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15 Best Minnie Mouse Toys

Updated 6 July 2022

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge board game and Nintendo Switch fan, so she REALLY enjoys testing out and reviewing new games. She also likes to channel her inner kid to curate the absolute must-have items for our gift guides.

If you could meet any Disney character IRL, who would it be? For me and so many others, young, old, and all ages in between, it’s got to be Minnie Mouse. Dating back to 1928, Minnie might have started out as just a love interest for Mickey but over the years she has gracefully evolved into a polka-dotted icon who stands out on her own two feet.

Fun, fashionably feminine, and friendly, Minnie is just as popular with kids today as she’s ever been and there’s plenty of cool Minnie toys out there, from scooters and remote control cars to cell phones and smartwatches. 

We’ve picked out 15 of the best Minnie Mouse toys and have done our research carefully to exclude any fake reviews, so you can know that these toys won’t disappoint.

1Wonder Forge Disney Junior Minnie Matching Game, Multi-colored (Best Budget Option)

This matching card game is sure to wow the Minnie-lover in your life. This is a wonderfully stimulating game for little ones who love the iconic mouse. The card game calls on children to recall images they’ve already seen and match them to their counterparts. Each of the cards has an image of a much-loved “Minnie Mouse Bow-Tique” character like Figaro or Daisy Duck. Suitable for ages 3 and up and for any number of players, this classic matching game will improve your child’s memory and ability to recall, with the added encouragement of his/her favorite Minnie character(s).

What we love

  • All of the show’s favorite characters are accounted for on the cards
  • Helps small children practice focus, memory, and matching skills

What We Don't Like That Much

  • 72 cards may be too many for a younger child
Wonder Forge Disney Junior Minnie Matching Game, Multi-colored (Best Budget Option)

2Minnie Bow-Tique Rockin' Guitar (Best Quality Option)

This adorable Minnie-themed toy guitar is sure to rock the socks off your little one. Constructed of high-quality, durable materials, this guitar is nearly indestructible; so if your child wants to reenact one of those end-of-concert-guitar-smashing scenes, this toy can withstand it. Designed to look like Minnie’s bright pink bow, the guitar features light-up heart buttons on the guitar’s neck and a bridge button that activates rockin’ music. The guitar plays 3 different songs with the simple touch of a button. Your kiddo will love jammin’ out to music with this adorable guitar.

What we love

  • This is a super toy for imaginative play
  • In addition to the 3 songs, the guitar plays other sound effects

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the guitar was equipped with volume control
Minnie Bow-Tique Rockin' Guitar (Best Quality Option)

3Melissa & Doug Minnie Wooden Mix & Match Dress-Up (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

This Minnie dress-up toy never gets old. The compact wooden box houses a model Minnie and an assortment of clothing and accessory options. Your child will have hours of fun mixing and matching Minnie’s stylish wardrobe. The set comes with a whopping 18 different wooden pieces to mix and match with. This is a super toy for taking with you on the go; just pack up Minnie’s outfits in the compact wooden box and it will keep your child occupied in the car, at restaurants, or anywhere he/she becomes easily bored. The high-quality wooden pieces are durable and will last for years to come.

What we love

  • Hands-on play improves dexterity
  • Children will use their imagination to style Minnie’s next outfit

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the carrying tray had a lid that seals shut
Melissa & Doug Minnie Wooden Mix & Match Dress-Up (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

4Kid Trax Toddler Disney Minnie Mouse 6V Electric Quad Ride On Toy

This incredibly adorable Minnie Mouse motorized quad is perfect for riding both indoors and outdoors. Intended for 1½-3-year-olds, the quad can sustain weights of up to 45 pounds. The quad is easy to operate for young children as it’s equipped with an easy-push button that gets the quad rolling! When in motion, the quad can reach speeds of 1.5 miles per hour. The quad comes with a rechargeable battery and charging adapter. Finally, the wheel’s rubber traction strips make for a safe and smooth ride. There’s no doubt that the adorable pink polka-dot and bow design of this toy will thrill your Minnie lover!

What we love

  • It promotes independence as the child can operate the quad by him/herself
  • The rubber wheels can ride over pavement, gravel, and grass

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish it came in a 2-seater option
Kid Trax Toddler Disney Minnie Mouse 6V Electric Quad Ride On Toy

5Disney Minnie Mouse - I'm Ready to Read with Minnie Sound Book

This precious Minnie Mouse book not only features your child’s favorite Disney character but also encourages reading skills, all at the same time! This well-made, hard-cover book follows the story of Minnie’s adventures in baking dog treats for Pluto. As your child follows the story he/she will match an image to a corresponding button that they can press to engage fun sounds. Not only do the sounds enhance the story’s plot, but they also encourage your child to focus and follow the words. Minnie’s character comes to life for readers as they engage with the 10 adorable sound buttons.

What we love

  • Encourages young readers to match written words to spoken words
  • Improves children’s focus

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pages are very thin and easily tear
Disney Minnie Mouse - I'm Ready to Read with Minnie Sound Book

6Disney Small Plush Minnie

This soft and cuddly plush Minnie Mouse is sure to be your child’s new best stuffie. Dressed in her iconic red and white polka dot dress and matching bow, this plush Minnie is a perfect replica of the cartoon character. Featuring well-detailed embroidered features, this Minnie toy is both high-quality and authentic. Minnie’s laced bloomers, white gloves, and yellow shoes finish her outfit perfectly. Your child will love snuggling Minnie to sleep, hanging out with her during the day, and taking her on adventures galore. This plush Minnie makes a great birthday gift or travel companion for children headed to Disney.

What we love

  • Plush Minnie is also available in her pink Bow-tique ensemble
  • A matching plush Mickey is also available for purchase

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish Minnie’s pet Figaro was included or available
Disney Small Plush Minnie

77 Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Minnie Mouse Preschool Scooter

Is your little Minnie fan ready to hit the streets with a new scooter? If so, this cute Minnie-themed three-wheel scooter is the perfect gift for him/her. This is a preschool-sized scooter that will teach your child to safely balance and steer. The deck of the scooter has an adorable Minnie image that looks up at the rider as they scoot. Additionally, the handlebars are adorned with silver tassels and a bright pink storage basket. The steel scooter frame is sturdy and the deck is non-slip. This is an excellent scooter for young Minnie fans to learn on.

What we love

  • Matching safety gear is available for purchase
  • The scooter comes with a limited lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish it was also available in the iconic Minnie red
7 Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Minnie Mouse Preschool Scooter

8Disney Minnie Mouse Boutique LCD Pop Musical Watch

Not only is this Minnie Mouse Musical Watch an adorable accessory, but it will also teach your child to tell the time. The watch is designed with busy and bright graphics depicting scenes from Minnie’s Bow-tique. Featured on the watch are Minnie Mouse and her pet Figaro, a polka dot wrist band with Minnie’s name, and a pop-up watch cover that reveals the digital time. The watchband is flexible, comfortable, and breathable. Additionally, the watch plays musical sounds with the touch of a button. Your child will love learning to read the time on this snazzy, light-up, musical, Minnie-themed watch.

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What we love

  • The watch’s button can be pushed to activate an LED flashing light
  • The watch is equipped with analog quartz movement

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It is not water-resistant
Disney Minnie Mouse Boutique LCD Pop Musical Watch

9Kid Safe Over The Ear Headphones

Have you ever seen a cuter headset? These Minnie Headphones are adorably reminiscent of the iconic Disney Minnie ears. The headphones are fully functional and highly fashionable. They are designed to mimic Minnie’s ears and her favorite red, polka-dot bow. The cushioned over-the-ear muffs are soft and comfortable and designed for long wear. The sound is impeccable; they deliver crisp, quality sound. The headphones are compatible with any 3.5mm audio device like iPads, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. Best of all, the headset is completely adjustable so your child can grow with it.

What we love

  • These are perfect for listening to music, movies, or virtual classrooms
  • The headphones are great for long car rides

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The body of the headset is fragile, so adjust with care
Kid Safe Over The Ear Headphones

10Disney Junior 7.5" Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Remote Control Car

The Minnie Remote Control Car is a fun way to teach your little Minnie fan hand-eye coordination. This licensed Disney toy features Minnie Mouse sitting in the driver’s seat of her snazzy hot-pink, convertible roadster. The remote control features simple button functions that are easily operated by small children. The two-button function will drive Minnie in a straight direction or spinning in 360° motion. This compact toy measures about 7 inches and is great for taking on the go. Notably, Minnie’s roadster can drive indoors or outdoors on smooth pavement. The Minnie Remote Control Car is so much fun to whiz around the neighborhood or race against other cars; either way, your child will love the bright Minnie graphics.

What we love

  • The toy is ready to play out of the box; no assembly required
  • It’s lightweight, weighing just over 1 pound

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the Minnie figure could come out to play
Disney Junior 7.5

11Minnie Mouse Music Mat Together is Better Electronic Piano Mat

The Minnie Mouse Music Mat is the combination of your child’s favorite Disney character, high-energy fun, and music galore. Your little Minnie fanatic will love the musical sounds he/she can produce by running, jumping, stomping, stepping, and moving their little bodies around. The interactivity of the mat will get their little hearts pumping as they discover the sounds the different keys will make. The mat is preloaded with a fun memory game that adds an educational feature to the toy. Conveniently, the mat is also preloaded with 5 tunes and 3 sound effects.

What we love

  • The mat depicts images of many of Minnie’s friends like Daisy & Figaro
  • Your child can dance along to preloaded songs or make their own music

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Batteries are required but are not included
Minnie Mouse Music Mat Together is Better Electronic Piano Mat

12Minnie Mouse 10" Fly Wheels Junior Cruiser Ride-on

Playing with this ride-on Minnie Cruiser is a fun outdoor activity that gets your kiddo outside and exercising. The adorable pink and white body, coupled with the big mint green wheels are the perfect backdrop to all of the Minnie Mouse decals. The 10-inch front wheel is designed to give children stability and balance as they pedal. What’s more, the cruiser is equipped with an easy-to-operate push-button that activates fun and exciting music as your little one cruises. The easy-grip handlebars, together with the low-to-the-ground seat make for a safe ride that prevents children from falling.

What we love

  • This is a good starter tricycle for young toddlers
  • It’s lightweight, weighing just over 5 pounds

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Assembly and decal placement required
Minnie Mouse 10

13Disney Minnie Mouse - Me Reader Electronic Reader and 8 Sound Book Library

This awesome Minnie Mouse Library comes complete with 8 hardcover books and an electronic reader that narrates the stories to your child. The stories follow Minnie and friends on their wild Bow-tique adventures. The books have colorful and familiar illustrations that your Minnie fan is sure to love. The system is easy enough for small children to operate by themselves. They simply match the book cover to the corresponding button/image and voila, the reader narrates the selected story. In addition to the narration, the reader also plays fun and surprising sounds that are sure to make your little one giggle.

What we love

  • The electronic reader encourages independent reading
  • The story sounds will help to improve reading comprehension

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The reader’s voice does not mimic the story characters
Disney Minnie Mouse - Me Reader Electronic Reader and 8 Sound Book Library

14Minnie Mouse Why Hello! Cell Phone

This precious handheld Minnie Cell Phone is packaged fun on the go! Easily portable, your child will love sticking it in his/her pocket, purse, or car seat cup holder just like mommy does. The toy cell phone has 3 large and easy-to-use buttons that reveal Minnie’s messages, songs, sayings, and sounds. The buttons are backlit for a fun touch of color and light. The hot pink body of the phone coupled with the Minnie ears and bow will make your child feel just like she’s using Minnie’s phone. The faux app decal has adorable images of Minnie and her friends in familiar scenes.

What we love

  • This is a perfect gift if you need something small
  • The Minnie Cell Phone fosters imaginative play

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the app decals were real working buttons
Minnie Mouse Why Hello! Cell Phone

1515 Disney Minnie Mouse Touch ScreenInteractive Smart Watch

This interactive touchscreen watch is your Minnie fan’s favorite new accessory. Loaded with both fun and functional features, this watch is the full package. Equipped with a selfie camera, games, a pedometer, voice recorder, stopwatch, clock, alarm, calculator, and more, this watch will keep your child busy all day long. Photos taken with the watch can be easily downloaded to other devices. The watch has a built-in side speaker that delivers crisp audio. The watch is also loaded with 10 fun and interchangeable Minnie Mouse faces. The hot pink watch band is flexible, breathable, and best of all, covered in adorable Minnie graphics.

What we love

  • The long-lasting battery will work all day for uninterrupted fun
  • The watch is delivered in a sleek gift box

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It would be great if Minnie spoke the time
15 Disney Minnie Mouse Touch ScreenInteractive Smart Watch

In Conclusion

Whether rocking Minnie’s Bow-tique guitar or playing with mix and match dress-up dolls, there’s plenty here for fans of Minnie Mouse to enjoy. She’s been around for over 90 years and kids today will have as much fun with her as we did when we were young.

Minnie is the original fashion icon, of course, so if you’re looking to treat yourself to something very chic, why not check out this 1920s style Classic Minnie Bean Plush, which takes her right back to her earliest appearances? 

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