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10 Best Play Mats and Floor Mats for Kids

Updated 6 July 2022

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Author avatar Teddy Booth

Teddy is our primary content producer here at TheToyZone. He is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek. His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure.

Play mats can open up a new world for kids (quite literally with one of our choices). With play mats, children can drive around cities, play sweet music, and complete puzzles, all from the comfort of their home. Having a play mat will also increase social skills when kids open up their imaginations with friends.

There are so many different mats out there with varying budgets and themes. If you’re not sure what’s on-trend right now, you run the risk of getting it wrong. Our selection was made by listening to recommendations from real people and removing any products with fake reviews so you can be confident you’re getting the best mat for your little ones.

1Tencoz Musical Piano Mat (Best Budget Option)

The Tencoz Musical Piano Mat is one of the best play mats and floor mats for kids who crave music. It immerses children in fun and music creation as they can use eight instrument sounds: violin, saxophone, trumpet, harp, accordion, guitar, vibraphone, and of course, piano. There are four modes and 19 black and white keys for tones.

What we love

  • Fun record button so kids can listen to their creations
  • Good variety of instruments

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might be best used on carpeted floors or rugs rather than hard floors
Tencoz Musical Piano Mat (Best Budget Option)

2Alphabet Puzzle Mat (Best Quality Option)

Spark your child’s imagination and help them learn their letters and spelling with the Alphabet Puzzle Mat. It includes 26 tiles that are easy to assemble and each tile features bold, vibrant coloring. They’re made from non-toxic, EVA foam that’s thick in size for comfort and durability.

What we love

  • Works great as a teaching tool
  • Made from soft, safe material

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Individual numbers/letters might pop out too easily
Alphabet Puzzle Mat (Best Quality Option)

3Edushape Solid Play Mat

The Edushape Solid Play Mat is a foam mat that is brightly colored to instantly attract a child’s attention. There are 25 pieces and they all fit together like a puzzle to stimulate a young kid’s gross and fine motor skills as well as help them develop logic skills. They are each lightly textured on the top too for additional sensory stimulation.

What we love

  • The texture on the top can help prevent kids from slipping on them
  • Easy and fast to wipe clean

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might have to reattach the pieces often
Edushape Solid Play Mat

4i-Poster My USA Interactive Map

The i-Poster My USA Interactive Map is one of the 10 best play mats and floor mats for kids and teaches them a little bit about the country. This talking map discusses basic information and facts about each of the 50 states, covering topics from the climate to historical facts. Kids can even challenge themselves using a basic quiz and work their way up to taking the advanced quiz.

What we love

  • Multiple interactive and educational functions available
  • Five-level volume adjustment

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some kids might need help pressing on the smaller states
i-Poster My USA Interactive Map

5Obuby Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

The Obuby Aqua Magic Doodle Mat is a great treat for creative kids looking to express themselves. It features a vibrant underwater theme and is easily reusable as they can fill the magic pen up with water and simply draw on the mat. Everything will magically disappear in three to 10 minutes. It includes numerous accessories such as eight EVA track markers, six magic pens, four stamps, and more.

What we love

  • Reusable and mess-free design
  • Comes with plenty of accessories that fit in the included drawstring bag

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Water might bleed out past the stencils
Obuby Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

6Kidsclub Foldable Baby Floor Mat

This non-toxic and non-slip Kidsclub Baby Floor Mat features soft XPE foam to keep babies safe and comfortable as they lay and crawl around. It’s reversible with one side featuring just friendly animals and the other including a few animals as well as roads filled with numbers and letters for kids to explore.

What we love

  • Moisture-proof design so that messes are easy to wipe up
  • Foldable design for simple storage and transportation

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some pads might be thinner than others
Kidsclub Foldable Baby Floor Mat

7Learning Resources Number Line Floor Mat

With the Number Line Floor Mat, kids undergo active learning as they can play games while working on their number recognition and counting skills. They can even play around with adding and subtracting, moving to the corresponding numbers to solve the problems. It features numbers zero to 30 from left-to-right.

What we love

  • Good for visual math learning
  • Numbers are colorful and large

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might work best when used on a hard floor compared to carpet or rugs
Learning Resources Number Line Floor Mat

8Learning Resources Hip Hoppin' Hundred Mat

The Hip Hoppin’ Hundred Mat puts the excitement back in learning. Kids can become fluent in all-things numbers from understanding the hundreds concept, to honing their counting skills, and to recognizing number patterns. The large mat also comes with 54 double-sided frames and two inflatable cubes with the numerals one through six on them.

What we love

  • Large size for multiple kids to play with at once
  • Great way to help children visualize numbers and math problems

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Number frames can do with laminating
Learning Resources Hip Hoppin' Hundred Mat

9TEMI Dinosaur World

The TEMI Dinosaur World is one of the 10 best play mats and floor mats for kids who love the prehistoric creatures. This comes with nine dinosaur figures: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Giganotosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Dimetrodon, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Velociraptor. Children can set up Dino Park with tree models as well for the ultimate play experience.

What we love

  • Comes with a carrying case that packs everything up well
  • Realistic dinosaur models that are a great size for kids

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might have to re-setup the trees from time to time
TEMI Dinosaur World

10Kids Carpet Playmat Rug

The Kids Carpet Playmat Rug features a brightly colored city that children will love exploring. It’s wonderfully diverse in terms of colors and buildings, and as there are plenty of winding roads, kids can use their own cars to race around town. The size is appropriate to fit the likes of Hot Wheels.

What we love

  • Good quality material that washes up well
  • Artwork is lively and detailed for imaginative play

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might have to wash it and air it out a few times before kids can play with it
Kids Carpet Playmat Rug