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13 Cute My Little Pony Coloring Pages for MLP-Obsessed Kids [Free Printables]

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My Little Pony is the one toy line that sends me back to long play sessions with my pre-school friend, who used to have an enormous collection of MLP toys. Although I had yet to learn about the cartoons’ storyline, playing with rainbow-colored rubber-ish ponies was super fun.

The MLP story began over four decades ago when Bonnie Zacherle came up with the concept of a toy based on her childhood dream. Having always wanted to have a pony as a child, Bonnie, a greeting card designer at the time, offered her series of illustrations to an American toy-selling giant, Hasbro, in 1981. The rest is history.

My Little Pony has undoubtedly left its significant horseshoe footprint on Generation Alpha, Gen Z, and even Millennials. And kids these days are obsessed with them too.

That’s why we have created a series of super cute My Little Pony printable coloring pages, featuring everyone’s favorite ponies from MLP. Equestria is known for its bright colors — that’s what you and the kids will need to bring the characters from screens and toy shelves to life on paper. 

Of course, remember to share your creations with us, as sharing is what good friends do. And we all know for a fact that ‘Friendship is Magic!’

1. Meet Soarin!

1 MLP Soarin coloring page

Meet Soarin – a pegasus, an athlete and a friend of Rainbow Dash. In ‘MLP: Friendship is Magic,’ he is a commander of ‘the Wonderbolts’ – a squad of ponies who love performing acrobatics in the air. So, is Soarin training in the picture? 

2. Princess Celestia’s Dream

2 Princess Celestia coloring page

‘The two regal sisters who ruled together […] the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn.’ That eldest sister’s name is Princess Celestia and she is the one depicted in this illustration. She has brought sunshine and color into the world of ponies. Will you add some color to her portrait?

3. The Cutie Mark Crusader

3 Sweetie Belle coloring page

The fans love Sweetie Belle for her sweet and kindhearted personality. In the show, she helps other ponies to find their ‘cutie marks’ — the special ornaments on a pony’s hip that reflect its personality. It seems like Sweetie Belle herself doesn’t have her cutie mark on so far. Do you remember how it looked in the cartoon?

4. Best Friends Stick Together

4 My Little Pony friends coloring page

The ‘bookworm’ of the squad, Twilight Sparkle, must be proud of her friend, Rainbow Dash, picking up a book. After all, “Reading is something every pony can enjoy if they just give it a try.” is what Twilight said. I’m sure Rainbow Dash enjoys her book as much as you will enjoy this coloring page!

5. Rainbow Dash’s Favorite Book

5 Rainbow Dash coloring page

The ‘bookworm’ of the squad, Twilight Sparkle, must be proud of her friend, Rainbow Dash, picking up a book. After all, “Reading is something every pony can enjoy if they just give it a try.” is what Twilight said. I’m sure Rainbow Dash enjoys her book as much as you will enjoy this coloring paper!

6. Pinkie Pie’s Portrait

6 Pinkie Pie coloring page

Dedicated MLP fans will surely remember the ‘My Little Pony Equestria Girls’ series, where human-looking versions of our favorite ponies lived their school life. This illustration re-imagines Pinkie Pie as if she was still a pony going to school. After all, isn’t school among the best places to make friends?

7. Pinkie Pie Enjoying a Book

8 Pinkie Pie reading coloring page

Even the most non-resting, active and energetic ponies love to ‘hold the horses’ at a time and enjoy a good book! Pinkie Pie is no different, as she joins her friends — a dedicated reader, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, who took on a book, as shown in a few illustrations above. Looks like our ponies are about to start a reading club!

8. Applejack’s School Day

9 Applejack coloring page

Have you ever wondered if it was Applejack’s family who had grown that one apple that landed on Newton’s head when he came up with the gravity law? Whether there is a connection between apples and science or not, Applelack is about to gallop into the world of knowledge, as this illustration reimagines her as a pony student at school!

9. Sunset Shimmer on a Walk

10 Sunset Shimmer coloring page

The sun is shining, the air is fresh – isn’t it the perfect day for a walk? Sunset Shimmer agrees as she is enjoying her stroll in the illustration. The only thing that can make the day even more perfect is some bright colors.

10. The Princess of the Moon

11 Princess Luna colroing page

Did you know that Princess Luna’s original name used to be Selena? The younger alicorn princess, the second one introduced in the show and the first antagonist, was redeemed later and didn’t fail to play her important role in the plot. Luckily, she doesn’t look threatening in this illustration.

11. Sweet Princess Cadance

12 Princess Cadance coloring page

The Earth Pony villagers and her fans love the kind, caring and helpful Princess Cadance. A childhood friend of Twilight Sparkle, Cadance knows friendship’s magic. She also is a loving mother to Flurry Heart. Worth coloring!

12. Happy Birthday Pinkie Pie!

13 Pinkie Pie My Little Pony coloring page

No party is complete if Pinkie isn’t there! However, it is Pinkie’s party this time, as the illustration depicts her birthday! The balloons are here, the presents are here and, most importantly – the birthday pony and her friends! The only missing thing is some colors. 

13. Applejack’s Adventure

14 Applejack cowboy coloring page

In this last illustration, the adventurous Applejack is featured. This strong, mature, honest pony is known to be headstrong in doing things independently. Yet, I think she won’t mind some help with coloring the picture.

Did We Miss Any Iconic My Little Pony Scenes?

The story of ‘My Little Pony’ has had lots of pages. Yet more importantly, the show has become a significant page in a few generations’ lives, spreading its signature Magic of Friendship.

We might have missed a few coloring pages; please let us know if we did!

“We’ve learned that friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for!” – Twilight Sparkle

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