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63 Gift Ideas To Make 14-Year-Old Girls Feel Special

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Sofia Lozenko
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Sofia Lozenko
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Sofia Lozenko
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As a kid, Sofia loved educational toys like board games, and she was also a big reader. Not much has changed since then — when she's not writing for TheToyZone, you can usually find her with a good book or stuck into a board game with her friends!
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When I think of the gifts I got at age 14, I remember a lot of duds. A Pippi Longstocking-themed jewelry stand meant for a much younger child, a girly handbag that wasn’t my style and countless “practical” gifts without an ounce of personality. 

Many of us have experiences like this and are justifiably anxious when picking out a gift for a young teenager. What if they hate it? What do today’s teens even like? These may be a few of the thoughts going through your head. 

At the same time, I can also remember a lot of treasured gifts I received around that age, including CDs from my favorite bands, books that taught me things in entertaining ways and my beloved drum set. The common denominator? In each case, the giver either knew me well or asked my parents what I was into so they could choose a gift that matched my passions. 

That’s why we have organized our list into categories based on interests 14-year-old girls may have, from science to sports to music to Marvel. Our selection is based on hundreds of reviews from real customers, so each option would make a great gift for a teenager somewhere. 

All you need to do is consider the girl you’re buying for and choose one to suit her. Not only will she love her gift, but the fact that you considered who she is will make her feel special.

Best Gifts For Gamers

1. Game Controller Handle Mug

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, everyone enjoys a hot beverage. So if you’re buying for a gamer teen, you can’t go wrong with this cool Game Controller Handle Mug. This durable mug features a video game controller as a handle and displays the familiar GAME OVER screen on the mug itself. It’s cute and functional and celebrates her love of gaming, so it’s a sure winner.

1 Game Controller Handle Mug

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love video games and hot drinks.

2. Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Every Switch player knows the importance of keeping their console protected, but they don’t all have such a convenient and stylish case for doing so. This Nintendo Switch carrying case makes bringing your Switch and all its accessories easy and worry-free. The durable EVA shell with soft microfiber lining protects it from falls, dust and scratches, so teens can rest assured their beloved console is safe and sound.

2 Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

💡 Tip: Is Animal Crossing her favorite game on the Switch? Then she’ll love this adorable charm bracelet featuring all the villagers.

3. Meta Quest 2 – Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset

If you want to impress the gamer girl in your life, this virtual reality headset should do the trick. With cutting-edge processing power and display to make the experience all the more real, this VR headset will make her the envy of all of her friends. And it’s not just for gaming – she can watch movies and concerts and feel like she’s in the midst of them too.

3 Meta Quest 2 Headset

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love getting immersed in the game.

Gifts For Board Game Lovers

4. Exploding Kittens Card Game

Taco cats, weaponized back hair, unicorn enchiladas and, of course, exploding kittens – you’ll find all these and more in this weird and wonderful card game. Made by the creator of The Oatmeal comics, this is a game for teens who enjoy absurdity, quick high-tension games and lots of puns. It is essentially a version of Russian Roulette with some strategy woven in, and it’s a crowd-pleaser.

4 Exploding Kittens Card Game

💡 Tip: If she already has Exploding Kittens and loves it, get her some fresh fun with Zombie Kittens.

5. How Am I Weird Card Game

A version of Cards Against Humanity for under 18s, this game will have teens guffawing their guts out. It’s made up of Life Cards, which propose weird scenarios you find yourself in – like an old lady asking to sit on your shoulders – and Comeback Cards, which let you out-weird her with a hilarious response. For real weirdos, there are also Weirdo Cards where you can create your own bizarre answers.

5 How Am I Weird Card Game

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love out-weirding everyone.

6. Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020

Trivial Pursuit is meant for everyone, but it can be challenging for teens who haven’t accumulated a lot of random knowledge yet. This version of the game is just for them, as it’s packed with questions only relating to the last decade. With 1800 questions about pop culture from the 2010s and categories like Bingeworthy and Break the Internet, teens can enjoy defeating older family members for once.

6 Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love pop culture trivia.

Best Gifts For Science Lovers

7. Sarblue Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope for Beginners with Phone Adapter

Open the doorway to the heavens for your astronomy-obsessed teen with this Sarblue Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. It’s designed for beginners, meaning it is easy to use and features a lid on the telescope tube, allowing you to see its internal structure. It also boasts quality optical components that provide crisp views of the moon and planets, and even a phone mount so teens can take pics from their stargazing sessions.

7 Sarblue Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love stargazing.

8. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Ever wondered how long humanity would last if there was a robot apocalypse? Or what would happen if you hit a baseball pitched at 90% of the speed of light? Now you and the teen in your life can find out. From the creator of the XKCD comics, this book provides scientific answers to the most random questions. Complemented with Munroe’s signature comics, it is both hilarious and enlightening.

8 What If Book

💡 Tip: Want more answers to absurd hypotheticals? Check out What If? 2.

9. Rosa Vila Happiness Serotonin Molecule Necklace

A simple pendant is a jewelry box staple and this one is perfect for girls interested in chemistry. This silver necklace is a beautifully understated model of a serotonin molecule – a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our eating and sleeping patterns and keeping us happy. Whether it reminds teens to care for themselves or cheers them up, it will surely promote happiness, just like serotonin.

9 Rosa Vila Happiness Serotonin Molecule Necklace

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love chemistry just as much as they love jewelry.

Best Gifts For LEGO Builders

10. LEGO 10281 Icons Bonsai Tree Set

Far from a kiddie LEGO set, this beautiful bonsai tree will elevate your teen’s bedroom decor once it is built. It’s rated 18+, but if your teen is up for a challenge, it is extremely satisfying to build. The completed build is gorgeous and emanates the serenity of a Japanese garden. You can replace the green leaves with pink cherry blossoms in springtime.

10 LEGO 10281 Icons Bonsai Tree Set

💡 Tip: If she’s more into succulents than bonsai, this adorable set is a great alternative.

11. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons 76391

The ultimate splurgy gift for Potterheads, this Collector’s Edition LEGO set is sure to get any fan’s heart fluttering like Hedwig’s wings. With 3,010 pieces, this set is so detailed that you have to get close to realize that it’s LEGO. It consists of a collection of iconic artifacts, including Harry’s glasses, Tom Riddle’s diary, the Snitch, a stunning Hedwig model and more, all collected into one exquisite ensemble.

11 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons 76391

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love Harry Potter.

12. LEGO 31208 Art Hokusai 

Japan-ify your teen’s bedroom with this 3D LEGO recreation of Hokusai’s iconic Great Wave painting. Perfect for fans of art, Japan and LEGO, this is a great option for teens with limited display space as this one goes on the wall. With 1,810 pieces, the finished creation is just as eye-catching from far away as exquisite up close.

12 LEGO 31208 Art Hokusai

💡 Tip: Hang up your beautiful LEGO creation in style with a protective display case designed just for it.

Best Gifts For Active Girls

13. Manduka X Yoga Mat

Though originally designed for yoga sessions, today, yoga mats are used by fitness fans of all types, from strength trainers to cardio crushers to sports players who need to stretch. So whether your 14-year-old is a yogi or enjoys working out, she needs a good mat. And with its high-density cushioning combined with the ultimate grip and eco-friendly construction.

13 Manduka X Yoga Mat

💡 Tip: Another essential for sporty girls is a good quality water bottle, like this one from Nalgene, complete with a water filter and cool graphic design.

14. Rio Roller Script Roller Skates

Roller skating is fun no matter your age, so if the kid you’re buying for is a bit of a risk taker, she will love these. With an immaculate design and pastel aesthetic, these are perfect for adventurous girls who like cute things. Whether she’s skating around the backyard, neighborhood or park, these will protect her feet and add a pop of style as she perfects her figure 8s.

14 Rio Roller Script Roller Skates

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love pumping that adrenaline in style.

15. PRO-SPIN Table Tennis Bats 2 Player Set

Does your teen get serious about table tennis matches and love practicing her serve? Let her feel like a pro with these high-performance Pro-Spin table tennis bats. With 1.8mm padding for added control and spin and ultra-smooth, ergonomic handles, they will have her playing like a pro too. The bats come with three durable balls and a 1-year warranty, so there is no need to worry about breakage.

15 PRO SPIN Table Tennis Bats 2 Player Set

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love table tennis. 

Best Gifts For Young Artists

16. 30-Piece Sketching Pencil Set

Whether she likes to sketch things around her, draw from her imagination or faithfully recreate her favorite characters; this sketching set is a surefire win for teens who love to draw. With the full range of graphite pencils plus quality charcoal pencils, blenders and other essentials, this set has everything teens need to get sketching. Plus, it all rolls up into a convenient carry bag for doodling on the go.

16 30 Piece Sketching Pencil Set

💡 Tip: With all those pencils, she’ll need something to sketch in – enter this excellent quality spiral bound sketch pad.

17. Famous Painting Patterned Art Socks

Cute socks are the perfect way to give an everyday outfit a pop of “you”, so these patterned art socks are a great gift for art-loving teens. Each set comes with five pairs depicting an iconic painting from art history so she can show off her art appreciation. Plus, made from a combination of cotton, acrylic and spandex, these socks are as comfy as they are stylish.

17 Famous Painting Patterned Art Socks

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love art history.

18. Art Supplies Box Easel Sketchbox Painting Storage Box

Every aspiring painter needs an easel, and this one is perfect for teens who like to paint on the go, as it doubles as a carryable supply box. Whether she wants to paint beautiful landscapes or simply take her paints on vacation. And with its sturdy construction, comfortable positioning and adjustable canvas size, this is everything you could want in an easel.

18 Art Supplies Painting Storage Box

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love painting.

19. Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy 

While leather-bound notebooks are beautiful, sometimes their pristine pages curtail creativity because you’re scared of ruining them. This journal solves that problem by encouraging users to wreck it, like painting with coffee and poking holes in pages. Perfect for creative experimenters and perfectionists alike, this journal is packed with prompts to help break down walls and let out your messy inner well of creativity.

19 Wreck This Journal

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love self-expression and creative exploration. 

Best Gifts For Girls Who Love the Outdoors

20. Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition

Throw Throw Burrito has become a cult classic in hilariously absurd games. From the creators of Exploding Kittens, it is essentially a form of dodgeball crossed with a card game. The outdoor edition features giant inflatable burritos and makes the dodgeball portion of the game a lot more fun, as it allows for more vigorous burrito throwing and athletic dodging.

20 Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Outdoor Edition

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love card and yard games.

21. Portable Hammock Chair

Being 14 can be stressful and overwhelming and teens sometimes need space to decompress. Sure, she may have her room, but a hammock might be an even more welcome sanctuary if she loves being outdoors. This one is a great choice because it’s a breeze to set up, take down and transport wherever you want, as well as being lightweight, comfortable and super durable.

21 Portable Hammock Chair

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love relaxing outdoors. 

22. Osprey Daylite Hiking Backpack

Take on the mountains in style with this awesome Osprey Daylite Hiking Backpack. With a 13-liter capacity and multiple compartments, this backpack is perfect for moderate hikes or daily use as a school bag. Its mesh-covered foam back, adjustable sternum and hip straps make it comfy to carry. Its cosmic red color will make teens stand out in a crowd (of people or trees).

22 Osprey Daylite Hiking Backpack

💡 Tip: Staying hydrated is essential, so this Osprey Lightweight Water Reservoir can be a perfect accessory to add to the hiking backpack.

Best Gifts for Girls Who Love Tech & Gadgets

23. Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fun, functional and adorable, this portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for kids who love gadgets, gaming and music. With 10w high-performance drivers, this little speaker pumps out an impressive volume. But thanks to its LED screen, where you can create pixel art and play classic arcade games, it’s much more than a speaker. The screen is also handy for displaying a clock face or album, so it’s a win-win-win.

23 Divoom Ditoo

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love music and classic games.

24. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

The Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer, is a crowd-pleasing gift that virtually any teen girl would love. I mean, who doesn’t love capturing memories and watching them become material in real-time? Unlike a traditional Instax, this printer allows teens to print photos they take with their smartphone. With Instax Air, they can also add some creative flair to their pics by adding doodles, stickers or frames.

24 Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

💡 Tip: Add these sheets of film to your gift to ensure she doesn’t run out anytime soon.

25. Boodlab Bluetooth Headphones + Sleep Mask

Drifting off to the melodies of your favorite songs can be wonderful, but you shouldn’t sleep with earphones in. That’s where the Boodlap Sleep Headphones come in, with the addition of a comfy memory foam sleep mask so you can shut out the world outside. This little gadget is perfect for teens who struggle with sleeping or simply want to disengage from their noisy families.

25 Boodlab Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleep Mask

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love falling asleep to music.

Gifts for Book Lovers

26. Enno Vatti 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This scratch-off poster depicts 100 must-read classic books, from The Secret Garden to Slaughterhouse 5 to A Game of Thrones, plus original images to illustrate them. Teens get to scratch off a picture every time they read a book, so they can show off their literary prowess. At 14, they probably haven’t read many of these yet, but this poster will help inspire them about what to read next.

26 Enno Vatti 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love classic books from the past and present.

27. Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

It’s wonderful to spread the joy of reading by lending out your books, but there’s nothing worse than people who never return them. Here to save the day is this personal library kit, which allows teens to keep track of the books they’ve lent and remind the borrowers to return them. Complete with checkout cards, adhesive pockets and a date stamp; this is an ingenious gift for book-collecting kids.

27 Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

💡 Tip: Bookmarks are always a welcome gift for bibliophiles, and these adorable sprout ones can both mark your place and keep a book open on a certain page. 

28. Book Themed Purse for Literary Lovers 

Let your teen showcase her love of literature with one of these cute but classy book-themed purses. These purses look like hardcover books made from vegan leather with a cream inner to mimic pages. The straps are removable and adjustable, making them perfect for any occasion – not just a book launch. Plus, with 26 different options, there is sure to be one she’ll love.

28 Book Themed Purse for Literary Lovers

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love reading and showcasing that love.

Best Gifts For Marvel Fans

29. Ravensburger Marvel Villainous Infinite Power Board Game

If the teen you’re buying for loves strategy board games as much as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this game will surely be a slam dunk. In this card drafting game, players take the role of villains and face off against the MCU’s mightiest heroes from a shared Fate deck. Featuring beautifully crafted counters and gameplay that encourage storytelling, this is a villainously immersive game.

29 Ravensburger Marvel Villainous Infinite Power

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love strategy board games.

30. LEGO 76223 Marvel Nano Gauntlet

Fans of Marvel and LEGO will have a blast building this detailed model of the Nano Gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame. Rated 18+, this is a challenging but satisfying build with clear instructions. Once completed, the gauntlet looks magnificent and will be a great addition to any Marvel fan’s bedroom. It even features jointed fingers, so teens can pose it however they like.

30 LEGO 76223 Marvel Nano Gauntlet

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love the Avengers and LEGO.

31. Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook

Fans love to imagine themselves inhabiting the universe of their favorite characters, and there’s no better way to do that than cooking dishes inspired by them. This recipe book is packed with creative dishes inspired by Marvel Superheroes, from Dazzler’s Glittering Pizza Bagels to Green Goblin Pumpkin Bombs. The recipes run the gamut from comfort food to fine dining, but they’re always fun and delicious.

31 Marvel Eat the Universe The Official Cookbook

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love cooking up a storm. 

32. Baby Groot Decorative Plant Pot

Baby Groot is one of the cutest characters to emerge from the MCU, so it’s hard to go wrong with a Groot-themed gift. This genius decorative ceramic plant pot features Baby Groot’s head, with a fake plant emerging to look like hair. Teens can keep the fake plant so it doesn’t require upkeep, put a real one in, or even use it as a pencil holder.

32 Baby Groot Decorative Plant Pot

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love plants and Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

33. The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

A great budget-friendly option, this informative but whimsical book is perfect for girls fascinated by everything with four legs (or wings, fins or tentacles.) In the Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts, you’ll learn that owls have three eyelids, bees never sleep, penguins laugh when tickled, and so much more. Captivating illustrations accompany all the facts and are sure to entrance animal enthusiasts of all ages.

33 The Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts

💡 Tip: If she loves prehistoric animals, the Illustrated Compendium of Animals of a Bygone Era may be more her cup of tea.

34. Bird Call Whistle

For teens who prefer learning about animals of the feathered variety in a hands-on way, this bird call whistle is the perfect affordable gift. With this nifty gadget, the bird lover in your life can attract a variety of songbirds just by twisting the handle. It is handmade from birch wood and cast zinc; it’s a beautiful little whistle that is the perfect companion for hikes, camping trips and nature excursions. 

34 Bird Call Whistle

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love bird watching. 

35. Zoology: Inside the Secret World of Animals

If you like the idea of an informative animal book but want more depth, check out this visual encyclopedia in association with the Smithsonian Institute. The book takes you on a fascinating and thought-provoking journey through the animal kingdom, where you’ll learn about animals of all kinds. You’ll also see spectacular wildlife photography on every page, depicting the majesty of nature in extraordinary detail.

35 Zoology Inside the Secret World of Animals

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love learning about animals.

Best Gifts for Girls Who Like to Write

36. The Writer’s Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the ‘Write’ Side of Your Brain

Even successful authors sometimes need a little push to get their creative juices flowing. The Writer’s Toolbox provides just that, making it a fantastic gift to encourage the aspiring author in your life. Brimming with fun and surprising exercises to kickstart your right brain, this book is the perfect way to get teens started on their writing path. And whenever they get stuck, they can come back to it.

36 The Writer s Toolbox

💡 Tip: Another great book to inspire budding writers, The Five-Minute Writer helps them establish a writing practice with just 5 minutes a day.

37. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set

Every writer needs a good pen for everyday use or special occasions. This fountain pen set from Wordsworth will make her feel like a writer and show her that you take her passion seriously. Its perfectly balanced metallic design adds a touch of grown-up elegance to her writing sessions and comes with six refill cartridges and a luxurious leather pen case.

37 Wordsworth Black Fountain Pen Set

💡 Tip: Round out the perfect writing gift with this gorgeous vintage PU leather notebook.

38. QWERKYTOYS Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Keyboard with Tablet Stand

Does the teen writer in your life prefer the tapping of keys to the scratch of the pen? With this typewriter-inspired retro keyboard, she can begin writing the Great American Novel with all the benefits of modern technology. Compatible with Mac, Android and iOS tablets and accommodating multiple devices simultaneously, it’s the perfect balance of vintage and modern, making it the ideal gift for the next flash fiction sensation.

38 QWERKYTOYS Qwerkywriter

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love clacking keys and vintage tech.

Best Gifts for Movie Lovers

39. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This is the movie version of the 100 Books scratch-off poster we described earlier, so if you’re looking for a gift for a teen film buff, you’ve found it. Featuring 100 top-rated movies of all time, teens will have a blast scratching and revealing the movies they’ve seen. Plus, they can look forward to scratching off the others as their cinematic experience progresses.

39 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love classic films from the past and present.

40. Cinephile: A Card Game

Mix together movie night and games night with Cinephile, a fun movie-themed card game. Players can show off their film knowledge in various games to suit casual moviegoers and hardcore film geeks or even make up their own rules. Cinephile teens will have fun racking their brains for movie trivia, oohing and aahing over the stunning artwork on the cards.

40 Cinephile A Card Game

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love showing off their movie knowledge. 

41. GooDee Portable Projector for iPhone

Take your teen’s movie nights to the next level with this nifty portable projector. As it’s compatible with smartphones and tablets, teens can watch anything from movies to YouTube videos without a computer. It’s also extremely portable, so they can take it to sleepovers or camping trips. And while it provides excellent visuals, the projected LED light is extremely gentle on the eyes.

41 GooDee Portable Projector for iPhone

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love movie nights. 

42. Movie Theater Cinema  Pillow Cover Set of 4

These cute movie theater themed pillow covers make a great addition to any cinema-loving girl’s bedroom. The set includes four high-quality, machine-washable covers that scream “cinema”, so much so that you can almost taste the popcorn. Decorative pillows are a great way to add both comfort and personality to a room, which will turn your teen’s bedroom into her own movie den. 

42 Cinema Pillow Cover Set

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love anything movie-themed.

Best Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

43. SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine

Recently, there has been rising awareness about the environmental harms of fast fashion, so eco-conscious fashionistas will jump at the chance to make their own clothes. Singer is the gold standard in sewing machines and this one boasts all the features that make it easy to use. This is a hands-on gift, so it’s best for crafty teens who love expressing themselves in what they wear.

43 SINGER Sewing Machine

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love crafty fashion.

44. Sprout Pencils Graphite Plantable Pencils with Flower, Herb & Vegetable Seeds

Eating more in tune with the seasons is a key part of sustainability, and it starts at home. By growing their own veggies and herbs, environmentally conscious teens can connect to the earth and have some yummy fresh things to supplement dinner. The fact that the seeds come in a pencil is a fun twist and turns planting them into a novelty experience rather than a chore.

44 Sprout Pencils Graphite Plantable Pencils

💡 Tip: Set her up for success when she plants those pencils with these biodegradable seed starter pots.


Becoming zero waste is the ultimate goal of every green girlie, and this kit will take her a good way down that path. You’ll find four beeswax food wraps, three produce bags, four zip-locking bags and six stainless steel straws – all reusable and non-toxic. Now she can kiss plastic goodbye and support nonprofits fighting the climate emergency as that’s where a portion of the profits go.


😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love saving the planet.

Best Gifts for Music Fans

46. Donner Concert Mahogany Wood Ukulele Beginner Kit

14 is a common age for kids to express interest in playing guitar and while you can go that route, a ukelele is a great way to test the waters. If she enjoys it, she can keep honing her skills or graduate with a guitar. This quality ukulele is made from mahogany and makes a rich yet clear sound. It also comes with free lessons to get her started.

46 Donner Concert Mahogany Wood Ukulele Beginner Kit

💡 Tip: Supplement your gift with an instrument stand so she can safely display her beautiful new ukulele and keep it at hand for practice sessions.

47. LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster DIY Guitar Model Building Set 

There’s a LEGO set for every interest imaginable and this one is perfect for rock music fans. With this set, teens can build a breathtakingly realistic model of the iconic Fender Stratocaster and a Princeton Reverb amp complete with a motherboard. Plus, kids can make this guitar their own thanks to the poseable whammy bar, tuning pegs, Fender logo stickers, and the option to build it in red or black.

47 LEGO 21329 Ideas Fender Stratocaster

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love LEGO and rock music.

48. Songwriter’s Journal

If the 14-year-old in your life has the gift of words and music, perhaps she’d like to try her hand at songwriting. This Songwriter’s Journal is a fantastic way to get her started, as it includes songwriting tips and prompts, plus wise words from master songwriters. It also features a mix of pages for lyrics, pages for music and fret diagrams so she can match words to chords.

48 Songwriter s Journal

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love writing and singing.

49. Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – USB DJ Controller

These days, making music isn’t just playing a musical instrument — it can also be remixing tracks, looping them and fading between them. With this awesome USB controller, your music-mad teen can become a DJ in her own bedroom. The Numark touch has everything teens need to turn any room into an age-appropriate dance club, featuring two DJ decks with a crossfader, touch capacitive jog-wheels and pitch faders.

49 Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – USB DJ Controller

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love remixed tracks and dance parties. 

Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

50. One Piece Monopoly Board Game

There are innumerable versions of Monopoly, some good, some bad, but this One Piece edition is a winner. The rules are the same as the original, but the game features custom play tokens, a stunning game board and cards featuring One Piece locations like Bellamy and Luffy. It’s the ideal gift for girls who love this classic anime as much as they love board games.

50 One Piece Monopoly Board Game

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love One Piece and board games.

51. How to Draw Anime and Manga

If the teenager in your life is an anime fan and an aspiring artist, she’s probably already tried sketching her favorite characters. If so, she will love this beginner-friendly, step-by-step guide to drawing anime and manga. From facial expressions to hairstyles to clothing, this book teaches all the basics so teens can build a foundation to perfect their mangaka skills.

51 How to Draw Anime and Manga

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love drawing their favorite characters. 

52. Anime Posters for Anime Wall Decor

For hardcore anime fans, this set of posters is the perfect budget-friendly gift. Each set comes with a whopping 50 6×4 inch cards, so your teen can turn her bedroom into an homage to anime. The images are printed on glossy cardstock and include key info about the anime depicted. As there are six options, you can pick one that features her favorites.

52 Anime Posters for Anime Wall Decor

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love anime merch and decor. 

Best Gifts They Can Use at School

53. Helix Pringles Pencil Case

This unique pencil case won’t go unnoticed at school and will put a smile on a teenage Pringle lover’s face. These pencil cases are remarkably realistic and available in three ‘flavors’: original, vinegar and sour cream. And as they are large enough for all her stationary needs and made from durable materials, they are convenient too. But be warned — they do tend to cause a desire to snack.

53 Helix Pringles Pencil Case

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love salty snacks and quirky accessories.

54. Risefit Waterproof Drawstring Gym Bag

This waterproof gym bag will add a touch of style to any girl’s gym class or sports practice. Thanks to the roomy interior and double layer of water-resistant fabric, her stuff will be safe from locker room splashes, poolside puddles and pouring rain. It also makes a great backpack for hikes, beach trips or even sleepovers and with 17 awesome designs, there’s guaranteed to be one she’ll love.

54 Risefit Waterproof Drawstring Gym Bag

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love playing sports in style.

55. 12 Pieces Cute Cat Pens

Whether she’s a cat lover or just adores cute stationary, these kawaii cat pens will surely make her squeal joyfully. One package contains 12 0.5mm pens with smooth-flowing, gel-style ink so she can enjoy writing with them and looking at them. The cats even have little tails, making this an unbearably adorable, practical and affordable gift.

55 12 Pieces Cute Cat Pens

💡 Tip: Round out your cute stationary gift by placing the pens in this adorable cat pen pouch, with various designs.

56. Mini Portable Charger

Let’s be honest, 14-year-olds are not the best at remembering to charge their devices. Luckily, this mini portable charger can keep her battery up at school, hanging with friends or on a camping trip. This charger boasts advanced compression technology and is one of the smallest and lightest available while still providing multiple charges. So whether it’s to contact Mom or check on TikTok, she can stay connected.

56 Mini Portable Charger

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love their smartphone.

Best Gifts for Their Room

57. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair is a classic accompaniment to a teen bedroom, but this one from Big Joe elevates it to a place of style. With a range of unique removable covers, including faux shag fur, plush velvet and fuzzy fleece, these chairs are durable, ultra-trendy and luxuriously cozy. It features an incredibly comfortable structured design and’s the perfect addition to after-school hangouts with friends.

57 Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love cute and cozy comfort. 

58. Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer

If your 14-year-old is always losing her phone, pens, snacks and god knows what else in her bed, she needs this bedside shelf organizer. Especially perfect for girls who sleep in bunk beds or share a room, this shelf will keep all her trinkets in one handy place. Plus, it mounts to the wall with strong double-sided tape and should stay sturdy as long as you need.

58 Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love lounging in bed. 

59. Sioloc Flower Pillow

Let the teen in your life embrace flower power with these adorable flower-shaped throw pillows. There is a range of pastel colors and sizes up to 29.5 inches, any of which will add a cute and unique pop to a teenage bedroom. Plush corduroy covers and soft but firm stuffing make excellent floor pillows or additions to a couch or bed.

59 Sioloc Flower Pillow

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love everything cute and girly. 

60. The Light Garden Lighted Willow Vine

It’s hard to find a 14-year-old girl who doesn’t love fairy lights and this Lighted Willow Vine takes that concept to an even more magical place. The vine can be twisted into any shape she likes, whether a creeping vine, a magical tree bower, or even a 3D structure. The lights give off a lovely warm glow and will instantly turn her bedroom into an enchanted haven.

60 The Light Garden Lighted Willow Vine

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love the enchanting nature-inspired decor.

Best Gifts They Can Wear

61. KIEKIECOO Cute Aesthetic Frog Sweatshirt

Keep her warm with this frog sweatshirt in kawaii style. With its white collar, oversized shape and anime-style frog graphic, this sweatshirt has an understated preppy cuteness that is hard to resist. It also comes in various colors and styles, so you can choose the perfect option for the frog lover in your life. It’s comfy and well-made and best of all, it has pockets.

61 KIEKIECOO Cute Aesthetic Frog Sweatshirt

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love a cute and preppy aesthetic. 

62. MTV Retro Logo Graphic T-Shirt

Fashion inspired by the 80s and 90s is all the rage right now and what better way to celebrate retro style than with an MTV Logo T-shirt? 14-year-olds may not have grown up watching MTV, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate the look. This T-shirt comes in a few different color options and is made from high-quality fabric with a soft and comfy feel.

62 MTV Retro Logo Graphic T Shirt

😍 Great gift for 14-year-old girls who love 80s/90s fashion.

63. Reversible Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are the epitome of 90s street style, so they make awesome gifts for trendy teens. This quality option comes in many funky styles, including graffiti, cow print, tie-dye and much more. They stand out and are best for teens who like to go bold. As it is reversible, it’s essentially two hats in one, with a plain reverse side for a more versatile option.

63 Reversible Bucket Hat

💡 Tip: Love the bucket hats but think she’ll prefer a more girly design? Take a look at these cute options.

Frequently Asked Questions About 14-Year-Old Girls

🙋 What do you get a girl turning 14?

What you should get for a girl turning 14 depends on her unique personality and interests. At this age, teens explore their identities and try different things for size – but they likely feel strongly about their current passions. While your best bet is getting a gift in line with these, if you’re stumped, there are some safe options. 

For example, practically all 14-year-olds enjoy watching movies and taking photos, so it’s hard to go wrong with a portable projector or a Polaroid printer.  You can always pick something practical for school but try to err on fun and cute rather than boring.

🙋 What do 14-year-olds do?

14-year-olds do all kinds of things, just like grown-ups. They watch Netflix, listen to music, hang out with friends and study (occasionally). Gen Z teens also consume a lot of social media and document their lives via photos and videos. 

Because of the wealth of information they consume, today’s teens are more clued up about the world than previous generations. That translates to a greater concern about social and environmental issues and creates fertile ground for toxicity, bullying and anxiety. At the same time, 14-year-olds are still kids and enjoy playing games, laughing at silly jokes and playing the fool.

So… What Gift Should You Get?

While we hope we have given you some ideas, the ultimate decision is all yours. If you’re unsure, a good bet is to find out one of her interests and gift accordingly. For example, aspiring artists would love to receive a set of pencils, while techy teens will adore this pixel art bluetooth speaker, and a sewing machine is perfect for eco-conscious fashionistas.

Did you pick a gift that wasn’t on our list? If you think it should have made the cut, tell us about it.

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