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6 Best Barbie Doll Houses

Updated 1 November 2022

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

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Who didn’t want to live in a Barbie dollhouse when they were growing up? No real home could compare to any of Barbie’s dream houses, which were the perfect setting for many parties and adventures of our imagination. These days, to put the cherry on top, there’s a whole range of Barbie dollhouses out there, each with unique designs and features, because Barbie’s appeal has always been her ability to be whoever you want her to be, opening up kids’ creativity.

From the Dream House to the Vacation House (because we all deserve a break, don’t we?), to Chelsea’s Two-Story Playhouse, we’ve picked out the six best dollhouses that kids will love to play with. We’ve also ruled out all the fake reviews, so you can trust that these homes will delight both Barbie and the lucky person she’s playing with. Be sure to also look at what we think are the best Barbie toys to use with your new doll house.

1Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box and Playmat (Best Budget Option)

There are all sorts of Barbie dream houses out on the market, but most of the time those houses are designed to be stationary playhouses. However, with this house, kids can pack up all of their favorite Barbie dolls and accessories and take them anywhere. It has a small, compact box design with two handles on the sides that makes it easy to carry. When the kids are ready to play with their dolls, all they have to do is unfold the box and start the fun.

This dream house can provide countless hours of playtime. There are all sorts of rooms in this house that will help to provide kids with countless scenarios and different types of roleplay, like spending a day out by the pool with friends or spending a day relaxing. The house is designed with bright, joyful colors and, whenever it is time to stop playing, they can simply fold the box back up and store it away, keeping things tidy and out of the way.

What we love

  • This dollhouse is easy to travel with
  • It is large enough for multiple kids to play with it at the same time

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This dream house doesn't come with any accessories or Barbie dolls
Barbie ZipBin 40 Doll Dream House Toy Box and Playmat (Best Budget Option)

2Barbie Glam Vacation House (Best Quality Option)

When it’s time for Barbie to get away from her life and disappear on vacation, there isn’t a better place for her to go than the Barbie Glam Vacation House. This house will allow kids to play across two different stories, that include 6 different areas for them to enjoy. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy with this dollhouse, and it has different accessories that can be placed inside and outside of the house to provide a variety of play scenarios.

When it isn’t being played with, it can be folded up for easy storage. There is enough room inside the house to hold all of the extra accessories that come with the house. Finally, the Barbie Glam Vacation House is made from high-quality, non-toxic material that is entirely safe for kids of all ages to play with.

What we love

  • Some of the pieces in the rooms can be flipped and clipped to provide different features
  • It can be easily transported as needed when folded up

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This dollhouse does not come with any Barbie dolls
Barbie Glam Vacation House (Best Quality Option)

3Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset with Pool and Accessories

If you are looking for a simplistic Barbie dollhouse that will provide kids with a quality play experience, while not taking up a lot of room like other dollhouses, then this one might be the perfect fit. When the dollhouse is opened, it will provide a 1-story playhouse experience, and all of the necessary rooms of a traditional dollhouse are present: a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

The simplistic design of this playhouse will allow kids to fold it up and carry it around with them anywhere, and it comes with different play accessories like a small pool that can actually be filled up with water to enable different types of storytelling expeditions, which might not be possible with other dollhouses. Finally, it has a modernized exterior that gives it a lovely, townhouse-type feel when closed, which can add real value to different play scenarios.

What we love

  • There is a small area in the dollhouse to hang some of Barbie's favorite outfits and shoes
  • It has colorful patio lights that can be hung around the fold-out patio cover

What We Don't Like That Much

  • It does come with some smaller accessories that are not suitable for smaller children
Barbie Dollhouse, Portable 1-Story Playset with Pool and Accessories

4Barbie House, Furniture & Accessories

This is a unique type of Barbie house that will allow kids to play through various storylines and scenarios with their friends. From fancy dinner parties to quiet movie nights between Barbie and Ken, this dollhouse can be used as a common house for a small family, or as a Career Barbie’s retreat from the world. This dollhouse has everything that is needed for a quality experience. When opened, it will provide over 2 feet of play space, and it includes four interesting, unique areas that will allow for all kinds of playstyles, including a pool for outdoor water fun!

When it is time to go to sleep, Barbie can fold out her bed and rest peacefully throughout the night. Then, when it’s time to get up and move about in the morning, you just have to fold the bed back up into the wall, providing you with more space to play inside of the house. Finally, the dollhouse doesn’t include any Barbie dolls, which means that kids can use this dollhouse to play with their favorite dolls already in their collection.

What we love

  • It has an easy to grasp handle for carrying
  • The dollhouse just has to be folded up when ready to be stored

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Some of the accessories can fall out of the windows when it is closed
Barbie House, Furniture & Accessories

5Barbie Club Chelsea Two-Story Playhouse Playset and Teddy Bear

For fans of Barbie Club, this playhouse will provide them with an excellent escape into a world of imagination, where they can come up with various stories and role-playing scenarios, like playtime with Chelsea and her teddy bear, or a sleepover party with Chelsea and her friends. This playhouse playset comes with its own Chelsea doll and a small version of her very own teddy bear. This playhouse has two different stories that kids can enjoy, and each section of the house has a different theme that will add to various creative play ideas.

What we love

  • This playset comes with several other accessories to provide kids with props for their scenarios
  • It can be closed up for easy storage

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This dollhouse does have some sharp edges, meaning extra care is required
Barbie Club Chelsea Two-Story Playhouse Playset and Teddy Bear

6Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

When looking for a stationary Barbie house, this will make an excellent choice. It has three different stories that kids can use to play, and each section of the house is designed with a different theme that can help with realistic play scenarios. Many of the accessories that come with the house are not stationary, meaning kids can be creative with how they set up each room using these accessories. They can be moved in, out, and around the room as needed, and the house even comes with a working elevator that will allow those playing to move their Barbie from one level of the house to another with ease, adding a sense of realism that other playhouses do not have.

What we love

  • It comes with several additional accessories like a towel, helping bring to life interesting scenarios
  • All of the furniture is capable of being moved and arranged to your liking

What We Don't Like That Much

  • This is an open-style playhouse that can't be closed off
Barbie 3-Story House with Pop-Up Umbrella

Best Barbie Doll Houses

Playing with Barbie dolls always took on an extra buzz when there was a glamorous dollhouse for them to live in, and her homes never disappointed, did they? Her Dream Houses may have changed over the years, as toys have become that much more sophisticated, but our first home will always be special to us, and the same goes for our first Barbie home.

If looking at these dollhouses has made you nostalgic – and a little jealous – why not treat yourself to your own dream home in the shape of UniHobby DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit Time Apartment which looks like something from a reality TV show, complete with its own pool, LED lights and VERY plush interiors?

Of course, dollhouses aren’t for everyone, so if exploring is more your kind of thing, why not check out our recommendations for the best Dora the Explorer toys?