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10 Best Swing Sets for Toddlers

Updated 4 December 2020

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There’s no better feeling than the excitement of swinging through the air, especially as a toddler. Swing sets for this age not only provide a thrill, but they develop a toddler’s balance and trust in the people playing with them. Swing sets can be expensive so you want to make sure that the set you buy will be safe and long-lasting.

Since you can’t test the product in person when buying online, it can be scary picking the right one. In our list of the 10 best swing sets for toddlers, we made our choices by looking for products that are highly recommended by real people and filtered out any sets that have fake reviews that plague online marketplaces.

We’ve included swing sets for a range of personalities and a variety of budgets so you can find the ideal item for your little thrillseekers.

1Sportspower My First Toddler Swing

The Sportspower is one of the 10 best swing sets for toddlers due to its safety features and durability. It can be placed inside or outside and is designed to be portable and easily transported wherever is safe for your little one.

What we love

  • Folds down to make it easy to transport and store
  • Made from high-quality materials

We dont like this as much

  • It is only suitable for a single toddler at a time

2ALEKO BSW02 Indoor Outdoor Swing

This AlEKO toddler swing acts as a single child swing for solo play. It is easy to assemble and can be folded up for easy storage. The ropes and security straps are adjustable, which allows this swing to be strong and sturdy even as the child grows.

What we love

  • Designed for kids 9 months to 36 months old
  • Comes with a seat belt and adjustable straps for convenience

We dont like this as much

  • Has a 30 pound maximum weight capacity

3IFOYO Kids Swing Seat

This IFOYO swing seat is one of the best swing sets for toddlers. It is capable of holding up to 220 pounds and it can be hung from any sort of strong tree branch or other sturdy playground equipment.

What we love

  • Can easily be left outside in any weather
  • Designed to be installed easily

We dont like this as much

  • Could use some sort of seat belt for security

4Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set

The Costzon Climber and swing is one of the best swing sets for toddlers because it can be set up inside or outside. It also has the added bonus of having a secured swing, slide, and basketball hoop.

What we love

  • Made from environmentally safe materials
  • Designed with different colors to promote visual stimulation

We dont like this as much

  • You are unable to adjust the height of the swing

5KINGSO Slide and Swing Set

This KINGSO slide and swing set provides toddlers with an excellent source of physical activity inside or outside. This is a 4-in-1 playset, and it is made from high-quality material, and allows toddlers to swing, climb, slide, and play hoops.

What we love

  • Adjustable height
  • Has sound effects and melodies when swinging

We dont like this as much

  • Requires assembly upon arrival

6XDP Recreation Free N' Swing Swing Set

With this swing set, up to seven 7 kids can play on the set at any given time. Each seat has a 100-pound weight capacity. It is made from high-quality material, and the frame is galvanized for extra stability.

What we love

  • Has five different stations, including a swing and see-saw
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

We dont like this as much

  • Does not include ground anchors that are recommended

7RedSwing Swing Seat

This swing seat is designed to provide toddlers with a fun activity inside. Plus, it has a secure T-bar that helps to secure kids and provides a safety feature to keep them from falling out. It is easy to install and is detachable.

What we love

  • Comes with two tree straps for outside use
  • Ropes are made from high-quality thick nylon material

We dont like this as much

  • The hooks that connect to the rope could be stronger

8KidKraft Andorra Cedar Wood Swing Set

When looking for a swing set for toddlers, this swing set is designed to be set up outside, and it is made from high-quality cedarwood. It is capable of holding up to seven children at a time.

What we love

  • Includes a rock wall, and sandbox with two swings
  • Has a vinyl chalkboard for kids to write on

We dont like this as much

  • Has a sandbox section, but the sand is sold separately

9PB 8360 Ranger Wooden Swing Set

The Ranger wooden swing set is designed to be the ultimate outdoor swing set for toddlers It is made from high-quality material and each swing is capable of supporting up to 115 pounds per swing.

What we love

  • Chains are coating with Plastisol to help finger pinching
  • Includes two swing seats and a trapeze swing

We dont like this as much

  • Trapeze rings could use some sort of soft material for comfort

10Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Set

This toddler swing set can be connected to different types of areas inside or outside, and it is designed to look like an adorable wooden horse. It is meant to be secure and it is capable of holding up to 44 pounds.

What we love

  • Wooden horse swing is made from high-quality wood
  • Treated to withstand rainy weather

We dont like this as much

  • Does not have much adjustment for size as the toddler grows