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18 Best Barbie Accessories

Updated 6 July 2022

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Author avatar Molly Ashton

Molly is a huge toy and games fan, and enjoys testing out and reviewing new toys. She is a big board game and Nintendo Switch fan.

Wanna make popcorn? Give the dog a bath? Grab a slice? Or maybe browse social media on your laptop with your favorite fashionable friend? 

Barbie dolls are awesome, but Barbie dolls with all the right accessories are triple mega-awesome, giving kids the chance to live out their Barbie dreams with all the right shoes, food, and party gear. 

Luckily, there are a LOT of Barbie accessory packs out there for fans to snap up, but which ones are the best? We’ve done our research and picked out the top 18 packs, meaning you can help her host a Taco Party, run a Secret Orchard Farm, cook pasta and treat her little sister Chelsea on her birthday.

With so many packs to choose from, it’s important to know which are the ones to get and the ones to avoid so we’ve eliminated all of the fake reviews to make sure you can trust these recommendations. Barbie would expect no less.

1Barbie Taco Party Accessory Pack (Best Quality Option)

The Barbie Taco Party Accessory Pack is a fun new pack for your kid’s Barbie playtime! With a taco tray for two, a bowl of chips and salsa, and a drinking glass, your child’s Barbies can now have a taco party any time and anywhere. Great for setting up a Barbie dinner party or movie night, the taco party accessory pack is there to spice up the normal Barbie playtime and make it fun to play out more realistic situations with your dolls. Set up your dolls to eat tacos with you on your own taco night for an even more exciting experience.

What we love

  • The tacos can come off the tray for more realistic eating
  • The middle section of the taco tray can fit both the cup and the salsa

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Taco decal stickers may need to be re-glued to ensure they stay secure
Barbie Taco Party Accessory Pack (Best Quality Option)

2Barbie Tech Accessory Pack (Best Quality Option

Create another realistic situation for your child’s Barbies with the Barbie Tech Accessory Pack. In this pack, there is a Barbie-themed laptop, a cell phone, glasses to protect your Barbie’s eyes, as well as food and water to keep your dolls hydrated and full. Now your dolls can act just like real people, playing games on a laptop and calling their friends on the phone. With the food and water in the kit, the Tech Accessory Pack is not only fun but teaches your kids how to healthily involve themselves in technology and how to practice good habits, even with their dolls!

What we love

  • All of the pieces in the kit are able to fit in Barbie’s hands perfectly
  • The laptop opens and closes just like a real laptop

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The glasses are a little bit finicky to get onto Barbie’s face but stay on well
Barbie Tech Accessory Pack (Best Quality Option

3Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set with Brick Pizza Oven (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

For another fun addition to your Barbie accessory collection, the Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set and Brick Pizza Oven is a great set for your Barbie setup! Perfect for if you have a Barbie house and want to set up a backyard area, this outdoor furniture set is equipped with a fancy brick pizza oven, two pieces of pizza on two serving plates, a full pizza with toppings, a wooden pizza tray, as well as two sodas and two pizza serving tools. The pizza cutter, serving tool, and two sodas also have grips, so they fit perfectly in Barbie’s hands.

What we love

  • The pizza oven comes on a stand with a few shelves to decorate
  • The wooden pizza tray has its own hook for a beautiful display

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Pizza slices are permanently fixed to the pan, but they are still fun to serve on the plates
Barbie Outdoor Furniture Set with Brick Pizza Oven (Best Eco-Friendly Option)

4Barbie Accessories Original & Petite Doll Shoe Pack

A great kit for those who love playing dress-up with their dolls, the Barbie Accessories Original & Petite Doll Shoe Pack has everything you need to start your doll’s shoe collection on the right foot. Included in the package are 5 different pairs of shoes. Out of the 5, there are a pair of gold sandals, orange heels, black heels, black boots, and white high-top sneakers. With all of these options, your child’s Barbie is sure to find the perfect outfit for their day out on the town. A versatile mix of heels and flats, this kit is the perfect addition to any Barbie’s wardrobe.

What we love

  • Works even on Barbies with jointed ankles
  • The pops of color are a new take on the simple Barbie shoe

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The high boots may be awkward to get on, but the results are well worth the effort
Barbie Accessories Original & Petite Doll Shoe Pack

5Barbie Kitty Accessory Pack

Give your Barbies their own pet with the Barbie Kitty Accessory Pack! Included in the pack is a white kitten with a pink bow, a bag of cat food with a cute kitty design on it, an orange ball of yarn, and a food bowl. The bow on the kitten is also removable, for customization and selective dress-up time. If your kids are interested in pets, especially cats, this kit is perfect for allowing them to play with their dolls as if they had their own kitten.

What we love

  • Great to teach kids about taking care of pets
  • Mixes very well with other Barbie dog sets

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The cat is stuck in the sitting position but is still a lot of fun to play with
Barbie Kitty Accessory Pack

6Barbie Club Chelsea Accessory Pack

A new Barbie toy, the little sister Chelsea is a fun new doll to give Barbie a little sister she can play with and take care of. Of course, with any little sister comes the need for more toys and exciting playtime. This specific set is a bedtime kit, including items to put Chelsea to bed. With a nightgown, a bright blue teddy bear, pink bunny slippers, a towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a pink sleep mask, it has everything Chelsea and Barbie need for a good night’s sleep.

What we love

  • Allows for a more in-depth bedtime playtime
  • The nightgown is covered in cute hot air balloons and smiling flowers

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The towel is a little short but also works nicely as a blanket
Barbie Club Chelsea Accessory Pack

7Barbie Ken Men's Shoes Pack

In conjunction with the Barbie Shoe Pack, there is now a new Barbie Ken Men’s Shoe Pack. Included in the pack are 4 pairs of fun, colorful shoes, such as a pair of bright red slip-on shoes, high-top yellow lace-up shoes, a pair of blue loafers, and another pair of high-top sneakers in gold. With all of the color options and fun varieties, the shoes can be used for a wide variety of outfits and styles, making your Ken one of the most stylish dolls out there.

What we love

  • All of the shoes fit very well and stay on over time
  • Adds a variety of customization options for Ken, which are sorely needed

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The shoes are very small, so extra care is required not to lose them
Barbie Ken Men's Shoes Pack

8Barbie Pasta Accessory Pack

For those looking to teach their dolls how to cook, the Barbie Pasta Accessory Pack is an all-inclusive pack, ready with everything you need to make a mouth-watering pasta dish. Included is a pot to cook the pasta, a spoon to stir it, tongs to serve it, a strainer to drain the water, and a dish with a completed spaghetti meal on it. All of the tools are able to be held and used by Barbie and her friends, and they get to enjoy a yummy pasta dish at the end of it all.

What we love

  • Teaches kids foundational cooking processes
  • Made of sturdy materials and holds up over time

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Ideally would be used in a Barbie kitchen setup for the best experience
Barbie Pasta Accessory Pack

9Barbie Breakfast Accessories Pack

Give your Barbies or Kens breakfast in bed with the Barbie Breakfast Accessories Pack. One of the best parts of a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday is being able to eat your breakfast in your bed. Even if your Barbie is sick, she can stay resting without having to leave the room to eat! Included in the set is a pink tray, a cute plate with a heart-shaped egg decal on the front, a glass, a pitcher, a star-shaped waffle on a different plate, and a honey bear.

What we love

  • The pitcher has a handle for realistic pouring
  • All of the accessories are removable from the tray

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Pieces are small, so they can be easily lost, but each has a specific hole to keep them secure on the tray
Barbie Breakfast Accessories Pack

10Barbie Birthday Accessories for Chelsea


One of the most exciting events for a little kid like Chelsea is her birthday! Growing up is so fun for kids, and Chelsea is always very excited about her special day. In the kit, there is a special birthday dress with llamas and stripes on it, a blue birthday headband, pink sandals to complete the look, two cupcakes on two cute flower plates, and a pink gift box. Celebrating a birthday has never been so easy than with this beautiful set, and Chelsea will have the best birthday ever with all of the accessories and decorations.

What we love

  • Provides a new outfit for the Chelsea doll, whose wardrobe is normally quite limited
  • Both the accessories and the outfit fit the doll very well

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Doesn’t include a cake, but the cupcakes are great alternatives
Barbie Birthday Accessories for Chelsea

11Barbie Cooking & Baking Accessory Pack with Popcorn

As a very immersive Barbie add-on kit, the Barbie Cooking and Baking Accessory Pack with Popcorn is great for a fun night of baking or a movie night with popcorn. Included in the kit is a popcorn machine, two popcorn containers, two drinks, a bag of candy, and a t-shirt with popcorn drawings all over it. What sets this kit apart from the others is a container of Barbie dough, allowing your kids to make their own food, such as popcorn or a hot dog to include in their movie night food.

What we love

  • The popcorn machine has a lever that will push the popcorn up for a popping illusion
  • The top of the popcorn machine also opens up to store more food

What We Don't Like That Much

  • We’d love to see some more customization options for the popcorn machine other than the base red color
Barbie Cooking & Baking Accessory Pack with Popcorn

12Barbie Secret Orchard Farm Clothing Outfit Accessory Pack

Put Barbie in a brand-new setting with the Barbie Secret Orchard Farm Clothing Outfit Accessory Pack Set! Now, with new clothes and accessories, Barbie is fit for the country and the farm and will be able to find her place in a new vocation. Included in the set are two dresses, one floral and one gingham print, a farmer’s vest, a t-shirt, and jean shorts for days out working on the farm, a floral skirt, a straw hat, and a pair of brown boots with a brown purse. Altogether, Barbie is ready to tackle working on the farm, all while looking beautiful in her new outfits.

What we love

  • Comes with enough clothing for multiple outfit options
  • Offers a wonderful themed play opportunity for Barbie

What We Don't Like That Much

  • A touch of velcro on the clothes would make putting on and taking off the clothes much simpler
Barbie Secret Orchard Farm Clothing Outfit Accessory Pack

13Barbie Planter and Succulent Accessory Pack

With the spring and summer months upon us, it’s a wonderful idea to bring nature and outdoor fun activities into your Barbie playtime. With the Barbie Planter and Succulent Accessory Pack, it is now possible to bring the joy of gardening and growing plants to your dolls. Included in the pack is a watering can and shovel that fit into Barbie’s hand for easy use, a large planter with many succulents, and a small planter that looks like a panda for a smaller succulent. Teaching your kids and their dolls about succulents and the process of planting is much more fun when translated through their Barbies!

What we love

  • One of the plants can be dug out of the big planter and moved into the smaller one
  • All of the plants are great for décor around Barbie’s house

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Only one plant can be moved, but all of them are beautiful and fun to play with
Barbie Planter and Succulent Accessory Pack

14Barbie Accessories Curvy & Tall Doll Shoe Pack

Great for the new dolls that come in curvy and tall variations of the original Barbie, this shoe set has shoes fit for their new and growing wardrobe. In the set, there are 5 different pairs of shoes. There is a light blue pair of heels, a pair of black wedges, gold gladiator sandals, pink sneakers, and tall red heels which are perfect for nights out and casual days. Provide all of your dolls with the shoes they deserve and upgrade their outfits with this Barbie Accessories Curvy & Tall Doll Shoe Pack.

What we love

  • Tall and Curvy Barbies don’t have a lot of accessory packs, so this shoe pack is well deserved
  • Barbies can stand on their own in a few of the shoes

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The gold sandals don't fit Barbie's calf snugly but are beautiful nonetheless
Barbie Accessories Curvy & Tall Doll Shoe Pack

15Barbie Doghouse Accessories

Give your Barbie and her pup a fun experience with the Barbie Doghouse Accessories pack! Included in this pack is a doghouse with fun accessories, a dog playmat, dog bed, dog food, a bath and brush to clean up your pups, food, and water bowls, two dog toys, and a mom and baby dog for double the playtime. With cute, modern, and fun dog furniture, it fits perfectly into your fun decorated Barbie home. With this kit, your Barbie gameplay has never been so fun, and taking care of your puppies will add a whole new level of engagement to doll play.

What we love

  • A very packed and inclusive kit, equipped with enough pieces to keep your kids busy for hours
  • All accessories are brightly colored

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pieces are very small, but great for the smaller Barbie dolls too
Barbie Doghouse Accessories

16Barbie 12-piece Accessories

This kit of Barbie accessories is made to add depth to the everyday moments in life that your Barbie experiences. In the kit, there is a headband for accessorizing, a magazine for reading in places such as the hair salon or in bed, a blow dryer and barrette for getting ready in the morning, a necklace and purse for dressing up for the day, a teddy bear, sleep mask and toothbrush for a more intricate night routine, a hairbrush, and a piece of pizza for dinner. With everything needed for all the small, fun parts of life, this 12-piece accessory kit is a great addition to your Barbie collection.

What we love

  • Great for a slumber party setup
  • All of the accessories are very detailed

What We Don't Like That Much

  • Eye mask is made of cardboard
Barbie 12-piece Accessories

17Barbie Baking Accessory Pack

Baking with your Barbie is another fun experience made possible by the Barbie Baking Accessory Pack. Included is a mixer that will easily fit in the hand of your Barbie, a pink bowl for mixing, a set of measuring spoons that are all shaped like hearts, and a baked pie as a final product! Now, Barbie’s kitchen is made for more than just cooking, but backing cakes and goodies for Ken and her friends. Pretending to bake with Barbie is not only exciting but also teaches kids about the process of baking in general.

What we love

  • The pie will fit into the bowl for more realistic mixing
  • Measuring spoons are capable of holding water if wanted

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The bowl does not stand on its own but is easy to hold
Barbie Baking Accessory Pack

18ioneer Woman Ree Drummond Pasta Kitchen Cooking Accessory Set


Ree Drummond is a wonderful role model for any kids excited about cooking and becoming more independent. While she has her show on TV, she now has an accessory pack for your Barbie to explore the kitchen! This kit specifically comes with all the things needed to make pasta, such as a pot, spoons, tongs, a strainer, plate, fork, and pasta itself. Otherwise, it comes with accessories like patterned napkins, a cup, an oven mitt, and an apron to turn your Barbie into Ree Drummond!

What we love

  • All of the patterns on the napkins and apron are Pioneer Woman themed
  • Includes great décor for your Barbie kitchen setup

What We Don't Like That Much

  • The pasta doesn’t come out of the strainer but is a great visual nevertheless
ioneer Woman Ree Drummond Pasta Kitchen Cooking Accessory Set

In Conclusion

Whether it’s a pack of on-trend shoes for Barbie (or Ken) or some tech accessories that are required, this list has got it all. Maybe she’s wanting to grow succulents? There’s a planter for that. And if she wants to cook a pizza in a brick pizza oven? You guessed it…

Of course, none of this might be to your own personal tastes. If you’re more a fan of another American pop culture icon like, say, Captain Kirk, we’ve got good news for you too! Why not treat yourself to the Barbie & Ken Star Trek Giftset so you can find out just how much Ken looks like William Shatner…

And if you’re in need of some dolls to use all of these cool accessories, check out our 15 Best Barbie Dolls to see which are the must-have dolls of 2021.