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6 Best Star Wars Nerf Guns

Updated 30 November 2020

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If your little Jedis’ are anything like us, you’ll know Star Wars is not only a franchise but a way of life. With the success of the new chapter in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian, a new wave of toys comes with it. Nerf guns are no exception. But which one will suit the younglings in your life? Do they lean towards the Darkside of the force or the Light? 

To help you choose the perfect weapon, we’ve compiled this list of the 6 best Star Wars Nerf guns in 2020. To make sure we’re giving you the best options out there, first, we looked at glowing recommendations from real people, then made sure these reviews were genuine and not written by Sith trolls. Lastly, we handpicked a range of top guns that will suit various budgets and interests. 

May the foam be with you.

1The Mandalorian Rocket Gauntlet (Best Budget Option)

This is one of the best Star Wars Nerf guns because it is designed to be small and compact. It straps to the kid’s arm which provides them with easy mobility in Nerf fights.

What we love

  • Comes with six Nerf Elite darts with the Star Wars logo on them
  • Helps to promote active play

We dont like this as much

  • Should come with more ammo

2Star Wars Nerf Han Solo Blaster (Best Quality Option)

This Nerf gun is designed to look like Han Solo’s blaster, and it is capable of shooting darts up to 70 feet away. This awesome blaster makes laser blast sounds when it is fired. It also comes with an internal clip and scope.

What we love

  • Compatible with GlowStrike technology
  • Includes four GlowStrike darts

We dont like this as much

  • The internal clip only holds up to four darts

3Star Wars Rogue One Nerf Captain Cassian Andor Blaster

This Nerf gun looks like Captain Cassian Andor’s blaster, and it comes with a total of three darts and instructions on how to use and load the gun. It is compatible with GlowStrike technology, and it fires one dart at a time.

What we love

  • A single-shot blaster
  • Makes laser blast sound effects

We dont like this as much

  • It requires AAA batteries, but it only comes with demo batteries

4Star Wars Nerf Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster

With this Nerf gun, kids can become a Stormtrooper. It has a removable scope, and it is capable of firing darts up to 65 feet away. The set includes 12 darts, a clip, the blaster, a stock, and a scope.

What we love

  • This is a clip-fed blaster model
  • Has slam-fire action technology

We dont like this as much

  • There are Stormtrooper accessories available, but they are sold separately

5NERF Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster

This is a Death Trooper Deluxe blaster from Star Wars: Rogue One, and it is capable of firing up to three darts in a row with pump-action blasting. It provides blast sound effects, and it has a removable stock and targeting scope.

What we love

  • Comes with six Elite GlowStrike darts
  • Makes realistic blast sound effects

We dont like this as much

  • The gun itself doesn't glow in the dark, only the bullets

6Star Wars Nerf Chewbacca Blaster

This Nerf gun resembles the blaster used by Chewbacca in Star Wars. It is capable of firing up to two darts at a time, and it can shoot darts up to 75 feet away. It comes with a scope and a storage stock.

What we love

  • Comes with a total of six GlowStrike darts
  • The perfect size and style to look like Chewbacca’s blaster

We dont like this as much

  • The storage stock only holds up to six darts at a time