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12 Best Chemistry Sets for Teenagers

Updated 3 February 2023

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge board game and Nintendo Switch fan, so she REALLY enjoys testing out and reviewing new games. She also likes to channel her inner kid to curate the absolute must-have items for our gift guides.

For many teenagers, anything that looks too much like school is likely to be viewed with suspicion, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t engage them with educational gifts like science sets. These can be lots of fun, as well as helping them to learn about how the world around them works.

These 12 chemistry sets are more than just bunsen burners and test tubes, they encourage teenagers to create volcanoes (and blow them up), make perfume, and study bacteria. To make sure these sets are safe and high quality, we’ve filtered out the fake reviews to only recommend ones that have been reviewed by real people.

Be sure to take a look at what we think are the best STEM kits for teens as part of our study we conducted in 2023.

14M KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit (Best Budget Option)

This Volcano Making Kit is the best chemistry set for teenagers and helps them learn how a volcano erupts. It comes with everything teens need to create a cool erupting volcano such as the plaster, volcano mold, and all the paint tools. All that parents need to provide is the baking soda and vinegar solution. It features straightforward instructions on how to get everything going so that teenagers can easily do this project on their own.

What we love

  • Teaches some of the basic principles of volcanology
  • Kids may use the volcano to erupt more than once

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The volcano is a bit on the small side
4M KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit (Best Budget Option)

2SmartLab Toys Tiny Science (Best Quality Option)

With this kit, teenagers can perform 20 different experiments. Because it is so compact, kids can take it with them on-the-go and perform fun experiments at a friend’s house. It includes a beaker, three test tubes, a stand, a Petri dish, a lid, a funnel, a graduated cylinder, an Erlenmeyer flask, a test tube, a magnifier, a pipette, a balance scale with three weights, a stainless steel ruler, a measuring scoop, and a miniature cabinet to fit it all in.

What we love

  • The manual is informative and features plenty of experiments to go through
  • It is easy to clean up

What We Don't Like That Much

  • All ingredients must be purchased separately
SmartLab Toys Tiny Science (Best Quality Option)

3Brisk Learner Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

A fun way to learn more about chemistry. Those in high school can find just as much use in this kit as premed students. The kit comes with a portable case that has a secure closing so it can travel with students. It also includes a 10-page instruction learning guide to help them learn how to construct molecules, understand organic structures, and more. There is also an A5 stencil so teens can draw molecular structures faster.

What we love

  • It is designed easy to assemble and the structures stay together well
  • A great kit for both beginners and those advanced in their understanding

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the pieces might not fit back inside the case the same way once taken out
Brisk Learner Organic & Inorganic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

4Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set

The Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set allows teens to build countless molecules using plastic atom models. There is an included app that they can use to take an image of their structures and identify the molecule. It will showcase detailed information about thousands of molecules capable of being constructed such as their properties and how they’re used. There are even guided chemistry tasks to complete inside the app.

What we love

  • The magnets are strong to hold the molecules together well
  • 50-atom set with 216 activities to complete

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The app camera scanner could be more sensitive to scan the molecules quicker
Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Complete Set

5Youniverse Create Your Own Sparkling Perfume Lab

The Create Your Own Sparkling Perfume Lab allows teens to make unique perfumes. Not only is this an exciting and fun project, but it is also a great way to learn more about science. Kids have to mix up different combinations and test and analyze them to create that perfect sweet fragrance. They can even write down their various recipes on the ingredient cards that come with the set.

What we love

  • It is a simple experiment that is straightforward to learn
  • It comes with three bottles so teens can make multiple perfumes

What We Don't Like That Much

  • There might not be too many different combinations that two fragrances can create
Youniverse Create Your Own Sparkling Perfume Lab

6Amazing Bacteria Science Kit

This kit comes with 10 pre-poured agar plates to get started right away. It also comes with 10 cotton sticks, a vial of water, and two plastic droppers. There are straightforward directions and an eBook project guide to help get students on their way. As this kit is so high in quality, it can easily be used for science fair projects.

What we love

  • This features straightforward instructions that are easy to understand
  • The agar plates are pre-poured to reduce the prep time and make them safer to handle

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It would help if it explained when first opened that the kit needs to be refrigerated right away
Amazing Bacteria Science Kit

7MEL Chemistry Starter Kit

The MEL Chemistry Set is an exciting subscription box for science lovers. A single subscription will give teens more than 80 different fun experiments to conduct. Inside the starter kit, they’ll get the necessary equipment to get started. Each subsequent box will come with two to three additional experiments about specific chemistry-related topics. They can grow a cool chemical creature, ignite iron wool, and grow crystals.

What we love

  • There are simple step-by-step instructions
  • There are cool VR experiments to make the learning process more fun

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Sometimes different subscriptions might include the same experiments
MEL Chemistry Starter Kit

8Science Academy Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Lab Kit

The Deluxe Bath Bomb Lab lets teens make cool bath bombs and discover a love of science at the same time. There are specialty ingredients and recipes to create eight different fragrances. This comes with various gem shapes to experiment with and different charms and coloring to make incredibly fun bath bomb surprises. Teens can create spherical, rectangular, and heart-shaped bath bombs and make them multicolored for a more thrilling reaction once they hit the water.

What we love

  • There are a good amount of ingredients to make a few small bath bombs
  • The bath bombs are easy to make and they work well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • There could be a bit more scientific details about how the bath bombs work
Science Academy Deluxe Bath Bomb Making Lab Kit

9Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000

The Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 is a fun kit that makes science learning fun through 250 experiments. Teens can experiment with saturated and unsaturated solutions, acids, and bases, make glow-in-the-dark substances, and even heat materials to make unique reactions. With hundreds of experiments, they can stay busy and learn in a cool, thrilling environment to supplement what they learn in school.

What we love

  • The guide features high-quality images for teens to refer to
  • The set is well-designed in terms of safety

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Many experiments require the use of ingredients that don't come with the set
Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000

10hand2mind Combustion Science Kit

The hand2mind Combustion Science Kit lets teens create exciting and lively experiments. There are 25 STEM projects to go through and 24 lab tools to use. Teens can create a cool lava lamp to use, a rocket balloon to send soaring, or even learn how to inflate a balloon without causing it to explode. It supports scholastic goals too while also providing a fun basis to get students more interested in science and chemistry.

What we love

  • Comes with a book that instructs kids on exactly how and why each chemical reaction occurs
  • This comes with quality-made lab equipment

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Many of the experiments require a lot of outside supplies and ingredients
hand2mind Combustion Science Kit

11Buki: Wizard Chemistry

This Wizard Chemistry set is a unique take on science as it explores the magical side of experimentation. It is the ideal gift set for any teen that has a love for all things magic. There are several accessories along with the cauldron to guide them through the projects while sticking to the theme such as chemicals, safety goggles, magical wands, and coloring. It comes with an illustrated instruction booklet that has step-by-step guides to create each experiment like making magic paint and slimy worms.

What we love

  • Teens can do 30 different experiments with this set
  • There are cool light and smoke effects that can make the experiments even more thrilling

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This could include more chemicals to make more experiments
Buki: Wizard Chemistry

124M Potato Clock DIY Green Science

The 4M Potato Clock is a cool classic experiment that uses potatoes to power up a digital clock. It tackles the amazing world of green science to highlight how valuable green energy is, making it one of the best chemistry sets for the budding science enthusiast. The kit comes with wires, prongs, and a digital clock. All that teens need to supply are the two potatoes to get the project going.

What we love

  • It is fun to put together and teens can try out different food items to power the clock
  • Teens can use it for school projects

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The digital clock may not always hold the set time
4M Potato Clock DIY Green Science