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20 Cool Examples of Sci-Fi Origami

Boy Does Origami
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Danny is the father of a 5-year-old who loves video games and a very active 2-year-old who is always playing outside. He has made plenty of mistakes buying toys in the early years of parenthood, so hopes he can help others avoid the same fate.
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Origami is the ancient art of folding paper that is still practiced by many talented artists. We have compiled a list of some of the coolest fantasy and sci-fi Origami; including Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel and Final Fantasy.

1. X-Wing Fighter

The most infamous fighter ship in the galaxy, the X-Wing is synonymous with the Star Wars franchise. This carefully folded origami version shows the four laser cannons, the ship’s rockets and even has a little cockpit for an origami Rogue Leader.

Image source: Flickr/Shu Sugamata

2. Yoda

Made out of paper I am. The crumbled green materials used to make origami Yoda give him that 300 year old look with his little nose and sticking out ears. His robe and staff are made from brown paper to perfectly mimic the Jedi master.

Image source: Screenrant

3. Jedi

This Jedi is seen wearing his large hooded cloak and is wielding his green lightsaber. The detail that has gone into the hands and face is incredible showing how every fold in origami is as important as the next.

Image source: Flickr/Phillip West

4. Xenomorph (Alien)

The terrifying Xenomorph from the Alien series is not to be messed with with her acid blood and mouth within a mouth. The origami version is no different (apart from maybe the acid). The meticulous folds give her the same ominous look.

Image source: Pinterest

5. Wolverine

The original X-man gets an origami makeover using lots of layers of different colored paper to make up his superhero costume. Notice his extended adamantium claws ready for battle. The artist has even managed to capture his ferocious look.

Image source: Carousell

6. Flying Spaghetti Monster

Here, everyone’s favourite deity is depicted in paper form. It captures the flying monster’s bulbous eyes, meatballs and spaghetti tentacles with twisted card. The color even looks like pasta (ish).

Image source: Church of the flying Spaghetti Monster

7. Alien FaceHugger

The dreaded paper face hugger sits, ready to latch on and lay eggs into its next victim. The ribbed tail looks like it could flail about like the aliens itself and the knuckle like folds have an extremely realistic feel to them.

Image source: Setting the Crease

8. Millennium Falcon chased by TIE Fighters

In the art of origami you can use whatever materials are close to you. In this case, it’s money. TIE fighters chase Han Solo’s ship through space, made entirely of dollar bills. The Millenium Falcon even has the littlest details like the satellite on top.

Image source: Deviantart/orudorumagi11

9. Iron Man

Is he flying or blowing away in the wind? Either way origami Iron Man is here to the rescue. This artist uses hundreds of pieces of folded paper to make up the Marvel action man. His Arc reactor shines brightly,  although he does kind of look like an owl.

Image source: Etsy/OrigamiByJamie

10. E.T 

Our favourite Extra Terrestrial has been lovingly reconstructed in paper. The intricacy and creativeness of his eyes and face show the skill it takes to master this artform. Also notice his signature long finger to heal any paper cuts. Oooouuuuch.

Image source: Flickr/Shatner Nishida

11. Imperial Walker (AT-AT)

You may think that paper is not the best material for armoured transports in snowy landscapes but this will prove you wrong. Made from packaging, this Imperial Walker has its front cannons, flat feet and detailed joints in it’s legs. 

Image source: Flickr/Morisue Kei

12. Darth Vader

The most notorious Sith Lord in the galaxy, Darth Vader in his flowing cloak and hood where he could be hiding his lightsaber. His mask is perfectly folded to show it’s evil features giving him an all round menacing appearance.

Image source: Gilad’s Origami Page

13. Bahamut

Ready to attack with its megaflare, the wafer thin Dragon King, Bahamut. Known from the Final Fantasy video games, this awesome origami shows the beast’s magnificent wingspan, sweeping tail and evil red eyes.

Image source:

14. Klingon Battle Cruiser

The heavily armed battle cruiser is usually piloted by an army of Klingons but they’d be hard pressed to fit into this miniature. Nevertheless a lot of time and artistry has gone into folding the impressive crafts wings and rolling the nose of the ship.

Image source: Gilad’s Origami Page

15. Deadpool riding Unicorn

Probably in his dream scenario, we see Deadpool riding a unicorn across a rainbow. With his red suit to mask his identity, he also has his weapon of choice, a pair of paper katanas. Not sure how he’ll be able to use them with his triangular hands but he’ll sure find a way.

Image source: Mobi Spirit

16. Baby Groot

The cutest member of the Marvel universe, a lot of effort has gone into making Baby Groots’ body look like a real tree trunk. His twisted branch arms and hair make the origami version extremely similar to the real character. Ahhh he wants a hug.

Image source: Boredpanda

17. Wall-E

If Wall-E saw his origami counterpart on the ground he would most likely clean it up. This artist has taken great detail in getting the face and hands perfectly accurate and he even has caterpillar tracks just like the robotic janitor. As Wall-E would always say, “Wall-E”.

Image source: Origani by Brian Chan

18. Nazgul

The Nazgul was a dark rider from the J.R.R Tolkien novel The Lord of the Rings. The origami version’s appearance is as sinister as the character with its hooded garment covering its face and the paper Shadowfax that carries it towards the precious ring.

Image source: Flickr/Andrey Ermakov

19. Slimer

The most well known spector from the Ghostbusters movies, origami Slimer has a big open mouth with gnashing teeth, green body and hands ready to grab his next snack. This rendition shouldn’t leave as much of a mess in its wake.

Image source: Flickr/Joseph Wu

20. Blade Runner

Are they a robot or are they human? Lines were blurred in the 80s sci-fi classic Blade Runner. The origami unicorn played a part towards answering these questions in the movie’s plot. This one is carefully crafted with metal. Not traditional paper origami but it needed to make the list.

Image source: Flickr/Mikey Walters

You can see why this elegant artform has survived for such a long time. The skills needed to make these amazing pieces are very impressive. As soon as you throw the geek element into the equation they take on a different dimension. Which one transports you to your favourite fantasy?

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