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27 Best Nintendo Switch Games for 10-Year-Olds

Header 27 Best Nintendo Switch Games for 10 Year Olds
Molly Ashton
Written by
Molly Ashton
Written by
Molly Ashton
Molly is a huge board game and Nintendo Switch fan, so she REALLY enjoys testing out and reviewing new games. She also likes to channel her inner kid to curate the absolute must-have items for our gift guides.
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10 is an excellent age for playing Nintendo Switch. At this age, kids love delving into imaginative worlds and working to improve their chosen skills. From creative and exploratory games like Minecraft to platforming action games like Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot, many of the best Switch games are made for 10-year-olds! 

All I know for sure is that if I had had so many fabulous games to play when I was 10, there would have been a lot less tearing my hair out with boredom and annoying parents.

10-year-olds love games full of adventure, immersive storylines and sometimes a healthy dose of the ridiculous. Of course, not all kids this age are cut from the same cloth – while some may crave high-adrenaline button smashers, others want nothing more than to be able to build their own world and take care of it. 

You know your kid best, so think about what’s challenging, exciting and entertaining for them; you’ll find a game to match their personality below. 

And if you’re buying a gift for someone else’s child, a little focused market research is probably necessary. This article will help you figure it out.

The Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games for 10-Year-Olds

We’ve hand-picked our favorite three games for any 10-year-old kid.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyMario Party SuperstarsSpiritfarer
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyMario Party Superstars Nintendo SwitchSpiritfarer
BEST AGE10 years and up3 years and upTeen
❤️ PROSIncludes the full trilogy of games.Fun for the whole family with lots of options to customize difficulty.A captivating game about grief and acceptance.
💔 CONSThe graphics are not massively improved.It only includes five boards.It won’t appeal to kids who enjoy fast-paced games.
💵 PRICE$27.99$51.95$25.70
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Now that we’ve covered our top picks, it’s time to get into the full list. If you really want to make your 10-year-old jump for joy, you’ll want to carefully go through all the options to find a game they’ll love. 

We have tried to be concise but thorough so you don’t waste time finding the perfect one!

Best Puzzle & Strategy Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👌 Hand-eye coordination
👁️ Reading

1. Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a relatively simple puzzle game that requires some out-the-box thinking to solve the puzzles. It’s also utterly hilarious to play because of the goofy characters and the bizarre way they move. Think something between an inflatable man and a wobbly ragdoll! 

In Human: Fall Flat, your human is yours to customize however you want – and don’t be afraid to get a little weird! Kids who enjoy some absurdity will love letting their silly side out with this unique game. 

What We Love:

❤️ A goofy, hilarious game
❤️ Simple gameplay but requires creative thinking
❤️ Maneuvering your ragdoll character is half the challenge (and hilarity!)

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The game is much more challenging in single-player mode
💔 While some love the challenge of maneuvering, others find it a bit tedious

2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is based on Super Mario Odyssey, but it is not simply the same game with the main character swapped out. While it is also a sandbox-style game, everything from the graphics to the puzzles is unique. The most enjoyable part is the overarching objective to search for treasure, which you will need to rotate the “camera” to find!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker comes with plenty of levels, each brimming with content. There are lots of different kingdoms to explore and challenges to complete. It’s perfect for Mario lovers looking for something new!

What We Love:

❤️ Many levels, each packed with puzzles to complete plus additional objectives
❤️ It’s great to have a fresh Super Mario game focusing on an adorable character
❤️  Cute world with some unique mechanics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It doesn’t take that long to get through all the levels
💔 There isn’t that much to do for the second player in two-player mode

💡 Tip: Looking for more Super Mario games that shine a spotlight on different characters? Try Luigi’s Mansion 3 for some spooky adventures.

3. Snipperclips Plus

This unique puzzle game involves cutting paper pals into shapes to complete particular objectives. The game’s genius is that there are multiple ways to solve the puzzles – if you can think of a creative and logical solution, you’ll succeed! While some of the puzzles are stumpers, this is a game that most 10-year-olds can enjoy, though future engineers, in particular, will have a blast.

With solo, competitive and co-op modes, Snipperclips offers several ways to tease your brain. Co-op mode is enjoyable as it requires players to work together and communicate!

What We Love:

❤️ Fun puzzles that require logical and out-the-box thinking to solve
❤️ Cute game with lots of laughs
❤️ Co-op mode requires real teamwork and communication

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It takes a while to get the hang of
💔 Some kids may find it repetitive after a few levels

Best Action & Adventure Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👌 Hand-eye coordination

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is overwhelming for most 10-year-olds, but Skyward Sword is a great alternative providing more guidance. This makes it a great way to introduce kids to the game series. That said, fans of BOTW will also enjoy learning more about the Zelda universe, such as how Link and Zelda first formed their legendary bond!

While it’s not as expansive as BOTW, Skyward Sword still offers so much to explore and many challenges to complete. Another fun feature is choosing between button and motion controls for more realistic swordplay!

What We Love:

❤️ An upgraded version of a great narrative game
❤️ There is so much to explore, plus loads of side quests to complete
❤️ You can choose between motion and button controls

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The button controls are a little clunky
💔 This is a 10-year-old game, so don’t expect cutting-edge graphics and gameplay

💡 Tip: If you think your kid would enjoy a cuter, more humorous take on the same game universe, check out Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

5. Super Mario Odyssey

What are you waiting for if your kid likes adventure platformer games and hasn’t played Super Mario Odyssey yet? Mario adventures through giant 3D worlds in this sandbox-style game, searching for treasure. Exploring these mysterious kingdoms and seeing what you find there is great fun. And if you come across something new, toss your cap at it – you might take on some of its powers!

Super Mario Odyssey is great for beginners, but veterans will love it thanks to its classic feel and fun visual effects. It’s time to venture out of Mushroom Kingdom and see what’s out there!

What We Love:

❤️ Fun for beginners and gaming veterans alike
❤️ There is much to do and many kingdoms to explore
❤️ Entertaining story and fun visual effects

What We Don’t Love:

💔 2-player mode feels a bit like an afterthought
💔 It is sometimes difficult to find all the objects, which can become frustrating

6. Minecraft Dungeons

If your 10-year-old enjoys playing Minecraft in survival mode and battling dangerous hordes, this game is for them. Although Minecraft Dungeons has the same blocky aesthetic, it is a different game. There isn’t much mining or crafting going on, but there is a lot of dungeon crawling, battling adversaries and strategizing to save the villagers and keep your team alive!

Minecraft Dungeons is a fantastically well-fleshed-out game, packed with authentic details, side quests and items to unlock. Kids who enjoy adventure games requiring careful planning and quick reflexes will surely get sucked in!

What We Love:

❤️ A fun adventure twist on the classic game
❤️ There are loads of side quests, and the updates keep coming
❤️ There is lots of action fleshed out with strategy like buying and selling weapons

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Some of the levels are a bit repetitive
💔 Very different to the original Minecraft

Best Platform / Jump ‘n Run Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👌 Hand-eye coordination
👁️ Reading

7. Cuphead

If you’re looking for something different and your 10-year-old enjoys old-timey cartoons, Cuphead might be right up their alley. It is your classic gun ‘n run platform game, but full of wacky animation inspired by 1930s cartoons. From ghosts with eyeballs on their hands to grinning carnival creatures to the titular Cupheads, these creepy but whimsical characters will surely draw you in!

Don’t let the cartoony aesthetic fool you: Cuphead isn’t for sore losers. But if your 10-year-old is an experienced gamer looking for a challenge, they will have great fun facing off against a range of formidable bosses!

What We Love:

❤️ A classic gun ‘n run game to challenge experienced gamers
❤️ The 1930s cartoon-style animation and music are great fun
❤️ An entertaining game with lots of bosses to (try) to defeat

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It’s a difficult game, so some kids will find it too frustrating
💔 Not everyone will like the 2D animation style

8. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is another challenging game that will appeal to experienced gamer kids, especially if they enjoy the Tim Burton-esque spooky cute aesthetic. While it is, on the face of it, a simple side scroller, it is a highly expansive game. Players forge their path through a vast, forgotten world, meeting many deadly foes!

As kids play through this game, they will find themselves captivated by the narrative and lore of Hallownest. At the same time, they will have a blast in combat thanks to the tight controls and range of techniques at their disposal!

What We Love:

❤️ You can forge your own way through an expansive, open map
❤️ A captivating and suspenseful story despite being a classic side scroller
❤️ Evocative “cute but creepy” graphics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not all kids will enjoy the artsy aesthetic
💔 Perhaps too challenging for less experienced gamers

9. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

This Crash Bandicoot set is a remastering of three older games, so don’t expect cutting-edge graphics and controls. That said, it is still a thrilling ride that will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping! It’s all about running, jumping, spinning, body slamming and more to save the day. If your kid craves high-octane adventure, you should buy them the N. Sane Trilogy!

Not only is Crash Bandicoot one of the most budget-friendly games on this list, but it comes with three games in one, making it excellent value for money. It even includes some spectacular previously unreleased levels!

What We Love:

❤️ Includes the full trilogy of games
❤️ An upgraded version that still has all the fun of the original
❤️ A thrilling, fast-paced game that is packed with adventure

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The graphics are not that improved
💔 A few customers found the controls a bit imprecise

💡 Tip: Can’t get enough of this crazy bandicoot and his thrilling adventures? Find more wild rides in Crash Bandicoot 4.

Best First-Person Action Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👌 Hand-eye coordination

10. Hello Neighbor

Does your kiddo enjoy ghost stories, haunted houses and investigating mysterious circumstances? If so, they will love Hello Neighbor, a stealth horror game where you must sneak into your neighbor’s house to see what he is hiding in the basement. This game is creepy and often tense, but it’s not too scary for 10-year-olds. What it is is exceptionally captivating, unique and interactive!

Though the game isn’t genuinely scary, it is challenging. You play against an AI that learns from your every move, so you may find a window blocked if that’s how you got in before!

What We Love:

❤️ You play against an AI neighbor that learns your tactics and evolves
❤️ A challenging and suspenseful horror game, but not too scary for kids
❤️ A captivating, unique game with excellent graphics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The controls are a bit clunky
💔 There is little guidance on how to get started

11. Minecraft

If your 10-year-old is an avid gamer, chances are they already know Minecraft. But if not, you can’t go wrong with this popular block placing and adventuring game. Creative and technical-minded kids love Minecraft; they can make anything their heart desires! And for kids who need more adrenaline, there’s always survival mode, where you have to mine and craft weapons to fend off the dangerous mobs.

From exploring randomly generated worlds to battling enemies to building your dream home, Minecraft offers endless possibilities for fun. It’s easy to get started, and there are no limits to where it ends!

What We Love:

❤️ Allows for limitless creativity and open-ended play
❤️ There are many ways to play, whether you feel like relaxing or adventuring
❤️ It’s easy to get started and fun in both single and multiplayer mode

What We Don’t Love:

💔 You need a Microsoft account to unlock some of the features
💔 Can get laggy once your world gets large

12. Overwatch Legendary Edition

If your kid is an advanced gamer who already finds games rated 10+ too easy, Overwatch could be perfect for them. It’s the ideal entry point to first-person shooter games as it is simpler and more appropriate for kids than others. It’s also great for kids who enjoy games with a bit of strategy, as how you assemble your team is crucial to your success!

Kids will love all the extraordinary heroes they can use to assemble their team, plus the epic hero skins to unlock. The world is your battlefield — and it’s a pretty spectacular world too!

What We Love:

❤️ It’s fun to play solo or online with friends
❤️ Lots of extraordinary heroes to choose from and fantastic skins to unlock
❤️ A great entry into first-person shooter games

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not all parents will want their kids to play a shooting game
💔 Requires a Nintendo Plus account to play, though it comes with a 3-month subscription

Best Role Playing Games (RPG)

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👌 Decision making
👁️ Reading

13. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is another excellent way to introduce kids to the world of Zelda. It plays much more linearly than classic open-world Zelda games, making it less overwhelming. Go for this game if your kid likes combat games, as combat is the key focus here. It is also enjoyable, thanks to all the techniques available and the amazingly fluid controls.

Another great feature of this game is all the cutscenes, which tell many of Link and Zelda’s backstories. Plus, you get to play as any of the four main characters!

What We Love:

❤️ Lots of cutscenes provide backstory for your favorite Zelda characters
❤️ The combat is extremely fun, and there are loads of extra challenges
❤️ You can play any character and customize your outfit and weapons

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Do not expect an open-world Zelda game, as it is more of a linear combat game
💔 Some find the levels too repetitive

14. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, action meets RPG to form a game packed with high-adrenaline fun and many secrets to uncover. While many adventures and side quests exist, the game’s focus remains the Pokedex. To build their Pokedex, players must study Pokemon behaviors, sneak up on them and throw carefully aimed Poke balls to catch them!

Kids will find lots to delight in, whether they’re exploring the ancient Hisui region, battling enemies or catching Pokemon. And as it is a semi-open-world game, it provides the feeling of exploration without being overwhelming!

What We Love:

❤️ Semi-open world game with lots to explore and secrets to discover
❤️ Great mechanics, particularly the streamlined battles
❤️ Includes lots of adventure and side quests, as well as Pokedex-focused quests

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Setup is slow and involves a lot of text to read
💔 There isn’t much to the multiplayer mode

💡 Tip: If your Pokemon superfan has already played this one, Pokemon Scarlet is a great alternative that’s just as packed with adventure and discoveries.

15. Monster Hunter Rise

This is another excellent game for precocious 10-year-olds ready to try a more grown-up game. If you think your kid will enjoy honing their gaming combat skills by battling ever more ferocious monsters, buy them this game! The monsters are pretty spectacular and the variety of attack and defense techniques at your disposal makes the game fun.

Monster Hunter Rise is easier than the original, though it is still challenging. It also includes some excellent new features, like riding creatures called malamutes and scaling cliffs with a grappling technique!

What We Love:

❤️ The content in this game feels endless
❤️ Loads of fantastic monsters and excellent combat mechanics
❤️ This edition is faster and easier than previous ones and features an online multiplayer option

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Some kids may find it boring if they don’t enjoy constantly fighting monsters
💔 Likely too challenging for many 10-year-olds

Best Party / Multiplayer Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

📖 Familiarity with game rules
👌 Hand-eye coordination

16. Mario Party Superstars

You can whip out anytime and know everyone will enjoy multiplayer games; it doesn’t get better than Mario Party. This fantastic Superstars edition features five classic boards from earlier Mario Party games, plus a whopping 100 mini-games! Whether kids play with friends, family or even online, they will indeed have a good time.

If you don’t have a Joy-Con, don’t sweat, this can be played with any Switch controller and even the Switch Lite. So nothing stops you from venturing into Space Land, Horror Land and everything that awaits!

What We Love:

❤️ Fun for the whole family with lots of options to customize the difficulty
❤️ Comes with 100 awesome mini-games
❤️ Accommodates any types of controls and features an online multiplayer mode

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Only includes five boards
💔 There isn’t much to unlock

17. It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a lighthearted romp with deep undertones. It’s all about showing that while it can be challenging to get along sometimes, we’re always better together. It’s also a wonderfully zany game, with outlandish challenges around every corner, from rampaging vacuum cleaners to gangster squirrels! Though it’s very challenging, the quality of the game is top-tier, with superb controls, beautiful visuals and tons of unique character abilities.

It Takes Two is a two-player couch co-op that’s all about teamwork, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for something to play with your 10-year-old for some parent-child bonding. 

What We Love:

❤️ Superb controls and visuals
❤️ An excellent game for parent-child bonding, as teamwork is essential
❤️ Packed with action, fun puzzles to complete and extra activities just for fun

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not all kids will enjoy playing as a married couple
💔 Will be too challenging for some 10-year-olds

18. Overcooked 2

Just like Overcooked 1, Overcooked 2 is best played with three or more players to experience chaos and hilarity in its full glory. And while you may think cooking in a restaurant is chaotic enough, add moving platforms, teleporters and morphing kitchens, and you’ve got pandemonium! The key is to do your best to stay calm through all of it, though that’s easier said than done.

Overcooked is always hilarious, whether you play in person or online. This edition is slightly easier than Overcooked 1, but still challenging enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seat!

What We Love:

❤️ A chaotic, absurdly hilarious game with lots of unlockable content
❤️ This edition is challenging without being overly frustrating
❤️ A great family game as you can give different members tasks of varying difficulty

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not that many updates compared to Overcooked 1
💔 There is little guidance on how to get started

Best Music & Fitness Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

👌 Hand-eye coordination

19. Just Dance 2022

Looking for a way to get your kids off the couch? If your 10-year-old likes pop music and dancing, look no further! Just Dance 2022 is packed with hit songs paired with wonderfully varied dance routines. There are quite a few slow songs in the mix, so you can start with those before moving to the more challenging faster ones.

Just Dance 2022 accommodates up to six players using motion controls, so it’s a great game to play at parties. And if you want to get sweaty, you can start your own exercise routine in Sweat Mode!

What We Love:

❤️ Fun way for the whole family to get moving
❤️ Awesome visuals and varied dance moves
❤️ Accommodates six players and even more can follow along

What We Don’t Love:

💔 A lot of the songs included are pretty slow
💔 Not that many songs included without a Just Dance + subscription

20. Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure fits the bill for kids looking to get active who are more into adventure games than dancing. This excellent game is a workout and an action game in one. Players explore a vast fantasy world, battle monsters and more, all while getting their blood pumping. You control your in-game movements via the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories, which ensure you’re getting real exercise.

Ring Fit Adventure has dozens of levels, each with new quests that challenge your body and mind. This could be just the ticket for kids (and adults!) who need a fun way to exercise indoors.

What We Love:

❤️ Kids can battle monsters while getting active
❤️ Story mode is fun as it involves combat, collecting resources and more

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The leg strap can sometimes fall off
💔 Experienced gamer kids may find the levels a bit repetitive

21. Mario Tennis Aces

If your kiddo plays tennis and enjoys combat games, they will probably love Mario Tennis Aces. As it involves “full-blown tennis battles,” this unique game requires both tennis and fighting prowess. With its tournament-style gameplay, it can get highly competitive in the best way possible! It uses motion tracking and is also a fun way for kids to get active.

Fans of Mario Tennis will enjoy the new gameplay elements and boss battles that Mario Tennis Aces introduces. And with all the different gameplay modes and missions to attempt, kids won’t get bored of it anytime soon!

What We Love:

❤️ Lots of different gameplay modes to choose from
❤️ A unique combination of tennis and combat
❤️ Gets everyone moving and can become very competitive

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The motion tracking can be slightly off as it only tracks movement from your hands
💔 There are very few unlockables or customization options

💡 Tip: For those more into swinging clubs than batting rackets, Mario Golf: Super Rush is an excellent alternative.

Best Sports & Racing Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

👌 Hand-eye coordination

22. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is the gold standard of racing games, so if your kiddo has a need for speed and hasn’t played it yet, it’s time to change that! On the other hand, if they enjoyed previous versions, they will love what Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers. It features all the old favorite characters plus new ones, lots of new courses and fan-favorite gameplay features from previous editions. 

The graphics of this game are truly spectacular, primarily as it supports 1080p. It also has a new Smart Steering feature, making it easier for beginners to stay on track!

What We Love:

❤️ Includes excellent new features plus fan-favorite gameplay features from previous editions
❤️ Loads of unique tracks, characters and vehicles to choose from
❤️ Fantastic colorful graphics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Some of the tracks are behind a paywall
💔 There isn’t much to unlock, as everything is available from the start

23. Nintendo Switch Sports

If you’re looking for something less nerve-wracking that the family can play together, Nintendo Switch Sports is a fantastic option. This game is another excellent way to move indoors, as it features seven different sports you can play using motion controls. These include classics like soccer and tennis, plus more unique offerings like Chambara (swordplay!)

The motion tracking of Nintendo Switch Sports is excellent and even comes with a leg strap to track your kicks when playing soccer. This is a simple game but lots of fun and you can even take on other teams online!

What We Love:

❤️ Offers a variety of sports that get you moving; Chambara is particularly fun
❤️ Simple gameplay but gets very competitive
❤️ You can customize your skill level and play online

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The selection of games could be bigger
💔 You can’t unlock character cosmetics without a Nintendo Online subscription

24. Team Sonic Racing

If you’re all Mario Karted out and looking for a new racing game, why not try Team Sonic Racing? With a fantastic range of offline and online race modes, you can race down the track as the mischievous hedgehog or other characters from his universe. Its simple gameplay and awesome courses make it entertaining and fun for all ages!

One of the highlights of Team Sonic Racing is the co-op mode, where you can assist your teammates in various ways. It’s also fun to get creative and customize your vehicle’s look and performance!

What We Love:

❤️ Offers a range of offline and online race modes
❤️ Lots of cool characters and excellent tracks
❤️ Simple to play and fun for all ages

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It’s very similar to Mario Kart but with slightly less variety
💔 The controls are not as smooth as they could be

💡 Tip: Need more Sonic in your life? Sonic Frontiers is a masterful take on platform games that fans of the blue hedgehog will love.

Best Simulation Games

Skills promoted by this type of video game:

🧩 Problem-solving
👁️ Reading

25. Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a lovely, relaxing game for creative kids who enjoy entering their own little worlds. Players get to build their own island however they like it, from their home and garden to the landscape. They can drop in anytime to work on their island, explore or simply hang out, as the time of day and seasons match real life!

Whether you feel like fishing, hunting for fossils, building furniture or chatting with the anthropomorphic island residents, there is always something to do in Animal Crossing. You can even go online and visit your friends’ islands!

What We Love:

❤️ Endless possibilities for things to do and ways to customize your island
❤️ A relaxing, creative game that also teaches you new things
❤️ You can visit other players’ islands and chat with your island’s animal inhabitants

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Only allows you to make one island per console
💔 It is a slow-paced game, so not ideal for impatient kids

26. Untitled Goose Game

Running around a village, honking and causing general mayhem, is a mischievous 10-year-old’s dream. And in Untitled Goose Game, that’s exactly what you do! In this hilarious game, you play as a goose whose goal is simply to cause chaos and annoy the townspeople. Sometimes this requires solving tricky puzzles; sometimes, you just need to honk!

When you start playing Untitled Goose Game, you will realize why it’s the number 1 digital game in North America and has won multiple awards. It is easy to pick up, challenging enough to keep you hooked and everyone will laugh throughout!

What We Love:

❤️ A fun, silly game that’s perfect for mischievous kids
❤️ Packed with laughs, especially when playing co-op
❤️ Gameplay is simple, but the puzzles are pretty challenging

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Plays through quite quickly
💔 Some people find it a bit repetitive

27. Spiritfarer

Where Untitled Goose Game is ridiculous, Spiritfarer is profoundly moving. While it may go over some kids’ heads, if your 10-year-old appreciates the power of stories to make you feel, they will love Spiritfarer. In this captivating game, players help ferry spirits to the world beyond. It’s a great way to bring up conversations around grief and acceptance and several players found that it helped them through periods of loss. 

Spiritfarer balances the overarching narrative and relationships you build with fun side quests and platforming levels. The world it presents is also incredibly imaginative and beautifully rendered!

What We Love:

❤️ A captivating game about grief and acceptance
❤️ Beautiful anime-style graphics and lovely music
❤️ Fantastically well-developed narrative plus lots of fun side quests

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It won’t appeal to kids who enjoy fast-paced games
💔 It is best for mature 10-year-olds who can appreciate a sad story

Frequently Asked Questions About Nintendo Switch Games for 10-Year-Olds

🙋 Is Nintendo Switch suitable for a 10-year-old?

Nintendo Switch is suitable for a 10-year-old. There are more Switch owners among 10-year-olds than there are among younger kids and teens alike! 

This could be because the Nintendo Switch offers a fantastic variety of games that appeal to the 8-12 age range. For example, there are games like Minecraft that provide the possibility of unlimited creativity without being too overwhelming and games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus that provide immersive adventures while still being accessible to younger players. 

We should note that even with 10-year-olds, limiting your kids’ daily screen time is still essential as monitoring which games they play to ensure they are appropriate.

🙋 What is the most popular Nintendo Switch game for 10-year-olds?

The most popular Nintendo Switch Game is now Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Of all the multiplayer games, this one is enjoyable for all ages. The unrivaled graphics, varied courses, excitement and customizability means 10-year-olds can enjoy it! 

Regarding games explicitly aimed at 10-year-olds, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes the top spot. The way the narrative of this game unfolds through exploration entices players like never before. While many adults enjoy this game, too, 10-year-olds, in particular, can’t get enough of this style of adventure and discovery!

🙋 What age should a kid get a Nintendo Switch?

We can’t answer this definitively, as many differing opinions exist. Nintendo offers several games rated E for Everyone, which is usually understood to mean that kids as young as three can play. However, while you may decide it is okay to let your 3-year-old use your Switch occasionally, you should probably avoid buying one for them until they are 6 or 7. 

Even then, whether your child is old enough to have their own Nintendo Switch depends on their ability to care for and keep track of it. You don’t want to have to replace it after a month because it has been lost or dropped one too many times! 

So… What Switch Game Should I Get?

There’s no single answer to this; it all depends on what makes your 10-year-old tick. If they love action and adventure games, why not introduce them to the world of Zelda with Skyward Sword? If, on the other hand, they love working out puzzles and laughing till their sides hurt, both Human: Fall Flat and Untitled Goose Game might be right up their street.

Think there’s a game for 10-year-olds that should have made it on the list? Drop us a line and let us know!

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