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25 Inspiring My Little Pony Mods

Updated 5 November 2022

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Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny is the father of a very active 2-year-old and has made plenty of mistakes buying toys over the last couple years so hopes his site can help others avoid the same fate.

Here is a selection of 25 of the best My Little Pony mods we could find by the awesome artist Mari Kasurinen. Some of them are absolutely amazing and a real testament to their craft. Our favorite is Hans Solo in carbonite (23).

Which is yours?

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1. My Little Jack Sparrow

Adopting Jack Sparrow’s dark eye shadow, black dreadlocks, pirate shirt and boots adapted for little pony’s tiny legs, My Little Jack Sparrow is certainly one of the cooler ponies in town.


2. My Little Poison Ivy

With her distinctive fiery red hair made into the pony’s mane, My Little Poison Ivy is also covered in the toxic plant. Let’s hope she’s not as fierce as the comic book super-villain.


3. My Little Princess Nuala

My Little Princess Nuala certainly looks like royalty wearing the same striking dress and gold chains as the Elf Princess. But does she possess the same psychic powers?


4. My Little Belle

My Little Belle is the perfect beauty in her yellow ball gown, hair band and luscious brunette mane. She could trot into any party and dance with whichever beast she likes.


5. My Little Alucard Hellsing

It looks like My Little Alucard Hellsing has just had lunch, with fangs out and blood on his face. Complete with the Hellsing seal on his hoofs and signature red hat, this is one cute anti-hero. 


6. My Little Batman and Robin (1960s)

KAPOW! SPLA-A-T! My Little Batman and Robin are here to save the day, along with the classic 1960’s costumes including utility belt, masks, boots and most importantly, superhero capes.


7. My Little Boba Fett

A four legged bounty hunter from a galaxy far far away. My Little Boba Fett wears an extremely detailed helmet, armour and even has a Mandalorian jetpack to propel him during combat.


8. My Little Chewbacca

My Little Chewbacca has shrunk a bit from his original 2.3m but is no less hairy. Wearing his trademark utility belt and baring his teeth, this miniature Wookie can still make a big noise.


9. My Little Cry Baby

Here’s the motorcycle riding leader of the gang, My Little Cry Baby. With his blue jeans, leather jacket, tiny boots and 50s greaser hairstyle. This Little Pony was born to be bad.


10. My Little Cthulhu

Inspired by H.P Lovecrafts’ subterranean creation, My Little Cthulhu is covered in octopus like tentacles and wings on it’s back. You would not want to bump into this malevolent beast in the street.


11. My Little Darth Vader

The most infamous bad guy in the galaxy, My Little Darth Vader is in full evil armour including a tiny control panel, long flowing cape and helmet covering his true identity. “Luke, I am your Little Father”.


12. My Little Edward Scissorhands

Showing off his scissorhoofs, crazy mane, dark eyes and leather costume, My Little Edward Scissorhands might be as misunderstood as his two-legged counterpart, but he can sure give a great haircut.


13. My Little Elvis Presley

My Little Elvis Presley is dressed to shake his hips in his bedazzled jumpsuit with gold fringe and classic pompadour. And because real Elvis was a unicorn, so is he. “Thank you very much”.


14. My Little Han Solo

This miniature scruffy looking nerf herder wears Hans’ waistcoat and shirt outfit, gun belt and even has tiny boots. Will My Little Han Solo get off his high horse and save the resistance?


15. My Little Harley Quinn

My Little Harley Quinn is wearing her original jester outfit from the Batman animated series complete with a fool’s cap. Her maniacal smile and two tone tail make her the ultimate villain.


16. My Little He-Man

The most powerful pony in the universe has to be My Little He-Man. He’s a spitting image of the hero with his blond hair, questionable armour and of course, his sword. He has the POWERRR!


17. My Little Jack Skellington

Is this the Pumpkin King? Or the Carrot King? My Little Jack Skellington has a skull for a head and wears Jacks pin striped suit. He’ll definitely fit right in at a Halloween Town meeting.


18. My Little Orko

My Little Orko looks great in his purple scarf and brown wizard-esque hat with his blue ears poking out the top. His colorful hoofs mimique the hands of He-Mans’ faithful sidekick.


19. My Little Predator

Found lurking in the forest, My Little Predator covers his ugly face with his detailed protective helmet with added dreadlocks and armoured boots. “GET TO THE CHOPPERRR!!!”.


20. My Little Rorschach

Disguised in his ink-blotted mask, brown trench coat and matching fedora, My Little Rorschach patrols the streets at night delivering justice to evil. But does he look as mean with his pony makeover?


21. My Little Sally

My Little Sally is the pony Pumpkin Queen. Her detailed stitched blue skin, patchwork dress and red hair make her the perfect companion to My Little Jack Skellington.


22. My Little Skeletor

My Little He-Mans’ arch nemesis with his skull face and purple hooded costume. My Little Skeletor comes with his own sword ready to take over the Castle of Greyskull.


23. My Little Hans Solo in Carbonite

One of the Iconic moments from the original Star Wars trilogy, My Little Hans Solo in Carbonite shows off all the details of Hans’ prison. Let’s hope he doesn’t suffer from hibernation sickness.


24. My Little Stormtrooper

My Little Stormtrooper is a critical soldier in the Empire’s army. Wearing it’s white armour, space helmet and even has a utility belt like the original, carrying out evils doing on four legs.


25. My Little Superman

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s My Little Superman, here to save the planet in his red and blue costume, cape, red boots and added little superman symbol. I wonder if he looks any different in glasses?


Since 1981, My Little Pony has been bringing joy to children and adults alike. These new artistic incarcerations prove that imagination and inspiration is endless and the love for these figures lives on through popular culture. Who or what would be your ideal My Little Pony?