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10 Best Pull-Toys for Toddlers

My one-year-old son has finally moved past the Frankenstein phase of walking and can now turn around and stop with relative ease. So, to help stimulate his walking development this Holiday Season we searched for a Pull-Toy. These great toys help establish equilibrium and encourage children to walk by providing stimulating cause and effect sounds and motion.

I thought that I would be able to pick one out with relative ease – after all, how many choices could their really be? It turns out that there are hundreds of different types of pull toys out there! The 10 I’ve found here are some of my favourites. One of them will make it under the tree this year.

1.Colourful and Educational Pull Along Snail Shape Fun Toy – by Baby Toys

Award Winning Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy

This first pull toy stood out because it also doubled as a shape sorter and a ball. I love a toy that can be used in several different ways, and in particular ones that grow with the child. This pull toy also wobbles back and forth as he rolls along which appealed to my son. The rope is short – for safety – but unfortunately, that also reduces it’s use. Struggling walkers like my son find it difficult to pull with such a short rope. It is, however, great for active crawlers

Award Winning Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy
  • LEARNING AND EXPLORING COMPANION: Perfect tagalong push or pull toy for your little one as they gain confidence in learning and exploring
  • REMOVABLE SHAPE SORTER SHELL: Bright and colourful toddler toy. The shell features three differently shapes holes for toddlers to practice shape sorting on one side and an elastic-banded opening on the other. Sorter comes with a blue triangle, red cylinder and yellow square
  • SAFE TO PLAY WITH: Durable and sturdy wood toddler toy, contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes
  • AWARD WINNING: The winner of the 2013 Play Advances Language Award and the 2014 Parent’s Choice Recommended Award
  • Perfect tagalong companion for little ones as they gain confidence in learning and exploring

2.Giggle Take Along Elmo Car

Giggle Take Along Elmo Car

My son loves Elmo, which made this pull-along perfect. The Elmo version opens up to reveal Cookie Monster as your child walks along. This pull toy also has a great price, a definite bonus for those of us who are shopping on a budget this year. While kids love the high pitched giggle, you may not want another giggling Elmo toy to contend with around the house.

Giggle Take Along Elmo Car
  • Toddlers can pull the vehicles along and watch as the top lid flips open and closed to reveal a hidden character inside
  • The Elmo car opens to reveal Cookie
  • Fun character laughs are heard throughout play
  • Part of Sesame Street Giggle Surprise
  • Age Range 18 to 36 Months

3. Tractor N Trailer Pull Along Farm Set

Fisher-Price Little People Tow 'n Pull Tractor

I absolutely love this tractor themed pull toy! The tractor pulls a trailer which holds four animals that squeak. The animals also have shapes on the bottom, creating a simple shape sorter out of the trailer. It’s also nice and chunky which is perfect for when my son wants to push the toy back and forth. Railings on the tractor are removable and can be used to make a corral. Definitely a pull toy with more than one use!

Fisher-Price Little People Tow 'n Pull Tractor
  • Toddler-appropriate vehicle play with your Little People friends
  • The farmer fits in the drivers seat and directs all the action
  • Load the cow onto the trailer and pull it along
  • And as toddlers push the vehicle along the pig pops up and down in the hay for fun surprise action
  • Includes tractor with pop-up pig, farmer figure and cow (Characters May Vary)

4. Pull-Along Lamb by Ravensburger

Ravensburger Lullaby Lamb Ministeps 0-6 Months

My second son never took much to a bottle, so I wish I had this little gem of a pull-along when my first son started walking. It has a great bottle holder, complete with insulation, to keep your childs bottle warm and toasty or cool and refreshing. Wheels come off and the lamb can be washed. Yet another wonderful multi-use pull toy.

5. Wobbly Dino Pull-Along

Small Foot 10463 Dino Pull-Along Toy

This appears to be the grand-daddy of all pull toys. The head wobbles back and forth as it is pulled and the baby dinosaur on the back bobs up and down. As if that wasn’t enough for your 1 year old, this toy also plays songs and the number buttons flash to the beat. It says random phrases, roars and can be used to teach your child the numbers from 1 to four. I do like multi-use toys, but this one seemed to have a few too many different uses. Even I had sensory overload after five minutes!

Small Foot 10463 Dino Pull-Along Toy
  • Pulling animal
  • Entry age 0+
  • robust wood toy

6. Thomas Carnival Pull-Along – by Shylling Toys

Thomas and Friends Carnival Fun Pull Along

Thomas the Train is a big favorite among small boys, and this circus train is no exception. Perfect for children who cannot yet put trains onto rails, this pull along has enough interaction to encourage walking development: the clown turns in his wheel and the elephant pops up and down. Train can switch from engine sounds to popular songs from the show. The only minus – toy comes with demo batteries only. Make sure to have some extra on hand for Christmas morning!

Thomas and Friends Carnival Fun Pull Along
  • Plays the Thomas and Friends theme song
  • The clown turns in his wheel
  • The elephant spins

7. Caterpillar Wooden Pull-Along Toy – by Wonderworld

Jumbo Goula Pull Along Caterpillar

I found this pull toy to be incredibly cute! The wheels go up and down in a silly motion and it made an adorable sound when my son pulled it along. Bonus for eco-minded moms: this toy is made from rubberwood and the vibrant colors are all non-toxic water based paint.

Thomas and Friends Carnival Fun Pull Along
  • Plays the Thomas and Friends theme song
  • The clown turns in his wheel
  • The elephant spins

8. Dancing Alligator

PlanToys Dancing Alligator Pull Toy (5105)

This was my favourite of all the wooden pull toys. The unique construction causes the alligator to move in and out as if it’s dancing and the “joints” in his tummy make a wonderful rhythmic clacking noise as he’s pulled along. My older son had a fun time trying to get it to clack fast and slow as he raced or sneaked by. Bonus for small children: wheels have rubber tread for better traction and a wide stance so it remains upright.

PlanToys Dancing Alligator Pull Toy (5105)
  • PlanToys is the first company to manufacture toys using wood from rubber trees that no longer provide Latex
  • PlanToys practices the three RS of Green Living: Reduce Reuse and recycle our manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy
  • Plantoys creates innovative educational toys for every developmental stage of childhood
  • Plantoys are made from non-toxic natural materials such as organic rubber wood
  • The plan toys dancing alligator is an awesome accessory for your child's play collection

9. Roll-Along Pals Turtle – by Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Roll-Along Turtle

Of all the plastic multi-use pull toys out there my son liked this one. Like some of the other toys it also teaches numbers and shapes, but it has a big chunky construction perfect for his small fingers. It’s also very durable, rolls easily and was easy to clean up with a damp cloth. Plays music as your child pulls it along.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Roll-Along Turtle
  • This friendly, push-pal turtle makes learning numbers and shapes lots of fun for baby.
  • Just press buttons to hear 1-2-3's, shapes and fun sounds.
  • A delightful sing-along song plays as baby rolls him along or touches the light-up musical button.
  • Helps baby learn through everyday experiences!
  • Roll, laugh and play the day away!

10. Pull-Along Snail – by Plan Toys

Pull-Along Snail

If I was going to have a pull toy exclusively for myself it would be this one. The snail is too cute! The smooth gliding motion mimics that of an actual mollusc. The wheels have bright colors and rotate as the toy moves along. The other reason I would keep it for myself, the super adorable eyes could be a choking hazard if you’ve got a really strong toddler. Eeks!

Pull-Along Snail
  • Encourages toddlers to walk and run.
  • Bright colors attract toddlers.
  • This Toy is made in Thailand from all natural organic recycled rubber wood.