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15 Best Dog Toys for Kids

Updated 11 March 2021

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Author avatar Daniel Booth

Daniel is our primary content producer here at TheToyZone. He is a big kid at heart and a self confessed geek. His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, researching and writing about toys he wants to play with himself.

Sometimes it’s just not possible for kids to have a real pet dog. Allergies, space, and finances may not make it viable. So if kids are obsessed with canines, a great alternative to the real deal is getting them a toy dog to simulate playing with a four-legged friend of their own. 

However, it can be tough knowing which one will be right for them. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 15 best dog toys for kids in 2020. Our list was assembled by taking recommendations from real people and growling at any toys with manipulated reviews so you get the best selection of a variety of budget, quality, and eco-friendly options.

1ThinkFun Dog Crimes (Best Budget Option)

ThinkFun Dog Crimes (Best Budget Option)

ThinkFun Dog Crimes is a fun brain teaser game for kids. There are six dog tokens and six crime tokens and kids can embark on a mystery as they have 40 crimes in total to solve. The difficulty gradually increases to further challenge a child and stretch their logic and critical thinking skills.

What we love

  • Easy for kids to learn
  • Great versatile levels of difficulties

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might have to frequently put the stands back on the dogs if you move them around

2fisca Remote Control Dog (Best Quality Option)

fisca Remote Control Dog (Best Quality Option)

The fisca Remote Control Dog is one of the best dog toys for kids who are eager to own a robot. This intelligent dog comes with seven voice commands and it can perform stunts such as handstands and dance around. Beyond the voice control, kids can interact with their new companion by touching their chin or using the controller.

What we love

  • Multiple ways to interact with the robot
  • Remote is well-designed and simple to use

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Could do more realistic dog moves (e.g., walking)

33D Wooden Animal Dog Puzzle (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

3D Wooden Animal Dog Puzzle (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

Made from non-toxic natural wood, this 3D Dog Puzzle is a great tool for entertaining kids while also helping them develop motor skills and teach patience. It’s made using laser technology so that all the pieces fit precisely together. Once it is put together, it can serve as decoration in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Kids can also paint the pieces if they wish to turn this into an even more creative toy.

What we love

  • Pieces fit well together without too much force needed
  • Features reliable, safe wooden material

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Kids might need assistance

4TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog

TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog

This adorable TY Beanie Boos Slush Dog is the perfect addition to any child’s stuffed toy animal collection. It’s a sweet husky dog that’s always happy and smiling and staring at kids with those large, sparkly eyes. The dog is made from soft polyester as well so that’s it’s comfortable to snuggle up with.

What we love

  • Features incredibly soft-to-the-touch material
  • Appealing, child-friendly design

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The small size might make it more ideal for younger kids to play with

5Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Figure

Disney Pixar Toy Story Slinky Dog Figure

Inspired by the beloved animated film, this Toy Story Slinky Dog Figure is one of the 15 best dog toys for kids. The body extends as it should for interactive action play. It is also made in a size that is a true-to-movie scale for the most immersive play experience.

What we love

  • Good realistic design to resemble the movie
  • Stretches out well and can easily pose in several angles

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The middle stretch material is a bit delicate

6The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids

With the Dog Encyclopedia for Kids book, children who love all things dogs will get a kick out of learning more about their favorite animal species. This features numerous dog breeds with interesting facts about each of them such as their place of origin and their personality. There are even amazing photographs throughout.

What we love

  • Plenty of cool and educational facts to learn
  • Features high-quality photos

What We Don't Like That Much

  • All of the breeds in the book don't have pictures

7FurReal Friends Pax My Poopin Pup Plush Toy

FurReal Friends Pax My Poopin Pup Plush Toy

The FurReal Friends Pax My Poopin Pup is an entertaining plush toy dog that kids can walk around with as though it were real. Kids can feed it some of the nine included treats and then take it on a walk with the leash. It can even bend down to poop out the treats, making funny sounds as it does. There is even a cleanup bag so kids learn what it takes to take care of a pet.

What we love

  • Comes with enough accessories for interactive playing
  • The dog makes a variety of cute sounds

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The leash is better suited for younger, smaller kids

8Moonlight Paw Patrol Storybook Projector

Moonlight Paw Patrol Storybook Projector

Turn storytime into something magical with this Moonlight Paw Patrol Storybook Projector. There are five story reels to enjoy and with the projector function, parents can create an immersive environment for a child. Not only does this make for a more fun bedtime experience, but can also make learning how to read an exciting prospect for young kids.

What we love

  • Good way to get interactive with reading
  • Includes five different stories to read through

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Older children may enjoy them more since the stories are long

9 Dalmatian Vet Kit

 Dalmatian Vet Kit

The Dalmatian Vet Kit is an interactive vet clinic for kids who dream of taking care of animals. There are 15 pieces included in this traveling veterinarian office so that children have everything they need to ensure the pup gets the best care possible. The carrying case perfectly fits the plush pup too and it is made in a good size to fit other similar stuffed animals.

What we love

  • Nice variety of medical tools made in kid-friendly designs
  • Easy to carry around

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Nowhere to store the vet tools if the dog is in the carrying container

10Puppy in my Pocket Puppy Play Park

Puppy in my Pocket Puppy Play Park

The Puppy Play Park is a cute adventure-filled toy that includes two exclusive puppies. They can play with each other in the park by swinging on the tire swing, racing down the slide, or enjoying the see-saw together. There’s a water bowl to keep them hydrated and they can head on over to the dispenser for a treat.

What we love

  • Plenty of room for creative, imaginative play
  • Vibrant design

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The toy might not match the displayed colors

11WEWILL LED Puppy Stuffed Animal

WEWILL LED Puppy Stuffed Animal

This LED Puppy Stuffed Animal is one of the 15 best dog toys for kids and serves as a unique nightlight. It comes in three different color designs, but each one features changing LED colored lights. The pup is made from 100% PP cotton for a soft feel so kids can cuddle up to it if they wish.

What we love

  • Automatic shut-off timer
  • Lights up remarkably well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A bit too easy for kids to get into the battery compartment

12Dog Flappy Suit Halloween Costume

Dog Flappy Suit Halloween Costume

The Dog Flappy Suit is an endearing onesie costume for kids. It features a hood with a smiling dog face and, of course, flappy ears. The concept behind the suit allows it to stand out among other similar costumes since the ears actually move. All kids have to do is hit the hidden air pump in the paws. Opening their hand causes the ears to move down while closing their fist causes them to move up.

What we love

  • Good warm design for use in cooler weather
  • Ears easily lift up and down

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Doesn't include a dog tail

13Soggy Doggy Board Game

Soggy Doggy Board Game

The Soggy Doggy Board Game will keep kids laughing as they race against each other to get around the board, taking turns washing up the dog as they go. It’s a suspense-filled, amusing game where players have to watch out for when Soggy Doggy gets too wet and shakes itself dry. Up to four people can play together, making it a fun family activity.

What we love

  • Simple gameplay for younger kids to understand
  • Easy to clean up

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some children might need help pushing the pump for the water

14Doodle Dog and Other Mixed Breeds 500 Piece Family Puzzle

Doodle Dog and Other Mixed Breeds 500 Piece Family Puzzle

The Doodle Dog Puzzle can challenge kids with its massive 500 piece setup while also serving as the perfect family bonding tool. There are 22 mixed breeds of dogs on the puzzle with each drawn in bright, child-friendly artwork. They even feature their names by their pictures so the puzzle can also do well at introducing children to new dogs.

What we love

  • Fun for the whole family to put together
  • Pieces stay together well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might take some time for kids to complete by themselves

15Wooden Dog Nesting Dolls

Wooden Dog Nesting Dolls

These Wooden Dog Nesting Dolls are a beautiful way to gift the traditional Russian Matryoshka dolls with an adorable puppy dog spin. There are five different painted patterned dogs all handmade and crafted from natural wood material.

What we love

  • Easy to get the dolls back together again
  • Features quality, appealing artwork

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Better suited for older kids since some of the dolls are remarkably small