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14 Batman Coloring Pages for Little Artists Obsessed With Batman

Header Batman Coloring Pages
Paul Allen
Written by
Paul Allen
Written by
Paul Allen
From train sets to Tamagotchis, Paul would spend hours as a kid playing with anything he could get his hands on. Nowadays, he researches the latest and greatest toys featured on TheToyZone, while dividing his free time between his Playstation and his Nintendo Switch.
Gisele Navarro
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Gisele Navarro
Edited by
Gisele Navarro
Gisele is the mother of an adventurous 2-year-old and a creative 5-year-old. When buying gifts for her kids, her number one focus is finding toys that they will both have fun with. Every toy she brings home is thought to be shared and enjoyed together - and that is no easy feat!
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Whether you know him as The Caped Crusader, Dark Knight or plain old Batman, the superhero vigilante has been cleaning up the gritty streets of Gotham in comics, cartoons and movies for over 80 years.

Like countless others, my memories start with that iconic theme tune that never fails to result in a BATMAN! warcry. While the POW! BIFF! and WHAM! motifs that littered the retro comic strips made the story jump off the page.

These days, we’re used to seeing a darker, more mysterious Batman figure. And not just because this superhero gets to work in the shadows. 

Film franchises such as Christoper Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy and Matt Reeves’s latest take, The Batman, haven’t shied away from going toe to toe with the most notorious underworld baddies. As Reeve claimed, “This movie, I think, is probably the scariest Batman that’s been done. Because the idea of what Batman’s doing — it’s scary.”

No matter what generation of Batman you resonate with, it remains a firm favorite amongst old and young fans alike. 

In light of the second installment of The Batman entering production this month, it’s about time we give the Bat-Verse a makeover, recreating 14 epic scenes and characters for you and your little ones to let loose on. 

Simply print off the super detailed, logo-free pages at home, reach for your pencils, pens or paint brushes and begin. Feel free to stick to the script with Batman’s dark demeanor or hark back to the color-filled cartoons, but remember to send us photos of your finished masterpieces.  

1. Batman in Gotham City

Early into his crime-fighting career, Batman knew he had to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham City’s most villainous crooks. Although he may have donned different looks over the years, I think this may be his scariest suit yet, with bulging biceps and his trademark piercing stare. 

1 Batman

2. The Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin, AKA Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, have experienced their fair share of pain, having both been orphaned at the hands of Gotham’s gruesome gangsters. Yet this shared fury turned them into a formidable force for good. See if you can bring the Dynamic Duo’s daring image to life.

2 Batman and Robin

3. Batman and the Batmobile 

Speed, stealth and style. Three words that can describe both Batman and his car. The Batmobile isn’t your everyday vehicle, however. The armored auto comes fully loaded with weapons and an impenetrable defense system. Oh, and did we mention it can transform into a motorbike-esq Batpod when car chases get a little too close for comfort.  

3 Batman and the Batmobile

4. Batman’s Throne

The king of crime fighting sits atop his throne, waiting to jump into action. A sight that is certain to make any hard-nosed Gotham thug quake in their boots. Whether you complete this image in a gothic style typical of the Bat-lair or choose to add a little bling in a regal riot of color is up to you.   

4 Batman waiting

5. Batwoman to the Rescue

Being a badass vigilante superhero must run in the family. Batwoman, aka Kate Kane (Bruce Wayne’s cousin), started their story as a glamorous Gotham socialite before becoming one of the most feared superheroes in the DC universe, with epic martial arts skills and a whole host of high-tech weapons.  

5 Batwoman

6. Robin’s Portrait

Holy Smokes, Batman! Where would you be without Robin? This page features everyone’s favorite sidekick, who has stuck by Batman’s side through thick and thin, providing hilarity and adventure along the way. Known for his standout red and green suit, this one is certain to be fun for color-lovers.  

6 Robin

7. Batgirl Ready for Battle

Despite famously stating, “This is why Superman works alone” it’s fair to say Batman would be lost without his Batfamily. Batgirl being no exception. Over the years, the mantle of Batgirl has passed onto various proteges, but perhaps none more iconic than Barbara Gordon, who exuded courage and cunning in equal measure.    

7 Batgirl

8. The Joker’s Laugh

When it comes to Gotham’s most notorious villains, none compare to The Joker. Arguably Batman’s most formidable foe, the deranged clown wreaks havoc for nothing more than his own pleasure. As one of the most colorful characters from the Batverse, this is one to really get creative on.

8 The Joker

9. The Bat Singal

When crisis strikes, Gotham City Police can call on the city’s Caped Crusader to come to their aid. But who needs a phone when you can send a beacon into the sky, illuminating the dark shadow world below.

9 Batsignal in the clouds

10. Batwoman Visits Wayne Manor

Wayne Manor is known for its spectacle and splendor. During the Dark Knight Trilogy, the charming Wollaton Hall in Nottingham, England, provided the setting of Batman’s stately home. Yet there’s more than meets the eye with this mega-mansion. Lying beneath is the Batcave, an underground lair and state-of-the-art HQ for Batman to prepare and plan his crimefighting adventures. 

10 Batwoman

11. The Man Behind the Mask

In all the mystery that surrounds Batman, it’s easy to forget there is an ordinary man under the mask (well, kind of ordinary). Bruce Wayne is often dismissed as a carefree billionaire with too much money for his own good. Little do they know the lengths he goes to to keep their city safe, however. 

11 Bruce Wayne

12. Batman Soaring in the Sky

Batman has taken us on countless crime-fighting adventures and knows a thing or two about sneaking up on his enemies. One thing is for sure: if you catch a glimpse of him flying through the Gotham skies, it’s about to end badly for some down-and-out baddy. 

12 Batman flying over Gotham

13. Catwoman Portrait

Super stealthy and super slick, Catwoman is someone you definitely don’t want to cross paths with. Now that her villainous roots have made way to create the most awesome antihero, it’s hard not to love her unique vigilante style. We all know that Batman is a big fan anyway. Who would’ve thought Bats and Cats would get along so well? 

13 Catwoman

14. Snacktime! 

Beating up baddies all day is enough to make anyone hungry. The ferocious defender of Gotham City is taking a well-earned break before getting back to business. What he’s eating is up to debate; maybe it’s a healthy snack… or maybe it’s delicious nachos! 

14 Batman having a snack

Did We Miss Any Iconic Batman Scenes?

The Batverse is filled with eye-catching characters and scenes that would make awesome coloring pages. We tried to include a wide range of options to keep your pens and pencils whirring away, but if we’ve missed your favorite, please let us know.

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