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9 Naruto Coloring Pages You Can Download and Print

Header Naruto Coloring Pages
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Written by
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If you don’t like the hand fate’s dealt you with, fight for a new one. – Naruto Uzumaki.

Doesn’t this quote perfectly capture Naruto‘s personality? A true fighter through and through, Naruto Uzumaki stands as a well-known ninja from Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. Having Kurama, the nine-tail fox demon, sealed inside him as a baby, Naruto had a challenging upbringing, always longing for recognition and being cast away by his fellow villagers. 

But Naruto never gave up; his cheerful yet determined personality helped him win the toughest flights, reshaping his destiny with perseverance and strength. After all, it’s the essence of the Will of Fire.

He hates being called a loser most of all, and ramen is his favorite food. In fact, he is named after a common ramen topping, Narutomaki, which is whirlpool-shaped — and also describes his personality quite accurately. 

Aired for the first time in 2002, Naruto is still trending among the ten most popular animes to date. Unlike some older animes (Detective Conan, for example, or Dragon Ball, which is still going) and contemporary ones (think One Piece) with virtually no end, Naruto has 220 episodes and a clear ending. That makes it friendlier for newcomers. Besides, who wouldn’t like a good epic ninja-themed story, right?

That’s why we decided to go for a set of coloring pages featuring the unique Naruto Uzumaki in classic and innovative scenes for beginners and die-hard fans to enjoy. 

1. Naruto Ready for Battle

1 Naruto coloring pages

Let’s kick off this series with Naruto standing ready to fight. Naruto will quit his playful antics whenever facing a powerful enemy and prepare to win the battle. There is just such determination in his eyes.

2. Naruto Walking

2 Naruto walking

All ninjas are given regular missions as part of their work in their home villages. Here, Naruto is no longer a genin (ninja-in-training) but rather an experienced chūnin on a B-ranked mission. As expected, he’s sure to succeed at it!

3. Naruto Training

3 Naruto training

An essential part of every ninja’s life is ongoing training. Will he be facing Kakashi-sensei? Or maybe Sasuke-kun? What jutsu will he use first?

4. Young Naruto 

5 Young Naruto

Naruto had no choice but to learn to defend himself early on. His friendless childhood and often faced rejection were experiences that profoundly influenced the man he would grow to be. But behind his usual playful antics or anger outbursts, there’s a wisdom to him that surfaces in most unexpected moments throughout the series.

5. Naruto Screaming

6 Naruto screaming

Whenever one of his friends is at risk, Naruto just fires up. He would feel compelled to react with all his might and protect them. That loyalty and passion is often the source of his power and untiring strength. No matter how challenging the situation is or how desperate he can feel as he screams, Naruto will pull through and rise to be the hero we need.

6. Naruto Sage Mode

7 Naruto Sage Mode

Naruto managed to master a complete Sage Mode after hard training at Mount Myōboku. It was quite a display of strength as it is not easily mastered. But it was worth it! In Sage Mode, Naruto managed to augment his chakra power and master the Frog Kata taijutsu style. Color the orange pigmentation around his eyes to achieve the ultimate Sage Mode look!

7. Naruto in the Water

8 Naruto in the water

Nothing is as soothing as relaxing in an onsen’s hot waters on a chilly, snowy day. However, true ninjas never lower their guard and stay alert to their surroundings in case of a surprise attack.

8. Naruto at Home

9 Naruto at home

Have you ever imagined what Naruto would look like if he were an ordinary person living in modern life? Would he still use his characteristic orange outfit? No matter what color his clothes are, he just looks so cool!

9. Naruto in the Town

10 Naruto in the town

Konoha is Naruto’s hometown. A place he holds dear despite the harsh childhood he endured in the village. After all, it’s Konohagakure that the people he cares about the most call home. As such, Naruto will protect it with all he’s got. It’s so plain to see in his daring expression, isn’t it?

Did We Miss Any Iconic Naruto Scenes?

Naruto is a whimsical character, showing many traits across the manga and anime. We hope to have captured some of his true colors in these ten designs – although the coloring is in your hands! 

But if there are any must-have scenes we haven’t featured, drop us a message! We’d love to know about them. Dattebayo! (Believe it!)

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