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19 Best Mario Games for Nintendo Switch

Header Best Mario Games for Nintendo Switch
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Teddy Booth
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Super Mario Bros. is by far the most popular game franchise on the Nintendo Switch. Maybe it’s because we can all see ourselves in the brave but sometimes heedless Mario or the clever yet neurotic Luigi. Or perhaps it’s because the game designers consistently deliver accessible yet exciting and exuberant games that folks of all ages can enjoy. Whatever the reason, something about these heroic Italian brothers touches our hearts. 

There’s also a Nintendo Switch Mario game to suit all players. From the adorable Yoshi’s Crafted World that preschoolers will adore to the devilishly challenging Mario + Rabbids strategy games, there are options for all ages and play style preferences. But figuring out which is best for you, or even finding all the options out there, can be a challenge. 

That’s why we have compiled a list of all the latest Super Mario games for the Switch, including upgrades and all-new adventures, so you can see their pros and cons and find the one that will suit you or your kiddos best. 

This is not a ranking — all the games we selected are impeccable. It’s Mario, after all. The list is simply meant to help you figure out each game’s key differences and selling points so you can find the one you or the Mario fan in your life will love the most. 

The Top 3 Mario Games for Nintendo Switch

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleYoshi’s Crafted WorldSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate
PreviewMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Nintendo Switch)Yoshi's Crafted World - Nintendo SwitchSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate - US Version
BEST AGE7 years and up3 years and above10 years and above
❤️ PROSSurprisingly challenging and addictive strategy gameFantastic crafty graphics that look exactly like the materials they representIncludes all characters from past Smash Bros. games plus new ones
💔 CONSThe controls are kind of limitedOlder kids might find the aesthetic babyishNot everyone will enjoy this game’s frantic and chaotic nature
💵 PRICE$28.83$52.29$50.48

While those are our top three picks, Mamma Mia, they were difficult to choose. All the Nintendo Switch Mario games are excellent in different ways, so we encourage you to read the complete list below to find the best option. 

Whether you’re into action and adventure, strategy games, sporty simulators or a classic platformer, Mario and the Gang have something you will love.

Best Mario Action & Adventure Games

1. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Mario’s 3D world will satisfy nostalgic adults and gaming kiddos alike. It’s everything you love about Super Mario platform games in an incredible 3D world. With dozens of colorful courses to complete and loads of characters to play, this is one you’ll keep coming back to. Plus, it comes with Bowser’s Fury, making it great value for money.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

Super Mario 3D World can be enjoyed solo or with friends, and the latest edition also features much faster character speeds. A crown is awarded to the highest-scoring player so that it will be a mad dash for victory.

What We Love:

❤️ Everything you love about Super Mario platform games in 3D
❤️ Bowser’s Fury is a great extra game in a whole new open world
❤️ The Switch version has beautiful bright graphics and much tighter controls

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Multiplayer mode can be a little chaotic
💔 A few customers found the camera angles frustrating

2. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey includes many elements of a 3D World, but the gameplay is much more sandbox-style, with loads of open worlds to explore. There’s also the genius addition of Cappy, Mario’s cap that he can toss at objects and potentially transform into them. You’ll discover many new ways to interact with your surroundings, so this game is for curious players.

Recommended age: 7 years and above 

Super Mario Odyssey takes you on a journey away from Mushroom Kingdom and into many weird and beautiful kingdoms. So strap in; it’s time to sail into the unknown with your favorite Italian plumber.

What We Love:

❤️ Great game for beginners thanks to the intuitive controls and fun storyline
❤️ There are so many excellent kingdoms to explore
❤️ It’s fun to throw Cappy and see what Mario can become

What We Don’t Love:

💔 There isn’t much for the second player to do in two-player mode
💔 It’s a little repetitive at times

💡 If you’ve got a Super Mario superfan on your hands, make their day with this awesome embroidered baseball cap.

3. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Ready for a spooooky expeeerience? Then it’s time to catch ghosts and solve puzzles to help Luigi rescue his brother in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The game occurs in a haunted hotel with evil ghosts and uncanny contraptions. As well as the spooky atmosphere, players love this game’s variety, with its puzzle and combat elements and other unique mechanics.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

However, the characters may be what makes the game, from the hilarious ghosts to Luigi’s slimy doppelganger, Gooigi. Plus, as the 3rd edition, the game design is impeccable, and there are many excellent new functions to boot.

What We Love:

❤️ Packed with exciting puzzles and unique game mechanics
❤️ The characters are fantastic and hilarious – not to mention Luigi’s doppelganger Gooigi
❤️ The graphics, atmosphere and spooky art style are spot on

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The controls take some getting used to
💔 A bit too difficult and potentially scary for young kids

4. Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Traverse the galaxy to rescue the adorable Sparks in this epic Mario space adventure. With a non-linear storyline, an open world to explore and turn-based combat, this one is perfect for players who enjoy strategizing and setting their own pace. Rather than smashing buttons, it’s about selecting your team of twisted Rabbids and their weapons and figuring out how best to use them to defeat your enemies.

Recommended age: 10 years and above 

There has been a lot of thought put into this game, as the characters are hilarious, and the storyline is engaging. It’s also fun to explore the alien worlds outside the Mushroom Kingdom.

What We Love:

❤️ Lots of opportunity for strategizing and setting your own pace
❤️ Awesome outer space open world to explore
❤️ Excellent character and story design

What We Don’t Love:

💔 There is no multiplayer mode
💔 Not everyone enjoys the turn-based gameplay

Best Mario Puzzle & Strategy Games

5. Nintendo Paper Mario

Some of the best Mario games are those that take an innovative approach to graphics and incorporate this into the narrative — and none do it better than Paper Mario. In this adventure, Mario travels through an origami world in this adventure across paper deserts and folded seas. The graphics are adorable, the characters are hilarious, and the music is toe-tappingly good — it’s the complete package.

Recommended age: 7 years and above 

Paper Mario involves a lot of battles, but as it is turn-based, it’s more like adventure chess than a classic combat game. So, will you save Princess Peach from her tear-able fate? Only time will tell.

What We Love:

❤️ Adorable graphics in a sweet and entertaining storyline
❤️ The battles require thinking rather than simply grinding
❤️ Packed with fun characters, humor and catchy music

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not everyone enjoys the turn-based battle system
💔 Could do with a bit more variety

6. Super Mario Maker 2

With Super Mario Maker 2, the possibilities are limitless. On top of the 100 in-built courses, you can create your own side-scrolling adventures starring the iconic duo and friends. The game’s second version offers even more tools and customization options than the original, meaning that if you can imagine it, you can create it.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

The possibilities of this game open up even further with a Switch Online membership. You get access to a nearly endless supply of levels designed by others in the community and you can share your creations there too.

What We Love:

❤️ Loads of level creation tools to create almost any course you can think of
❤️ Several different ways to play, including a fun story mode
❤️ You can share your courses with others and play courses from the community

What We Don’t Love:

💔 You need a subscription to access most of the online content
💔 The search and moderation functions for community uploads is not great

7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

We reviewed Sparks of Hope earlier on, but this is the original Mario + Rabbids game. This one also uses strategic turn-based combat, but it is a little more devilish than its successor. With an arsenal of more than 250 weapons at your disposal, you must choose how to equip each member of your team and where to position them to emerge victorious.

Recommended age: 7 years and above 

Players will find Kingdom Battle extremely addictive as they embark on an epic quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom along with their mischievous Rabbid friends. There’s also additional co-op challenges to introduce friends to the game.

What We Love:

❤️ Surprisingly challenging and addictive strategy game
❤️ Great way to practice problem-solving
❤️ Packed with hilarity, fun characters and vivid graphics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The controls are kind of limited
💔 Not ideal for those who enjoy fast-paced games

Best Mario Platform / Jump ‘n Run Games

8. Yoshi’s Crafted World

Go on an adventure with this friendly green dinosaur through a spectacularly crafted world. The game developers have outdone themselves on this one, as each item is breathtakingly realistic, from the paper and foil planets to Yoshi’s wooly body. This is also a great way to introduce younger kids to platform games, as it takes players on a gentle learning curve and offers plenty of guidance.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

Yoshi’s Crafted World is a simple game, but superbly executed. There’s also a fun twist where you can redo each level by going through it on the flipside to discover even more secrets.

What We Love:

❤️ Fantastic crafty graphics that look exactly like the materials they represent
❤️ Gentle learning curve with settings for younger/inexperienced players
❤️ Amazing attention to detail in the gameplay and environment

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Older kids might find the aesthetic babyish
💔 A little too simplistic for experienced gamers

9. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

This is another one you’ll love sharing with your kiddos, as it includes 3 of the most nostalgic Mario games ever with beautifully updated 3D graphics. Plus, you get Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine all in one, so it’s a great deal. There’s even a music player featuring the game soundtracks, so you can groove to Mario’s beats even when you aren’t playing.

Recommended age: 7 years and above 

There’s a reason people remember these three games the way they do — they are simply impeccably designed and consistently enjoyable. So although they are older, your kids will love playing them too.

What We Love:

❤️ 3D versions of three of the most popular Mario games ever
❤️ Plays just like the originals, but younger players will be won over by the updated graphics
❤️ These games are popular for a reason – the game mechanics are unrivaled

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The controls can be a little touchy
💔 There is no multiplayer mode

10. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

This Deluxe game is like the classic side scrollers we oldies remember. Still, the graphics are vastly updated, and the gameplay options have increased exponentially. With 164 courses to complete and loads of incredible new abilities to experiment with, this should keep the whole family occupied for weeks. Plus, you’ll get Super Luigi U in the package deal, which fans of the lesser-known brother will love.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

This is the perfect family game because it accommodates up to four players and one of the characters (Nabbit) doesn’t take damage from enemies. This means young kids and newbies can play too.

What We Love:

❤️ Includes two “cheat characters” perfect for young kids or inexperienced players
❤️ A classic Mario side scroller with vastly upgraded graphics and gameplay options
❤️ Lots of fun twists and interesting characters

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It offers limited chances to save your progress
💔 There isn’t much that’s new in this edition

Best Mario Party / Multiplayer Games

11. Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars takes the classic board game-style gameplay into an extravaganza of action and spectacular graphics. The five traditional boards are there (revamped, of course), but the real draw is the 100+ mini-games that can be played any time and are always a blast. Plus, your matches are saved after every turn so players can jump in and out at will.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

Families with kids of different ages will especially appreciate the simple fun of the boards and mini-games. And if someone who wants to join isn’t there, no worries – you can play every game mode online.

What We Love:

❤️ Includes over 100 mini-games
❤️ Super fun for the whole family — even if some players are online
❤️ There are a lot of customization options and things you can buy with in-game currency

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Only includes 5 different boards
💔 Fewer characters compared to the original Super Mario Party

12. Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party is an older game, but there are several reasons to choose it over Superstars. The main one is the number of playable characters – there are over 20 to choose from. Players who enjoy strategy will also probably enjoy this over its successor, and 80 mini-games are pretty decent too.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

Another highlight of this game is that you can share it wherever you are by simply laying the console flat and transmitting the second joy-con. You can even connect more than one Switch via bluetooth so more players can get in on the fun.

What We Love:

❤️ Over 20 playable characters and loads of mini-games
❤️ Fun for younger kids, older kids and adults alike
❤️ Offers some fun opportunities to strategize as well as unlock things

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Each player needs their own joy-con
💔 The main game is not available in online mode

💡 Need some more joy-cons? These colorful options should go down a treat.

13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Calling this the “ultimate” Super Smash Bros. is accurate. This is the definitive version with new and familiar stages and every fighter from every previous Smash Bros. game, plus new ones. The graphics and physics also far outstrip any previous edition, and it’s packed with new features to try, including morphing between two stages during one match.

Recommended age: 10 years and above 

If you haven’t played Super Smash Bros. before, ask yourself if you enjoy chaos, frantic action and awesome techniques. If so, you’ll probably love it. Whether in handheld or TV mode, locally or online, it’s always a smash hit.

What We Love:

❤️ Includes all characters from past Smash Bros. games plus new ones
❤️ Amazingly crisp and fluid physics and lots of new content
❤️ Packed with new game mechanics like the ability to morph between two stages

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Not everyone will enjoy this game’s frantic and chaotic nature
💔 Online mode does not work as well as local

14. WarioWare: Get It Together

Want a game you can pop into for a few minutes between other activities? With its 200+ micro-games, WarioWare: Get It Together is the game for you. These games may be short, but they are action-packed and require lightning-fast reflexes. But be warned: you may just find yourself getting sucked in and playing for much longer than intended.

Recommended age: 10 years and above 

The cartoon graphics of this game are lots of fun, but the highlight (besides the gameplay) is probably the characters. Each has distinct abilities, so one micro-game will differ depending on the character. They are also constantly making hilarious quips.

What We Love:

❤️ Packed with playable characters that all have unique abilities
❤️ Fast-paced micro-games game that will get your heart pumping
❤️ A hilarious game with fun cartoon graphics

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The short, chaotic games are not for everyone
💔 It doesn’t take that long to complete all the content

Best Mario Racing & Sports Games

15. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Another beloved Mario game that has gotten the Deluxe treatment is Mario Kart 8. Whether or not you’ve played Mario Kart before, if you love zooming around and dizzyingly spectacular graphics, you will love it. Plus, the Smart Steering feature is a godsend for the little ones and beginners, making staying on track easy.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

ones. It also offers an incredible array of familiar and new characters to play with and awesome karts to try out, whether racing or playing in battle mode.

What We Love:

❤️ Vastly upgraded graphics and game physics
❤️ Loads of new and returning characters, karts and courses
❤️ Fantastic courses plus lots of extra mechanics and battle elements

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Relies more on luck than skill compared to previous versions
💔 Not great if you enjoy unlocking things as everything is available from the start

💡 Already love Mario Kart? Then bring him off the screen and into the real world in the Augmented Reality Mario Kart Live set.

16. Mario Strikers: Battle League

It’s soccer, but unlike you’ve ever seen it before – it’s Strike. With power-ups, hyper strikes and pretty much no rules to hinder you, this gives the game the Super Mario treatment and it’s beautiful. You can use gear to augment your stats and different items to score – anything goes in this thrilling sport.

Recommended age: 10 years and above 

Mario Strikers is a great party game as it accommodates up to eight players. And if you want to involve even more people, you can collect up to 20 in an online Strikers Club and vie with other clubs to get the most points each season.

What We Love:

❤️ Fun for all ages, especially soccer lovers
❤️ Easy to learn but challenging to master and available in online mode too
❤️ Lots of fun features like power-ups and hyper strikes

What We Don’t Love:

💔 There aren’t very many characters to play as
💔 It’s a pretty short game to complete

17. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo Olympics may not have happened in 2020, but they did in Mario and Sonic’s universe. And as you experience all the events with your favorite Mario and Sonic characters, it might be the best universe. From skateboarding to judo to archery to gymnastics and many more, plus ten nostalgic 2D events, there is so much to have fun with.

Recommended age: 10 years and above 

As this game offers motion and button controls, single and multiplayer mode, plus local and online versions, you can play any way you want. There’s also a fantastic lineup of characters to play as.

What We Love:

❤️ Full of all your favorite Mario and Sonic characters
❤️ Loads of different games/events as well as a story mode
❤️ Motion controls work well and are great for getting the whole family off the couch

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Story mode is quite heavy on the cut scenes
💔 The events are pretty short

💡 Those who love sporty games might also enjoy the classic Nintendo Switch Sports.

18. Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is easy to pick up but hard to master, making it great for tennis and video game pros and people who are inexperienced at both. Newbies are catered for in the Adventure Mode, which helps them get the hang of all the moves while doing well in online tournaments requires real depth of skill.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

While tennis players can practice moves that will help them play the actual game, there’s also a lot of extra Mario pizzazz to satisfy ordinary folks. This includes full-blown boss battles, various Mario-esque techniques and various gameplay modes.

What We Love:

❤️ Lots of different play modes to try as well as an online tournament mode
❤️ Great for tennis players as it involves real depth and skill
❤️ Adventure mode is a great addition that teaches you how to use the new moves and helps you practice

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The controls take some time to master
💔 Experienced players might be disappointed in Adventure mode as it is more of a tutorial

19. Mario Golf: Super Rush

This game will satisfy both video game golf connoisseurs and novices looking to try it out. Classic Golf is there, but there’s so much other content to sample, from Speed Golf to Battle mode, story mode and more. An improved shot gauge makes this an excellent game for rookies and pros alike.

Recommended age: 3 years and above 

You can play this game solo, but it’s most fun in multiplayer mode as you each can choose from a wide array of characters. But be warned – it can get surprisingly competitive.

What We Love:

❤️ Loads of game modes including classic golf, battle mode and a solo adventure mode
❤️ A nice range of courses in terms of difficulty plus customizability for newbies and pros
❤️ Plenty of playable characters make multiplayer mode especially fun

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Would be nice to have a few more courses
💔 Some players found it a little generic

Frequently Asked Questions About Super Mario Games for Nintendo Switch

🙋 Which Switch Mario is best?

If you ask ten different people this question, you’ll likely get ten unique answers because there’s a Switch Mario game for everyone. Due to its genius combination of open-world sandbox-style game and platform, video game critics like Super Mario Odyssey best. 

On the other hand, Mario Kart is the most popular among ordinary players, probably because it is so welcoming to newbies and always gets the blood pumping. However, if you like a classic platform game, you’ll probably enjoy Super Mario 3D World or New Super Mario Bros. best, and if you want button-smashing battles, Super Smash Bros. is the one for you.

🙋 How many Super Mario games are there for Nintendo Switch?

This depends on what you count as a Nintendo Switch Mario game. The most generous count is 27, including retro games like Donkey Kong and the classic Super Mario Bros. If you count only games designed for the Switch, it’s more like 19 or 20. 

Either way, there is certainly a lot to choose from. And every year seems to bring upgraded versions of our favorite and all-new games. 

There’s a reason for this – Super Mario Bros. is by far the Switch’s most popular video game franchise. There’s just something about this speedy Italian plumber that keeps players coming back.

🙋 Which Super Mario game is best for little kids?

A great thing about Mario games is that so many are rated E, meaning kids as young as 3 can join in. However, some of these are better than others and one of the best is Yoshi’s Crafted World. 

This offers a lot of guidance and straightforward controls, and the crafted graphics will appeal to littlies. Some games also offer player settings that make it easier for kiddies to join without making it too easy for older players. For example, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a Smart Steering feature and New Super Mario Bros. U includes a character that never takes any damage.

So… What Mario Game for Nintendo Switch Should You Get?

Alas, there’s no single answer to this question, as it depends on what you want in your next Mario game. Do you want something the whole family can play? You’re probably best with Mario Party Superstars or Mario Kart 8. Are you looking for something that hits the nostalgia buttons that you can introduce to your kids? Try Super Mario 3D All Stars. Or would you instead try something a little off-kilter? Luigi’s Mansion 3 could be the one for you.

If we left out your all-time favorite Mario game, message us and tell us what it is. We’re always happy to hear from readers.

💡 Are you looking for Switch games for a little Super Mario fanatic? If so, you should also check out our carefully curated guide with the best Mario toys and gifts for kids. And if your little Mario fan is also a bit of an artist, they might have fun with these Super Mario Bris coloring pages.

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