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9 Best Dinotrux Toys

Updated 6 July 2022

Teddy is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek who loves all things LEGO, Nintendo and RC (drones included). His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, so that is why he spends A LOT of time curating the perfect list of toys and games that include options for everyone without putting kids inside boxes.

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Trucks are awesome! Dinosaurs are awesome! Put them together and you have something super-awesome… DINOTRUX! What could be cooler than a TV show where the main character is a mix of a Tyrannosaurus rex and an excavator? And another is half Ankylosaurus, half dump truck?

Of course, the best thing about Dinotrux is the toys, which combine the two things most kids want to play with the most. They can recreate their favorite storylines from the show or make up their own adventures with Ty Rux, Ton-Ton, Skya, and the rest of the gang, as well as enjoying coloring books, DVDs, or storybooks.

Dinotrux toys are great fun for playing alone or with friends and we’ve picked out the 9 best here. We’ve also ruled out any fake online reviews, so you can trust that these dinosaur trucks won’t disappoint.

1Dinotrux Go to School: Level 1 Paperback (Best Budget Option)

In this Dinotrux full-color illustrated paperback book, the half-trucks, half-T-Rex characters attend their first day of school! They are excited to go and wonder what it will be like. What does a Dinotrux eat? What does a Dinotrux learn? Children four to eight years will marvel at the 32 lovingly displayed pages in this fascinating English language book. 

This book is designed to teach reading to your little ones and grabs the attention of early learners and promotes their enthusiasm for learning to read. There’s also plenty of examples of the Dinotrux helping each other out, which helps highlight the value of sharing and caring for those around you.

What we love

  • This book combines thrilling childhood experiences with powerful trucks and other heavy machinery in the shape of dinosaurs
  • The story is full of humor with one-liners and situations that both children and adults enjoy

What We Don't Like That Much

  • With 32 pages of gripping content, we’d love to see even more!
Dinotrux Go to School: Level 1 Paperback (Best Budget Option)

2Mattel Dinotrux Friend Revvit Vehicle (Best Quality Option)

Half dinosaur, half android, this toy is an adorable answer to the question – what happens when you mix a robot with a dinosaur straight out of the Mesozoic Era? The ability to use the included wheels to make it a classic push toy for children is a wonderful addition. Several buttons are included that trigger short phrases, as well as iconic truck and dinosaur sounds. Batteries are required for this, and three LR44 batteries are included in the package. 

Little ones can learn about measurement and numbers with the tape measure tongue in its mouth, and it even has a toy drill bit. This is the perfect toy for children who love the Revvit lizard in the show.

What we love

  • As the child pushes the Dinotrux around, it displays unique and humorous movements
  • The robot has the space on top to put a Reptool, however, that is sold separately

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d like to see a way to adjust the volume of this toy
Mattel Dinotrux Friend Revvit Vehicle (Best Quality Option)

3Dinotrux Skya

Skya is an iconic character and this toy allows children to reenact scenes from the show or make up their own stories. Her long neck looks like a mechanical crane while her head distinctly resembles a dinosaur. The bright orange color of this toy matches the color of Skya in the show exactly. 

Skya is a Craneosaur, a hybrid character that is part Brachiosaurus and part construction crane. She is very strong with a sassy sense of humor. The toy is designed to make the same movements as the character in the show.

What we love

  • The head rotates to allow the mouth to open a little or a lot depending on what you plan to pickup
  • The grip action is easy to use and makes this toy fun for adults too

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see a torch attachment for this toy, so you can explore the world with Skya at night.
Dinotrux Skya

4Dinotrux Diecast Skya Vehicle

Here, kind-hearted Skya is in the form of a vehicle with wheels that transform her into a push toy. With her crane-like neck, she can see for miles and can lift heavy loads. She is designed to move in the same way the character moves on the show, and children who know the series will love this great addition to a Dinotrux Mechazoic Era world collection. 

Skya is orange and silver and does not come in any other color combination. With a neck like a crane and a head like a Brachiosaurus, she is one of the most popular characters of the series. It is the perfect size for little hands, suitable for children three to 10 years.

What we love

  • It is small enough to be a birthday cake decoration that becomes a rolling toy
  • Made of die-cast metal, it will stand up to rough play

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This Skya vehicle is realistic to the show, however, we’d love to see her trademark hook included
Dinotrux Diecast Skya Vehicle

5Mega Construx Dinotrux Ton-Ton & Ace Building Set

Ton-Ton is a blue Ankylodump that is a part dump truck and part Ankylosaurus. This toy includes a building set that contains 100 individual pieces, including a hinged truck bed, rocks, boulders, tail, and the reptool Ace, a silver and blue part lizard who also happens to be part monkey wrench. She is very hot-headed and Ton-Ton always wants to be busy, so between the two of them, they love non-stop action. 

The constructed building resembles a crater cliff with a rock dumper and target. There’s plenty of roleplaying fun to be had with this adorable toy! This toy set is suitable for children three to six years old.

What we love

  • Compatible with Legos and Lego Duplo, this set fits right in with the Lego building experience
  • A great compliment to other Dinotrux building toys bringing outdoor scenery, plants, and another reptool

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see a greater variety of items to be transported
Mega Construx Dinotrux Ton-Ton & Ace Building Set

6Dinotrux Coloring Book Set

A delight for the younger Dinotrux fans, this activity book includes four crayons and more than 30 stickers. You can expect hours of fun for children two years and up with games, mazes, puzzles, and coloring activities. All their favorite Dinotrux are there, including Skya, Dozer, Garby, and more. 

This book contains activities suitable for the youngest kids, as well as activities that will attract older children. The activities are designed to be educational, and each one has a storyline that goes along with the puzzle or picture.

Also check out our list of the 10 best crayons for toddlers if you think  your toddler might quickly use up the 4 crayons included.

What we love

  • Very suitable as a party favor or stocking stuffer especially for toddlers who love dinosaurs
  • Each page is perforated, so you can easily tear one out without shredding the picture or damaging the book. It is also useful if you want to give pages to several children

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see more stickers included of our favorite Dinotrux pals
Dinotrux Coloring Book Set

7Mega Construx Dinotrux Ty Rux Vehicle

Ty Rux is the leader of the Dinotrux world. A combination of a red Tyrannosaurus rex and a megaton excavator, Ty Rux is ready to build up or tear down structures wherever you’d like. Children of three to ten years will love this Dinotrux companion that has an adorable grin and brilliant red coloring. He comes with a swinging wrecking ball tail, a moving jaw, and a rock accessory. 

The rolling tracks make it easy for little hands to move over the ground indoors or outdoors. Even a three-year-old can take it apart and put it back together.

What we love

  • Because it is Duplo compatible, you can expand the play with Legos and create an even larger crater environment for all the Dinotrux you collect
  • No problem for children who can’t part with this amazing toy. You can take it apart and travel to the great outdoors or while visiting family and friends

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d like to see some building accessories included that Ty Rux can knock down
Mega Construx Dinotrux Ty Rux Vehicle

8Dinotrux: Reptool Rescue [DVD]

For children who love the Dinotrux series, this is a very exciting gift! The disc covers most of the first season of the show and has more than two hours of content to explore. The Dinotrux team builds a new world to protect their Reptool friends from the villainous T-Trux called D-structs. 

For those uninitiated, Reptools are a combination of reptiles and building tools. The Dinotrux provide safety, security, and shelter for the reptools, and the reptools in turn keep the Dinotrux in good condition. This English DVD has Spanish, French, and English subtitles and is suitable for helping your little ones on their language learning journey.

What we love

  • This Dinotrux DVD is a fantastic way to satisfy children who want to watch it when Netflix is not available, or when parents want to watch something else
  • The storylines are always positive, teaching children to help each other as they watch the determined Dinotrux help other characters

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see episodes of the first season of the show included to introduce the world to children who haven’t seen the show
Dinotrux: Reptool Rescue [DVD]

9Dinotrux Diecast Garby Vehicle


Garby is part garbage truck and part Stegosaurus called – wait for it – a Stegarbasaurus! He is bright green and extracts ore from rocks when he eats them. He can shoot the requisite spikes on his back and tail to protect his reptool and the crater environment. Garby is designed to move just as he is seen on the show and he has wheels to be pushed along. 

This adorable character is very lightweight at only 2.82 ounces. Any child who loves the show will certainly love this character and want to include him in their own Dinotrux world.

What we love

  • The head and tail are connected so when the tail is pulled the head pops out
  • This Dinotrux is faithful to the design of the Garby on the show

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish this toy was able to make some extra noises from the show
Dinotrux Diecast Garby Vehicle

In Conclusion

Mashing together dinosaurs and trucks was a genius idea and these toys will surely delight any child, especially if they’re fans of the Netflix show and can actually explain what a Stegarbasaurus is. Whether they like playing with cars or dinosaurs, these toys have something for everyone.

Of course, toys have been able to combine two things before. As a child of the 80s, I grew up with Transformers, which could be both a dinosaur and a robot or a jet plane and a robot or even a cassette player and a robot. So why not treat yourself to a nostalgic Transformers Toys Vintage G1 Autobot Blaster Collectible Action Figure?

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