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12 Best Pool Dive Toys

Best Pool Dive Toys
James Ellaby
Written by
James Ellaby
Written by
James Ellaby
James is a father of two young boys, which is helping him to relive his childhood and play with his old toys as well as lots of awesome new toys. His boys help him review toys so he always makes sure to ask for their opinion before he sits down to write.
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When I learned to swim, the only pool dive toy that existed was a rubber brick that would be flung into a swimming pool before I had to jump in (wearing my pajamas for some reason) and swim down to retrieve it. The brick wasn’t very exciting. Quite frankly it could stay down there for all I cared. 

I’m happy to say that pool dive toys have changed A LOT in 2021.

Instead of boring rubber bricks, there’s a whole load of cool and colorful pool dive toys for kids to play with, whether they’re practicing their swimming or just having fun. There’s pirate treasure, glow sticks, sharks, various cute creatures, a watermelon, and even a stingray that actually swims around. 

All of them will teach kids how to dive safely and have a great time using their imaginations to create underwater worlds. Of course, safety is key with any toy like this, so we’ve based our recommendations on just the pool dive toys that have been given the thumbs up by real kids and parents, ruling out any fake reviews first.

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