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10 Best Indoor Slides for Kids

12 Best Indoor Slides for Kids in 2020
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Danny is the father of a 5-year-old who loves video games and a very active 2-year-old who is always playing outside. He has made plenty of mistakes buying toys in the early years of parenthood, so hopes he can help others avoid the same fate.
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Ask any kid, and they‘ll probably say that the slide is the most exciting feature of any playground. But what happens if it‘s pouring rain outside? Not to worry, you can always move the fun indoors! As well as the exhilaration of sliding to the ground repeatedly, indoor slides help kids learn how to maintain balance up and down steps and keep them away from the constant temptation of technology.

There are many slides on the market, so to help you choose the best one, we have compiled the 12 best indoor slides for kids. We thoroughly researched each one and filtered out any that had fake reviews, so you can be sure that parents genuinely recommend the slides featured here.

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1. Little Tikes First Slide – Best Budget Option

Little Tikes First Slip And Slide, Easy Set Up Playset for Indoor Outdoor Backyard, Easy to Store, Safe Toy for Toddler,Kids (Red/Blue), 39.00''L x 18.00''W x 23.00''H

This is one of the best indoor slides for kids because of the high-quality material it is made from and the simple assembly process it takes. As a bonus, storage is effortless. You have to fold it together, which makes it fit just about anywhere when not being played with.

What We Love:

  • It doesn’t require any tools to fold it down
  • The slide is 3 feet long.

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The handles on the slide could be bigger

2. Costzon Toddler Slide – Best Quality Option

Costzon Toddler Slide Playground Climber Set, 5 in 1 Slide for Kids with Basketball Hoop, Telescope, Crawl Through Space, Easy Climb Stairs, Kids Large Slide Playset Gift for Both Indoor Outdoor Use

This slide has a fun castle design with a small platform at the top to give kids better control. This is much more than a slide, however. With a crawl through space at the bottom, a mini toy telescope at the top of the castle, and a basketball hoop on the side, the fun never ends. 

What We Love:

  • Made from high-quality material that is easy to clean
  • It has an easy assembly process.

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • It has a basketball hoop, but it doesn’t come with the ball

3. Jupiduu – The Lovely Kids Slide – Best Eco-Friendly Option

Jupiduu Kids Slide - Toddler Indoor Wooden Slide for Living Room and Children's Room in White. Wood Slide for Toddlers Aged 1.5-4 Years

This slide has a simple design, and it is made of high-quality wood. The sides of the slide are raised at a higher point, which helps provide safety and stability as the kids ride down.

What We Love:

  • It has a unique yet very simple design
  • Easy to clean

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The foot-hole steps could be a little bigger

4. Step2 Sportstastic Activity Center

Step2 Sports-Tastic Climber – 3-In-1 Sports Activity Center Indoor/Outdoor Playset – Toddler Climber with Kids Slide, Basketball Hoop, Soccer Goal, & Tethered Baseball, Multicolor

This is the ultimate indoor slide for kids. It features a 3-in-1 sports situation, and it includes a way for kids to play basketball, tethered ball, and soccer. It is made from high-quality plastic, and each sports accessory has its storage place outside the slide.

What We Love:

  • Includes a basketball and bat
  • The mini slide is easy to reach and access

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • It includes a basketball, but the soccer ball is sold separately.

5. Baby Joy Folding Slide

Baby Joy Folding Slide, Indoor First Slide Plastic Play Slide Climber Kids (Floral Rail +Basketball Hoop)

This slide is designed with a stable base, and it is made from high-quality non-toxic, odorless materials, which makes it safe for all kids. Plus, it includes a small basketball hoop on the side, which will allow them to also enjoy sports at the same time as sliding.

What We Love:

  • Has bright, vivid colors
  • Steps can be adjusted depending on the height of the children

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The set does not include a basketball

6. Step2 Panda Climber

Step2 815999 Panda Climber

This playset is designed with a durable slide, and it is made of high-quality material that is built to last. It has holes in the side that act as steps to the platform, and the sides are easy to grab onto, which makes it easy for those with smaller hands to grasp.

What We Love:

  • The bottom of the playset has a hole for kids to crawl through
  • Easy to assemble

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The maximum weight for the playset is only 60 pounds.

7. Little Tikes Little Baby Bum Wheels on The Bus Climber and Slide

No products found.

This slide playset is cleverly designed to look like a bus. Kids can climb up into the driver’s seat and pretend to drive the bus or turn around and slide down and out the back of the bus. It is made from high-quality materials and provides a durable place for kids to play inside.

What We Love:

  • It has an interactive musical dashboard.
  • It is water-resistant, which makes it viable indoors and outdoors

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • It requires 2 LR44 button cell batteries, which can be difficult to find

8. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set, 4 in 1 Climber Slide Playset

Costzon Toddler Long Slide Set, 4-in-1 Large Climber Playset w/Basketball Hoop, Toss, Thickened Panel, Playground Swing for Indoor Outdoor Backyard 3-10 Gifts Presents

This ultimate playset is designed to provide kids with an indoor physical play option. It has easy-to-use stairs leading to the durable slide. There is even a cute swing and a basketball hoop for even more fun.

What We Love:

  • Swing has a safety bar in front for younger kids.
  • It comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions.

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • Bigger kids may shift sets while swinging.

9. Costzon Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set

Costzon Crawl and Climb Foam Play Set, Colorful 5 Piece Lightweight Foam Shape for Climbing, Crawling & Sliding, Safe Soft Foam Block for Preschoolers, Baby, Kids (Multicolor)

Unlike traditional slide playsets, this one comes with five large interactive play pieces that can be set up on the floor in different formations for numerous different play space possibilities. Each piece is made from high-quality foam and is lightweight with different colors.

What We Love:

  • Pieces are quite large and allow enough play space for cooperative play
  • Designed to be soft for those learning to get around

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The pieces can be challenging to clean
  • It could use a handle to help get up on the slide platform.

10. WHITSUNDAY Kids Slide

WHITSUNDAY Freestanding Climber Game Slide for Kids with Basketball and Hoop (Brachiosaurus Slide, Blue+Yellow)

This slide is designed to look like a brachiosaurus, and it is made from high-quality material that can be placed inside or outside. The non-skid surface is painted with bright and fun colors that will attract children and keep them entertained as they slide down the dinosaur’s long neck.

What We Love:

  • Steps are textured to be non-slip
  • It can be folded down without any tools for easy storage.

We Don’t Like This As Much:

  • The handlebars could be higher up

Sliding into Fun: Top Considerations for Buying an Indoor Slide for Kids

  1. Safety: Look for a sturdy slide with rounded edges and a non-slip surface. It should have handrails or side barriers to prevent falls.
  2. Space: Measure your area to ensure the slide fits without obstructing furniture or walkways.
  3. Age-appropriate: Choose a slide suitable for your child’s age and development.
  4. Weight limit: Check the maximum weight the slide can hold.
  5. Material and durability: Opt for a durable, non-toxic slide made of high-quality plastic or wood.
  6. Stability: Ensure the slide is stable and won’t wobble or tip easily.
  7. Assembly and portability: Consider easy assembly and disassembly if you need it to be portable.
  8. Design and features: Look for a slide with appealing colors or themes and bonus features like climbing walls or tunnels.
  9. Maintenance: Choose a slide that’s easy to clean and maintain.
  10. Reviews and recommendations: Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from other parents.

FAQ for Indoor Slides

Q: Are indoor slides safe for toddlers?


Yes, indoor slides can be safe for toddlers with proper precautions. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Age-appropriate design: Choose a slide designed for toddlers with lower heights, smaller steps, and safety features like handrails or side barriers.
  2. Sturdy construction: Ensure the slide is made of sturdy materials and has a stable base.
  3. Safe materials: Select a slide made of non-toxic materials that meet safety standards.
  4. Supervision: Always closely supervise toddlers while they use the slide.
  5. Clear play area: Keep the area around the slide free from obstacles or sharp objects.
  6. Weight limit: Check the slide’s weight limit and follow manufacturer guidelines.
  7. Proper installation: Assemble and install the slide according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Following these guidelines, indoor slides can provide toddlers with a safe and enjoyable play experience.

Q: What age is appropriate for using indoor slides?


Toddler Slides: Smaller indoor slides are designed specifically for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years. These slides typically have lower heights, smaller steps, and safety features suitable for younger children.

Preschool and Early Elementary: As children grow older, they can transition to slightly taller and more challenging slides. Preschoolers and early elementary-aged children, typically around 3 to 6 years old, can enjoy a wider range of indoor slide options designed for their age and development. The smaller slides will become far less fun for kids when they turn 5.

Older Children: Older children, ranging from 7 to 12 years old, may prefer larger, more adventurous outdoor slides that provide greater excitement and challenge. It’s important to consider your child’s individual capabilities, size, and maturity when determining if a particular indoor slide suits them. Always refer to the manufacturer’s age recommendations and guidelines to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your child while using an indoor slide.

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