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21 Shoes That Every Geek Would Love

Updated 29 April 2020

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This selection of 21 shoes showcases the inner geek within all of us. They’re not just shoes. From shoes than clean you house to sneakers that you can wear in your next Cosplay event, these shoes open the window to a world of sneakers that you probably didn’t know could exist. Prepare to be awed!

1. Aphrodite GPS Shoes for Women’s Protection

The Aphrodite Project Team launched the Platforms series as a new line of footwear designed exclusively for women. These shoes are more than just a pretty pair of shoes: they offer a remarkably important GPS feature that alerts authorities and human rights’ groups of the wearer’s position when triggered.

Source: Wired

2. Cleaning Slippers

The Slipper Genie is an awesome way to clean the floor without doing the distressing work. All you have to do is slip, slide and roll across the floor in these slippers so you can scrape away all your floor’s loose dirt. An efficient and ingenious way to clean!

Source: Amazon

3. Electronic Massage Sandals

Feel the pleasure of a Thai foot massage every time you wear these electronic massage sandals. With 10 adjustable pressure levels and 6 pre-programmed stress-busting massage settings, you’ll never find yourself wanting to take them off.

Source: AliExpress

4. Google Shoes

Flaunt your geeky side by wearing these Google-inspired Nike sneakers. The love for the revolutionary tech company founded on September 4, 1998 has never been this sporty.

Source: Zdnet

5. GPS Shoe

This GPS pair of shoes is the amazing shoes that tells your family where you are. Installed inside the shoes’ heel is a GPS module designed by GTXC that connects to the antenna, relaying your GPS information to a cellular service, which anyone you authorize can view online.

6. Reef Dram Sandal

The Reef Dram Sandal for men features a hidden flask to smuggle your favorite drink in a sporting event, concert or even just in a tedious college lecture. What’s fantastic about this sandal’s polyurethane container is that you can still rely on the flip-flop as a comfortable footwear. How neat is that?

Source: Wired

7. Music System Sneakers

Refrigerators now come with televisions in their doors. So why can’t basketball shoes have MP3 players in their soles? Dada’s Code M music player sneakers are the first in the brand’s Wireless Footwear System, but definitely not the last. These amazing shoes can be connected to your headphones or any type of speakers via wireless technology, so you can always dance to your groove even during a quick game.

Source: Gizmodo

8. Porsche Design Shoes

The fashionista in you is best showcased by wearing a pair of Adidas shoes inspired by the Porsche luxury car. Just because these sneakers are fashionable doesn’t mean they’re not functional. You can still use these bad boys as your trainers since they’re made with Adidas’ patented Ultra Boost technology.


Source: Rakuten

9. Keyboard Shoes

Make people’s heads turn by wearing the trademarked Keyboard Shoes that snagged the 6th place prize at the Hong Kong Footwear Design Center. They’re amazing as they are, but wouldn’t it be nice if these keyboard shoes came with a mouse?

Source: Makezine

10. Lamborghini Heels

The enterprising CGSociety member, Tim Cooper, created these Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera high heels by using a pair of his wife’s heels and hundreds of Gallardo images online. The result is a pair of ultra-fine, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber high heel shoes.

Source: Luxuo

11. LED Headlight Slippers

Navigate your way around the house at night without touching a light switch. Brightfeet Lighted Slippers use patented technology that allows you to see in the dark. These slippers work well in dark conditions whenever weight is applied and automatically shut off when they sense light, allowing for maximum battery life.

Source: TheMarySue

12. Ninja Boots

Durable, comfortable and unparalleled in flexibility, this pair of Ninja Tabi boots is the one to wear if you want to dress both in style and in stealth. No ninja cosplay character is complete without them.

Source: Pinterest

13. Game Boy Shoes

Technology and style come together in these funky boots. The most amazing thing: the’ Gameboy works! Anytime you need to feed that Gameboy addiction, just pop it out and have a great time.

Source: Gadgets

14. Electricity-Generating Shoes

Energy-efficient and stylish, this pair of shoes, designed by a Japanese telecommunications company, can generate electricity when used. Researchers claim that the shoes generate 1.2 watts of electricity during walking. That’s more than enough power to listen to your music for days!

Source: Printed Electronics World

15. Storm Trooper Heels

British designer Rupert Sanderson created these Storm Tropper boots for the Fashion Fringe Shoe competition. The meticulous dedication of Sanderson to the Star Wars universe is what makes these truly awesome.

Source: Vikisecrets

16. Transformer Sneakers

Transformers have not only conquered TV and the movies, but also the world of footwear. These Transformers sneakers have to be the hippest disguise for any team of robots planning on taking over the world.

Source: Sneaker News

17. Tron Adidas

Go ahead and proudly strut your adorable geekiness around town in these shoes inspired by the movie, Tron. Officially called The Stan Smith Comfort, this design is manufactured by Adidas.

Source: Abmuku

18. USB Heated Slippers

Have you ever found yourself working in an office with the air-conditioning turned up too high? This USB-powered foot warmers is your recourse. All you have to do is plug the heating pad into a USB port on your computer, and these USB Heating Slippers will have those chilly toes feeling warm and toasty in no time.

Source: Amazon

19. Vacuum Shoes

They may look like an innocent pair of green bedroom slippers, but they’re also vacuum cleaners. These are still in prototype stage, but how great is that we live in a world where we can merge shoes with cleaning tools!

Source: cnet

20. Verb Wireless Computer Shoe

“Verb for Shoe” is the new computerized footwear designed by VectraSense that provides on-the-fly computerised shoe adjustments according to the wearer’s movements. This means that it monitors your motion activity and reshapes itself to boost comfort and performance. If that’s not awesome enough, then we don’t know what is.

Source: Gizmodo

21. X Box Shoe

The one-of-a-kind Xbox 360 Controller Shoe is an homage to the video game that changed many teenagers’ youth. Selling for $2,500, it’s designed to mimic Microsoft’s premiere gaming system by means of an embedded leather with a fibre optic wiring in the shape of the XBOX logo.

So there you have it: from the most absurd to the most useful, these shoes are an achievement of a generation. Who would have thought that we could make footwear this awesome?

Who knows, with these shoes as our guide, the future may bring us even better designs, such as shoes that make us fly, swim, bake or cook!