates a bright red glow with a bounce and automatically turns off when not in use. This will make nighttime shooting sessions super exciting!

The glow feature works with two LED lights lasting up to 30 hours of nighttime play. To keep these safe, the ball has a sturdy, water-resistant rubber exterior – you can play as you would with a regular ball without worrying about breakage.

💡 Another awesome gift for basketball-obsessed tweens is this adorable mug/bowl with a built-in hoop to throw marshmallows into your hot chocolate! 

15. ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults

15 ITurnGlow Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults

To make your tween the coolest kid on the block, get her these ITurnGlow adjustable inline skates. These skates make a great gift for adventurous kids and those who need a bit of encouragement to get active. They are designed to provide comfort and support with a triple protection system, breathability and a soft inner shoe. But most kids’ favorite feature is the flashing lights on the wheels!

In addition to all the safety features, parents love the adjustability of these skates. They come in four sizes, each of which can be adjusted to four shoe sizes so kids can keep skating as they grow! 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love the adrenaline rush.

Gifts for Young Scientists



This National Geographic science magic kit comes with ten fun experiments, from bending metal with water to making a test tube disappear! This is a fantastic gift for kids who are not above getting their hands dirty with weird and wonderful experiments. This science kit is unique because each experiment is designed to be performed as a magic trick, so kids can wow their friends and family. 

This kit includes everything you need to complete the experiments, a magic wand and white gloves to turn your tween into a magician. It also has a guide to performing 30 more experiments with everyday household items. 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love science and magic.

17. Soap & Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids

17 Soap Bath Bomb Making Kit for Kids

Bath bombs are loved by kids and adults alike as they make bathtime relaxing and fun. For creative tweens who enjoy science and crafting, too, this soap and bath bomb kit is the ideal gift. The kit includes all the ingredients and tools required to make ten soaps, ten bath bombs, fizzy bath salts and salt scrubs! 

The resulting bathtime products will smell great and look great, thanks to the colors, glitter and super cute molds. 12-year-olds should be able to manage the activity alone, making it a fun family bonding activity.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love science and crafts. 

18. Learn & Climb Kids Science Kit

18 Learn Climb Kids Science Kit

Another great science kit option, this one from Learn & Climb, does not include the magic element, but it does have lots more experiments – 21 to be exact. Kids can make their lava lamps, grow crystals and cause a fizzing volcano eruption! Tweens who enjoy spectacles and learning about the wonders of science will love this kit. 

One feature of this kit that customers love is its clear instruction manual that includes links to videos to follow along with a real scientist! The included science equipment is also both high quality and safe for kids.

💡 For kids who love unicorns and science experiments, this Grow Your Own Crystal Unicorn Terrarium Kit could be the ideal gift.

Gifts for Young Artists

19. Charm Bracelet Making Kit

19 Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Charm bracelets are more than just jewelry – they are a way for kids to express their unique creativity and the things that are important to them. This charm bracelet-making kit includes 22 charms, lots of pretty glass and metal beads, two chain bracelets and three necklace cords. The jewelry-making possibilities are endless! 

Everything you need to make bracelets and necklaces is included in this kit, and all the pieces are easy to use and require no gluing or special tools. Crafty girls who love cute charms and jewelry will be obsessed!

💡 For girls who like bracelets but prefer a less girly aesthetic, go for these lovely Sunflower String Braided Rope Charms instead.

20. MFJL Marbling Paint Crafts Kit for Kids

20 MFJL Marbling Paint Crafts Kit for Kids

This marbling paint kit provides kids with a fun new way to make art. This is an excellent gift for creative girls who like trying new ways to make things, especially those who love psychedelic styles. Instead of paper or canvas, you paint on the water! This unique painting process involves layering the paint, dragging and swirling the colors to make patterns and then transferring it onto paper.

This kit provides simple illustrated instructions so kids know what to do and can let their creativity run from there. This gift is an excellent example of a STEAM activity involving science and art.

💡 If you think something 3D will appeal to your 12-year-old more, this clay flower craft kit from Drama Planet is a terrific choice.

21. Falling in Art Tabletop Easel Set – 24 Pieces Starter Kit

21 Falling in Art Tabletop Easel Set 24 Pieces Starter Kit

If the tween you’re buying a gift for dreams of being a professional painter, this tabletop easel set is a great way to encourage that dream. Included is a beautiful beechwood easel box, six brushes of different shapes, 12 acrylic paints, three canvas panels, a wooden palette and a plastic palette. This set is designed for beginners, but beginners who want to get serious about painting!

Acrylic paints are a great stepping stone towards oil painting, as they allow kids to learn the techniques without all the complications and chemicals required for oil paints. Plus, the handy box and easel gadget are perfect for painting on the go!

💡 For kids more into doodling with fun colors, this rainbow scratch notebook makes a great gift for a wide range of ages.

22. Art Lab for Kids: 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Paper, and Mixed Media

22 Art Lab for Kids 52 Creative Adventures in Drawing Painting Printmaking Paper and Mixed Media

It can be hard to figure out what to buy for budding artists with all the supplies they need. What about this Art Lab For Kids book of lessons for making art in different mediums, from drawing to painting to printmaking and mixed media? Girls who enjoy trying new ways to make art will love the inspiration this book brings.

This book is great for aspiring artists as each lesson is based on the work of a contemporary artist. Each “lab” is loosely designed to build on skills learned in the previous ones – but there are no rules about where to begin! 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love art.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

23. Cat Ring Holder

23 Cat Ring Holder

This is a must-buy if your tween is a cat lover who enjoys wearing small jewelry items like rings, pendants and bracelets. It is also a fantastic companion gift if you buy her a ring. This classy yet adorable porcelain cat dish can fit a few items at the base and a few more rings stacked on the cat’s tail.

This ring holder is made from high-quality glazed ceramic and will look great on any girl’s dressing table, desk or bedside table. There are also a few alternative options if she prefers dogs, flamingos or elephants!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love jewelry and cute animals.

24. Skillmatics Card Game : Guess in 10 Animal Planet

24 Skillmatics Card Game Guess in 10 Animal Planet

This is an excellent gift for kids who love learning everything there is to know about different animals. The concept is similar to 20 questions, except you must guess the animal on the card in 10 questions to win! This is a super fun game for kids who love animals and guessing games – it is all about asking smart questions so you can guess the animal fast.

Suitable for ages six and upwards, this is an awesome game to play on family game nights. It is also the winner of the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards and the Parents’ Picks Awards, so it is a child and parent-approved!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love animal facts.

25. Cute Ceramic Coffee Cup with Lovely Kitty Lid

25 Cute Ceramic Coffee Cup with Lovely Kitty Lid

Most kids love a cup of hot cocoa in winter, so if you know the girl you’re buying for likes cats, this mug is sure to be a big hit. This quality ceramic mug features a lid with a cat’s head handle to keep your cocoa hot and a cat’s paw teaspoon that sticks out from the lid, so the cat looks like it is waving!

The cute illustration completes the look of this mug on the front, and the choice between several pastel colors. Both adorable and functional, this makes a great Christmas or winter birthday gift. And rest assured, it is dishwasher-safe!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love cute cats.

Gifts for Book Lovers

26. Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book-Light for Reading at Night in Bed

26 Vekkia 14 LED Rechargeable Book Light for Reading at Night in Bed

This rechargeable book light makes an excellent gift for any avid reader, but it is perfect for kids who share a room with siblings. This light will allow her to continue reading in bed without bothering anyone if she is sharing a room. Plus, the protective pad on the clip means that her beloved books will not be damaged.

This book light features a 180-degree foldable whale tail design developed by German designers so that both pages of your open book are evenly illuminated. It also has nine brightness modes, and a rechargeable battery provides 80 hours of reading time!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love reading in bed.

27. Noughts & Crosses: Malorie Blackman

27 Noughts Crosses Malorie Blackman

The critically acclaimed Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman is the first in a four-part  series set in a dystopian society full of racism, distrust and mounting terrorist violence. Some may note that this is not too far from our society — the difference being that in the novel, it is dark-skinned people at the top of the hierarchy and light-skinned people who are discriminated against.

This extremely gripping book is a love story between two childhood friends separated by society. The genius alternate reality of the book introduces essential issues in a way that is both child-appropriate and encourages them to consider things they have not thought about before.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love books that make them think.

28. Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery – The Complete Collection Box Set for Kids Ages 8+ 

28 Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery The Complete Collection Box Set for Kids Ages 8

If you’d like to introduce your tween to the classics, Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery is a great place to start. This fantastic deal is the 8-book set, so she can jump straight to the next book in the series as soon as she has finished one! This is an excellent gift for most 12-year-old girl readers, particularly those who enjoy stories set in the past. 

Even if she isn’t used to older books, this is a great introductory series as it reads easily and naturally. Anne is a fantastic character, and her imagination is beguiling to readers of all ages. Plus, the cover art is super cute!

💡 This set of laminated optical illusion bookmarks makes a great companion to this book set.

29. Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie

29 Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie

If the girl you are buying for loves nothing more than camping trips with her family, this rechargeable LED lighted beanie makes a great gift. With this lighted beanie, she can see what she needs to do and use both hands simultaneously. It is ideal for camping in places that get chilly in the evening and features a USB port for versatile charging options.

You can choose from a wide variety of beanie colors, so there is sure to be one that suits her style. Comfortable, warm and machine-washable, it does everything you want a beanie to do and more! 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love camping.

Gifts for Girls Who Love the Outdoors

30. Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock 

30 Wise Owl Outfitters Kids Hammock

Who doesn’t love a hammock? There is something about gently swaying on a beautiful day outdoors that can’t be beaten. This hammock is just the right size for tweens and is super easy to put up and take down. It fits into a pouch the size of a pinecone, so it is perfect for outdoor vacations or even picnics and hikes.

Whether she uses it on a camping trip, picnic or just in the backyard, this hammock will give her a relaxing spot outdoors that is all her own. It is adjustable, durable and even machine washable and you can choose from three cool color combos!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love hanging out outdoors.

31. ZAZE Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket

31 ZAZE Extra Large Picnic Outdoor Blanket

This is the quintessential picnic blanket and as such, it is perfect for kids who love to picnic – whether at the park, in the forest or simply in the garden with friends. The design is classic gingham, but you can choose from various colors to get the perfect one for your 12-year-old. 

If you ask parents, the best features of this blanket are that it is waterproof and easy to clean, so neither spills nor dirt from the ground is an issue. At 80”x80”, it is big enough for up to eight, so it may be time for a picnic party!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love picnics.

Gifts for Marvel Lovers

32. LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191

32 LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet 76191

This LEGO set is an excellent gift for fans of the Infinity Saga who enjoy putting together complex puzzles. It includes 590 pieces that make up an intricately detailed Infinity Gauntlet. Note that it is intended for ages 18+, meaning it is a challenging build. However, that makes it a great family bonding activity, ideal for kids who are advanced in 3D puzzles!

Once constructed, the Gauntlet measures over 12.5 inches high, five inches wide and four inches deep and features original golden LEGO bricks. Best of all, the Gauntlet’s fingers are movable! 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love Marvel and complex puzzles.

33. Marvel Greatest Comics: 100 Comics that Built a Universe

33 Marvel Greatest Comics 100 Comics that Built a Universe

These days, Marvel is synonymous with blockbuster movies. However, the comic book franchise is still beloved by people of all ages. If your tween is a fan of the OG Marvel comics, there is no better gift than this showcase of the most iconic and inspiring comic books ever created. It is sturdy, stunningly illustrated and packed with fun facts!

From the game-changing 1960s superheroes such as Spiderman and the Fantastic Four to smart modern makeovers like Guardians of the Galaxy, this book will take your tween on a chronological tour through Marvel’s glorious history.

💡 If her favorite Marvel hero is Black Panther and she enjoys food and cooking, this Black Panther cookbook makes the perfect gift.

34. Zak Designs Marvel Thanos Unique 3D Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

34 Zak Designs Marvel Thanos Unique 3D Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

This sculpted coffee mug is a pretty spectacular gift, especially for fans of Infinity Saga. The mug forms a 3D sculpture of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones, including a lid, to complete the look and keep your drink warm. While made from ceramics, the glaze creates gold and gem colors that shine wonderfully brightly!

As this mug is so thick, it holds heat very well, so she can drink her cup of tea or cocoa as slowly as she likes. Everyone likes to have a personal mug and this one is extra special! Just make sure not to put it in the microwave.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love the Infinity Saga.

Gifts for Movie Lovers

35. Affoto 64 Classic Movie Stickers

35 Affoto 64 Classic Movie Stickers

Your tween may have outgrown kiddie sticker books, but this pack of 64 movie stickers isn’t for kids. Choose from stickers for The Office, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Twilight, Spirited Away and many more, so she can showcase her favorite shows and movies to the world! They are perfect for adorning her water bottle, phone, skateboard or journal, and when she gets tired of them, they peel off easily.

Made from high-quality PVC, these stickers are waterproof and UV-resistant so that they won’t fade for a long time. Plus, movie buffs will love that they include information about the films, such as the director and cast.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who are obsessed with movies and TV shows.

36. ThxMadam Scrapbook Photo Album For Movie Lovers

36 ThxMadam Scrapbook Photo Album For Movie Lovers

This is the ideal gift for tweens who love film photos and films themselves! Scrapbook photo albums are an excellent way for kids and teens to express their creativity and keep precious memories. This one is designed to look just like a director’s clapperboard, so it is ideal for movie lovers.

The scrapbook includes a few decorative stickers, stencils and photo corners. The paper is thick and high quality, and the black color makes an incredible photo backing. And if she wants to paste in movie reviews, that’s cool too!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love films and taking their own photos.

37. VonShef Popcorn Machine Retro

37 VonShef Popcorn Machine Retro

What’s a movie night without popcorn? This machine makes perfect popcorn every time and is the ideal addition to a retro movie night or a slumber party, especially if you throw a projector in the mix! Add your popcorn kernels and press start to get fresh popcorn in 3 minutes.

This popcorn machine is a great way to make large batches of popcorn, making it ideal for parties. It is also a healthier option as it pops with hot air instead of oil – although the measuring cup doubles as a butter melting tray for when you are feeling indulgent!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love the cinema experience.

38. STMT DIY Journaling Set – Personalized Diary For Tweens & Teens

38 STMT DIY Journaling Set Personalized Diary For Tweens Teens

Lots of young teens write religiously in their diaries and this DIY journaling set will make it an even more exciting experience. The journal is packed with inspirational sayings and spiral bound for durability. On top of that, the collection includes everything she will need for a creative journaling experience, including stickers, printed paper, glitter tape and a cute faux suede tassel keychain!

This is the ideal gift for girls who don’t just like to write in their diary but to make it *aesthetic*. Considering everything you get, it is fantastic value for money and a great way to encourage tweens’ self-expression.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love creative journaling.

39. Sequins Notebook Set – Sparkly Mermaid Journals 

39 Sequins Notebook Set Sparkly Mermaid Journals

This is another diary gift, but this one is best for girls who want to keep their journaling top secret, as it includes a padlock and key. This gift should also be reserved for mermaid-obsessed kids as it has an obvious mermaid theme and comes with a mermaid bracelet, mermaid tail keychain and mermaid scale pen!

Girls who go starry-eyed at the prospect of sparkles will love the reversible sequin cover of this diary, which can be flipped to make any pattern you like! Now she can journal in style and keep her writings secret from prying eyes.

💡 If she is more into rebellion than mermaids, Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith provides the perfect space to unleash her chaotic creativity.

40. Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

40 Writing Tools 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer

If your 12-year-old is not just a journaler but an aspiring author, she will love Writing Tools – a book of practical tips for all aspects of writing. Whether she wants to write stories, blog posts or aspires to be a journalist, this book has the tools she needs to hone her craft and inspire her creativity!

Writing Tools is divided into four sections: “Nuts and Bolts,” “Special Effects,” “Blueprints for Stories,” and “Useful Habits.” This organization makes the book clear and readable, but some of the examples are a bit dated, so the book is best for kids who are already experienced readers.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love creative writing.

Gifts for Music Fans

41. Personalized Silver Guitar Plectrum/Pick with Luxury Magnetic Presentation Box

41 Personalized Silver Guitar Plectrum Pick with Luxury Magnetic Presentation Box

For girls learning to play the guitar, what could be a better gift than a beautiful, personally engraved guitar pick? You can ask for whatever you like to be engraved on the plectrum – perhaps her name or a unique message. Either way, this is a super special gift for the young guitarist in your life!

This is a high-quality stainless steel pick with a highly polished finish, so it is functional and beautiful. It also comes in a beautiful ring-box box, making the gift feel extra special.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love playing guitar.

42. Wireless Earbud Running Headphones

42 Wireless Earbud Running Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are all the rage at the moment, and this set features smooth sound and a comfortable fit in three different sizes. Music lovers of all ages will love these and tweens will enjoy that they can tune out family by disappearing into their musical world! Thanks to the high-tech touch screen, she can answer calls, hang up, control the music and activate Siri.

Techy kids will love the smart LED display and sporty kids will love that they are waterproof, so you can wear them while sweaty or in the rain! They also come in a charging case that supports eight recharges, allowing up to 48 hours of continuous music time.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love listening to music on the go.

43. 3D Guitar Night Light 

43 3D Guitar Night Light

This optical illusion 3D guitar night light is a beautiful gift for music-loving tweens. The light comes with a remote control and she can choose from 16 colors and four flashing modes! When it is on, the light looks like a glowing line drawing of an acoustic guitar and will be a super cool addition to her bedside table or desk.

The LED in this night light is soft and uniform with no flicker or sparkle, making it gentle on the eyes and non-disruptive to sleep. Several buyers noted that it still works perfectly after over a year of use!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love guitar music.

Gifts for Anime Lovers

44. Joseph Stevenson – How to Draw Anime Part 1

44 Joseph Stevenson How to Draw Anime Part 1

Girls who enjoy anime and love to draw have probably already played around with copying their favorite anime characters. This book provides a step-by-step learning process for authentically drawing key anime styles. Once she gets the hang of anime drawing basics, she can create her own characters and let her imagination run free!

Joseph Stevenson has been teaching kids to draw for nearly a decade, and this comes through in the easy-to-follow lessons. This book is Part one of the series, focusing on anime faces. If she likes it, she can move on to the rest! 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love anime and drawing.

45. YINGENIVA 50PCS Anime Panel Wall Collage Kit

45 YINGENIVA 50PCS Anime Panel Wall Collage Kit

This wall collage kit is more for manga fans than anime fans, although the two go together in most cases! It consists of 50 high-quality cardstock prints featuring pages and panels from the popular manga. They are perfect for the manga-obsessed tween as they allow her to make her bedroom wall a proclamation of her love for Japanese comics.

At 4”x6”, these cards are a good size and perfect for making a wall collage, hanging up, or framing. Each card is unique, so she can choose her favorites or cut and stick them all for an epic collage effect!

💡 If she prefers a colorful aesthetic to black and white, here is a colorful version of the same product.

46. Death Note Notebook with Feather Pen

46 Death Note Notebook with Feather Pen

For the anime Death Note fans, what better gift than the death notebook itself? This Death Note-inspired notebook also comes with an awesome feather pen, an L-shaped necklace and a bookmark. Whether she likes to cosplay or is simply a fan of anime, this is a cool and useful notebook!

This is a decent-quality notebook bound in faux leather with a cover that is sturdy but soft to the touch. But its true selling point is how accurately it mimics the notebook from the anime and the details inside that fans will love!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love Death Note.

Gifts for Their Room 

47. Pink Cinema Light Box with 400 Letters & Emojis & 2 Markers 

47 Pink Cinema Light Box with 400 Letters Emojis 2 Markers

This personalizable cinema light box is an excellent addition to any pink-loving tween girl’s room. 12-year-olds love to personalize their spaces, allowing her to do so in a super cool way. The light box comes with 220 letters, 180 emojis and markers to use on transparent cards, so she can create whatever words or images she likes!

This light box is super easy to use and can be powered by a battery or USB port. It also has a hole hanging up on the wall and comes with cards for keeping any letters and emojis that aren’t in use.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love the color pink and emojis.

48. Divoom Pixoo — Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame with 16×16 LED Display APP Control

48 Divoom Pixoo Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame with 16x16 LED Display APP Control

This Pixel Art Digital Picture Frame is another excellent customizable gift that can be used as a lamp. But this one is so much more than a lamp – you can use the Pixoo as a wall clock, to display the weather, as a music visualizer or to display pixel art and animations by yourself or professional pixel artists! The wealth of functions and accessible art is astounding.

With its large pixel imagery, this gift is ideal if the girl you are buying for likes the classic arcade game look. The value is incredible – it doubles as an alarm clock or text editor!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love a classic video game aesthetic.

49. BedShelfie Wood Bedside Shelf for Bed & Bunk Bed 

49 BedShelfie Wood Bedside Shelf for Bed Bunk Bed

If the 12-year-old you are buying for shares a room with siblings, it might feel challenging to carve out enough space for herself, especially if she sleeps atop a bunk bed. In that case, this BedShelfie is the perfect gift! It offers a variety of designs to choose from depending on the type of bed she has, as well as choices for material and shape.

The BedShelfie makes the perfect surface for snacks, drinks, books, gadgets and whatever else she likes to keep on hand while relaxing in bed. Though it is small, it holds an impressive 15 lbs!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love hanging out in bed.

50. SONGMICS Jewellery Box

50 SONGMICS Jewellery Box

Everyone who wears jewelry will know that necklaces are forever becoming tangled and earrings are forever losing their pairs. So if you’re shopping for a tween with an impressive jewelry collection but not a jewelry box, this is a must-buy! This one is a good choice because the elegant, timeless design means she won’t grow out of it too quickly.

This jewelry box features many different compartments, perfect for storing jewelry of all kinds so that nothing gets tangled and everything stays organized. And despite being very compact, it has a lot of storage space!

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love jewelry.

Gifts They Can Use in School

51. Leaper Water-resistant Floral School Backpack 

51 Leaper Water resistant Floral School Backpack

All 12-year-olds need a school bag, so if you know she likes flowers, it is hard to go wrong with this backpack. It has lots of space for all her school stuff and multiple compartments so she can keep everything organized. Choose from various floral designs to find the perfect one for her to start the new term in style!

One of the best features of this backpack is its water-resistant material that will keep the contents safe even if she gets caught in the rain. Most importantly, it is comfortable to wear and super sturdy, so it should last a long time.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love flowers.

52. Coolzon Expandable Pencil Case

52 Coolzon Expandable Pencil Case

Middle schoolers use a lot of stationery daily, so this Coolzon pencil case is great as it fits many items in a compact space. This expandable pencil case would be helpful for any 12-year-old girl, so it is an excellent option if you are shopping for someone you aren’t very well acquainted with. 

This pencil case provides an organized space for all her stationery, including a mesh zippered pocket, several loop compartments and a front pocket for a phone or calculator. Parents love that it is waterproof, resistant to wear and tear and easy to clean!

💡 This set of animal and food pencil erasers makes for a more fun though slightly less functional gift! 

53. Helix Ultimate School Set

53 Helix Ultimate School Set

This might not be the most fun gift, but it is undoubtedly a functional one for starting a new term and kids who enjoy school will be thrilled with it. It is also ideal for tweens who prefer functionality over frivolous items and don’t like to clutter their pencil case with non-essential stationery. 

This school set includes all the stationery you need for school: two HB pencils, two ballpoint pens, a self-centering compass, a mechanical pencil and lead refills, a highlighter, a 15cm ruler, a protractor, set squares, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, timetable and a useful math fact sheet.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who are great at math. 

Gifts They Can Wear

54. Heelys Unisex Wheeled Footwear Skate Shoe

54 Heelys Unisex Wheeled Footwear Skate Shoe

Heelys were all the rage when I was 12, so I am all for them becoming popular again among the middle school crowd! These shoes are a blast and the perfect gift for the active tween. With these on, she’ll be able to roll in style anywhere she goes; no need for faffing with rollerblades or carrying a skateboard! 

These Heelys feature an excellent licking flames design so that she will look fresh too. The quality is excellent, and customers love that the sizing is very accurate, which is essential when shopping online.

💡 If you didn’t know yet, Crocs are back in fashion too – so why not pick up the tween in your life a pair in a design she’ll love?

55. 24 Pairs Weird Cute Earrings 

55 24 Pairs Weird Cute Earrings

This 24 pairs earring package is outstanding value for money and a fantastic gift for tweens who adore everything quirky and cute. Some of these earrings are genuinely odd (the mini toilet rolls and goldfish in plastic bags come to mind), while others are simply cute, like the flowers and cherries. My personal favorites are the dinosaurs and the tiny boba teas! 

As there is such a large selection, even if she doesn’t like all the earrings, she will surely love a few! They are impressively detailed, realistic and also great for kids as they are not too heavy.

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love all things cute and quirky.

56. SAYM Big Girls Galaxy Fleece Pullover Hoodies 

56 SAYM Big Girls Galaxy Fleece Pullover Hoodies

Hoodies are a great way to stay cozy in style and these galaxy hoodies will appeal to many tween girls. There is a vast array of designs so that you can choose the perfect one for her – there are giant cats, big cats and camo prints, but most have some spectacular and colorful galaxy theme. And all of them are wacky and wonderful! 

One of these will be a big hit for girls who love being comfy while making a fashion statement. The high-quality material is soft yet sturdy and the inside is luxuriously fleecy. 

😍 Great gift for 12-year-old girls who love going big and bold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls

🙋‍♂️What do teenage girls like?

Teenage girls like all kinds of things as they are unique, just like adults. While younger kids may have general things they all love, teens have grown into their identities more fully. As such, it is a good idea to at least get some idea of what she is into before buying a gift for a teen girl. However, some things are hard to go wrong with — for instance, pretty much all teens listen to music, need cute stationery for school and enjoy experimenting with their bedroom decor. 

🙋‍♂️Do 12 year old girls still like toys?

The answer to this one is a resounding “it depends!” Certainly, 12 year old girls no longer like the same toys they played with when they were six, but that doesn’t mean they have grown out of toys entirely. Kids all mature at different rates, and while some 12 year olds scorn anything that makes them seem “childish”, others still love building LEGO sets and playing with outdoor toys like bows and arrows. As a general rule, while 12 year olds do not want to be associated with kiddie toys, they still love having fun, playing games and getting silly!

🙋‍♂️What are the differences between teenagers now and back in my day?

Teenagers today live in a very different world to previous generations, and this is reflected in the way they think and behave. According to psychologist Jean Twenge, teens today are negatively affected by social media, especially because young teenagers are particularly sensitive to their social world. Today’s teens also grow up more slowly than those of previous generations, but are also more respectful and inclusive of diversity of all kinds.

Advice for parents? Continue to provide loving support but make sure to encourage them to take on challenges. While it is impossible to keep them away from social media entirly, is impossible do what you can to limit screen time and provide mental health resources.

So… What Gift Should I Get For A 12-Year-Old Girl?

You guessed it – the answer is “it depends!” If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a creative kid, this LEGO dots bracelet fits the bill perfectly. If the girl you are buying for enjoys sports and gadgets, this smartwatch is ideal. And if she is an avid diary writer, this mermaid-themed secret diary could be perfect!

We tried to cover as many different interests, personalities and price points as we could. However, if there’s a gift that you think should have been included, pop me a message!

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