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27 Best Nintendo Switch Games for 6-Year-Olds

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Teddy is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek who loves all things LEGO, Nintendo and RC (drones included). His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, so that is why he spends A LOT of time curating the perfect list of toys and games that include options for everyone without putting kids inside boxes.
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Video games can be a great way for six-year-olds to spend their downtime. By now, they are usually advancing in their reflexes and becoming more interested in games with storylines and missions. Nintendo combines these two factors superbly with the Switch console. Their games are bright, fun, and packed with challenges perfect for inquisitive kids.

Finding the right game online can be a challenge in itself, so we’ve put together a list of the best Switch games according to people who have witnessed how much fun their six-year-olds have had playing them. 

By bashing away any games with fake reviews, you won’t be slipping on any bad bananas. With all the greats like Mario, Sonic, and Pokémon, will you stop at one game or will you want to catch ‘em all?

Tip: If your kid is a little old for their age, then be sure to also check out our reviews of Switch games for 7-year-olds for more inspiration.

The Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games for 6-Year-Old Kids

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Now you’ve seen our favorites, check out the rest of our list to find the perfect game to match the 6-year-old in your life.

A quick note before we start. Some of these games are rated age 10+ but we feel that they are perfectly suitable for 6-year-olds to play. 

Type of Game: Puzzle & Strategy

Skills it develops: 
✅ Problem-solving
✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Reading

Puzzles are extremely important for 6-year-olds in helping to develop their problem-solving skills. When engaging with obstacles that involve strategic decisions, 6-year-olds will remember the mistakes they made before and use them to make the right choices.

If kids of this age don’t usually like doing puzzles, disguising them in video games is a great way to make sure they’re developing these crucial skills without forcing them to do so. In these games, kids are rewarded when they complete each objective, incentivizing them to do more.

1. Best Overall Option: Paper Mario: The Origami King

Mario’s world has been turned upside down by the evil ruler of the origami kingdom, King Olly. He has taken control of Princess Peach’s Castle and turned both the Princess and her castle into origami as he hatches his plan to re-fold the world.

Playing as the most notorious character in video game history, you join Mario and his new partner Olivia in this epic new adventure with a twist. As well as battling evil origami soldiers, Mario has to repair the damage King Olly has caused to the landscape.

This new chapter in the Mario universe is not only bright, colorful, and fun, but you also face brand-new challenges whilst keeping your wits about you navigating new levels filled with new enemies to battle. 

What We Love

❤️ It’s a Mario adventure, but not as you know it
❤️ There are new characters to meet

What We Don’t Love

💔 Gameplay can seem fast-paced if you’re not used to it

Paper Mario: The Origami King - Nintendo Switch
  • A new paper-crafted Mario adventure unfolds on Nintendo Switch.
  • The kingdom has been ravaged by an origami menace. Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, as they battle evil Folded Soldiers, repair the damaged landscape, and try to free Princess Peach’s castle from the clutches of King Olly in this comedy-filled adventure
  • Master strategic, ring-based battles - line up scattered enemies and plan your attack to maximize damage with the new, ring-based battle system that requires both puzzle-solving skills and a quick wit

2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

You may have met this adorable character before from other games in the Mario franchise. In this adventure, my favorite racer from Mario Kart has to dodge dangers through volcanoes, haunted houses, and steam engines to track down hidden treasures.

Treasures have been stolen by the evil greedy bird known as Wingo which need to be reclaimed. As Captain Toad, you can explore various courses, solving puzzles to recover Super Gems and Power stars from Wingo’s clutches.

You must find your way through enemy-infested levels in the shape of wild-west shanties, colossal towers, and Goomba waterparks where you will uncover secrets and even unlock new characters to help you on your adventure.

What We Love

❤️ You can play with a friend in the two-player co-op mode
❤️ You can scope every part of the level from different angles

What We Don’t Love

💔 The game can seem quite short for the price tag

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch)
  • A free demo of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is now available
  • Explore a variety of tricky sandbox-style levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
  • you can rotate the camera and touch the screen for a better view of hidden treasures
  • We've included a few super mario odyssey levels, too
  • now you can explore locales from a variety of kingdoms - like new donk city;The Nintendo Switch version can be played with a friend by sharing a pair of Joy-Con controllers; while one player controls Captain Toad, the other can assist with things like turnip cover fire, so you can enjoy tracking treasure together;Compatible with Nintendo Switch only

3. Minecraft

If you’ve never heard of Minecraft before…where have you been?! The premise is pretty simple, build a structure and protect it at all costs. But that’s not all. Minecraft offers a vast universe to explore, where your character can craft their own weapons and armor, go on huge adventures, or you can spend your time constructing the biggest castle you can imagine.

There is so much to do in this game! Once you’ve mastered the controls, anything is possible. Personally, I spend A LOT of time with my engineering hat on, constructing huge structures, knocking them down, then building them even bigger.

This game does have a 10+ age rating, but I’m confident that any 6-year-old will get to grips with it and will grow with the game. This vast block world offers something for everyone and has a long lifespan. No wonder it’s been on the top-selling list since it came out.

What We Love

❤️ With so much to do, the game has a long lifespan
❤️ You can play online with friends

What We Don’t Love

💔 It can take a while to get used to building

Minecraft - Nintendo Switch
  • Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures
  • Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles
  • Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs
  • Play on the go in handheld or tabletop modes
  • Includes Super Mario Mash-Up, Natural Texture Pack, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Battle & Beasts Skin Pack, Campfire Tales Skin Pack; Compatible with Nintendo Switch only

Type of Game: Action & Adventure

Skills it develops: 
✅ Problem-solving
✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Reading

Imagine a world without imagination, It’s not a world I’d like to live in. When you’re a kid, imagination is everything and can take you on many adventures. These types are games are set in a world so far removed from reality for that reason. Escape into your imagination.

By 6, kids’ play is becoming more sophisticated, their reactions are getting faster and their need for exploration is blooming. Playing action and adventure video games allows kids to let reality go and submerge themselves into a fast-paced fantasy world.

4. Best Budget Option: Sonic Mania

You’ll surely recognize Sonic the Hedgehog from his days as the face of Saga. Now he joins forces with Nintendo to bring this classic game to the Switch. If you grew up playing video games in the 90s like me, you’ll instantly remember the speed and ferocity of navigating Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails through loops, jumps, and platforms as you collect coins and fight against Dr. Eggman’s evil robotic army.

Show your 6-year-old how games were played “back in the day” when everything was about 2D platforms and 8-bit soundtracks. It wasn’t about the graphics, it was about the player’s reactions when guiding these loveable characters to the end of the level.

Sonic Mania gives you all that nostalgia with a modern twist. You can now go head-to-head in competition mode or play as a team in Co-Op mode. This proves that good video games can stand the test of time for a new generation to enjoy 30+ years later.

What We Love

❤️ It plays exactly like the classic version
❤️ Multiplayer is a great addition

What We Don’t Love

💔 6-year-olds might not like the classic graphics

Sonic Mania - Nintendo Switch
  • A true, classic Sonic experience: Gorgeous pixel graphics featuring a variety of new Zones with iconic favorites from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic The Hedgehog CD
  • Definitive version: Pristine, high quality HD version to enjoy Sonic and his friends as they face off against Dr. Eggman and his new robo-henchmen the Hard Boiled Heavies
  • New characters join the fun with Sonic
  • All-new Encore mode
  • New and improved features including Competition mode
If you are looking for some time away from the screen then be sure to check out the Sonic the Hedgehog coloring pages we made available.

5. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

When you own a Nintendo of any kind, you have to play a Mario game (it might even be the law, I’ll do some research). Mario has been on pretty spectacular adventures in his time, and this is his biggest to date. Not only that, here you get 2 epic games for the price of 1 as Nintendo has thrown in Bowser’s Fury as a bonus. 1Up!

With so many 3D challenges to explore, you can play as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad to navigate through tricky traps, battle enemies, and collect coins to reach the goal pole at the end of each level. All the usual power-ups are here, as well as the brand-new Cat Mario. As the funny feline hero, you can climb walls, scratch your enemies, and jump higher and further. There’s so much that can happen in this huge 3D world.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a whole other adventure to enjoy…Bowser’s Fury. Here, Bowser is rampaging his way through Lake Lapcat causing some serious concern to its residents who just so happen to all look like cats. But you have help. Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. to battle through this feline-themed world.

What We Love

❤️ You can play online with friends
❤️ Two adventures in one

What We Don’t Love

💔 Some of the levels are hard and may need adult assistance

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch
  • Enjoy two Mario adventures solo or with friends
  • In Super Mario 3D World, choose a character each with distinct playstyles as you dash and climb through dozens of colorful courses, collecting Green Stars and power-ups along the way
  • Cooperate (and compete) with friends locally or online to reach each stage’s goal. A crown is awarded to the highest-scoring player, making for a friendly frenzy
  • In addition to added multiplayer options, the Nintendo Switch version of the Super Mario 3D World game has been improved with faster character speeds and more
  • Explore a seamless feline world in Lake Lapcat, complete objectives to collect Cat Shines, and defeat a giant Bowser in the new Bowser’s Fury adventure

6. Luigi’s Mansion 3

The famous brother takes us on his very own adventure through a scary haunted mansion. Luigi is invited to the Last Resort Hotel where he discovers that Mario and his friends have gone missing. You play as Luigi as he overcomes his fears and makes his way through the mansion to rescue his friends and brother.

Of course, there are ghosts that Luigi must defeat by vacuuming or blowing away with his Poltergust G-00 backpack whilst battling his way through puzzles, challenges, and other objectives which pop up along his adventure.

The fun never seems to let up as you navigate through each floor of this huge mansion hotel, as each one has a different theme and different challenges to face. Even if the scary ghosts become too much for you, there are plenty of mini-games built-in to keep your senses sharpened. 

What We Love

❤️ You play with a new character sidekick Gooigi
❤️ You can play with up to 8 friends online

What We Don’t Love

💔 Some levels are very dark

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Nintendo Switch
  • Catch ghosts and solve puzzles to rescue Mario and friends in the Last Resort hotel; Each floor of this towering hotel is themed, from the décor to the puzzles to the boss
  • Utilize the functions of the all-new Poltergust G-00: Pummel ghosts with a Slam, break through defenses with the Suction Shot, and blow back groups with a Burst
  • Luigi can call upon and control Gooigi, his all-green doppelganger, who can do what Luigi can’t; Gooigi can slip through tight spaces, walk on spikes, and help Luigi overcomes obstacles
  • Change between Luigi and Gooigi in single player, or let a friend play as Google for 2-player co-op
  • Up to 8 players can work together to ascend the Scarescaper via local wireless or online; It’s Team Luigi vs. Team Gooigi in a mini-game battle to see which is the ultimate team of ghost hunters

Type of Game: Platform / Jump ‘n’ run

Skills it develops: 
✅ Problem-solving
✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Reading

When platform/jump‘n’run video games were first introduced, they changed the way we played games forever. Platform games take a lot of skill, you have to use timing, accuracy, foresight, and all whilst dodging obstacles, squishing baddies, and collecting power-ups.

A 6-year-old soon will learn how much hand-eye coordination and problem-solving matter in order to progress in these types of games. One misjudged jump or bad timing will cost the character one of their lives.

7. Our favorite: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

In Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Nintendo takes things back to basics with this multiplayer classic platform game. If, like my mom, you love the old-school Mario adventures from the GameBoy era, you’ll slip straight into U Deluxe. This time around, there are new worlds to explore, new enemies to battle, and new characters to play with a whole load of new moves.

Like many Switch games that are famed for their bright, bold colors and great playability, U Deluxe is perfect for a 6-year-old. There’s no room for error when you’re on a 2D moving platform, so sharp reactions are needed.

You can play as Mario, his cheeky brother Luigi, the lovely Princess Peach, Toadette, or Nabbit. The great thing about Nabbit is that they don’t get hurt by enemies, so even the not-so-good players can enjoy this game without dying every 2 seconds. 

What We Love

❤️ Includes loads of mini-games to play
❤️ You can team up and play with friends

What We Don’t Love

💔 Some of the levels are quite hard to pass

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)
  • A Mario game for up to four players, featuring five playable characters; Luigi's first starring role in a platforming adventure, Super Luigi U, is getting the deluxe treatment too and comes packed in
  • A single Joy-Con controller is all each player needs; enjoy 164 courses for up to four players anytime, anywhere
  • Mario, Luigi and Toad are all here and if that's not enough, Nabbit and Toadette are joining in the fun as well; nabbit doesn't take damage from enemies, which can really come in handy
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch only
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

8. Super Mario Odyssey

You might start to think, “Surely not another Mario game. This one can’t be any different” but you’d be wrong. Another day is another adventure in Marios’ world, and what a world Odyssey offers! This time you’re not just guiding the famous plumber through faraway lands, you’re exploring a world with dinosaurs, sugar skull characters, and real-life people.

This globe-trotting, 3D platform game takes Mario to a whole new level as he rides his vessel, The Odyssey which is powered by collecting Power Moons. You may be saving Princess Peach (AGAIN!) but you’re doing it with your trusty new ally, Cappy. 

Cappy brings a whole new dimension to the traditional jump ‘n’ run gameplay as it busts out moves never before seen and the ability to control enemies and objects to advance to the next level. Collect power-ups, battle enemies, complete the challenges, and save the Princess. Easy right?

What We Love

❤️ With 2-player mode you can control both Mario and Cappy together
❤️ You can even run around the city streets on one level

What We Don’t Love

💔 It’s rated age 10+ but we think it’s perfectly fine for 6-year-olds

Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch
  • Explore 3D kingdoms filled with secrets and surprises, including costumes for Mario and several ways to interact with environments
  • Mario's new friend, Cappy, lets you master new moves like cap throw, cap jump and capture
  • Visit astonishing new locales, such as the skyscraper-packed New Donk City, and run into familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from Bowser's clutches and foil his dastardly wedding plans
  • Hand a Joy-Con controller to a friend to enjoy simultaneous multiplayer: Player 1 controls Mario while Player 2 controls Mario’s new ally Cappy
  • Unlock even more features with the exclusive new amiibo figures - Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser dressed in their wedding outfits

9. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Here comes our favorite big, pink loveable character for another adventure in a forgotten land. This time, he’s in 3 dimensions. You play as Kirby as you discover a world from a past civilization littered with abandoned structures with enemies all around to keep you busy. Since our introduction in 1992, Kirby has been keeping us entertained with fun adventures and exciting gameplay.

As you wander around this forgotten land, Kirby will inhale objects and transform them into power-ups, fire them at enemies, or just get fatter for the fun of it. But Kirby isn’t alone. You can now join the action with your 6-year-old (or they can play with friends) to control Kirby’s new buddy Bandana Waddle Dee. The best part is, you don’t need any extra controllers to do it.

This bright, bold adventure has plenty to keep 6-year-olds challenging, whilst also having fun and enjoying all the laughable moments Kirby and friends bring. There’s no wonder Kirby has been the star of the show for this many years.

What We Love

❤️ Kirby has many moves to master
❤️ There are 2 difficulty modes

What We Don’t Love

💔 Why have they rated it age 10+? This is definitely suitable for 6-year-olds

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Nintendo Switch
  • Join Kirby in an unforgettable journey on a delightful 3D platforming adventure
  • Explore a mysterious world with abandoned structures, remnants of a past civilization
  • Copy enemies’ abilities like the new Drill and Ranger and use them to attack and explore. They can even be evolved to become stronger.
  • Inhale real-world objects and transform using Mouthful Mode—swallowing a vending machine will allow you to shoot out cans
  • Bring along a second player to control Bandana Waddle Dee and take on the forgotten world together

Type of Game: First-Person Action

Skills it develops: 
✅ Hand-eye coordination

First-person games put the player directly into the action as you play as the main character to complete the various challenges to complete levels and progress through the game. These types of games connect you to the character and the story.

First-person action games are great for 6-year-olds as they learn hand-eye coordination skills, which they must master in order to keep their character moving through each level. They become attached and sympathetic to their character and are driven to help the character grow and win.

10. Our favourite: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

I may be a little older than 6, but The Skywalker Saga has me gripped. Combining the two greatest things invented, Star Wars and LEGO, you travel to a galaxy far far away to roam through different planets completing challenges and battling the dreaded empire. With over 23 planets to explore, there’s so much to keep you hooked in this game.

Each level takes you through the storyline of each film in the Star Wars saga, unlocking new characters, spaceships, and weapons as you go. There are over 300 playable characters in the galaxy, each with their own special skills to help you on your adventure.

An extra fun feature is that all your surroundings are made out of LEGO, so you can destroy and re-build objects as you go. This game not only follows the stories of each movie, but they add all the fun and humor of LEGO. I can’t tell you enough how fun this game is.

May the force be with you.

What We Love

❤️ You can quickly switch between characters to complete different tasks
❤️ There’s a free-play mode allowing you to roam the galaxy without messing up your progress

❤️ You can use the force to move objects around

What We Don’t Love

💔 The power-ups aren’t that easy to find

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Nintendo Switch)
  • Play through all nine Star Wars saga films in a brand-new LEGO videogame unlike any other.
  • Experience fun-filled adventures, whimsical humour, and the freedom to fully immerse yourself in the LEGO Star Wars universe like never before.
  • Players have the freedom to seamlessly travel to any planet, in any order, at any time.
  • Features hundreds of playable characters from throughout the galaxy. Choose from a legion of heroes like Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gonn Jinn, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, and Poe Dameron or turn to the dark side as Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, and more.
  • Whether on land or in space, hundreds of vehicles from across the galaxy are yours to command. Jump to light speed in the Millennium Falcon, fly the T-47 airspeeder as you take down AT-AT walkers on Hoth, and battle First Order TIE fighters in Resistance X-wings.

11. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Our favorite sidekick is back in their very own action-packed adventure in Yoshi’s Crafted World. As Yoshi, you must jump and eat your way through this treasure hunt, collecting coins, and discovering different collectibles along the way. Can you battle your way past enemies and obstacles to recover the gemstone stolen by Baby Bowser?

Like we’ve come to expect from Switch games, Yoshi’s Crafted World is bright, colorful, and extremely fun to play. The thing that makes this game so cool is its attention to detail. The textures in each level, from the background to the characters themselves, brings a new dimension to the Nintendo world.

What We Love

❤️ You can team up with a friend in multiplayer mode
❤️ There are loads of new characters to meet

What We Don’t Love

💔 Kids might grow out of it quickly

Yoshi's Crafted World (Nintendo Switch) (European Version)
  • Lead Yoshi on a brand new adventure that will turn everything you’ve come to expect from side-scrolling game upside down!
  • Players take control of a Yoshi exploring a big world crafted from household items like boxes and paper cups, journeying through each themed stage to solve puzzles and find hidden treasures
  • On the flip side, stages can be played backwards, providing new perspectives to explore and the challenge to find Poochy-Pups that are hiding around the course
  • Players can even join up with a friend to play through the game in two-player co-op
  • You can also enjoy the console gaming experience on-the-go, without the need for a TV; Play anytime, anywhere, in handheld mode.Compatible with Nintendo Switch Only

12. The Legend of Zelda™: Link’s Awakening

Another veteran in the Nintendo world is the iconic hero with the sword, Link, here again to save the day. The Legend of Zelda series has kept us entertained for decades with its immersive storylines and action-packed gameplay. In Link’s Awakening, you’re transported to a strange land far away from Hyrule where you must uncover the truth about your new location.

In this cute-ified version of the much-loved series, navigate your way through these new surroundings as Link, where you explore trap-ridden dungeons, complete challenges, overcome obstacles, and even do a spot of fishing along the way.

Link’s Awakening is the perfect introduction for 6-year-olds who (after playing this) will want to progress onto harder games such as Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword. It focuses more on puzzles than fighting and will have the little ones wanting to complete the adventure again and again.

What We Love

❤️ There are mini-games included
❤️ There are new characters to meet

What We Don’t Love

💔 The levels are kind of short

Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening - Nintendo Switch
  • As Link, explore a reimagined Koholint Island and collect instruments to awaken the Wind Fish to find a way home
  • Explore numerous dungeons, riddled with tricks, traps, and enemies, including some from the Super Mario series
  • Meet and interact with unique locals to get help on your adventure
  • Listen to a reawakened soundtrack that helps bring life to Koholint Island
  • Earn Chambers (Dungeon Rooms) and arrange them to complete objectives in the all new Chamber Dungeon

Skills it develops: 
✅ Problem-solving
✅ Decision-making
✅ Reading

RPGs or Role-Playing Games puts you, the player, in the perspective of the main character – you go on the adventure with them. To pass each level, you must use all your cunning and skill to complete puzzles and challenges which, if solved correctly, will allow you to advance in the game.

6-year-olds relish RPGs as it puts their reading, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to the test. As they become attached to the characters, they can escape the world around them and learn the only way to move on is to make the right decisions.

13. Dreamworks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure

If you enjoyed the popular Dreamworks movie, now you can actually be a part of the action. You play as Lucky, a curious young girl who needs to explore the frontier with her faithful mustang Spirit (who’s a horse for those who haven’t seen the movie) and her best friends Abigail and Pru as you look for hidden treasure buried somewhere in the mountains.

Make your way through the wide-open frontier with your treasure map in hand as you collect items to aid you on your journey, complete challenges, and meet new animal friends. Just make sure you keep out the way of the villainous horse wrangler Hendricks, who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the treasure.

This game is great for 6-year-olds who prefer to explore over fast-paced gameplay. You have to care for Spirit in order to keep him fit and healthy by feeding and bathing him, or he won’t be much use on your adventure.

What We Love

❤️ It teaches kids to care for animals
❤️ There’s a lot to explore at your own pace

What We Don’t Love

💔 There’s not a whole lot of action

Dreamworks Spirit Lucky's Big Adventure - Nintendo Switch
  • Be Lucky - Star in a new spirit adventure, featuring voiceover by isabela merced
  • Bond with spirit - grooming your faithful mustang helps him grow stronger and Trek to new regions
  • Ride the frontier - Explore a Wild, open landscape Full of collectables. How many will you find?
  • Show your style - give Lucky a new look with the outfits and items you find on your adventures
  • Live the life - Rescue animals in danger, help the townsfolk, compete in horse races, and more!

14. Pokémon Legends: Arceus

With all the Pokémon games out there, you gotta make sure you’re getting one that includes the characters they love. Thankfully, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is choc full of favorites to play with. This isn’t your typical Pokémon game, Arceus blends action and exploration with the traditional role-playing format.

There’s plenty to explore in the expansive Hisui region, from starting your training catching wild Pokémon and filling up your first Pokédex to going into battle, you will hone your Poké Ball skills as you travel through different villages and discover all new types of creatures.

The gameplay is fast-paced in some parts, as battle against enemies is required to reach the next stage, but 6-year-olds will be able to keep up. Ride, jump, roll, throw a Poké Ball, and just have fun roaming this new world.

What We Love

❤️ You can summon and ride some of the Pokémon
❤️ You can combine your data with other games in the series

What We Don’t Love

💔 There are some strange words in the dialog to learn

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Nintendo Switch
  • Action meets RPG in this new take on the Pokémon series
  • Study Pokémon behaviors, sneak up on them, and toss a well-aimed Poké Ball to catch them
  • Unleash moves in the speedy agile style or the powerful strong style in battles
  • Travel to the Hisui region—the Sinnoh of old—and build the region’s first Pokédex
  • Learn about the Mythical Pokémon Arceus, the key to this mysterious tale

15. Pokémon Shield

“Not another Pokémon adventure?” Yes, another Pokémon adventure! Pokémon Shield lets you roam the vast lands of the new Galar region, including villages, cityscapes, snowy mountains, and grassy fields as you choose a partner and begin your journey to becoming a Pokémon champion.

In this bright, colorful adventure, you will come across many new creatures to capture, befriend, and battle. You’re free to explore with the game’s 360-degree camera angles, which you can control.

6-year-olds will find endless fun here as they not only have to capture, train, and battle their Pokémon, they can also customize their character with different outfits and hairstyles to choose from. Will they spend time battling, or will they have a nice wander through the meadow?

What We Love

❤️ You can play online with friends
❤️ There’s a camp where you can train before going out into the world

What We Don’t Love

💔 It doesn’t differ that much from Pokémon Sword

Pokémon Shield - Nintendo Switch
  • Catch, battle, and trade Pokémon on an all-new adventure in the Galar region
  • Choose from three new partner Pokémon and encounter never-before-seen Pokémon
  • Unravel the mystery behind the Legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta.
  • Team up with other Trainers to participate in Max Raid Battles.
  • Battle wild Dynamax Pokémon in Max Raid Battles and try catching them

Type of Game: Party / Multiplayer

Skills it develops: 
✅ Hand-eye coordination
✅ Familiarity with game rules
X TheToyZone Images TEMPLATE

There’s no better way to get a party started than a game where everyone is involved. Especially for a bunch of 6-year-olds. These types of games bring family and family together in healthy competition, teaching us all to be gracious winners and sympathetic losers.

In order to win, your 6-year-olds must learn the rules before they play, then use all their hand-eye coordination skills to beat their opponents. These games are not only great fun, but they’re inclusive.

16. Super Mario Party

There’s no better way to get a party started than playing with the original party characters, Mario and co. With 80 mini-games to choose from, even the unruliest of 6-year-olds won’t be getting bored anytime soon. Whether you’re battling with bats, balls, hammers, or dice, There’s a game for everyone in Super Mario Party.

All the usual gang is here from Mario to Luigi, Bowser to Princess Peach, you can even play as a Goomba as you battle each other to win stars and coins. You can play all in the same room or across the other side of the world with friends online.

Super Mario Party is ideal for keeping 6-year-olds engaged at parties when the weather might not so great outside. Here they will learn how to compete fairly with others whilst having fun and learning how to play tactically to defeat their opponents. 

What We Love

❤️ Fun partner system to play as a team
❤️ The Sound Stage teaches rhythm

What We Don’t Love

💔 Some of the games are quite fast-paced

Super Mario Party - Nintendo Switch
  • Outwit friends and family as you race across the board; whoever gets the most stars wins.
  • Play the original 4-player Mario Party series board game mode locally or online
  • Character-specific Dice Blocks with alternate numberings add another level to your strategy
  • Dozens of exciting minigames packed with wildly different challenges—now with newly-added online play
  • Pair two Nintendo Switch systems, lay them flat, and creatively combine both screens to enjoy a different, interactive style of tabletop gaming in Toad’s Rec Room mode

17. Mario Party Superstars

When it comes to multiplayer games, there’s nothing better than a little bit of sabotage. In Mario Party Superstars, you must race around the boards to collect the most stars whilst making sure your opponents are left in the dirt. But, be cautious, the tides can turn quickly in this fast-paced board-game style party.

There are 100 mini-games to play whilst navigating your way around the board. Some of them are classics you might remember from the N64 and GameCube days. This bright and colorful game makes it perfect for 6-year-olds to engage with.

You can party with people in your own home or around the globe with its online connectivity. When playing online, you can even communicate using stickers to praise or taunt your opponents. 

What We Love

❤️ You can just play mini-games if you want
❤️ You can steal stars from others

What We Don’t Love

💔 The mini-games don’t last that long

Mario Party Superstars - Nintendo Switch
  • Bring the party on 5 classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games
  • Show your friends and family who’s boss in 100 minigames from throughout the Mario Party series
  • All game modes can be played online
  • Matches with friends in board game mode are saved after each turn both locally and online—pick up where you left off
  • Play using a single Joy-Con controller, two Joy-Con with the Joy-Con grip accessory, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or Nintendo Switch Lite system

18. Mario Golf: Super Rush

Grab your clubs and hat to hit the greens in this fast-paced take on the notoriously slow-paced sport. This is golf, but not as you know it. With plenty of characters to choose from, each with their own skills, it’s a race to the hole as you navigate crazy courses with plenty of obstacles to overcome.

Tee off with up to four different players, who can either be in the same room or online as you start your journey as a beginner at the Bonny Greens club. Hone your skills, learn your special moves, and whatever you do, watch out for the evil bosses like Wario and Bowser.

6-year-olds will not only learn how to compete with others, but they will also learn accuracy, as aim means everything when you’re trying to get a tiny ball in a hole 400 yards away.

What We Love

❤️ You hold the controller like you’re really swinging a golf club
❤️ Each character has different strengths and weaknesses

What We Don’t Love

💔 Make sure you have the controller secure, or it may fly into the TV set

Mario Golf: Super Rush - Nintendo Switch
  • A new , content-packed Mario Golf comes to the Nintendo Switch system
  • Simple controls and an improved shot gauge make this a game for rookies and pros alike
  • Keep the green fresh with several modes like Standard Golf, Speed Golf, story mode, and more
  • Tee off simultaneously with up to three other characters and race through the course in Speed Golf
  • Gain experience and level up your stats to rise to the top of your class in story mode

Type of Game: Music & Fitness

Skills it develops: 
✅ Hand-eye coordination

Video games get a bad rap, people stereotype gamers, thinking they sit around all day shooting things. Nintendo have always done it differently, and testament to this is their range of music and fitness games. 

6-year-olds can bounce, bop, and groove their way through these games whilst learning rhythm and getting exercise all at the same time. There’s no better way of getting the blood pumping than busting some moves in order to win challenges.

19. Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition

If the 6-year-old in your life is obsessed with the magic of Disney, then this game is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to visit a land where you can dance with Princesses, join Mickey in a parade, and play in the snow with Olaf? You can do all this here as you explore this Disney-themed world.

There are plenty of fun challenges to complete as you wander through six different worlds themed on Disney hit movies like Frozen, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. But, it’s not all singing and dancing, on the one hand, you will encounter dungeons and castles, and on the next, you will be customizing your outfit for the ball.

What We Love

❤️ There are loads of characters to meet like Donald Duck, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, and Ariel
❤️ You can design your own menu in the café

What We Don’t Love

💔 There isn’t much diversity in Disney characters

Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition - Nintendo Switch
  • Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition is the latest installment in the popular Disney franchise - For the first time on Switch, the game lets players enjoy a variety of new adventures in six Disney-themed worlds
  • Explore the world of Disney Frozen, dance with Disney princesses, or engage in quests and dungeons
  • Players will encounter and interact with well-known characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Ariel. and run their own cafe
  • Discover the area where you travel to new worlds, interact with different residents of Castleton and unlock new accessories
  • DUNGEONS to defeat: come test your fieriness, help your residents of Castleton and win gems to use at the castle!

20. Just Dance 2022

When you hear that beat drop, you just have to let loose and DANCE. Just Dance has had a few releases these past couple of years, but 2022 has all the latest songs that will have 6-year-olds jumping around the living room without a care in the world. With 40 hot new tracks to choose from, this version has the latest and greatest to show off your moves. 

As TikTok is now a staple of our social media lives, dancing is the way we express ourselves to our followers. There’s no better way to learn new moves, master tempo, and have a blast than by playing Just Dance.

On the playlist are current hits from Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and many many more. There is even a Kids mode to get the younger ones engaged as they progress onto the harder choreographies. 

What We Love

❤️ You can dance with others online
❤️ There’s an expansion pack with loads more songs

What We Don’t Love

💔 It can get quite tiring after a while

Just Dance 2022 - Nintendo Switch
  • Exercise while having fun and start your own your routine with Just Dance Unlimited Sweat mode.
  • Team up with your dance-on-demand streaming service
  • Engage the little ones with eight kid-friendly songs and choreographies with Kids mode.
  • Just Dance Standard Edition includes a 1-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited

21. Taiko no Tatsujin Drum ‘n’ Fun! 

As you probably already know, kids like to make noise, and plenty of it. Instead of telling them to quiet down, now you can encourage it with Drum ‘n’ fun. 6-year-olds will feel the rhythm as they drum in time with this classic arcade game from Japan. With over 70 songs to choose from, there’s no chance of getting bored by the beat.

In this bundle, you get the game, a cool drum, and sticks to beat it with. You can choose from several characters from the Nintendo universe like Kirby or Squid from Splatoon 2 as you hit the drum in time to the music.

Not only will this game promote motor skills, it will also teach them to be competitive in the multiplayer party mode. Here you can play with multiple Switch consoles in the same room, or, connect with others across the world online.

What We Love

❤️ There are mini-games to hone those rhythmic skills
❤️ In multiplayer mode, not everyone needs the drum to play

What We Don’t Love

💔 It’s not a game you can play quietly

Type of Game: Sports & Racing

Skills it develops: 
✅ Hand-eye coordination

Sports and racing games put you directly into the driver’s seat and will usually leave you full of adrenaline or out of breath. You have to focus and put your hand-eye coordination skills to the test because if you take your eye off the ball for one second, you may lose.

These types of games are perfect for 6-year-olds to learn skills and develop a competitive spirit as they play against others. They get the heart racing and teach that you have to have determination to place on that podium. 

22. Best Multiplayer Option: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The ultimate racing game is back with new tracks, old tracks, and better than ever. If you’re a seasoned Nintendo fan, you’ll be well aware how fun any game in the Mario Kart series is to play, now you can introduce your 6-year-old to the best version yet. Choose from classic characters like Bowser, Toad, and obviously Mario, or play as one of the all-new Inklings.

The premise is simple, race around the bright, colorful tracks, dodge the oncoming obstacles, and impede your fellow racers by throwing shells, dropping banana skins, or simply ramming them off the road.

This is a game for the whole family to enjoy. You can choose from different difficulty levels, multiple vehicles, or launch Battle Mode to see who’s the toughest player. In TV mode you can have up to 4 players with split-screen as you use all of your cunning to cross the finish line first.  

What We Love

❤️ Includes all the tracks from the Wii U version
❤️ You can use the controller like a steering wheel

What We Don’t Love

💔 If you’re not very good, you will get left behind

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch
  • Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 and play anytime, anywhere. Race your friends or battle them in a revised battle mode for new and returning battle courses
  • Play locally in up to 4-player multiplayer in 1080p while playing in TV Mode. Every track of the Wii U version, including DLC, makes a glorious return
  • Plus, the Inklings appear at all-new guest characters, along with returning favorites, such as King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr.
  • Players can choose a new Smart Steering feature which makes driving and staying on the track easy for novice players and kids even at 200cc

23. Switch Sports

I have to admit, I play this game a lot! It’s so much fun to play both on my own, and with the ToyZone crew. There are six sports to choose from (more are coming soon in updates) where you can face off against your friends or different folk around the world in online mode.

There’s Bowling, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Badminton, and Chambara (a less violent form of sword fighting) to choose from, each one using a different skill to win. Switch Sports is no standard button pusher, you have to stand up and get physical using the controller. 

Whether it’s throwing a bowling ball down the lane, swinging a tennis racket, or even kicking a soccer ball by strapping the controller to your leg, there’s so much fun to be had. You can also design your own character to look just like you, so it feels like you’re actually in the arena showing off your sporting skills.  

What We Love

❤️ There’s a training mode for each game before you start
❤️ It comes with all the accessories you need to play

What We Don’t Love

💔 You need a bit of room to play

Nintendo Switch Sports - Nintendo Switch
  • Swing, kick, spike, and bowl your way to victory in 7 sports
  • Play Golf*, Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara (swordplay)
  • Motion controls**** will get you moving and help turn your real-world actions into in-game movements
  • Use the Leg Strap accessory to kick the ball in Soccer
  • Play with friends and family locally** or online***—in some sports, you and a friend can even team up on the same system to take on other teams online

24. Hot Wheels Unleashed

When I was a kid, I had more Hot Wheels than sense, and I wasn’t alone. These cool cars have transcended generations and are still popular with 6-year-olds today. Now they can get behind the wheel and race their favorite vehicles to take home the grand prize.

Whether you race with skill or drift like a maniac, players can face up to 12 opponents as they drive through big twists, turns, and even loops, just make sure you’re going fast enough or gravity will get you.

In Hot Wheels Unleashed, you can customize your vehicle to match your driving style and your fashion style, and you can even build your own track to put other players to the test. Like they say ‘The bigger the challenge, the greater the glory”.

What We Love

❤️ The handling on the cars is amazing
❤️ It’s exciting going through loops and off jumps

What We Don’t Love

💔 It’s very fast-paced

Hot Wheels Unleashed - Nintendo Switch
  • Drifting - Drift like crazy to charge your Boost
  • Boosting - Use your Boost to Blast through loops
  • Gravity - gravity will affect races, be fast or fall!

Type of Game: Simulation

Skills it develops: 
✅ Reading
✅ Problem-solving

Whether you like to just wander around or prefer completing challenges, situation games let you take things at your own pace. One minute you could be building your dream home, and the next you can be saving the lives of people’s beloved pets.

Situation games make 6-year-olds dig into their brain to make the right decisions that will advance them through the game. They must use their problem-solving skills, and usually, there is plenty to read along the way.

25. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing took the world by storm when it was first released. This simulation game allows you to create your dream island paradise. You can do as much or as little as you please as you live life at your own pace, admiring your surroundings and interacting with others.

In New Horizons, time moves in, well…real time, even the seasons change. You can enjoy the Summer sun, dance in the Fall leaves, and build snow people in the Winter. On your journey around your island, you will find lots of things to do and challenges to complete to earn rewards.

Once you have your home looking nice, why not invite your friends over online where you can hang out, chat, and maybe even have some nice food together. This is a slow-paced game for 6-year-olds who love playing house.

What We Love

❤️ Straightforward gameplay for kids to catch onto fast
❤️ Bright and colorful graphics

What We Don’t Love

💔 There’s lots of reading

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch
  • Build your community from scratch on a deserted island brimming with possibility; Create your personal getaway and customize your character, home, decorations, and even the landscape itself
  • Collect materials to construct everything from furniture to tools. Then, use what you create to give your island a personal touch
  • Watch as the time of day and seasons match real life—even your hemisphere. Each day holds potential for surprises and discoveries
  • Get to know the island residents, garden, fish, decorate, hunt for fossils, and more.
  • Show off your paradise – Play on the same system with a total of 4 people, or play together online or over local wireless for fun with up to 8 players

26. Lol Surprise! Movie Night

Who could have predicted how huge Lol Surprise! would be? They’ve expanded from toys to movies, pop stars to fashion icons, and now they have their own series of games for the Lil Outrageous Littles super fans. Create your own rising star and take her all the way to the top in the fun, cute, Movie Night.

You start the game in Lol Ville with dreams of being a movie star and fashion icon. You must set up photo shoots, memorize movie scripts, collecting popcorn, and of course, run away from ghosts to rise up the ranks of stardom.

If your 6-year-old has the same aspirations (maybe not the ghosts part), this game will give them the opportunity to live out their dreams whilst making friends and learning valuable lessons along the way.

What We Love

❤️ You can decorate your own apartment
❤️ You can capture memories by taking selfies

What We Don’t Love

💔 It is a little shallow

Lol Surprise! Movie Night
  • Be the next Superstar! - create your very own Rising Star and start your Career in L.O.L.Ville! Begin by meeting your fellow stars and continue by playing through a variety of Productions in the form of games and quests.
  • Enter the place where dreams come true - the L.O.L.Ville studio grounds are filled with set locations for many different movie activities. Ranging from memorizing the script for your next show to grabbing some popcorn from the theatre.
  • Enjoy the glam lifestyle - live in a loft and decorate it however you want! Glam up with the latest fashion and accessorize to the trends. Use the glitter tokens you have earned to show how much of a Star you have become.
  • Lights, camera, selfies - wearing the best fashion? Why not take an in-game selfie to collect the best photos of you in your #ootd! Add stickers and Switch up some filters and you're set!
  • Play for your next surprise! - as you play through the game, collect L.O.L. Surprise! Balls containing wallpaper, rugs, furniture, accessories, and more to complete your collection.

27. My Universe – Pet Clinic: Cats & Dogs

What did you want to be when you grew up? If the 6-year-old in your life has aspirations of becoming a veterinarian, then Pet Clinic provides a great simulated experience of working with animals. When a pet gets sick or injured, you must act fast and make the right call to help them get on the mend.

This isn’t just a game about cute animals, the decisions you make will affect the welfare of each patient, teaching us how our actions have consequences for others. You start with your own surgery, which you can decorate and move up by treating more patients. 

Once you begin to master your skills, you can start recruiting more help, upgrade your equipment, and unlock new treatments. Keep those pets happy using X-rays, bandages, medicine, and most importantly, plenty of affection. 

What We Love

❤️ Good way to teach kids responsibility by checking in on their pets
❤️ Design of the pets is high-quality

What We Don’t Love

💔 Some kids might find the game a bit slow

My Universe - Pet Clinic: Cats & Dogs (NSW) - Nintendo Switch
  • Master doses of treatments to cure animals: x-rays, bandages, a stethoscope, preparing medicine...
  • House the animals in different rooms of the clinic and come to the aid of your four-legged patients
  • Listen to the animals and become the best vet ever
  • Expand and upgrade your clinic to take advantage of the best instruments for treatment
  • Spend time with the animals and develop a true bond with them

Common Questions About Nintendo Switch Games For Kids

🙋 What makes a game suitable for 6-year-olds?

Games which test a 6-year-old’s skills like hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and competitiveness are great for their development. Video games which contain puzzles and/or jumping teach kids patience as they strive to make the right moves to advance in the game.

It goes without saying that games with little to no violence are best for 6-year-olds. Bright, colorful, loveable characters are what Nintendo thrives on, which rarely show any means of real violence.

🙋 What games do 6-year-olds like?

Of course, every child is different, so they will like different factors in games. Some will like action, some will like RPGs. It’s best to ask them what types of games they prefer.

6-year-olds are beginning to learn new skills and sophisticated play. Imagination is still a big factor, but they will start basing a lot of their play on reality. Playing video games set in different worlds will keep their imaginations active, keeping fantasy play alive.

🙋 Can you play Switch games on your TV?

If they have a Switch console (not a Switch Lite), you will be able to hook it up to most televisions. This is great for multiplayer and party games where a few people are playing at once. It’s very easy to do, watch this video for a simple demonstration.

How We Picked Our Top Choices

6-year-olds go through many developmental milestones, so anything that encourages this growth is good for them. Video games are a great way to challenge 6-year-olds to develop their hand-eye coordination, reading ability, and problem-solving skills, all whilst having fun doing it.

The most important features we considered when shortlisting Nintendo Switch games for this article were: 

  1. Fun – There’s no point in playing video games that aren’t fun right? We did plenty of research to find games that are highly rated by 6-year-olds, their parents, and of course, ourselves, like my current favorite Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.
  1. Bright and Colorful – We chose games that are bright and colorful that 6-year-olds will love to play. If games are too dark and mysterious, they become harder to play and less fun for this age group. We kept it light, like the amazing colors and textures of Paper Mario: The Origami King.
  1. Challenging – Video games should keep 6-year-olds challenged, but if they are too challenging, they probably won’t get played for long. We selected games that suit this age range and won’t get boring over time. You can even change the difficulty level on some of these games, so they can advance, like Mario Golf: Super Rush.
  1. Playability – This is extremely important for younger players. If the controls are over-complicated, it’s not likely to be enjoyable to play for 6-year-olds. We’ve chosen games that are suited to this age range.

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