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8 Best Baseball Games for Nintendo Switch

Baseball Games Nintendo Switch
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As a sport, baseball is full of highs and lows, moments of thrilling action and reflection and a lot of gameplay strategy and simple skill. This lends it perfectly to being recreated on the Switch where players are looking for relaxation, excitement and varied gameplay to keep them interested. 

And as baseball appeals to all ages, playing baseball on the Switch is the perfect family bonding activity and a new way to enjoy the game beyond watching tournaments and playing catch in the yard.

Surprisingly, there aren’t all that many Nintendo Switch baseball games out there, but the options are incredibly varied. To choose one that’s perfect for you or your favorite baseball fan, you’ll have to learn more about them — which is where we come in. 

We’ve collected all the best baseball games for Nintendo Switch into one list and provided helpful descriptions and a pros and cons list for each one. 

Do you want to strategize with your team over an entire season? Jump into authentic and lifelike action with MLB legends? Teach the little ones the ins and outs of the game? Or perhaps experience the thriving world of Japanese baseball? 

Either way, one of the options on this list will be a home run.

The Top 3 Baseball Games for Nintendo Switch

Instant SportsLittle League World SeriesBaseball Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2021 Grand Slam
instant sportslittle league world seriesBaseball Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2021 Grand Slam
BEST AGE7 years and above5 years and above10 years and above
❤️ PROSA fun game for the whole family, whether in single or multiplayer mode.It’s easy to learn but challenging (in the best way) to master.Over 10 game modes including the new “Championship” and”Grand Prix” mode.
💔 CONSIt uses one controller, so you have to keep passing it between players.The announcements and intros are a little cheesy.The game is in Japanese, so you may need to use Google Translate.
💵 PRICE$25.68$13.42Price not available

Those are our top 3 picks, but they won’t be perfect for everyone, so keep on reading to learn about our other awesome selections right off the bat. It isn’t a long list, so don’t skip it – you might end up missing out on the Switch baseball game of your life.

1. MLB 23 The Show 23

Do you want to step into the shoes of your favorite baseball stars and experience a game as if you’re really there? Then MLB 23 is the game for you. This game feels amazingly lifelike with its spectacularly realistic graphics, live commentary and audience reactions as you play. You’ll even notice that the background changes depending on what time of day you play. 

MLB 23 offers a range of fun game modes to try out. So whether you want to relive your favorite MLB moments or get an online tournament going with friends, the diamond is yours to conquer.

What We Love:

❤️ Highly realistic graphics that change according to the time of day
❤️ There’s a feeling of authenticity from the live commentary and audience reactions
❤️ Offers a range of fun ways to play including an online mode

What We Don’t Love:

💔 You need an internet connection to set up
💔 Not that much has been changed compared to previous editions

💡 Tip: If you love MLB 23 and are a soccer fan, too, you’re bound to enjoy FIFA 23.

2. Instant Sports

This one isn’t strictly a baseball game, as it offers six sports, including baseball, run ‘n jump, goalkeeper, tennis, bowling and rafting. But this makes it a fantastic family game, as does its simple gameplay and colorful graphics that even preschoolers can enjoy. And with the option for motion controls, it’s a great way to get everyone off the couch and moving around.

On top of the games themselves, kids will have great fun unlocking items and customizing their characters. There are also varied environments and different game modes, including a multiplayer mode that accommodates up to eight players.

What We Love:

❤️ A fun game for the whole family whether in single or multiplayer mode
❤️ Gets kids to exercise without them realizing
❤️ Lots of different games, environments and characters to choose from

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It uses one controller so you have to keep passing it between players
💔 Some customers found the music annoying

💡 Tip: Make every motion-controlled baseball game a hundred times better with these baseball bat handles for your joy-cons.

3. Little League World Series

Little League World Series is another excellent option for the little ones (that older kids can enjoy, too). However, there’s more to this game than meets the eye; it takes some skill to come out on top. There are 20 teams to choose from, each with its own unique stats, strengths and weaknesses to take advantage of and you can customize their look however you like.

Clearly, much thought has gone into both the single-player championship mode and 2 player tournament mode. Both modes are filled with action-packed, cinematic moments that will have your heart thumping.

What We Love:

❤️ It’s easy to learn but challenging (in the best way) to master
❤️ Includes 20 unique teams with their own unique stats, strengths and weaknesses
❤️ You can customize your characters however you like

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The announcements and intros are a little cheesy
💔 Not all customers found the game mechanics intuitive

4. Super Mega Baseball 4

As a baseball simulation, Super Mega Baseball 4 allows you to bat, catch and run your way to victory and act as a team manager to strategize an entire season. The game features over 200 former baseball pros, each with their own detailed traits – down to their team loyalty. You can play with legendary baseball teams or mix it up with your own unique roster.

In terms of presentation, Super Mega Baseball 4 is lightyears ahead of its predecessor. It also offers many cool new features and player traits to add fascinating layers to your team strategy.

What We Love:

❤️ Over 200 former pro baseball players at your disposal
❤️ Lots of details gives it an authentic baseball game feel
❤️ There are loads of new stadiums and player traits compared to the previous edition

What We Don’t Love:

💔 It can be a little glitchy at times
💔 The screen sometimes feels a bit too cluttered with information

5. MLB R.B.I Baseball 20

In RBI Baseball 20, you get to play as all the greatest MLB legends with a pick of over 165 players. Not only that, but you get to do so in a way that is so realistic you’ll be amazed it isn’t live-action. Everything about this game feels super authentic, from astoundingly realistic graphics to lifelike movements and perspective.

The newest edition of this awesome simulation game offers huge player mode improvements and better controls. You can also count on constant updates to the rosters and stadiums, adding to the real-time feel of the game.

What We Love:

❤️ Amazingly realistic graphics
❤️ Fun simulation game with 165+ pro baseball player characters
❤️ Offers weekly updates that keep expanding the rosters and stadiums

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Tricky to get the hang of as it doesn’t provide detailed gameplay instructions
💔 Hitting the ball is very difficult

6. Baseball Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2021 Grand Slam

One of this list’s most lifelike and immersive games is the Japanese import Baseball Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2021. With smooth graphics and smoother controls, this provides a gameplay experience like no other. There are also a whopping ten game modes to play, all of which make you feel like you’re right at the center of the action.

The only catch with this game is that it’s in Japanese, so you’ll probably sometimes need to pause for some Google translating. However, this minor inconvenience is worth it for one of the most exciting baseball games.

What We Love:

❤️ Over ten game modes, including the new “Championship” and”Grand Prix” mode
❤️ Extremely smooth graphics and controls
❤️ Both single and multiplayer modes are exciting to play

What We Don’t Love:

💔 The game is entirely in Japanese, so you may need to do a lot of Google translating
💔 There aren’t all that many additions compared to the 2019 version

7. RBI 18 Baseball

This is another option that feels exceptionally close to the real thing, but it’s a lot friendlier to young kids and beginners. As an earlier version of RBI 20, it also delivers incredibly realistic graphics and the sense that the characters and stadiums are real. Choose this over RBI 20 if you prefer something more straightforward, as it doesn’t have as many player traits to grapple with.

RBI 18 offers dynamic camera angles, a stunning UI presentation and high-fidelity MLB ballparks. Everyone can enjoy a realistic and strategic baseball sim, regardless of age or experience.

What We Love:

❤️ Amazingly realistic and smooth graphics
❤️ Fun for kids and adults and feels a lot like the real thing
❤️ You can get strategic by making trades, picking up agents and more

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Pitching and hitting seem to involve more luck than skill
💔 Takes quite a long time to load

8. Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu

Along with the USA, Japan is one of the baseball centers of the world, which explains this being the second Japanese offering on our list. This one has a very different vibe from the one reviewed earlier, with highly stylized anime-style graphics and much more fantastical action sequences. It’s sure to appeal strongly to kids and older baseball and anime fans.

This Japanese game offers several fun modes and gameplay options for up to four players. It is also based on the 2019 baseball season, so although the style is unbelievable, the gameplay feels very real.

What We Love:

❤️ Lots of different action-packed game modes to choose from
❤️ Beautiful anime-style graphics and fun characters
❤️ Fun way for kids to learn baseball that adults can enjoy too

What We Don’t Love:

💔 Everything is in Japanese
💔 There are only two school baseball clubs to choose from

Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Games for Nintendo Switch

🙋 Does Nintendo Switch have baseball games?

Nintendo Switch actually has several baseball games. In our list above, we’ve picked 8 of them as we believe they are the best. And although there are only eight, they offer a great variety of different gameplay options. 

Little kids can enjoy simple, colorful, action-packed simulation games with a highly authentic feel and strategic games where you put together rosters and trade players just like a real baseball league. 

So no matter what type of game you enjoy and what element of baseball you’d like to experience, you can do so via the Nintendo Switch.

🙋 Can 5-year-olds play Nintendo Switch?

5-year-olds can play Nintendo Switch, but only you can decide whether it’s appropriate for your 5-year-old. As long as you limit them to games marked Everyone and restrict their screen time, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with your kiddo playing Switch games. Also, set up parental controls so they can’t access the internet or play inappropriate games.

It’s important to note that the Switch is expensive, so if you’re worried about your 5-year-old breaking it, you might want to wait a while. 

But suppose you’re not too worried about breakage or screen time temptations. In that case, playing Nintendo Switch can be a great way to develop fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities and a fun family bonding activity.

So… What Baseball Game Should You Get?

That depends on what you find fun and what you’re looking for in a baseball game. If you want something simple the whole family can enjoy together, go for Instant Sports. If, on the other hand, you want complexity, realism and authenticity, one of the baseball simulation games might be ideal for you.

Whatever you choose, this list helps you find the perfect Nintendo Switch Baseball game for you. And if we missed any, please drop us a line.

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