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15 Best Peppa Pig Toys

Updated 1 October 2021

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Author avatar James Ellaby

James is a content writer and a father of two young boys, which is helping him to relive his childhood and play with his old toys as well as lots of awesome new toys

There aren’t many popular kid’s TV programs that are genuinely as fun for parents as for their children, but Peppa Pig is one of those. For this Daddy Pig fan, anyway. Peppa’s adventures with her family and friends are tons of fun for all ages, with just the right amount of humor to make 5 am wake-ups bearable…Almost.

She’s a cheeky little piggy, of course, but whether kids identify more with Peppa or her dinosaur-loving brother George (or even Pedro Pony), there’s a huge range of toys out there to help them learn and play. From learning about watches to puzzles to planes to sports helmets, Peppa Pig has even more on offer than Mr. Fox’s shop.

Of course, Mr. Fox is famously a bit of a rogue trader, with his ‘genuine plastic antique furniture’ so we’ve taken care to filter out all the fake online reviews so that our recommendations for Peppa Pig toys are ones that you can trust.

1VTech Peppa Pig Learning Watch, Purple (Best Budget Option)

This Peppa Pig watch is adorable, character-rich, and best of all, educational. Your little one will have endless fun playing the four pre-loaded, leveled learning games aimed to teach counting, matching, comparing, and sorting. Your child will have so much fun with the illustrated games that he/she won’t even realize they’re learning important life skills. In addition to the watch’s games, your child will naturally begin learning to tell time. What’s best, the wearability of the toy means that his/her learning games are always with them. Finally, your child will simply adore the Peppa Pig graphics that adorn this awesome watch.

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What we love

  • The stopwatch and alarm features allow your child to explore time concepts
  • The watch comes alive with Peppa Pig voice recordings

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The lifespan of the battery could be longer
VTech Peppa Pig Learning Watch, Purple (Best Budget Option)

2VTech Peppa Pig Learn and Discover Book (Best Quality Option)

This book is a Peppa fan favorite. Your young child can easily press buttons that engage the Peppa characters to read stories aloud. The interactive book is simple enough for toddlers to operate, allowing them to follow the illustrations and words along with the audible stories. The book is composed of 14 colorful, Peppa-illustrated pages that introduce letters and objects with corresponding stories and songs. Children can easily engage the book’s sound effects by matching images on the pages to images on the oversized buttons. As is the standard with VTech toys, this Peppa book is both fun and educational.

What we love

  • The book is equipped with volume control
  • The pages are made of easy-to-clean laminated sheets

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The power button can be easily triggered
VTech Peppa Pig Learn and Discover Book (Best Quality Option)

3Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress Up Puzzle (25 Piece) (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

This adorable Peppa Pig toy set allows your child to imaginatively style Peppa in countless ensembles. The eco-friendly, magnetic pieces that make up the individual outfit pieces are colorful and diverse which means your little one will have endless fun with this toy. Notably, this set comes with 25 mix-and-match pieces and a Peppa figure with a stand to hold her upright. Not only are clothing pieces included, but accessories like hats and jewelry are included too. Best of all, each of the dress-up pieces comes in a wooden storage box for easy clean-up and organization. Your little Peppa fan will love designing new looks and scenarios for this dress-up Peppa.

What we love

  • The large pieces and hands-on play improve dexterity
  • The set calls upon your child’s imagination to style Peppa

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the wooden storage box had a lid for easy travel
Peppa Pig Magnetic Wood Dress Up Puzzle (25 Piece) (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

4Peppa Pig Family Car Push n' Scoot Ride-on

This Peppa ride-on is the perfect toy for your little tyke who is itching to be on the move. This bright red and pale blue scooter is adorned with precious Peppa decals that your little one will surely adore. Once perched upon the comfortable seat, he/she can get a real leg workout as they scoot from place to place. One of this toy’s best features is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the ride-on is equipped with recognizable Peppa tunes and phrases that are easily activated with the touch of a large yellow button. Best of all, the ride-on is also equipped with safety features like easy-grip handles and wide wheels for optimal balance.

What we love

  • The colorful graphics feature Peppa’s whole family
  • Minimal assembly is required

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This toy is on the smaller side so it’s most suitable for children 2 and under
Peppa Pig Family Car Push n' Scoot Ride-on

5Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Fun Car

The Peppa Family Fun Car will take your little one and his/her friends on all sorts of new adventures. Included with this set is a bright red, battery-operated car, featuring Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig. The car is easily set in motion with the touch of the trunk’s button. Your child will be amazed by the car’s light-up headlights, the authentic Peppa sounds, and the car’s bobbling motion. Your little one will love to recreate the show’s whimsical scenes as well as imagine new, fun Pig family scenes. Peppa Pig and her family love to go on new adventures; now your little one can get in on the action.

What we love

  • This toy encourages hand-eye coordination
  • It’s small enough to be great for on-the-go

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Although the car fits four figures, only two come with the set
Peppa Pig Lights & Sounds Family Fun Car

6Peppa Pig's Lights & Sounds Family Home Feature Playset

This adorable playset is essentially a Peppa Pig dollhouse. The 4-story house is compartmentalized into 7 distinct spaces, each of which provides a new backdrop for Pig family fun. While interacting with the house and Pig family figures, your child can experience a day in the life of their favorite animated family. The house comes to life with iconic Peppa sights, sounds, and catchphrases. Included with the playset are 13 accessories and 3 articulated figures. Your little tyke can easily activate the fun songs and phrases by simply “stepping” on the house’s welcome mat. This playset is perfect for small fingers.

What we love

  • Comes fully assembled straight out the box
  • Colorful furniture is included for each room

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish all of the Pig family characters were included
Peppa Pig's Lights & Sounds Family Home Feature Playset

7Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack

This 8-pack of Peppa Pig figures is a perfect accompaniment to the Peppa Family Home or the Family Fun Car (see above). They are also a great stand-alone gift for small hands. The set features all 4 Pig family members in addition to friends frequently featured on the show. Your child will easily recognize each of these Peppa Pig pals. Notably, each set of 4 friends are dressed in matching outfits. Your little one will have loads of fun recreating familiar Peppa Pig scenes or imagining all-new ones. Moreover, the figures can be used to play matching games. Can your little one match the figure to his or her pair?

What we love

  • These are great toys to pack in a diaper bag for on-the-go
  • Perfect stand-alone gift or addition to an existing toy set

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Additional Forever Friends characters must be purchased separately
Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack

8Peppa Pig Holiday Plane

This precious toy will take your little one on Peppa’s next big travel adventure. Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig will soar high in style as they jet-set around your living room. The plane makes fun and recognizable Peppa sounds and even plays her iconic “Flying High” song. The included figures, Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig, are both articulating and come with matching luggage. The airplane is also equipped with a hinged door that opens to a staircase leading to the vessel’s colorful cabin. The pilot seat comes with a flip-up door, allowing your child to decide who will sit at the helm of the airplane.

What we love

  • There is a functional cargo hold in the belly of the plane
  • The windows double as buttons to activate sounds

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Kids may need assistance boarding the luggage
Peppa Pig Holiday Plane

9Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Drawing, Peppa Pig

The Crayola Wonder Mess Free kits are a no-brainer for parents and a magical experience for children. The mess-free, invisible markers interact with the special coloring sheets to create colorful and vibrant yet neat and clean pictures. Your little one will delight in the seemingly magical coloring experience while parents rave about the perfect neatness. Under no circumstances can your little one color on walls, toys, or skin with these mess-free markers. This kit includes a whopping 18 Peppa Pig coloring sheets that will keep your child busy for hours. Best of all, the markers are safe and non-toxic.

What we love

  • These are ideal for travelling in the car
  • The coloring sheets and markers can be stored in the included storage folder

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the set came with more than the 5 included markers
Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Drawing, Peppa Pig

10Peppa Pig - Sing with Peppa! Microphone Toy and Look and Find Sound Activity Book Set

Your little ham (pun intended) will love rocking out on this nifty Peppa Pig microphone. He/she will take center stage in style with a microphone decked out in the coolest Peppa colors. The microphone isn’t a microphone that projects your child’s voice. Instead, with the push of one of the four oversized buttons, the microphone comes to life with Peppa songs. Of course, your little one will love singing into the microphone nonetheless. The toy also comes with a coordinating songbook so your little one can follow along with the song’s lyrics. Best of all, the microphone comes preloaded with 24 Peppa songs.

What we love

  • The song lyrics are positive and uplifting
  • The book has 28 pages of illustrated song lyrics

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the microphone also projected the user’s voice
Peppa Pig - Sing with Peppa! Microphone Toy and Look and Find Sound Activity Book Set

11VTech Peppa Pig Let's Chat Learning Phone

VTech is a name synonymous with educational toys. Not surprisingly, this adorable Peppa Pig phone both amuses and teaches your little one. The phone comes loaded with learning math games that teach numbers, counting, adding, and shapes. The concepts are taught through voice-activated “conversations” with Peppa Pig and other Pig family members. Your little one can exchange responses because the phone will recognize keywords spoken by your child. The phone is also equipped with a digital screen that depicts Peppa Pig characters talking, dancing, and jumping. Your little one can also check his/her “voicemail” for adorable messages left by Peppa Pig characters.

What we love

  • This toy promotes speaking and listening skills
  • Will keep kids occupied on long journeys

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish it had an option to switch to different languages
VTech Peppa Pig Let's Chat Learning Phone

12Peppa Pig Talking Dress Up Peppa Large Figure

This precious dress-up Peppa Pig figure is your little one’s next favorite toy. The figure comes with 11 adorable and interchangeable outfits that grant your child the ability to creatively dress his/her favorite character. Included with the outfits are Peppa’s classic red dress and black shoes as well as other familiar ensembles. In addition to the 11 outfits, the toy also comes with stickers and accessories to add to Peppa’s outfits. If the hours of endless dress-up aren’t enough to keep your little one amused, he/she will certainly delight in Peppa’s giggles and catchphrases that are easily engaged with the touch of the figure’s tummy.

What we love

  • Peppa’s catchphrases add an extra layer of interactivity
  • Plenty of possible options to customize your unique Peppa!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Young children may require grown-up assistance when dressing Peppa
Peppa Pig Talking Dress Up Peppa Large Figure

13Peppa Pig Shape Sorter Clock Puzzle (12 Piece)

This precious wooden block puzzle plays a few different roles. Not only is it a block puzzle with oversized pieces for little hands, but it also teaches shapes, numbers, time-telling, colors, and sorting. Each of the chunky puzzle pieces is a new shape and color. Each has a number (1-12) that fits into a clock-shaped puzzle board. Finally, the center of the clock has working clock arms so your child can begin to learn the fundamentals of telling time. Best of all, the clock prominently features Peppa Pig and her brother George Pig beautifully painted in the background.

What we love

  • This puzzle teaches many concepts in one toy
  • It comes with a clock mount so it can stand upright

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the numbers were painted rather than stickered on
Peppa Pig Shape Sorter Clock Puzzle (12 Piece)

14Peppa Pig Plush, 8 Inch Tall, Soft and Squishy Plush from The World of Peppa

This plush Peppa Pig is your little one’s next best friend. Huggable, squeezable, and loveable, your child will love bringing his/her favorite pal, Peppa, everywhere. Made of soft, squishy, high-quality plush materials, this toy is the perfect gift for the Peppa Pig lover in your life. Your little one will find great comfort in snuggling, cuddling, and sleeping with this precious Peppa stuffie. Peppa is dressed in her iconic red dress and black ballet slippers and is posed with her arms wide open for optimal hugging. Measuring 8 inches tall, Peppa is the perfect size for your little one’s growing arms and hands.

What we love

  • Peppa is machine washable
  • At only 8 inches tall, Peppa is the perfect size for travel

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Added sound effects would make this toy even more interactive
Peppa Pig Plush, 8 Inch Tall, Soft and Squishy Plush from The World of Peppa

15Peppa Pig Toddler Multi-Sport Helmet

Your little one will ride in style with this pretty pink Peppa Pig helmet. The helmet depicts Peppa Pig dressed in summer attire and adorable flowers on either side of the helmet. The body of the helmet is the prettiest pink with accents of purple. The helmet has adjustable straps so your little one can grow with the helmet; it’s recommended for children 18 months to 4 years old. The helmet is also outfitted with vents to keep your child’s head cool all summer long. Whether your child loves scootering, bike riding, or battery-powered ride-ons, he/she will love having Peppa Pig along for the ride.

What we love

  • The helmet is super comfortable
  • It can be easily wiped clean

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This helmet is best suited for smaller sized heads
Peppa Pig Toddler Multi-Sport Helmet

In Conclusion

Generations of children have already grown up with Peppa Pig and she’s as popular as ever. Whether you first met her as a child or a parent, she’s a little piggy that’s made a big impact on all of our lives, making almost as big a splash as Daddy Pig doing a puddle jump. 

However, she’s still got some way to go to become the most iconic female fictional pig of all time. Yes, we’re talking about Miss Piggy here, so if you grew up watching her on Muppet Babies, why not treat yourself to this adorable little Disney Miss Piggy Plush?

If you’re buying for a toddler that loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles and you’re hoping for a dryer and cleaner option, check out our 10 Best Hopping Toys for Toddlers for a solution.