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4 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Toddlers

Updated 15 October 2020

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If your toddler is anything like mine, they will be constantly looking over your shoulder as you play with your Nintendo Switch.

“Let me play, Daddy!”

But we can all agree that many games are just not suited for little hands or eyes (or minds).

The good news is that there are a good number of Nintendo Switch games for toddlers that allow them to have fun without requiring expert hand-eye coordination or exposing them to questionable images.

This guide will give you our top recommendations for the best Switch games for toddlers:

  • All games are based on the real consumer experience with those age groups and are age-appropriate.
  • We also made sure to ignore any strange overly positive reviews from bots.
  • We only focused on reviews shared by real parents with kids who play Nintendo Switch games.

As always, if you do choose to buy one of the games we recommend, we will make a small commission but we still stand behind every single game based on merit and real-world experience with kids of the recommended age.

Our Top Choices: 4 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Games for Toddlers

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  2. Paw Patrol On A Roll
  3. Nintendo Kirby: Star Allies
  4. Minecraft

Keep scrolling to read the reasons why we think these are the best Switch games for toddlers right now — and learn more about what we love (and what we don’t like as much) about each game:

1Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Best for all ages

Mario Kart 8 might seem a strange addition to a list of Switch games for toddlers but you can enable a number of options to make this game easy to use for kids of all ages.

… Just don’t cry when your 5-year old beats you!

  • Pro tip: Make sure to enable ‘Auto Driving’, ‘Auto Steering’ and ’50cc’ as the engine option. This will allow you kids to pick up the basics of Go Karting without the annoyance of having to be super accurate with their driving.

What we love

  • Has a number of options for making it easy for 2, 3 and 4 year olds to play without annoyance.
  • Safe and entertaining content by Nintendo. content by Nintendo.

We dont like this as much

  • Not cheap. This official Nintendo game it's hard to find for less than $50.
  • Some younger kids might find parts of the game a bit scary.

2Paw Patrol On A Roll: Great for 3 year old boys and girls

Young kids just love Paw Patrol, and the Paw Patrol On A Roll Switch game is actually pretty good too!

It’s a side-scrolling game with plenty jumps to be made. This means that toddlers who are usually unable to play they Nintendo Switch on their own will definitely find their way around the Paw Patrol game.

  • Pro tip: This Switch game is designed for younger kids in mind, so it is not a video game your kid will keep playing for years to come. Our pro tip is to buy a physical copy, that way you will be able to trade it in at some point in the future for a different Switch game.

What we love

  • Good price! This Switch game can be purchased for around the $30 mark. a full premium price can be found around the $30 mark
  • A great intro game for the youngest kids.

We dont like this as much

  • Not one to share with siblings as older kids will find it boring.
  • This is not the type of Switch game your kid will continue to play when they out of toddler age.

3Nintendo Kirby Star Allies: 2+ year olds will love it

This is a super appealing game to younger players, who will fall in love with the the super cute alien hero called Kirby.

Whilst toddlers won’t be able to play Nintendo Kirby: Star Allies as the main character, you can have a ton of fun playing together in a co-op experience. Even the youngest kid can be a part of the team, helping you to reach goals in the game!

  • Pro tip: You can try the demo version of this Switch game to confirm that both your toddler and you enjoy playing before buying.

What we love

  • A great game for 4 year old boys and girls.
  • Up to 4 different people can play on one Nintendo Switch, perfect for older siblings to share in the experience.

We dont like this as much

  • The price places this Switch game in the premium bracket at $50 or more.
  • Single player mode isn't suitable for toddlers and young kids.

4Minecraft: Perfect for 3+ year olds

Minecraft can feel a little like the Borg in Star Trek, “You will be assimilated.”

But we are big fans of Minecraft and we are confident that it’s the perfect educational Nintendo Switch game for young kids to try. We see it less like a survival game and more like a digital LEGO adventure.

  • Pro tip: Make sure to enable the ‘Creative mode’ which strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and allows players to easily build structures.

What we love

  • Excellent value! Minecraft for Switch can be found for less than $20.
  • This educational game can help to support creative play.

We dont like this as much

  • The controls can be tricky for kids younger than 3.
  • It's hard to find physical copies at the moment.