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14 Best Toddler Tricycles with Push Handles

Updated 22 September 2022

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Author avatar Daniel Booth

Daniel is our primary content producer here at TheToyZone. He is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek. His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure.

When I was young, learning to ride a bike was a rite of passage. I remember wobbling down the road, with my father holding onto the seat and then letting go, leaving me to cruise on my own. You never forget what it’s like when you ride a bike for the first time. The exhilaration, the confidence, the FREEDOM.

Studies have shown that toddlers benefit enormously when it comes to learning to ride a bike. Riding a tricycle not only strengthens toddlers’ muscles and bones, develops fine motor skills, and burns energy, but it also teaches kids about balance, how to pedal, and handlebar steering.

Tricycles with push handles are an excellent way to get toddlers started in a safe, accident-free way. As you push your toddler around, they will begin to learn how to interact with the different components of the trike, such as the pedals and the turning handlebars.

When investing in a tricycle, you want to know that the product is high quality and will withstand every scenario a toddler will throw its way, as well as withstanding the test of time through all weather. This is why we only recommend trikes that we know will keep your toddler active, safe, and having fun until they’re ready for the next step.

The Top 3 Toddler Tricycles with Push Handles

GLAF Toddler Tricycle for 1-3 Years Old 5 in 1 Kids Trike Bike with Parent Steering Push Handle for Ages 2 Girls Boys Toddlers Tricycles with Removable Pedal and Adjustable Seat Height (Green Pusher)
besrey Baby Tricycle 8 in 1,Trike for Toddlers Age 1-6,Tricycle with Push Handle for Kids, Boy Girl Outdoor Toy Bike, All Terrain Rubber Wheel, Reversible Seat(Gray)
Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle, Red/White, 8"
Reccomended Age
12 months and up
12 months and up
2 years and up
It has EVA foam wheels for all types of terrain
The seat swings 360 degrees
Very stylish with its mustache-style handlebars
The pedals don’t have a lot of grip
Can’t be folded away for travel
Not suitable for indoor use
GLAF Toddler Tricycle for 1-3 Years Old 5 in 1 Kids Trike Bike with Parent Steering Push Handle for Ages 2 Girls Boys Toddlers Tricycles with Removable Pedal and Adjustable Seat Height (Green Pusher)
Reccomended Age
12 months and up
It has EVA foam wheels for all types of terrain
The pedals don’t have a lot of grip
More information
besrey Baby Tricycle 8 in 1,Trike for Toddlers Age 1-6,Tricycle with Push Handle for Kids, Boy Girl Outdoor Toy Bike, All Terrain Rubber Wheel, Reversible Seat(Gray)
Reccomended Age
12 months and up
The seat swings 360 degrees
Can’t be folded away for travel
More information
Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle, Red/White, 8"
Reccomended Age
2 years and up
Very stylish with its mustache-style handlebars
Not suitable for indoor use
More information

1. GLAF Toddler Tricycle

If the toddler in your life is a style icon, you should look no further than the GLAF Toddler Tricycle. They’ll look cool in front of their friends zipping down the street on this 4-in-1 tricycle which grows with your child’s development. Whether they’re being pushed, are pedaling, or are using it in balance bike mode, there’s endless fun here.

1 GLAF Toddler Tricycle

Recommended age: 2 years and above

This easy-to-assemble tricycle is ideal for toddlers who are starting their adventure on the open road. They start with a little guidance from the push bar and training wheels until they are ready to go at it by themselves. When this day comes, they are easily detached to give the options for tricycle mode, pedal mode, or balance bike.

What We Love:
❤️ The pedals can be removed when not being used 
❤️ Has an adjustable seat
❤️ It has EVA foam wheels for all types of terrain

What We Don’t Love:
💔 It’s smaller than most
💔 The pedals don’t have a lot of grip

GLAF Toddler Tricycle for 1-3 Years Old 5 in 1 Kids Trike Bike with Parent Steering Push Handle for Ages 2 Girls Boys Toddlers Tricycles with Removable Pedal and Adjustable Seat Height (Green Pusher)
  • ★🎁 🚴 TRICYCLE DESIGN: 🎅 This is 5 in 1 kids trike,switch between kids tricycle and baby balance bike by pedals.First,no pedal design help your kids fast develop essential bike skills such as balance,steering and coordination.Second,pedal bikes help kids master riding skills.Meet kids requirements at different ages. Perfect kids' tricycles for your children.
  • ★🎁🚴 SAFE AN STURDY: 🎅 Our kids tricycles for 2 year olds,use non-slip handlebar,comfortable PU leather seat,durable wheels,sturdy steel frame and stable triangular structure ensures convenience and safety.The toddlers tricycle has 3 wheels more stable and firm,provides a safe riding for your kids.Your child will love it,and you will like it too.The closed wheels to prevent children's foot injuries,more safe and sturdy.Perfect for kids riding,great christmas gift for kids.
  • ★🎁🚴 EASY TO INSTALLER AND EASY TO USE: 🎅 That's a lightweight toddlers tricycle.Easy to assemble,this baby bike 95% assembled already,and only need to assemble the handlebar in 1 minute by tools included and by two steps to switch mode.Very easy for parents to carry it everywhere and just need small space to storage it.Backyard,park,under bed or just the trunk of your car are all perfect place to store.
  • ★🎁🚴 KIDS TALL RECOMMENDED: 🎅 Our toddlers bike kids tricycle balance bike balance bike is recommended for kids’tall 35.4 inch and up to ride,and tricycle is recommended for kids tall 39.4 inch and up to ride.Normally kids ride this bike without pedals firstly to gain balance and then ride this trike with pedals.
  • ★🎁🚴 SAFETY GUARANTY: 🎅 This kids tricycle has passed safety testings required,all the materials and design are safe for kids,please feel assured to choose. NOTE: If you have any questions please contact us as soon as possible,we will try our best to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply.

2. besrey Baby Tricycle

Tired of buying new things every year? Toddlers grow so fast, so a trike that will grow with them is perfect to save those much-needed $$$. The besrey Baby Tricycle can be used in eight different ways, from a stroller to an independent tricycle, meaning this trike actually grows with your toddler.

2 besrey Baby Tricycle

Recommended age: 12 months and above

This multitasking machine has many adjustable features which you can change with the development of your toddler including the handlebars, steering bar, seat, and sun canopy. The comfortable seat comes with safety belts and bars to the little one from escaping. Its rubber wheels provide a smooth ride and there’s a rear stand-on board to take passengers when they’re ready and confident. 

What We Love:
❤️ Has a strong, sturdy, and reliable construction
❤️ The seat swings 360 degrees
❤️ Comes with storage for toys

What We Don’t Love:
💔 Can’t be folded away for travel
💔 Assembly instructions could be better laid out

besrey Baby Tricycle 8 in 1,Trike for Toddlers Age 1-6,Tricycle with Push Handle for Kids, Boy Girl Outdoor Toy Bike, All Terrain Rubber Wheel, Reversible Seat(Gray)
  • More than 4 in 1, 8 In 1 Tricycle, Grows With Your Kids: Rear facing infant seat> front-facing seat> reclinable seat> parent-steering tricycle (pedal locked)> push trike(harness removed)> learn to ride trike( safety-bar removed) > classic trike > two-player mode
  • Two-Player Mode: The rear stand-on board with a capacity of 55 lb , provides space for an extra child to stand and ride along with siblings.
  • Rear-Facing Infant Seat: The seat can be adjusted and reversed to allow your curious baby to interact with you face to face or observe the nature on the go; multiposition backrest can be adjusted from 95°to 145° (160°for rear facing seat), to find the perfect position for your toddler’s comfort
  • Too Little to Pedal? Lock the pedals to stop your toddlers from stepping by pressing the red button, or they can simply rest their feet on the footrest under the seat
  • Agil Wheels: All-terrain rubber wheels ensure a smooth, effortless handling and ride for baby over various grounds

🔴 If gray isn’t your color, why not try it in red

3. Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Schwinn has been a big brand in the bicycle world for a long, long time Their iconic styling (especially the handlebars) is recognized with nostalgia throughout the US. Now a new generation can look as cool as you did riding down the street with the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle, perfect for older kids ready to hit the road in style.

3 Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Recommended age: 2 years and above

The Schwinn is hard-wearing (which, if you know toddlers you’ll know you need) with its heavy-duty frame and EVA tires. The removable push handle allows you to steer toddlers in the right direction and gives them the force they need to get started. The seat has a safety harness and there’s a basket on the front and back, so their favorite toys can come along for the ride.   

What We Love:
❤️ Very stylish with its mustache-style handlebars
❤️ Push handle is easy to add/remove
❤️ Come with footrests until toddlers are ready to use the pedals

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The pedals still move when not being used
💔 Not suitable for indoor use

Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle, Red/White, 8"
  • Heavy duty tricycle frame with steering system
  • Removable push / steer handle allows adults to control steering and speed while walking comfortably
  • Wide EVA tires
  • Gravity lock dump bin to bring along toys, or supplies

Best Tricycles For Under 100

4. GOMO Kids Tricycle

If this toddler likes bright, bold colors to show off their new riding skills, they will have a blast riding the OMO Kids Tricycle. This multicolored mean machine will have the neighborhood kids raging with jealousy as your toddler learns how to cruise under guidance at first, then take on the streets all by themselves.

4 GOMO Kids Tricycle

Recommended age: 18 months and above

The removable push bar makes for an easy transition from guided riding to independent play as your toddler learns how to propel themselves using the pedals. A great feature is the storage basket on the front, so toddlers can take their favorite toys wherever they go. It also comes in two different colors to match any toddler’s style.

What We Love:
❤️ Doesn’t take long to put together
❤️ The seat is adjustable to grow with the toddler 
❤️ Has a pedal lock, so they don’t move when not being used

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The wheels are made of plastic
💔 You cannot steer from the push handle

GOMO Kids Tricycles for 2 Year Olds, 3 Year Olds & Kids 1-6, Big Wheels Baby Bike Toddler Bikes - Trikes for Toddlers with Push Handle (Green/Blue)
  • AND THEY’RE OFF WITH GOMO! While other kids toddle around on their boring old red tricycle, your toddler will be racing off on their super cool pink and teal kid’s tricycle. But not so fast little people!! This toddler tricycle has an adjustable handle for mom or dad to control your cycle while you learn!
  • GROWS WITH THEM: The seat sits 14” from the ground so they can push, and it slides forward by 1.5 inch so their little legs can reach the pedals from the start. This toddler bike with push handle lets parents guide little ones as they learn and can be easily removed when they’re ready to go solo!
  • HELPS KIDS LEARN SAFE SPEED: Some toddler bikes have slippery seats and handles, reducing traction for speed. But our unique handlebars with kid-safe GOMO grips and secure seat lets kids ride with gusto without slipping or falling off. The GOMO Trike allows kids to break through confidence limits, safely.
  • WHAT PARENTS ALSO LOVE: GOMO trikes for toddler riders have a handy basket so kids can hold their own toys instead of you! The push handlebar is a free-wheel design so kid’s feet don’t get tangled as you push them. Another key feature are the puncture-proof PU wheels that are long-lasting and won’t damage indoor floors.
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Packed with safety features, cool looks, and top-quality components. The GOMO Tricycle for 1 year olds (up to 5 or 6 yrs) is available in Teal/Pink or Blue/Green and made from strong aluminium. Minor assembly required; instructions and tools are included. All GOMO kids’ products come with a complete 1-year manufacturing warranty. Let's GET OUT MORE OFTEN with GOMO!

🏀Make sure you utilize the basket with these toddler-sized sports balls

5. smarTrike Zoom Toddler Tricycle

If you’re looking for a tricycle that will adapt with the growth of your toddler, the smarTrike Zoom Toddler Tricycle could be just the vehicle for you. This bright red trike is designed for kids as young as 15 months to get them started on their journey into the world of riding. With all the adjustable components, the smarTrike will have your toddler riding independently in no time.

5 smarTrike Zoom Toddler Tricycle

Recommended age: 15 months and above

Introduce your toddler to riding safely where they’ll have a large seat with a safety belt and safety bar, sun canopy, and footrest as you remain in control with the touch steering push bar. As they grow, you can start to remove some of those features to match their progression. By the time they hit 36 months, they can be zooming around at their own pace. 

What We Love:
❤️ Comes in two different color options
❤️ Has a parental control button for extra safety
❤️ It has front wheel shock absorbers

What We Don’t Love:
💔 You cannot adjust the seat height
💔 The push handle feels very lightweight

smarTrike Zoom Toddler Tricycle Push Bike – Adjustable Trike for Baby, toddler, infant Ages 15 Months to 3 Years (Red)
  • A 4-IN-1 DESIGN THAT WORKS – With smarTrike Zoom 4-in-1 Toddler Tricycle, enjoy 4 specialized configurations to suit every stage in your child’s life. This trike for kids was designed to develop your baby’s motor skills, confidence, and balance, while practicing their independence!
  • GROWS WITH YOUR CHILDREN – Get a single trike that will do it all! From 15 months to 36 months and beyond, this tricycle will follow your little one’s footsteps as they grow up! This multi-stage toy bike helps your kids learn how to ride safely and easily while giving you true peace of mind!
  • EFFORTLESS TOUCH STEERING TECHNOLOGY –Our trike was designed to make it easy on YOU! The effortless Touch Steering technology allows you to control the direction of the ride with just one hand.
  • THEIR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY – This infant tricycle will maintain your kids’ comfortable & safe. Keep them cool with the suncanopy, ensure their protection with the 3-point harness and safety bar, all while the front wheel shock absorbers guarantee a smooth ride for both you and them!
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY – With over 20,000,000 happy families around the world, smarTrike is proud to introduce you and your family to our line of multi-patent, award-winning products! Purchase with confidence and enjoy our 2-year warranty and exceptional customer service team!

6. KRIDDO 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

The KRIDDO 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle could possibly be the cutest trike out there with its adorable rubber duckie bell and colorful styling. This trike is ideal for toddlers who are ready to get on the move and have an understanding of how pedals work. The Kriddo is a great introduction to the fun you can have exploring the neighborhood on three wheels.

6 KRIDDO 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

Recommended age: 18 months and above

To get toddlers started, attach the push handle and unhook the pedals, so they don’t turn while they roll for the first time. When the time comes, the push handle is easily unattached, and then activate the pedals, so toddlers can learn how to propel themselves. It comes with a safety belt and a basket on the rear to transport all their toys to the park.

What We Love:
❤️ Made with a carbon steel frame which is durable and rust resistant
❤️ Comes in two different colors
❤️ Can be used both indoors and outdoors

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The seat could be comfier
💔 Wheels don’t have much grip

KRIDDO 2 in 1 Kids Tricycles Age 18 Month to 3 Years, Gift Toddler Tricycle, Trikes for Toddlers 2 to 3 Year Old with Push Handle and Duck Bell, Pink
  • 2-IN-1 TODDLER TRICYCLE – This unique trike for kids gives them multiple options to learn and play including parent-push mode with a long parent-push bar, or traditional cycling mode.
  • FUN TRAVEL STORAGE BUCKET – One of the most exciting features with this kids trike is the small storage bin on the back that lets kids carry along a stuffed animal or other small toys with them on all those outdoor adventures.
  • UNHOOKABLE PEDALS – The innovative design of our girls and boys tricycle means you can simply unhook the pedals from the wheel without disassembling the pedals, so pedals don’t move with the wheels when parents are pushing or let kids pedal with self-momentum.
  • SOFT RUBBER DUCK BELL – Riding should be exciting and feel very rewarding for young toddlers which is why this balance bike for 18-month-old to 4-year-old children comes with a classic squeezable rubber duck that makes a cute squeak sound.
  • ADJUSTABLE PUSH HANDLE – An important aspect to help parents maintain more control over younger riders, the parent push mode option lets you adjust the bar height so you can help guide your child along without them getting away from you.

7. Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike

It’s great to see the iconic brands from yesteryear are still very much a part of childhoods across the US. You may have even owned, or at least ridden in a Radio Flyer red wagon when you were young. Now toddlers can hit the road with the Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike allowing you to start them off the right way before letting them take the wheel for themselves.

7 Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer Stroll Trike

Recommended age: 2 years and above

Choose from pink or classic red to teach toddlers how to ride safely through the neighborhood with the parent-controlled steering bar and when the time comes to set them free, the push handle is easily removed. The pedals have plenty of grip, there’s a fun bell to ring, and it comes with a rear basket to take their toys wherever they venture.

What We Love:
❤️ The seat is adjustable
❤️ Rear basket is covered in case it rains
❤️ The pedals act as footrests when parents are steering

What We Don’t Love:
💔 It can be difficult to put together
💔 Wheels are more suited for indoor use

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike, Kids and Toddler Tricycle, Tricycle for Toddlers Age 2-5 Years, Red Toddler Bike
  • 2 TRIKES IN 1: This versatile tricycle offers two ways to ride: pedals lock to become foot rests for your child while you steer; pedals unlock and parent push handle removes when your child is ready to ride on their own.
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT: The seat adjusts to three different settings, ensuring years of fun as the trike grows with your child.
  • STORAGE: Equipped with a covered rear storage bin, your toddler can bring their favorite toys on every adventure!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Assembled dimensions are 27“ L x 19.7“ W x 24.2” H. Recommended for kids ages 2 – 5 years. Maximum weight capacity 49 lbs.

🚴Feeling nostalgic? Why not share your fond memories with the Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike

8. Radio Flyer Pedal & Push 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

For those toddlers who are just starting their adventure with tricycles, the Radio Flyer Pedal & Push 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is a great jumping-off point. Parents can be in complete control by steering with the push bar whilst first-timers are strapped in with the safety belt and bar and enjoy the ride.

8 Radio Flyer Pedal Push 4 in 1 Stroll N Trike

Recommended age: 1 year and above

Once they’ve worked out how the pedals work, they will want to take more control allowing you to remove parts as they progress. You can remove the sun canopy, the safety bar, footrest, and when they’re totally ready, remove the push bar to give them full freedom to explore at their own pace.

What We Love:
❤️ It changes with your toddler’s development  
❤️ You can stop the pedals from moving 
❤️ The seat is adjustable for growth

What We Don’t Love:
💔 It’s made from mostly plastic
💔 Would prefer if it had rubber wheels

9. Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

Little Tikes is a trusted brand name that won’t let you down. The Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike is great for growing toddlers to learn how to pedal themselves before they move on to a two-wheeler. You can start out in stroller mode where kids have a large seat with a 5-point safety belt and waist bar, footrest, sun canopy, and push handle steering.

9 Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4 in 1 Trike

Recommended age: 9 months and above

A great feature on this trike is the tray on the push handle where parents can store drinks and snacks, and there’s even a slot to hold their cell phone. The seat is adjustable to grow with your toddler as you remove the footrest, so they can start to pedal themselves. It also comes in several different colors to match your toddlers taste.

What We Love:
❤️ The high-backed seat offers extra comfort and safety
❤️ It’s easy for toddlers to mount
❤️ It’s lightweight

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The push bar steering isn’t the best
💔 We wish the wheels weren’t plastic

Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike, Pink, 9 months - 5 years
  • 4-IN-1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL BIKE FOR KIDS - A great birthday gift for kids is a bike that grows with your child. The Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike comes in 4 stages that cover infant stroll, pushing toddler trike, learning balance, and kids pedaling on their own
  • SECURE CHILD PROTECTION - In the 1st and 2nd stage, protect your child from direct sunlight and heat with an adjustable canopy. Accessories also includes a removable waist bar, 5-point seatbelt harness, and detachable footrest for a comfortable, safe stroll
  • OTHER SAFETY FEATURES - This infant trike offers balance even without training wheels. Parents can keep the trike in place with rear wheel locks. It also has non-slip pedals to keep your child's feet protected
  • GROWS WITH KIDS - The Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike grows with young children thanks to the adjustable sliding seat. The push bar has a parent-steering feature while the toddler learns to pedal. It can be removed as kids learn to ride the trike on their own
  • STORE WHILE STROLLING - Adults can bring along whatever they need thanks to the spacious basket/bucket behind the seat. Parents' push handle has a tray and cup holder
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10. Yvolution 4 in 1 Flippa Toddler Trike

If you’re looking for a vehicle that can morph from a push trike to a balance bike, the Yvolution 4 in 1 Flippa Toddler Trike has you covered. This cool-colored multi-trike will grow with your toddler all the way up to when they are ready for two wheels, and it couldn’t be easier to switch modes.

10 Yvolution 4 in 1 Flippa Toddler Trike

Recommended age: 2 years and above

Changing between the 4-in-1 modes is as easy as pushing a button and adjusting the wheels. The push handle can be easily connected and removed from the trike and the pedals clip on when your toddler is ready to power themselves, if they’re not ready simply take them off and store them under the seat.

What We Love:
❤️ The adjustable seat grows with your kid
❤️ No need to spend extra money on a balance bike
❤️ The wheels have a higher ground clearance

What We Don’t Love:
💔 There are no footrests apart from the pedals
💔 The wheels are plastic

Yvolution 4 in 1 Flippa Toddler Trike with Parent Steering Push Handle, Toddler Balance Bike with Removable Pedals for Boys Girls 2-5 Years Old (Teal)
  • 🏆 FOUR WAYS TO RIDE: 1) Push trike mode with handle for easy steering 2) Tricycle for kids 3) Push bike with parent steering 4) Balance bike.
  • 🏆 ‘TWIST AND FLIP’: Parents can easily press a button, flip the two rear wheels inward and convert to Balance Bike mode in seconds.
  • 🏆 REMOVABLE PEDALS - Parents can remove the pedals and store them neatly under the bike's seat.
  • 🏆 ADJUSTABLE SEAT & HANDLEBARS: Adjustable seat grows with your child, suitable for children from 2 to 5 years up to 44lbs (20kg).
  • 🏆 DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - Larger wheels and higher ground clearance are designed for safer play and easier riding on uneven surfaces. Three-wheel design guarantees more stability for beginners who are not good at keeping balance

☕️Tea-l not your cup of tea? Lucky for you, it also comes in red!

11. Radio Flyer Ultimate All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike

Another great trike from the classic brand, but this time it’s aimed at a younger crowd. The Radio Flyer Ultimate All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike bridges the gap between stroller and trike to save you from buying multiple vehicles to transport toddlers from A to B. This trike should last you for many years to come.

11 Radio Flyer Ultimate All Terrain Stroll N Trike

Recommended age: 9 months and above

With this all-terrain vehicle, kids will love being pushed around in stroller mode with their feet up on the footrest, in their large seat, covered from UV rays under the sun canopy as parents control its every move with push handle steering. Once they’re ready to pedal themselves, simply remove the parts they don’t need anymore, change the seat, and they’re away.

What We Love:
❤️ Has a large storage basket on the back
❤️ The safety bar has a tray for snacks
❤️ There’s a bag on the push handle 

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The wheels aren’t exactly ‘all-terrain’
💔 There are many plastic components

Radio Flyer Ultimate All-Terrain Stroll 'N Trike, Kids and Toddler Tricycle, Red Toddler Bike, For Ages 9 Months - 5 Years
  • 4 TRICYCLES IN 1: This tricycle grows with your toddler through different riding stages. Easily convert between 4 growing stages by removing the accessories
  • AGES 1 TO 5 YEARS: The 4 stages include toddler trike (12 mos. – 18 mos.), steering trike (18 mos. – 24 mos.), learn-to-ride trike (2 – 3 yrs.), and classic trike (4 – 5 yrs.)
  • REMOVABLE ACCESSORIES: The removable accessories allow this tricycle to grow with your child. The accessories include an adjustable UV protection canopy, wrap around tray, headrest and seat belt, footrest, and parent storage pouch
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR USE: UV protection canopy protects from the sun. The all-terrain air tires provide a smooth ride on any terrain
  • PARENT-CONTROLLED STEERING: The height adjustable parent push handle provides easy control. The foam grip adds comfort. The push handle is removable for when the child can ride on their own

12. BOOWAY Baby Trike

The BOOWAY Baby Trike is a robust stroller to trike that will have toddlers riding on their own in no time. The 6-in-1 design adapts to your kid’s development and will grow with them year by year from as young as 6 months. You’d be hard-pressed to find a comfier seat for toddlers to be pushed around in and the seat swings around if they start to miss your face.

12 BOOWAY Baby Trike

Recommended age: 6 months and above

With a removable footrest, front and rear baskets, removable sun canopy, adjustable seat, and push bar, this trike has everything you need to push your toddler around town before you teach them how to use pedals. 

What We Love:
❤️ Comes in four different colors
❤️ Wheels are good for both indoor and outdoor
❤️ The footrest folds away 

What We Don’t Love:
💔 It’s not collapsible to fit in the trunk of your car
💔 There’s no way to lock off the steering

BOOWAY Baby Trike, 6-in-1 Kids Stroller Tricycle with Adjustable Push Handle, Removable Canopy, Safety Harness for 6 Months - 5 Year Old
  • ❤6 IN 1 TRICYCLE: With multifunction design, this big kids tricycle can be transformed into 6 modes of use, This baby trike can grow up with a child from 8 months to 6 years which will be a rewarding investment for your child's childhood. Our 6 in 1 kids trikes for toddlers will be one of the good memories of you kids’childhood
  • ❤SAFETY DESIGN: The 3-point safety harness on the kid tricycle 2 year old seat provides the perfect combination of comfort and child safety. Detachable safety bar, double brakes, anti-UV canopy, all of these ensure a fuss-free ride for your baby
  • ❤TRUSTWORTHY-QUALITY: The push bike tricycle is made of the metal frame which can hold up to 55lbs, 600D Oxford fabric which provides ventilate seat back, ABS plastic, non-inflatable all-terrain wheels. The tricycle push handle has ASTM F963 and EN71 approved
  • ❤REAR-FACING INFANT SEAT: The tricycle bicycles for baby seat can be adjusted and reversed to allow your curious baby to interact with you face to face or observe the nature on the go; multiposition backrest can be adjusted from 100°to 120° (120°for rear facing seat), to find the perfect position for your tricycle for kids comfort
  • ❤BUY with CONFIDENCE: We are so confident that you will love our tricycle light kid stroller 6 years old that we are offering all customers a lifetime guarantee.If you need to ask how to install or replace the parts of the stroller, please contact the customer service mailbox on the manual directly, we will help you solve the problem as soon as possible

🦇Does it come in black? Yes, Batman, it does

13. Little Tikes 4-in-1 Basic Edition Trike

It can often seem quite frustrating when all you’re looking for is something basic. Well, this might just be the trike for you. The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Basic Edition Trike would make a great gift for toddlers who are starting out on their riding development journey as it’s small and easy to adapt to the growth of your toddler.

13 Little Tikes 4 in 1 Basic Edition Trike

Recommended age: 9 months and above

With its four different modes, tiddlers as young as 9 months can sit comfortably in the high-backed seat with a safety belt and bar, sun canopy, and footrest. As they grow you can remove the parts they no longer need including the push bar enabling them to peddle on their own.

What We Love:
❤️ The push bar has a water bottle holder
❤️ There’s a large basket on the back with a dumping feature
❤️ The wheels are small and easy to propel

What We Don’t Love:
💔 Only suitable for smaller toddlers
💔 The sun canopy is kind of flimsy

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Basic Edition Trike - Pink, 44.50 L x 20.00 W x 39.50 H Inches
  • Durable, quiet-ride tires; Non slip pedals; Footrests fold away and detach
  • Seat adjusts to 4 positions almost any size child; 5-point seat belt harness and protective safety bar
  • Adjustable, detachable push handle that allows parent to control direction with one hand
  • Durable metal/plastic construction; Convenient beverage holder
  • Extra large storage bucket w/dumping feature

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14. Costzon Tricycle for Toddlers

The Costzon Tricycle for Toddlers allows you to start infants developing their gross motor skills early with this 4-in-1 trike as it can first be used as a stroller where they see and learn how a trike works without controlling it. The push bar steering means adults are fully in control until the toddler is ready to navigate for themselves.

14 Costzon Tricycle for Toddlers

Recommended age: 10 months and above

Once they have found their groove, it’s easy to remove the parts toddlers no longer need like the footrest and safety bar, so they can tackle pedaling and steering on their own. There are many cool features on this trike like a handlebar bell, food tray, cup holder, breathable sun canopy, and a large storage basket. 

What We Love:
❤️ The sun canopy is weather-resistant 
❤️ The footrest is retractable rather than removable
❤️ Comes with rear wheel brakes

What We Don’t Love:
💔 The wheels don’t have much grip
💔 The plastic seat isn’t so comfortable

Costzon Tricycle for Toddlers, 4 in 1 Trike w/ Parent Handle, Adjustable Canopy, Storage, Safety Harness & Wheel Brakes, Baby Push Tricycle Stroller for Kids Boys Girls Aged 10 Month-5 Years Old, Pink
  • [Perfect Growth Partner] This baby tricycle can be served as infant tricycle, steering tricycle, learn-to-ride tricycle and classic tricycle to accompany the growth of children. It will cultivate the independence of your little one, which is an ideal choice for children ages from 10 months to 6 years old.
  • [Multiple Safety Guarantee] The 3-point safety harness on the seat keeps baby securely in place and effectively protects baby from falling down. In addition, it is designed with 3 wear-resistant wheels, which are available for multiple ground surfaces. The detachable guardrail also protects your kids in all directions.
  • [High-quality Materials] Made of heavy-duty metal frame, our baby tricycle features excellent durability and high stability. It is strong enough to support babies under 55lbs. Besides, the seat are wrapped with the pad that is breathable and soft, thus providing comfortable sitting experience for your kids.
  • [Convenient to Use] Equipped with a top canopy for sun protection, this tricycle provides kids with an area of shade on hot days. The adjustable design makes the canopy up and down to block the sun from any angle. Besides, the curved handlebar with ring bell to ensure a safe riding experience. The string bag provides extra storage space for the necessities and toys.
  • [Quick Assembly & Easy Cleaning] According to the detailed instructions, this baby tricycle can be quickly installed without hassle. Smooth surface makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, so you can lightly wipe the stain with damp cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toddler Tricycles with Push Handle

🙋‍♂️ How does a tricycle help a child’s development?

Tricycles are a great introduction to cycling by giving toddlers the opportunity to learn how to pedal and control their vehicle with the handlebars. Not only will toddlers burn off energy and have fun riding, they will also develop gross motor skills whilst riding safely and securely.

Having three wheels over two to start with will teach toddlers the essence of balance without the threat of them falling over and hurting themselves. This lets toddlers explore the outdoors, build muscle, and gain confidence, freedom, and independence.

🙋‍♂️ What age should a child start riding a push handle tricycle?

To get the most out of a push handle tricycle, you can introduce one to your infant as young as 6 months. The more time you spend pushing them around and teaching them how each component works, the quicker they should absorb that information.

With each milestone your toddler makes, you can adjust these tricycles to cater to the next one. For example, when they start to put their feet on the pedals, remove the footrest so they can learn how to power the trike using the pedals. All these benchmarks will work up to them being able to ride independently.

🙋‍♂️ What safety features do I need to be aware of?

There are a few different safety features to look out for when buying a tricycle for a toddler. These features will make sure they are always safe, secure, and free of accidents.

  • A rear brake will stop toddlers from pedaling off when you’re having a chat.
  • Getting the right size trike is essential. If the toddler struggles to get on and off, they might hurt themselves.
  • Choose a tricycle with good handlebar grips. As toddlers won’t be used to holding tight, this will stop their hands from sliding off.
  • Try to find a tricycle where the push handle can also steer it. This is the safest way to navigate a toddler around, plus they will learn about turning the handlebars to direct themselves.

🙋‍♂️ What other features do I need to be aware of?

When looking for the right trike for your toddler, there are other considerations you should think about before making a purchase.

  • The material the trike is made from will affect how long it will last and in what kind of weather. When looking at materials, we always encourage you to think about sustainability.
  • Have a look at the tires. What material are they made from? How much grip do they have? Will they roll on both indoor and outdoor surfaces?
  • Kids grow, that’s a fact we can’t forget. If you want your tricycle to last, find one with an adjustable seat so they can keep riding as long as possible.

So… What Toddler Tricycle Should I Get?

As we all know, toddlers are all different in their own way and that’s what makes them so special. When choosing a tricycle, you’ll want one that not only matches their development but one that matches their personality too. If your toddler has their own unique style, the Schwinn Roadster Tricycle would suit them. If they’re a little on the wacky side, the rubber duck bell on the KRIDDO 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle will keep them entertained.

In this list, I’ve tried to include as many different options as possible to give you the best choice for you and your toddler’s needs. If you’ve seen another tricycle that hasn’t made the list that you think other parents should see, PLEASE send me a message, and I’ll add it.