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TheToyZone Methodology

There are many toy sites out there recommending products to help people see what toys are on the market and whether it is worth a purchase or not. If you spend time on these sites, you’ll notice a lot of the same products appearing time and again. These regularly seem to be toys from the same companies that have heavily invested in marketing their toys, or even tried to manipulate reviews to make sure they appear well rated even if they are not.

At TheToyZone we do things differently. Here’s how.

1. We find out what toys real people recommend.

Many sites simply use Amazon search functions, and recommend the most popular or best rated toys and write about them. We don’t think this is good enough as these reviews can be manipulated in many ways. It’s becoming a common practice on Amazon for companies to pay for false reviews that boost their rating, making it hard to take reviews at face value. 

Instead, we do research to find out what toys people truly recommend. We take an indepth look into active community forums such as Mumsnet, Reddit and Metafilter, which contain open discussions from users willing to share their experiences and give an honest review. We find out which products are being recommended over and over, and which products should be avoided.

2. We filter out fake reviews on Amazon.

When we have our list of recommendations, we find the toys on Amazon. We use a tool called Fakespot, which helps us to decipher which toys have reviews that may have been tampered with, discarding them from our list if they have been forged. This can seem like a lengthy procedure but it ensures that the reviews are as accurate as possible. 

3. We have a team that reviews the recommendations carefully, and only includes the best.

Our experienced team reviews every single toy recommendation to make sure it fits. Our team has gained knowledge from hours of research and understand the minefield of buying toys online for their family and friends. This method gives us an extra level of quality control.

4. We only recommend 30 toys or less.

We cut our lists down to 30 or less. Our own encounters of toy lists have taught us that long lists can be overwhelming and can make choosing the right option even harder. In fact, studies show that users only read 28% of words they are exposed to on their first visit. By narrowing down the options, we give only the best selections with no filler.

5. We offer options for all.

At The ToyZone we understand that everyone is different and just because one person may like a toy, it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone. Taking this into consideration, we make it our goal to find toys that will match many different personalities and preferences. We want to make recommendations inclusive so that no matter what your budget or preference, everyone can find something that suits them.