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12 Best Beach Balls

Updated 6 July 2022

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Author avatar Teddy Booth

Teddy is our primary content producer here at TheToyZone. He is a big kid at heart and a self-confessed geek. His mission is to find toys that kids will treasure.

Going to the beach is undoubtedly the funnest thing ever. But what’s the best thing about the beach? Is it making sandcastles, swimming in the sea, or burying your friends in the sand? 

Nope, it’s beach balls. They’re big, colorful, floaty, bouncy, ridiculous, and there are a million different ways to have great fun with them. You might be thinking that all beach balls were created equally, but clearly, you’ve never seen a 6-foot beach ball or one filled with glitter. How about one that lights up or looks like your favorite emoji. Or a watermelon? 

We’ve picked out the 12 best beach balls and have made sure you can rely on our recommendations by eliminating all of the fake reviews first because there’s nothing worse than getting to the beach and having your beach ball burst within the first few minutes.

1Amor Inflatable Glitter Beach Ball (Best Budget Option)

This glamorous glitter beach ball will be the talk of the beach. This 16-inch, pink and clear beach ball is packed full of hexagonal gold glitter. With each bounce or toss of this ball, the sun will hit the glitter from a different angle, throwing off beaming, sparkly prisms. Made of high-quality PVC vinyl, this ball is UV protected so it won’t crack or fade in the sun. 

Of note, the ball is inflated and deflated using a rapid airflow valve. The ball can be inflated with both an air pump or exhaled air. Conveniently, the ball can be deflated after each use for compact storage. Perfect for pool and beach fun, this awesome ball is great for both water and dry sports games.

What we love

  • This dazzling ball would make a beautiful beach-themed or pool party decoration; simply scatter these balls around the party space and voila!
  • The ball’s gold glitter really gleams in a pool; the sparkling water coupled with the sun’s gleam, make the ball shimmer

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pink color is more of a hot pink than a cotton candy as described; this is only an issue if trying to match the ball to a party theme, otherwise, it’s lovely
Amor Inflatable Glitter Beach Ball (Best Budget Option)

2Giant 6 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball (Best Quality Option)

This giant, six-foot inflatable beach ball is not only a shocking sight to behold but also incredibly fun! Made of thick, high-quality material and donned in iconic beach ball colors (white, green, orange, blue, yellow, and red), this ball screams summer vibes. The ball is equipped with a double valve for easy inflating and deflating. 

Moreover, this ball is suitable for outdoor play at a pool, lake, yard, park, and beyond. This jumbo beach ball provides the muse for endless sporting games like kickball, volleyball, and water polo to name a few. Children and adults alike will have a blast chasing this giant rolling beach ball through the yard. Finally, this ball makes a great host/hostess gift for the next pool party you attend.

What we love

  • You can adjust the beach ball’s firmness and bounciness by over-inflating or under-inflating the ball to your preference
  • This oversized inflatable beach ball will undoubtedly make you friends wherever you go

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A pump is not included and must be purchased separately
Giant 6 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball (Best Quality Option)

3Large Play Balls Set - Star Wars Themed

Calling all “Star Wars” fans! This set of three intergalactic beach balls are sure to wow your favorite franchise fan. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, these large, 14-inch balls are super cool. Notably, the set includes one BB-8 ball, one R2-D2 ball, and a Death Star ball. Each ball is authentically representative of its character and in full color as applicable. The balls can be inflated using a pump or exhaled air. 

Great for pool parties, ball games, beach days, and party decorations, these “Star Wars” themed balls are super gifts for fans of the movie franchise. The force will certainly be with your kids as they send these awesome balls flying through the air in water and on land.

What we love

  • The graphics on the beach balls are crisp and clear
  • These balls are available for purchase in bigger sizes so you can customize your beach ball order

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish other “Star Wars” characters or spacecraft were available for purchase; we’d love to see a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper ball
Large Play Balls Set - Star Wars Themed

4Amor 3 Pieces 3D Beach Balls

This amazing set of fun and colorful beach balls will be well-loved by your child(ren). This set of three beach balls are made of weather-resistant PVC and is perfect for hot summer days. Each of the three balls measures 13 inches in diameter and has a clear outer shell. Behind the clear PVC are darling three-dimensional animals. 

One ball features a white unicorn with rainbow accents, the second ball features a red crap atop a green splash of water, and the third features a smiling pink flamingo in a lime green splash. Each ball is equipped with two valves; the top valve inflates the ball, while the bottom valve inflates the animal inside the ball.

What we love

  • The independent air intake valves grant you with the option to inflate the 3D centerpiece or not
  • The Amor 3D balls make excellent accessories for fun games of pool whack-a-noodle.Game on!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • If you over-inflate the three-dimensional features it may cause them to pop
Amor 3 Pieces 3D Beach Balls

516" Emoji Party Pack Inflatable Beach Balls (12 Pack)

This party pack features brightly colored and expressive Emoji beach balls made for loads of fun. Each pack comes with a whopping 12 inflatable beach balls; each of the 12 beach balls measures 16 inches in diameter. All twelve of the balls are bright yellow and each features a demonstrative and funny Emoji expression. 

Some of the hilarious expressions featured on the balls include heart eyes, laughing out loud, cool guy with shades, kissy face, winky eye, big cheese, and shock. Made of non-toxic materials you can feel confident giving these balls to your children. Everyone, children and adults alike, will delight in seeing the hilarious expressions of these Emoji balls flying through the air.

What we love

  • With 12 beach balls in each pack, these Emoji balls are an excellent and affordable party favor
  • They have simple-to-use air valves that can be easily inflated by children

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the funny Emoji expressions are repeated on the 12 balls; you don’t receive 12 unique expressions

6Light Up Pool Floats - LED Beach Ball

Quite possibly the coolest beach ball on the market, this LED beach ball is a sure crowd-pleaser. This 16-inch glowing beach ball is operated by a sensitive remote control. Ideal for night swimming and twilight ball games, this glowing ball works in water and all weather conditions. Notably, the ball is outfitted with 16 lovely colors, 11 brightness settings, 15 lighting speeds, and four-color changes.

The four lighting modes include strobe, flash, smooth, and fade. Of note, the ball is made with high-quality PVC vinyl and is as light as traditional beach balls. Finally, assembling the ball is as easy as pie. Simply inflate the ball with an air pump or exhaled air and insert the lighting module before sealing the air valve.

What we love

  • The remote control has a 30-foot range and comes with extra batteries; the batteries have a 50-60 hour lifespan
  • The variety of customization options is truly staggering, opening up a wide range of themed-possibilities

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A little extra care is required when handling these balls, as any small tears caused by rough play could affect the lighting system inside
Light Up Pool Floats - LED Beach Ball

716 Pieces- Watermelon Inflatable Ball

This quirky set of beach balls screams summer! What says summer better than watermelon? With these balls, it’s actually acceptable to play with your food. Included in this set are astounding 16 six-inch watermelon-themed beach balls. With so many in a set, these beach balls are perfect for party favors and themed party decor. These soft, lightweight, non-toxic beach balls must be inflated with an air pump and have a great bounce to them. 

These are easy to inflate and deflate and can fit into small spaces like backpacks and glove boxes so you always have a ball at hand. These balls are suitable for toddlers learning to roll a ball as well as adults playing kickball at the beach.

What we love

  • The small size of these watermelon beach toys also makes them suitable for bath time play
  • These balls can improve hand-eye coordination by play passing games with toddlers

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Although the green on green watermelon striping is lovely, we wish the balls had some pink accents
16 Pieces-  Watermelon Inflatable Ball

8Dejaroo Patriotic Beach Balls (2 Pack)

If you’re in the market for some patriotic swag this summer, be sure to check out these super cool Dejaroo Patriotic Beach Balls. This two-pack of red, white, and blue beach balls screams America! Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day are all American summertime holidays that these balls would be perfect for. Each of the two included balls measures 16 inches in diameter. 

Both balls have a solid red panel, a blue panel with white stars, and a solid white panel with a slogan. One ball reads “I Heart America” and the second reads “#america.” Super party favors, decorations, and toys for your patriotic summer party, these Americana beach balls are highly recommended.

What we love

  • These balls are so durable that they can easily withstand rough-housing and horseplay
  • The bright, bold colors instantly stand out. You won’t be losing these easily!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish these awesomely patriotic beach balls were available in a variety of sizes
Dejaroo Patriotic Beach Balls (2 Pack)

9 Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42" Giant Beach Ball

Intex is a name synonymous with swim toys. As such, you can depend on the quality of this fabulous beach ball. This ball is a 42-inch beast. Intended for children three years old and up, this beach ball is fun for the whole family. Made of all-weather, premium PVC vinyl, this ball can be played on land and in water. Concerning its aesthetic, the Intex Jumbo Beach Ball is clear in color but covered in whimsical rainbow polka dots. 

Although the heavy-duty material with which this ball is constructed is nearly indestructible, for your convenience a patch kit is included with your purchase. With so many great ways to enjoy this beach ball with your family, you’ll certainly be pleased with this purchase.

What we love

  • Want to step up your beach games to the next level? This giant beach ball will get you there
  • Despite its large size, the air comes out very slowly, meaning that you’ll have plenty of extra time to play before it needs a little extra air

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Although this ball can be inflated with exhaled air, the large size means it will take considerable time (and lung capacity) to do so
 Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42

109.8Inch Beach Balls - 3 Pack (Purple+Green+Blue)

This stupendous set of inflatable beach balls are great for summer fun. This set comes with three nearly 10-inch balls. The balls come in three different pleasing colors: purple, green, and blue. Made of eco-friendly PVC vinyl, these balls are free of phthalates and heavy metals. What’s more, the matte, anti-slip finish makes for a comfortable and more safe grip. Additionally, the PVC vinyl with which these balls are constructed has anti-burst properties. 

Of note, these balls must be inflated using an air pump. You simply pull the balls’ plugs, insert the pin of the air pump, inflate, and replug the balls. It’s that simple! The balls can be inflated and deflated repeatedly so when you’re done playing with them, the balls can be compactly stored.

What we love

  • The material these beach balls are made from is specifically designed to be anti-burst, giving you that little extra peace of mind
  • The air pump and pin necessary to inflate these three beach balls are included with your purchase

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We wish the colors were a little lighter and brighter for the beach
9.8Inch Beach Balls - 3 Pack (Purple+Green+Blue)

11Basketball Themed Beach Ball - Easy Blow Up

This clever beach ball is made for sports fans. If you have a basketball-loving kid in your life, he/she will simply adore this beach ball. Made of strong, durable PVC plastic, this inflatable beach ball is bright orange with black basketball gridding. This ball is equipped with a high-strength air valve that can be used to inflate the ball with a pump or exhaled air; best of all the air valve conceals itself within the ball once you’ve inflated it. 

This ball measures a whopping 27 inches in diameter, making it the perfect beach or pool toy. Finally, this ball easily deflates and can be folded up to a compact size which makes it great for packing in suitcases when heading out of town for summer vacations.

What we love

  • An inflatable soccer beach ball in the same size as this one is available for purchase as well
  • Children who use this awesome beach ball can improve their gross motor skills like foot-eye coordination

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Although we love the basketball and soccer balls, we wish this beach ball came in other sports themes like football and volleyball perhaps
Basketball Themed Beach Ball - Easy Blow Up

1212 Pack Inflatable Beach Balls - 16"

These beautiful beach balls are great for beach and pool games, sports games, party decor, party favors, and so much more. This set comes with 12 inflatable 16-inch beach balls. All 12 of the balls are identical and designed to look like globes. The balls have a light blue (ocean) background with all of the continents and countries of the world depicted in appealing pastel colors like yellow, pink, purple, and green. 

The contrasting colors make it easy to discern and perceive the different countries. Notably, the ball’s surface is soft and stretchy which allows it to bounce playfully off water and land. Children will love learning about the world around them as they frolic in the pool, ocean, yard, or beach.

What we love

  • There’s plenty of beach balls here to play with, which is wonderful for those with larger families
  • Want to bring a little learning to the beach? These beach balls are the best of both worlds!

What We Don't Like That Much

  • There are a couple of pesky seams on the balls that blur the text in a few places
12 Pack Inflatable Beach Balls - 16

In Conclusion

So now you know just how many cool beach balls there are out there whether you want to show how much you love your country or just REALLY like unicorns or the crying with laughter emoji, there’s a ball here for everyone.

But if you prefer your inflatables to be slightly more exciting shapes than the traditional round one, you could also treat yourself to this incredibly life-like Jet Creations Shark Inflatable. There’s plenty of ways to have fun with THIS ONE at the beach…

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