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20 Geek Inspired Engagement Rings

The saying goes “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” yet, here we prove that that is not always the case. This collection of rings proves there is something out there for everyone. So if you’d prefer dinner at Tech Noir over breakfast at Tiffanys’, these rings should take your fancy.

1. Pistol Ring

Channel your inner secret agent with this small, yet deadly ring. The miniature 6 shot barrel can be loaded with miniature bullets so you can be prepared for any situation on your mission. Brings a whole new meaning to trigger finger.

Image source: TheMancave

2. Bone Ring

Artists and scientists have joined forces to create this Bone Ring. Using tissue taken from wisdom teeth then grown in a lab, there is nothing more unique than your own DNA to give to that someone special.

Image source: BBC News

3. Male and female serial plug rings

Make your connection even stronger by physically connecting with these rings. Made from actual electrical parts, the 8 pronged plug will link any couple in sickness and in health, til unplugged do we part.

Image source: janabrevick/flickr

4. Vacuum Tube Ring

A perfect ring for a perfect retro wedding. This steampunk-esque Vacuum Tube Ring is set in sterling silver mimicking the electron tubes associated with old TVs, stereos and robots from the old school sci-fi movies.

Image source: janabrevick/flickr

5. Kama Sutra Ring

Here’s a ring that will look good in any position. This miniature couple demonstrates the many possibilities the Kamasutra offers us, set in a futuristic style ring. A little extra inspirational spice for any matrimony.

Image source: Queen

6. Grow your own ring

Nurture your ring like you nurture your love with this environmentally sound foliage on your finger. This beautiful ring will need water and light to survive but is all worth it to have this living micro garden to show off.

Image source: Thegreenhead

7. Mood Rings

This ring may not give you psychic abilities, but it does display the mood of the wearer. If you see violet/blue, it may be time to put on your Karma sutra ring. If you see brown/gray, maybe fetch the Pistol ring.

Image source: popsci

8. Never Forget Your Anniversary

Never hear the age old cry of “You forgot our anniversary?!” again with this ingenious device. 24 hours before the big day, the ring will heat up to 120F for 10 seconds to trigger your forgetful mind into remembering every year.

Image source: alaska jewelry

9. Google Vanity Rings

We’ve all googled ourselves out of curiosity. This ring takes the sting out of counting your google hits by doing it for you. Impress the people around you with your online popularity shown on the rings miniature display. Unless you’re not popular, then maybe look past this one.

Image source: Markus Kison

10. Binary Ring

This bespoke ring contains any personalised message you want…in binary! Convey your words of love in a code that only the geekiest of us (and your computer) will be able to read engraved into platinum. I 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 you.

Image source: Ingle and Rhode

11. Nut and Bolt Ring

These nut and bolt rings screw perfectly together like the couple who wear them. With a choice of brass, silver or cubic zirconia they are a perfect way to connect for mechanically minded marriages.

Image source: etsy/KileyGranberg

12. Fingerprint Ring

Cherish your loved ones by getting their unique fingerprint engraved on a ring. Not only a great design, but a personal touch that shows how they imprint on your life. On the other hand it’s a sneaky way to unlock their phone.

Image source: Etsy/SilverHandwriting

13. Periodical Ring

For all you science geeks out there, here’s one for you. These rings show the element symbol they are made from along with its weight. A perfect way to show off how much swag you have at the weekly DandD meetup.

Image source: Geekologie

14. USB ring

Another great way to hide a secret personalised message in your jewelry, these rings double as a USB drive. You could hold a video of that special proposal, pictures of each other or top secret documents that can never leave your hand.

Image source: Star Wedding Ring

15. Tennis Ring

Hey sports fans, these rings are made from actual tennis ball fabric with white curvilinear lines. Share your love of the game with the love of your life. Just make sure you stay away from dogs in the park.

Image source: elke munkert

16. Donut Ring

The perfect topping for any dessert loving finger. The donut ring looks good enough to eat, complete with glazing and bejeweled sprinkles. Just try not to confuse it with the real thing, it won’t taste the same.

Image source: Etsy/BabyLovesPink

17. Steak Ring

Desserts not your thing? How about a big juicy steak? The sterling silver ring will show off your carnivorous side with realistic blood red meat and bone detail. It may not weigh 10oz but it sure looks like it does.

Image source: Etsy/paigehenderson

18. Coffee Ring

A perfect piece for a caffeine fiend bride-to-be. The little coffee cup ring sits on a miniature saucer and even has a tiny spoon to stir in some sugar. How do you take it? Black, minute and wearable please.

Image source: Etsy/polkadotpancake

19. Crayon Ring

Inspiration can strike at any point, never get caught short again with this set of 8 rings that double as working crayons. Make your mark on paper and your loved ones with an assortment of colours to choose from.

Images source: I Want Crayons

20. Cat 5 Ethernet Ring

A perfect gift from one geek to another. With a choice of colours, these Cat 5 Ethernet rings connect together like connecting your computer to the world wide web. Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today in 100mpbs of matrimony.

Image source: Etsy/janabrevick

These amazing geek inspired engagement rings are a great way to show your commitment to your loved one if the “norm” isn’t your style. They find new ways to connect couples and show off their interests and the foods they cannot live without. Which one would you pick to cement that special pact?