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32 Free Printable Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Header Paw Patrol Coloring Pages
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Danny Ashton
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If you have young children, you might be familiar with all the canines on PAW Patrol

This popular animated series from Canada premiered in 2013 and it follows the adventures of a group of adorable rescue dogs called the PAW Patrol. Their doggie leader is a German Shepherd named Chase, who was abandoned as a puppy.

These pups and their best human friend, a brave boy named Ryder, live and work in Adventure Bay (a place that looks quite a bit like Vancouver). In every episode, they demonstrate intelligence, courage and loyalty. 

They also have lots of fun playing with their doggie toys!

Each of these 32 Paw Patrol coloring pages, all high in quality and rich in detail, features Chase at work and play. They’re easy to download and print and they don’t have any logos. Your little ones will have fun coloring in scenes where Chase is exploring the land, the sea and even the air! 

And when your kids have finished coloring these images, please share them with us so we can share them with our followers:

1. Chase is on the case!


Chase is one of the main characters in Paw Patrol and is a German Shepherd puppy. In this coloring page, he is driving his machine vehicle which is a blue police truck.

2. Marshal

Marshal Dalmation coloring page

Marshal is a Dalmatian puppy and the third Paw Patrol team member. He is a firefighter and drives a fire truck when helping out the team.

3. Rocky

Rocky coloring page

Rocky is a mixed breed puppy who has the main goal of fixing broken items and recycling when possible. His main color is green but feel free to design him however you want in this custom printable coloring page.

4. Rubble

Rubble coloring page

Rubble is an English bulldog, and he helps out with all construction tasks. He is able to fix buildings with the help of his integrated digger. He normally wears a yellow uniform to be seen easily on the construction site.

5. Skye

Skye coloring page

Skye is a seven-year-old Cockapoo and the only female Paw Patrol member. She is the team’s air rescue and can use her helicopter to get the Paw Patrol out of sticky situations.

6. Ryder

Ryder coloring page

Ryder is the main character of the Paw Patrol TV series and the first member of the team. He is 10 years old and uses his team of puppies to save Adventure Bay whenever danger arises.

7. Robo-Dog

Robo Dog Coloring Page

Robo-dog is Ryder’s robot dog and was actually built with the help of Paw Patrol member Rocky. Robo-Dog has many skills and can drive, pilot and even use the main vehicles. He is a fan favorite, so we wanted to make a coloring page for him.

8. Zuma

Ryder Zuma

Zuma is one of the core Paw Patrol team and is a chocolate labrador who’s main ability is rescuing animals from underwater. Zuma is super relaxed, and when not surfing, he uses his hovercraft to help out the rest of the Paw Patrol team. In this coloring page, he is next to Ash and the Paw Patrol yacht.

9. Chase Springs Into Action

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Running

Here’s Chase as he bravely runs into an emergency. Of course, on “PAW Patrol,” he’s often running like this — running to help anyone who might be in danger.

10. Chase on a Hike

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Forest Trip

Chase is hiking to Rattlesnake Canyon, near his home of Adventure Bay. Maybe he could sing “Hiking Trip,” the song that Ryder’s friend Alex Porter once sang with his grandfather in this episode of the show.

11. A Skydiving Pup

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Parachute

The “PAW Patrol” puppies have gone through parachute training for their jobs. But here, Chase is skydiving just for fun. What color will you choose for Chase’s trusty parachute?

12. Chase and the Autumn Leaves

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Autumn

In one of the first episodes of “PAW Patrol,” Chase and his friends helped gather pumpkins and apples for a fall festival. Chase remembers that experience as he stands in a pile of colorful autumn leaves.

13. The Clothes Make the Dog

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase

Chase is proud to be a police and security dog and he’s serious about his work. That means his uniform is important to him. Do you remember what colors his clothes are?

14. It’s Chase for the Win!

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Wins the Race

Chase’s friend Marshall once competed in a car race, the Adventure Bay 500. And here Chase is winning a footrace — which is not surprising considering how fast he runs in each episode.

15. TV Time for Chase

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase at Home 1

Even a hard-working police dog needs a break once in a while. What do you think Chase’s favorite TV shows are — and do you think he enjoys watching Nickelodeon?

16. A Train Rescue Mission

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Train Mission

Chase and his friends have saved the train in Adventure Bay from hazards like rockslides and broken tracks. It’s all worth it so people and dogs can enjoy their train rides.

17. Chase Shredding on His Skateboard

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Skateboard

Look at Chase zipping along on his skateboard! He must’ve picked up a few tricks from his English bulldog friend Rubble, a canine known for his skateboarding skills.

18. Running Laps in the Park

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase at the Park

Chase needs to stay in shape to do his job as best he can. Running in Adventure Bay’s beautiful parks is a great way to keep his heart healthy and his legs ready to run.

19. Chase Speeds on Two Wheels

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Motorcycle Riding 1

Chase is zooming down the street on his motorbike. His friend Wild, a motorcycle-riding stunt cat, would be impressed.

20. Chase the Soccer Star

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Soccer Game

Chase looks confident as he handles his soccer ball. He and his pup friends could challenge a team from Foggy Bottom, their rival town, to an exciting soccer match!

21. A Piano Lesson for Chase

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Piano Lesson

Chase doesn’t have fingers or thumbs but enjoys playing the piano with his paws. Maybe he’s practicing one of his favorite tunes here: “Pup Pup Boogie.”

22. Riding the Sea Patroller

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Boat Trip

Whenever Chase goes on the water for a rescue mission, he takes a boat called the Sea Patroller. In this picture, though, he’s just riding a little boat for fun.

23. Chase Goes Fishing

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Fishing

Chase is fishing in this picture, although maybe he’ll throw the fish he catches back into the water. Meanwhile, Cap’n Turbot — Chase’s friend and an expert on marine life — could tell him what kinds of fish he caught.

24. Chase Celebrates the Fourth of July

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase 4th July

Fireworks shows always make Chase’s tail wag. In a “PAW Patrol” episode called “Pups Save the Fireworks,” Chase and his friends had to find some missing fireworks for Mayor Goodway.

25. Chase Puts the Pedal to the Metal

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Go Kart

In the video game “PAW Patrol: Grand Prix,” the pups have thrilling go-kart races. Chase enjoyed those races so much that he’s taking his go-kart out for another spin.

26. A Sunny Afternoon on the Dock

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Lake Trip

Here’s Chase on the dock. Maybe he’s expecting a new assignment or waiting for The Flounder — Cap’n Turbot’s boat — to arrive. Or perhaps he’s just soaking in some fresh air and sunshine!

27. A Castle Fit for a Dog

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Castle Trip

Barkingburg is the faraway kingdom that the PAW Patrol pups sometimes protect. And whenever he visits Barkingburg Castle, Chase can feel like a prince.

28. Time For Homework

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Homework

Today, Chase is visiting Ryder at school and he has a coloring project to work on. What colors do you think he’ll use to complete his homework?

29. Life Is the Bubbles for Chase

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Bubble Fun

Life can’t be all action and running around. After all, once in a while, a dog has to stop and appreciate the bubbles!

30. Playing in the Water

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Splash Puddles

After completing an important rescue mission by the local river, Chase makes a stop to splash in the puddles.

31. Chase Takes a Bath

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Bath

Chase’s bubble baths keep his fur clean and strong. Plus, Chase is allergic to feathers. If his allergies act up, his baths make him feel better.

32. Happy Birthday to Chase

Paw Patrol Coloring Page Chase Birthday

Chase has always loved celebrating his birthday. In the “PAW Patrol” episode “Pups Turn on the Lights,” Chase’s friends throw him a surprise birthday party. Chase’s human friend Katie baked him a delicious cake — it was made out of dog cookies.

Did We Miss Any Iconic Paw Patrol Scenes?

If you have any ideas for other coloring pages, please just let us know. Until then, we hope your kids have fun with Chase as they color in some PAW Patrol masterpieces. 

As this doggie always says: “Chase is on the case!”

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