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10 Best Nerf Gun Pistols [Small Blasters]

Best Nerf Gun Pistols
Teddy Booth
Written by
Teddy Booth
Written by
Teddy Booth
Teddy is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek who loves all things LEGO, Nintendo and RC (drones included). His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, so that is why he spends A LOT of time curating the perfect list of toys and games that include options for everyone without putting kids inside boxes.
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Is there anything more exciting than a NERF battle? Ducking, weaving, and rolling to avoid enemy fire. Desperately reloading when you’ve found cover. Waiting for the right moment to risk taking your shot. 

But it’s also essential to have the right weapon. NERF pistols offer kids all the thrills and spills of a great battle with guns that are easy to hold, run with, and fire. Not to mention, they’re also really cool to look at.

We’ve picked out the ten best NERF Gun Pistols for 2023 with a range of styles and abilities to offer, so there’s something for everyone. To ensure you can trust that these pistols don’t let you down, we’ve filtered out all the fake reviews so that real NERF troopers have given each of them the thumbs up.

1. NERF Rival Kronos XVIII – E0005

Nerf - Rival Kronos XVIII - E0005

The NERF Rival Kronos XVIII E0005 is a Nerf gun with a new design, allowing it to have a more compact design while still delivering a large amount of power. In this way, it is now possible to move agilely around with a Nerf gun while still having the same strong fighting power. Instead of Nerf bullets, this gun comes with multiple Nerf balls and a red and blue team flag, allowing the user to play with friends.

The best thing about the NERF Rival Kronos XVIII E0005 gun is the distance it covers, as it can shoot up to 100km/hr. With this power, it has become a popular option in the Nerf gun world, and with the addition of the new balls, it also adds some great distance to each shot.

What we love:

– Much more powerful than other Nerf guns

– Can be bought with extra balls for even more fun

We don’t like this as much:

– Can get jammed often, especially when used carelessly

2. NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

Another Nerf gun option is the NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster. This gun has a small, green-colored structure yet yields much power. What sets this Nerf gun apart is its means of shooting, as it shoots two darts at a time, allowing for more fighting power. Since the gun is small and compact, it can be used in one hand to give a sleek shooter feeling. The gun also comes with two darts but can be combined with a package of extra darts or used with regular ones.

Fight back against the encroaching zombies with the NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster, preventing the apocalypse and the infection from spreading! With the fighting power, it is capable of, this pistol can enhance any shooting scenario, entrancing oneself in a fun role-play game.

What we love:

– Easy one-handed cocking mechanisms with an easy-to-use hammer and trigger

– Parts are easy to find if a replacement is needed for any part of the gun

We don’t like this as much:

– Doesn’t come with much ammo, which isn’t very useful alone

3. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy

Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy, Multicolor

A much smaller option said to be able to fit in your pocket to use as a secret weapon is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy. Though small, the blaster can hold three darts and shoot up to 90 feet at a time. This gun has the technology to show you which barrel has a dart, allowing you to shoot knowing that something will fire. Coming with three darts, this blaster can also be supplemented by ordering a pack of extra darts, but it also uses the standard darts, in case you already have a collection.

The best part of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Toy is its small size. The description states that the blaster is small enough to keep in your pocket, as mentioned, or even tucked away in the palm of your hand. This makes the blaster a secret weapon, allowing users to surprise and astonish their opponents in a Nerf-gun war.

What we love:

– Very powerful for its size

– A simple, compact blaster anywhere, whether at home or the office!

We don’t like this as much:

– The included darts may tend to fall out of the barrels

4. NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge & 6 Overwatch Rival Rounds

Nerf Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge & 6 Overwatch Rival Rounds

Inspired by the Overwatch game and the character McCree, the NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge is a new Nerf gun that you can use to pretend you’re in the games yourself. The blaster is created to look like the character McCree’s signature weapon in the games, and it also comes with a die-cast badge, a valuable collectible for any hardcore fan. The gun also has six special, branded rounds, making anyone feel like a gunslinging hero.

This Nerf gun is also decked out with some cool features, such as a swing-open barrel, a reactive hammer, and a spinning spur. Shooting at 80 feet per second, using this NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster will turn anyone into a shooting machine.

What we love:

– A great collector’s item for any Overwatch fans

– Large, which makes it easy to hold

We don’t like this as much:

– Only shoots one round at a time

5. NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster

NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster - Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load - Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds - Team Red

The NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster is an excellent Nerf pistol to buy for team games, as it comes in red and blue team colors. Made for large team game playtime, the two colors available will set you and your friends apart as you have the Nerf battle of your lives!

The blaster comes in two colors and has storage for more rounds, so more darts are always close when you need them. The blaster is very compact, making it easy to move around and play with in tense team game situations. The gun shoots at 90 feet per second, with special Nerf rival accuracy and shooting skill. With spring action, trigger locks, and power blasting, the NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster is one of the best blasters to put the other team to shame!

What we love:

– Spring is powerful, providing a powerful shot every time

– Comes with balls instead of bullets, allowing you to shoot further

We don’t like this as much:

– Difficult to prime for shooting since the mechanism is tighter within the gun

6. NERF N-Strike Elite Firestrike

Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

This Nerf gun, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike, uses new technology to help improve shooting power and accuracy. This shooter has the addition of a light beam, allowing each shot you make to be more accurate, as you are now able to aim better. The light beam can also provide more accuracy in low-light settings, making the Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike a very versatile Nerf gun to have in your arsenal. The shooter comes with some new darts, called elite darts, bringing a new style and more power to the blaster, something unique to add to your collection.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike has a 75-foot range, which is very impressive for the light beam in addition to being able to travel. Not only this but there are attachments you can add to the shooter, such as the tactical rail accessories, which are sold separately.

What we love:

– Shoots far and accurately, guided by the laser addition

– Collector’s edition style, with the new color of the gun and different darts

We don’t like this as much:

– The blaster is on the fragile side and can be broken easily if not carefully used

7. Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 Blaster

Another Nerf gun easily concealed in an intense Nerf battle is the Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 Blaster. With its sleek design, this pistol can be pulled out of your pocket to shoot someone with a single shot of a classic Nerf bullet. This gun is straightforward, as it comes with the three classic darts and only shoots one at a time, requiring it to be reloaded after every shot. The shooting mechanism is also pretty simple, as it is just a slider you pull back and release to fire.

Though these are not the most intricate design features, this Nerf gun is a simple addition to anyone’s collection, allowing for a single shot to be taken at any time, surprising the enemy. The Nerf N-Strike Reflex IX-1 Blaster is great for aiming a single shot with strong firing power.

What we love:

– Good starter blaster for kids, as it is simple and easy to use

– Can shoot up to 70 feet

We don’t like this as much:

– It can be tiring to pull back the trigger for every single shot

8. NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster

Nerf Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster, 6 Official Nerf Darts, 2 Tactical Rails to Customize for Battle, Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Kids Ages 8 and Up

The NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster is a combination of a lot of fantastic new additions rolled into one impressive shooter. This blaster is equipped with specific attachments, such as light beam targeting that helps with aiming and shooting in low light settings, as well as dart storage to hold extra rounds, and it can fire darts up to 90 feet away. It also has tactical rails that can add further attachments, allowing you to customize your shooter.

The NERF Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Blaster has six darts that match the shooter’s light blue and orange color palette, making it an exclusive collector’s item. This blaster adds many new features and has plenty of potential to be customized, making it a core addition to any Nerf enthusiast’s collection.

What we love:

– The number of features outdo any former Nerf gun

– Packs a great punch for being so compact

We don’t like this as much:

– May need extra darts, as the six it comes with are easily lost

9. NERF Fortnite SR Blaster – (Best Quality Option)

NERF Fortnite SR Blaster - 4-Dart Hammer Action - Includes Removable Scope and 8 Official Elite Darts - for Youth, Teens, Adults

Inspired by Fortnite, a game that has been taking the world by storm, the NERF Fortnite SR Blaster brings the pistols in the game to life. Great for any fan of the game, this shooter comes with exclusive Fortnite branding and is modeled after the shooters and guns in the game. The best part of this blaster is that four darts can be primed in the shooter simultaneously, and there is a removable scope to line up and aim shots more easily.

This shooter comes with eight darts, said to be tested and approved for the best quality. The darts are a light blue, making them a special edition and themed for the gun. Shooting one dart at a time, you can achieve the closest feeling of being in the video game with the NERF Fortnite SR Blaster.

What we love:

– Perfect gift for any Fortnite fan who wants to feel like they’re in the game

– Great sized shooter for any age

We don’t like this as much:

– Darts may be a little flimsy when reloaded over and over again

10. NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster (Green) – (Best Budget Option)

NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster (Green)

The NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster in green is a small, compact Nerf gun that can be held in anyone’s pocket for a quick shot. This gun is only big enough to hold one dart at a time, so it can be hidden somewhere, ready for a sneak attack. The one dart shot packs a punch, making it a useful hidden weapon for any Nerf fight that may break out.

The shooter comes with two darts, which can be loaded into the front to be shot by pulling a handle and releasing. Even though it is the most diminutive shooter on this list, the power of this pistol is awe-inspiring, making the NERF N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster a beneficial investment for anyone who desires a sleek fighting weapon.

What we love:

– Great power for such a small shooter

– Fits very nicely in any sized hand

We don’t like this as much:

– There have been reports that this blaster is not always new when it arrives

How to stay safe when playing with NERF Pistols:

  1. Read and Follow Instructions: Carefully read and follow the instructions to ensure safe NERF blaster/pistols usage.
  2. Wear Eye Protection: Always have kids wear safety goggles or glasses to protect their eyes from potential dart impacts.
  3. Use Approved Foam Darts: Only use foam darts provided by NERF or approved alternatives designed explicitly for the blaster. Avoid using modified or non-foam projectiles, as they can cause injury.
  4. Aim at Appropriate Targets: Instruct children to aim and shoot only at approved targets, such as designated NERF battle zones or agreed-upon objects. Discourage shooting at people or animals to prevent harm.
  5. Establish a Safe Shooting Distance: Set a safe distance for shooting, particularly with more powerful blasters. Teach kids not to shoot at close range or directly at others to minimize the risk of injury.
  6. Clear Play Area: Ensure the play area is free from obstacles, fragile items, or hazards that could cause accidents or damage. Remove potential tripping hazards to enhance safety.
  7. Avoid Aiming at Face or Sensitive Areas: Emphasize that children should never aim at the face, head, eyes, or any other sensitive areas of their playmates. Encourage aiming at the body or other appropriate targets during play.
  8. Play Responsibly: Teach kids to use NERF blasters responsibly and respect fair play rules. Encourage open communication and the establishment of clear boundaries with their playmates for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  9. Parental Supervision: Parents or responsible adults must supervise kids during Nerf play to ensure they adhere to safety guidelines and play responsibly.

Following these detailed safety guidelines allows kids to have a fun and safe experience while playing with NERF pistols.


These NERF pistols have everything you could need to ensure you win every fast-paced battle, whether delivering a sneak attack or defending against a zombie outbreak. They’re certainly a world away from the toy guns we used to play with as children, where the most exciting thing about them was whether they went ‘pop’ when we fired them.

Of course, we did have some exciting weaponry back in the day in the shape of water pistols and super soakers, so why not treat yourself to a Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Water Blaster to see what modern water pistols offer? 

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