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14 Best Simpsons Toys

Updated 14 May 2021

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Author avatar James Ellaby

James is a content writer and a father of two young boys, which is helping him to relive his childhood and play with his old toys as well as lots of awesome new toys

Ay Caramba! The Simpsons have been a part of our lives for so long now. Love’em or hate’em, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Whether you love Bart’s mischievous ways or Homer’s hilarious antics, America’s first family of madness offers memorable catchphrases, constant laughs, catchy songs, and a cast of hundreds of unforgettable characters.

Just like the Kwik-E-Mart, you can find everything in this list, including the Kwik-E-Mart on the awesome Simpsons Monopoly board, tons of collectible figures, as well as the classic magic drinking bird that helped Homer during his work-from-home phase. You’ll have to supply your own muumuu, unfortunately.

There are also jigsaws, quizzes, video games, as well as a Bart Simpson costume, amongst lots of other cool stuff. Because we’ve based our recommendations on only the real online reviews out there, you won’t find anything on this list that will make you go “D’oh!”.

1Kidrobot The Simpsons Series Tree House of Horrors Mini Action Figure - (Best Budget Option)

Kidrobot The Simpsons Series Tree House of Horrors Mini Action Figure - (Best Budget Option)

Inspired by The Simpsons Tree House of Horrors, this surprise box is a fun spin on collecting Simpson’s memorabilia. Within each box, there is a unique three-inch vinyl figure to add to your collection. Each time you get a box, there is a chance of winning a rare figure and finally have collected them all, which is exciting for every superfan! Buying this box will provide a rush that will end with an exciting new figure to add to your décor.

What we love

  • A fantastic collaboration with Kidrobot
  • Tree House of Horrors figurines are often hard to find

What We Don't Like That Much

  • There is only one, small-sized figure in each box

2Lego 71005 The Simpsons Series Bart Simpson Character Minifigures - (Best Quality Option)

Lego 71005 The Simpsons Series Bart Simpson Character Minifigures - (Best Quality Option)

These Lego figurines are a great addition to any existing Lego sets or collections you may have, where you can experience the fun of adding your favorite Simpsons characters to Lego playtime. They can also be an exciting start to a new collection! The Bart Simpson Minifigure is a real Lego figure of Bart, equipped with a green skateboard with moving wheels that he can actually stand on and ride! In brand new condition, never opened, and never before used, these figurines are great toys for those who love Legos and The Simpsons!

What we love

  • Has detailed and authentic features
  • Comes unassembled for an extra bit of fun

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the pieces are a little small for younger children

3SIQI The Simpsons Wood Music Box – (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

SIQI The Simpsons Wood Music Box – (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

A part of the music box craze, this Simpsons Wood Music Box is a fun toy used to play the classic Simpsons theme song. With a hand crank and a flip-top used to watch the mechanism, cranking the box will play the theme song in classic music box fashion. Not only this, but the top of the box is also carved, showing The Simpsons logo and the silhouettes of the whole family. Pocket-sized and easy to use, this music box lets you fulfill your dreams of hearing the Simpsons theme song, anytime and anywhere!

What we love

  • Great small gift, for stocking stuffers or gift bags
  • Plays in a cute music box style of music

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The song may take a second to get started while cranking

4Homer Jack-in-The-Box

Homer Jack-in-The-Box

As the Funko POP! craze continues, The Simpsons has become another TV show with collectible POP! figurines. Made from 100% cotton, this Homer figurine is a twist on the classic Simpsons Funko POP!, depicting Homer as a fun Jack-in-The-Box from the Tree House of Horror episodes, making it extra exciting to collect. Along with the POP! figure itself, a window display box is also included, for those who love the idea of displaying their collectibles.

What we love

  • Comes in a great color scheme, adding a pop to decor
  • Stands at about 3 3/4 inches tall, a perfect size for displaying on a shelf

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Not actually a functioning Jack-in-the-box

5Monopoly The Simpsons Board Game

Monopoly The Simpsons Board Game

A new approach to the classic Monopoly game, The Simpsons edition of Monopoly is ideal for fans of the game and show. With six new player pewter tokens, such as Homer the Monorail Conductor, Bart driving the train, and Blinky, the game will transport you to Springfield. Within the game, the houses and hotels are now Monorail stops and Monorail stations, furthering the theme of being in Springfield. You can buy properties and pull chance cards that all bear some relation to the show, making the Monopoly game even more entertaining.

What we love

  • Even fun for people who know nothing about the show
  • New and unique properties and situations

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Playing pieces are not particularly detailed

6LEGO Dimensions - The Simpsons - Level Pack

LEGO Dimensions - The Simpsons - Level Pack

Created for the Lego Dimensions video game, this level pack includes a Homer figure, a TV, as well as Homer’s car. When you attach these pieces to the Lego toy pad included with the Lego Dimensions game, a new Simpsons level will be available to play called “A Springfield Adventure.” Not only can you build the figurines in real life, but the game brings a whole new themed Lego adventure full of Springfield content and challenges for hours of fun! For anyone who loves video games, The Simpsons, and Legos, this game pack will make their day.

What we love

  • The car and the TV can be rebuilt within other Lego Simpsons creations
  • In-game, Homer has cool new special abilities

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Does require the Lego Dimensions base game to be purchased separately

7PowerTRC Magic Drinking Bird

PowerTRC Magic Drinking Bird

Just like Homer falls in love with the Magic Drinking Bird in the show, you now have the opportunity to buy your own and watch its magic! Featured in the episode “King Sized Homer,” the drinking bird is left to do Homer’s work at home while he goes to the movies. When he returns, the bird has fallen over, no longer pressing the right button, and Homer has to save the nuclear power plant! While this toy may not do your work for you, it is a fun novelty gift, great for its vintage feel. Not only will it be a great décor item, but it will teach about science and how weight balancing works, just by watching the toy move. By consistently dipping its head into your drink, this bird will make for hours of fun drinking motions and meditative balancing.

What we love

  • Great for learning STEM basics
  • Modeled after the original product from the 70s!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Probably more fun for Simpsons geeks than kids

8USAOPOLY The Simpsons Cast of Thousands 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

USAOPOLY The Simpsons Cast of Thousands 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Great for a rainy day or being stuck inside during quarantine, The Simpsons Cast of Thousands Jigsaw Puzzle is something that can easily keep you busy throughout your time at home. Simpson’s fan or not, the puzzle is made up of a challenging scene of thousands of characters, including everyone from the Simpsons family, the tavern regulars, visitors, and even more. Made up of 1000 pieces, the puzzle is sure to challenge anyone and keep you thinking on your toes. Bring a new, challenging puzzle back home and strive to accomplish the big feat with your family!

What we love

  • A great collector’s item!
  • Pieces are all sorts of weird and wacky shapes, making it more fun and challenging!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The finished image on the box is very small

9Scene It? The Simpsons Deluxe Edition

Scene It? The Simpsons Deluxe Edition

Scene It? is a classic, fun family game that will test each player on their knowledge of TV show clips and trivia. In the Simpsons version, there are countless challenging questions and scenes to test any fan of the show. With 15 trivia cards, 16 buzz cards, and four new collectible game tokens, this game is completely Simpsons-themed, making the simple Scene It? board game more customized and personal for a Simpsons fan! Bring back family TV watching time with a Simpsons Scene It? challenge!

What we love

  • Challenging questions for great competitive gameplay
  • Simpson’s knowledge is required, perfect for die-hard fans

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Gameplay can be a little slow-paced

10The Simpsons 14 Piece Figure Set

The Simpsons 14 Piece Figure Set

This jumbo pack is a mix of 14 classic Simpsons characters as small figurines, providing the opportunity for you to decorate your home or play with your favorite characters! These high-quality figurines, which vary in size based on the show character heights, such as a tall Marge figurine, are a great start to your Simpsons collection. A great gift for anyone who loves The Simpsons and playing pretend, as these pocket-sized figurines allow you to bring the show with you wherever you go.

What we love

  • The variety pack offers many of your favorite characters
  • Looks just like the characters, adding to their realism

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the figurines do not stand on their own and may fall over

11Kids Deluxe Bart Simpson Costume

Kids Deluxe Bart Simpson Costume

A great costume for either Halloween, a costume party, or any fun Simpsons-themed event, the Kids Deluxe Bart Simpson Costume is a full-body costume that can turn your child into Bart himself! With a full jumpsuit, belly padding, and a character mask, this officially licensed costume is made to make your child look and feel like Bart. The jumpsuit also doesn’t come with any feet, so you can ride a skateboard and further feel just like Bart himself. Show up your friends and family on Halloween night by buying your child this amazing and realistic Bart costume.

What we love

  • Fits true to size
  • Well-made fabric that may last a few years

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Coloring may be off, more a soft orange than yellow

12Funko POP! Gamer Bart

Funko POP! Gamer Bart

Another Simpsons-themed Funko POP!, the Gamer Bart figurine is a great addition to your growing collection. The figurine depicts Bart Simpson, sitting cross-legged in his signature outfit, holding a game controller, and wearing a gamer headset! Great for anyone who is a fan of The Simpsons and gaming, this toy adds a new twist to the array of Simpsons Funko Pops. Collectible and fun to display, the Gamer Bart Funko POP! is going to make any collector’s dream come true.

What we love

  • Similar to the "E My Sports" episode, where Bart becomes an E-Sports gamer
  • Part of the Funko POP! gaming character line

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The POP! is quite fragile, so handle with care

13Hasbro The Game of Life - Simpsons Edition

Hasbro The Game of Life - Simpsons Edition

For another great twist on a classic game, The Game of Life – Simpsons Edition will take you and your family on a trip through living a life in the Simpsons universe. The game is played just like the classic Game of Life, yet everything inside is Simpsons-themed, meaning it will include great jokes and gags from the show, enough to excite any Simpsons fan. With additions such as joining The Stonecutters of finding a three-eyed fish, moving into Monty Burns’ Manor, or meeting McBain, the Simpsons lore adds a whole new level to this classic game.

What we love

  • Even fun for those who aren’t hardcore fans of the show
  • Great quality game and gameplay

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A little expensive

14Codenames The Simpsons Edition

Codenames The Simpsons Edition

If you like playing classic party games, the Codenames: The Simpsons Edition is an amazing option for your next gathering. With the same mechanisms as the original Codenames game, the game throws a twist in with its references to Simpsons characters and plot points in popular episodes. With 200 code cards, 100 double-sided key cards, and cover cards, there is enough content for countless rounds of Simpsons Codenames!

What we love

  • High-quality photos and cards
  • Great party game for upcoming gatherings

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Best played with a larger group for the most authentic experience

In Conclusion

The Simpsons has been airing on our televisions for over 30 years now and shows no sign of slowing down. Generations of us have grown up with it, making these toys universally popular. What Simpsons toys did you have when you were a kid? Were any of them as cool as the Treehouse of Horror collectible figures? 

If you’re a Simpsons nerd like me, you probably played the awesome video game Bart vs The Space Mutants on the NES. The good news is you can still buy it and don’t need to risk being sent to Juvenile Hall by shoplifting it, so why not treat yourself to some nostalgia? 

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