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10 Best Beginner Remote Control Planes

Updated 10 March 2021

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Author avatar Daniel Booth

Daniel is our primary content producer here at TheToyZone. He is a big kid at heart and a self confessed geek. His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure, researching and writing about toys he wants to play with himself.

Learning to fly is a big step for any kid, and they can easily get downhearted when presented with an overly complicated remote control plane that comes with more buttons and levers than you’d find in a real cockpit. Luckily, there are some excellent planes out there for beginners to help them take to the skies without too much fuss.

These planes don’t take a lot of setting up and they’re sturdy enough to survive the inevitable plummet to the ground, but still deliver all the thrills a junior pilot could want. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect beginner craft here as we’ve done our research based on real recommendations and grounded any planes with fake or stolen reviews because air safety is serious business.

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1HAWK'S WORK 2 CH RC Airplane (Best Budget Option)

HAWK'S WORK 2 CH RC Airplane (Best Budget Option)

The HAWK’S Work RC Airplane is one of the 10 best beginner remote control planes that’s budget-friendly yet still includes numerous fun and quality features. With a gyroscope stabilization system, the plane is designed to maintain good stability throughout its flight. While it is in the air, this lightweight RC plane can go in four directions, and the 2.4GHz radio control system has a range of 100 meters.

It’s easy enough to fly this plane alongside others as there shouldn’t be any interference at play. For kids just starting, it may be best to launch the plane from the ground. After around 5-10 meters on the “runway”, the plane will take off. Once kids get the hang of things, the plane can be launched by hand.

This comes with three AA batteries so children can jump right into flying the plane out of the box. The airplane also features two extra propellers and two landing gears, yet the landing gear is single-use only.

What we love

  • Quality-designed controller that's easy to operate
  • Can fly smoothly and rotate well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Lightweight design can cause the plane to fly too fast in slightly windy conditions

2Wltoys F959 Sky-King RC Airplane (Best Quality Option)

Wltoys F959 Sky-King RC Airplane (Best Quality Option)

A three channel glider, the F959 Sky-King RC Airplane is one of the best beginner remote control planes made from reliable, impact-resistant EPO. It allows it to survive common falls or impacts. The RC is also designed to fly for longer than 15 minutes thanks to the high discharge rate. It even has a good glide time of more than 20 minutes. The battery takes about 30-40 minutes to totally charge up.

Thanks to the 6-axis gyro design that is built into the airplane, kids can get smoother, stabilized flight. The overall construction even allows the plane to grow with users as children gain more confidence due to how they can put away the folding propeller as it glides so the plane has smaller resistance.

What we love

  • Provides a good amount of flying time before the battery runs out
  • Able to fly or glide so it's good for beginners and intermediate users

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Could benefit from weighing a little more

3VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Airplane Ranger 400

VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Airplane Ranger 400

The VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Airplane Ranger 400 is a great entry-level RC plane for both kids and adults who have never used one previously. With its 2.4GHz remote control system, it has a good control distance that can reach distances up to 656ft. To further help beginners adapt to the flight system, it includes everything needed (besides batteries) to get started right away.

It features good crash damage protection thanks to the strong EPP foam material. Alongside durability, this material also allows the plane to be more flexible for greater maneuverability throughout.

An additional user-friendly design is the 1-key u-turn function. This lets the glider return with ease in the opposite direction the airplane originally takes off from. For this to work, it must be activated before the plane first takes off.

What we love

  • Reliable build with enough power to do well in slightly windy conditions
  • The plane can self-correct to level flight to make it more beneficial for beginners

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might fly a bit faster than what some beginners can handle

4LBKR RC Plane


The LBKR RC Plane is a two-channel 2.4GHz features a remote control distance of around 300ft, an adequate amount of room for a beginner to learn. With its 3.7V lipo rechargeable battery for the plane and two AA batteries for the remote, it takes about 30 minutes or so to charge it up. This gives it a good flight time of 15-20 minutes.

Its EPP Styrofoam body offers good protection from crashing. This also helps it maintain its shape in the event it slams into something. The 6-axis ESC building with gyro gives the plane much-needed stability for newcomers to have a better time learning and controlling it.

Another fun way to play with this plane is to use the two different flight methods. Initially, kids can use it on the ground for takeoff. Once they get more comfortable with the plane, they can use the hand-throwing option to come up with a different flight pattern.

What we love

  • Able to have various flight plans thanks to the 2-way takeoff methods
  • Features a high-quality foam build

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Lightweight build can make it easy to lose control of the plane

5POWERUP 3.0 Original Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit

POWERUP 3.0 Original Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit

The POWERUP 3.0 Paper Airplanes Conversion Kit is a multi award-winning conversion kit that has a crash-resistant design that gives kids more freedom to crash while learning without ruining the plane. As it is a conversion kit, this also serves as a good developmental toy for children as it takes the typical folded paper airplane and elevates it.

Once the Bluetooth smart module is attached to it, the airplane is ready to be controlled via a smartphone connection. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once it is synced up, it has a good range of 180ft so kids can fly it a healthy range.

The app offers a handful of cool features like the flight academy, easy onboarding method, and a Nitro boost to give it more power.

What we love

  • Can serve as a fun build project for kids
  • Manages to fly well on calm days

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Bluetooth connection can sometimes be spotty

6Funtech 611 RC Airplane Remote Control

Funtech 611 RC Airplane Remote Control

The Funtech 611 RC Airplane Remote Control is a high-end toy plane that is pre-assembled so that it is ready to fly. It is well-designed and forgiving to support newcomers, while it offers great qualities so that seasoned users can enjoy it as well. There are three modes to choose from: full-assist beginner, partial-assist intermediate, and manual expert control.

Made from EPP material, the plane is lightweight while also being tough so that it can return to its shape even if it is crushed. This has a roughly 300ft control range to go good distances.

Its remote control plane is well responsive for smooth control. With the built-in 6-axis gyro system, there is good stability. In case anything happens to the plane, it comes with a spare propeller. Landing is even easier with the included landing gear.

What we love

  • Features a high-quality gyro system that offers good support for beginners
  • With the three-mode design, the plane can grow along with kids as they gain more skills

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Can be a bit too easy to lose control of the plane from time to time

7Park10 Toys P707 3 CH RC Airplane

Park10 Toys P707 3 CH RC Airplane

This P707 model is an upgraded version of the F949, and it is one of the 10 best beginner remote control planes that feature a high-quality propeller that is easy to replace. The ports on the mainboard are even reorganized for rudder maintenance. It even offers stronger driving power with its three-coreless motors combination.

There is easy operation with this airplane that makes it suitable for beginners thanks to its lightweight design and high flexibility so that it can recover better from any crashes. This can also be flown well both indoors and outdoors.

This has a good flying range of up to 200m too so it isn’t too far, but it has enough distance to give kids room to learn. It has a flight time that is around 25 minutes. When the battery goes down, it only takes about 40-60 minutes to recharge so kids can jump back into the fun.

What we love

  • Adjustable rudder so that the plane moves in multiple directions including 360° rotation
  • Does good at slower speeds so beginners can learn at a comfortable pace

What We Don't Like That Much

  • With the motors in the front, they may be more prone to damage upon crashing

8Top Race RC Plane

Top Race RC Plane

The Top Race RC Plane is a three-channel flier that is made with propeller-saver technology so that it does better at saving the plane in the event of crashes. It does well at operating like a real-life plane thanks to the propeller, rudder, and elevator control. If the propeller ever does snap off, it’s easy to replace it without tools.

It is a decent size for children to carry around without issue. There is ideal stability so that it does well in the air to make it more forgiving for beginners. The 6-axis gyro activates well in the air for instant control.

The plane even comes with three flying levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert. This way, it can stay with kids longer so that they can play around with it for years to come.

What we love

  • Well-made propeller saver technology that makes the plane more reliable upon crashing
  • Three-level flight mode so that beginners and seasoned flyers can successfully use the plane

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Might benefit from having a longer battery life

9Landbow Remote Control Airplane

Landbow Remote Control Airplane

The Landbow Remote Control Airplane features a cool realistic airplane design and a high-quality 6-axis gyro building in ESC for ideal stability. With its EPP foam body, the plane can recover from typical hits and recover to its shape rather well.

There are two methods for taking off: runway and hand-thrown. This offers far more fun ways to play for kids, and with the takeoff runway method, it is easier for children to learn how to control it before they begin to throw it.

The rechargeable battery, charged up within 30 minutes, usually allows the plane to last about 7-8 minutes in the air and has a good control distance between 300ft to 500ft.

What we love

  • Has a decent battery life for young kids to enjoy
  • Good forgiving design so that it's simple for kids to learn

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The styrofoam material could be more reliable for long-term use



The VOLANTEXRC 4 CH RC Airplane is another high-end best beginner remote control plane with three-level flight control. There is a beginner level that has full-assist, an intermediate level with partial-assist mode, and an expert level that gives users complete manual control.

It features an Xpilot stabilization system to give it more stability as well as its self-stabilization gyro system. This, combined with the step-by-step process, helps users who have never flown an RC plane adapt to the system with ease. It even has 1-key u-turn and 1-key aerobatics for more exciting flight.

This only requires batteries for the transmitter as it is fully-assembled so kids can jump into flying it right away. The receiver has a control distance of up to 656ft and it features good anti-interference so that it works well when flown with other planes.

What we love

  • Kids can fly rather fast and perform a good number of tricks
  • With the gearbox system, it has a good amount of thrust and power for longer flight time

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Has a long charge time, but the battery doesn't appear to last very long