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15 Best Barbie Doll Clothes

Updated 28 October 2022

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge board game and Nintendo Switch fan, so she REALLY enjoys testing out and reviewing new games. She also likes to channel her inner kid to curate the absolute must-have items for our gift guides.

Kids love to play dress-up and that’s what makes Barbie so popular with generations of kids. Barbie dolls have a huge range of glamorous, fun, and funky outfits for her and her friends – including Ken of course. Today Barbie’s clothes are also a tool for empowerment and a celebration of intelligence and strength as well as beauty.

With sets that help her to be an ultracool fashion designer or a gymnast and quirky, fun-themed outfits for farming, roller skating, or just cozying up at bedtime with a teddy bear, we’ve picked out 15 of the best around in 2021.

Barbie doesn’t accept fake fashion and neither should you, so we’ve eliminated all the fake online reviews before coming up with our recommendations, meaning that you can trust that these outfits will be as reliable as they will be fabulous.

1Barbie Fashion Artist (Best Budget Option)

Is your Barbie ready for a career in design? This outfit pack includes a wonderful artist’s smock that even has pockets for her sketch pens and brushes. It fits over a multi-colored dress with the pattern of beautifully positioned triangles. It comes with a paintbrush and artist’s palette that has dabs of paint in all the colors of the rainbow. This is the perfect set for someone who likes painting and crafting. This outfit is suitable for children three to seven years and collectors of Barbie clothing designs.

What we love

  • It’s not only great for artistic Barbie but also art-teacher Barbie
  • This outfit is part of the career Barbie clothing range

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The hips could be a bit wider, so it would fit a curvy Barbie
Barbie Fashion Artist (Best Budget Option)

2Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up Kit (Best Quality Option)

This kit will inspire the fashion designer in anyone. It contains 150 pieces, including five different styles of beautifully designed dresses, a dress-model form, and a huge selection of decorative bows, sequins, flower ribbons, glitter glue, and much more. The dresses are plain, solid colors that are ready to be personalized with your decorations. It comes with a small tube of craft glue and is suitable for children three years and up.

What we love

  • This kit gives hours of constructive entertainment for anyone who loves fashion
  • There is no right or wrong fashion sense needed. The kit promotes imaginative thinking and innovation

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see more stickers come with the pack
Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up Kit (Best Quality Option)

3Barbie Clothes Joggers for Ken

This is a super cool set of jogging clothes for Ken that includes a pair of sunglasses for sunny days. The style of the top is sleeveless and the gray pants are soft and comfortable. The top is green with silver detailing and frayed edges for that trendy look. The pants are plain in color and can be matched to other Ken fashions. It is suitable for children three to six years or anyone who is collecting a Ken wardrobe.

What we love

  • The included sunglasses are a big hit and make an ordinary Ken doll appear like a pop star
  • The sleeveless top is a great touch that shows off Ken’s biceps for an athletic appearance

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pants tend to be a bit tight so require a little patience to put on and take off
Barbie Clothes Joggers for Ken

4Barbie Secret Orchard Farm Clothing

This is the perfect outfit for Barbie’s trip to the farm, the park, or into the countryside for a picnic. This 10-piece pack includes two dresses, a skirt and blouse, denim shorts, a vest, a pair of boots, a straw hat, and a cute little rustic purse. You can make more than four outfits if you mix and match. The kit is suitable for children three years and up and is a great one for Barbie collectors. The dresses have country-style floral and checked prints and the high-heel boots are gorgeous.

What we love

  • This set is a welcome change from the usual glamorous clothing that is available for Barbie
  • This pack comes in a box that is great for collectors

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A bit of Velcro on the back would help these clothes fit any size Barbie
Barbie Secret Orchard Farm Clothing

5Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet with Clothing and Accessories

This perfect little clothes closet contains all Barbie needs to look her best. It comes with 15 pieces, including two stylish dresses, a pair of flats, high-heels, high-heel boots, a clutch purse, necklace, and six clothes hangers. The closet has real working drawers and cabinets to store accessories. The shelves are the perfect size for each pair of shoes. It has racks to hang all of the clothing you have, shelves for shopping bags or purses, and a deep drawer.

What we love

  • The closet works like a carrying case with a convenient handle so you can take it with you when you visit friends or go on vacation
  • The bright pink color with black trim adds glamour outside to match the glamour inside

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It would help the dresses stay on the hangers if they had little hooks
Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet with Clothing and Accessories

6Barbie Roller Skating Set

This is a Barbie Club Chelsea Mattel set that contains six unique items including a pair of roller skates, a rainbow skirt, a cute top, a helmet with kitten ears, heart-shaped sunglasses, and a juice box. The package weighs four ounces and the set is suitable for all ages. It’s a rare item, which makes it a good choice for collectors. This is a great outfit for inspiring outdoor activities.

What we love

  • If you prefer a longer shirt, you can pull up the skirt to meet the shirt, so there is no tummy showing
  • It’s nice to find an unusual outfit that fits Chelsea

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It would have been amazing if the wheels on the roller skates worked
Barbie Roller Skating Set

7Barbie Fashions Hello Kitty

This is a very cute set for Barbie that has Hello Kitty front and center. The gray, short-sleeve top features an adorable picture of Hello Kitty, and the set includes a pink headband and a daisy bracelet. The full pink skirt is printed with colorful Hello Kitty letters. The headband is even adorned with a pink bow. The blouse and skirt can be mixed and matched to another Barbie outfit you have in your collection.

What we love

  • The clothes in this set are designed to provide a universal fit for most Barbie dolls
  • The headband is a great touch and fits perfectly

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The top is very cute and goes well with jeans, but we’d like to see the back be able to close with Velcro
Barbie Fashions Hello Kitty

8Barbie Fashion Pack: Bridal Outfit

This is a gorgeous, five-piece bridal pack with a fluffy white dress that reaches mid-calf level and has a black belt with a huge bow. The set also includes a sparkling tiara with a flowing veil, pink high-heel shoes, a silvery bracelet and necklace, and a pink-flower bouquet. This is suitable for children three to eight years old who want to reenact Barbie’s very special day.

What we love

  • The pink bouquet has a handle, so Barbie can hold it while she walks down the aisle
  • The dress fills out just like a real one!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This dress fits curvy Barbie, which means it is a bit big for regular Barbie dolls
Barbie Fashion Pack: Bridal Outfit

9Barbie Fashions Star-Print Dress

This pack contains two outfits that have completely different looks. One is a peach skirt of iridescent silky material with a pink tank top that has a Make A Splash graphic on the front, and the other is a star-print purple and blue dress with ruffles on the sleeves and shoulders. Both outfits would look great at the beach or seashore and come with a headband that matches the blue dress. The pack also includes an adorable seashell purse.

What we love

  • This is a great set for children to mix and match the dresses with other sets
  • The skirt is fantastic with a bottom ruffle and hip scarf that ties in a bow in front

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The blue dress would be much improved if they added a pearly belt or a waist ribbon
Barbie Fashions Star-Print Dress

10Barbie Fashion Gymnast

A fantastic addition to the Barbie career fashion line, this set includes a dark-pink leotard for Barbie’s gymnastic or dance classes. The garment has metallic fabric that shines with brilliant silver sparkles as well as glitter. It comes with a water bottle, so Barbie can keep hydrated while she works out and remind your little one to stay hydrated. There is also a silver hoop for her performances. You can even put the hoop on her arm and make her dance. The water bottle has a handle that fits on the doll’s hand, so she can hold it.

What we love

  • This is a very special outfit for kids who love Barbie
  • The material is stretchy and will work well with a Made to Move Barbie

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Be prepared for the glitter to show up where you are least expecting it!
Barbie Fashion Gymnast

11Barbie Birthday Outfit

You can have a real birthday party for Chelsea with this pack. It contains one darling little dress with pink and yellow stripes and tiny llamas as a design feature. It also includes a headband, pink shoes, one gift, and two cupcakes on tiny plates. If it’s not Chelsea’s birthday, no problem, you can use it to create a party for anyone’s birthday. Parties are one of the most popular activities for children with dolls and stuffed animals, so why not equip them properly for the occasion?

What we love

  • This is a great set for children who love to conduct tea parties and other gatherings
  • Chelsea clothes are often hard to find in stores, so this is a real treat

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Made for Chelsea, these clothes are a little on the smaller side so require some patience to put on
Barbie Birthday Outfit

12Barbie Club Chelsea Accessory Pack

This is a bedtime set for little sister Chelsea. It contains a nightgown, toothbrush, toothpaste tube, slippers, a sleeping mask, a blanket, and, of course, a teddy bear. This is a good set to encourage storytelling and imagination in young children. While small, the towel works well in tandem with the Chelsea Barbie Camper.

What we love

  • The bunny slippers are a big hit, and parents may even be able to find matching slippers for their children
  • This set offers encouragement for children to go to bed. They can put their Chelsea doll to bed first and then get their teeth brushed and hop into bed

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We would love to see the teddy bear made out of a softer material rather than plastic
Barbie Club Chelsea Accessory Pack

13Barbie Fashions Pack: Summer Ken

This is a trendy and cute summer outfit for Ken. It includes denim shorts, a red and black snakeskin design T-shirt, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses. It goes perfectly alongside Barbie’s star print beach outfit. The blue shorts will match several other Ken shirts, and the T-shirt will even go with Ken’s jogging pants. It is designed to fit the original Ken body type. It is suitable for children three to eight years old. The sunglasses come attached to a thin rubber band, in case they don’t stay on very well.

What we love

  • We love to see a complete outfit that comes with all the accessories you need
  • The design on the shirt is on the back as well as the front, which often isn’t the case

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It would be easier to put on and remove the clothes if they included openings in the back
Barbie Fashions Pack: Summer Ken

14Barbie Tokyo Storytelling

This is a Hello Kitty-inspired outfit with an abundance of accessories, including a phone, camera, high heel shoes, a small pink purse, a bag that says KAWAII TOKYO, and a gold necklace. The T-shirt dress has Hello Kitty designs all over it in pink, purple, yellow, and turquoise colors. The shirt is short and best paired with a skirt or pants from another pack. The pack is suitable for children three to seven years and is a great collector’s item because of the included accessories.

What we love

  • The phone, camera, and purse can be used with just about any other outfit
  • This is one of the best color-coordinated outfits on this list, and the Hello Kitty print is on the front and back

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The set would be improved if it included a skirt, shorts or pants
Barbie Tokyo Storytelling

15Barbie Fashions Gorgeous Gown

This is a very elegant pink and turquoise floral print gown that is suitable for a ball, banquet, or awards ceremony. The colors shimmer together creating a soft lavender appearance. It has a pink ribbon sash and an asymmetrical hem that make it very stylish and trendy. Barbie can walk the red carpet in style with the cute little purple, textured clutch purse and the gorgeous drop-diamond necklace. You will need to have a pair of matching high heels from another pack. This is an important addition to any Barbie’s wardrobe.

What we love

  • This is a beautifully stitched gown, especially the ruching on the bodice
  • The decorative clutch bag is absolutely stunning

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This dress is for curvy Barbie and may appear a bit large for regular or slim Barbie
Barbie Fashions Gorgeous Gown

In Conclusion

Whether you’re buying some joggers for Ken or a birthday outfit for Barbie, there’s something here for every fan to give them cool clothes for whatever stories and adventures they want to create with their dolls. 

But why should it just be the dolls that get to dress up in beautiful clothes? If you’re buying for a real-life princess, why not also give her an outfit to make her feel like one, like the Ecparty Princess Costumes Dress, which is as glam as anything you’d find in Barbie’s walk-in wardrobe.

Of course, there’s more to Barbie than just clothes, so for some more gift inspiration, have a look at our 18 Best Barbie Accessories to help her make popcorn and give the dog a bath…and best barbie toys for kids.