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18 Awesome Hand-Drawn Mazes

9. Minecraft
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Written by
Danny Ashton
Danny is the father of a 5-year-old who loves video games and a very active 2-year-old who is always playing outside. He has made plenty of mistakes buying toys in the early years of parenthood, so hopes he can help others avoid the same fate.
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It takes a sturdy hand and artistic mind to draw mazes. These 18 awesome hand drawn mazes take the traditional looking maze to a whole different psychedelic level. Using vivid colours and complex patterns, the artist takes us on a journey through time and space.

1. Elements

At first glance it may be hard to see the centre of this labyrinth, but as your eyes relax into the shapes, you can start to plan out your journey through the elements. There are clusters of madness and space to wander all in one piece.

2. In Pasta We Trust

The spaghetti monster reigns supreme in this strange pasta themed maze. Follow your way through fish bones and ramen, and sail to paradise on the other side. Be careful to avoid the noodles.

3. The Trail

Originally this maze was created using blue ink on a basic notebook by the artist in the 8th grade. The relentless trail is only broken up by the occasional boxes red and black. It’s no journey for the faint hearted.

4. Biplane Versus the Volcano

The cartoon style and comedic image is of a biplane escaping from the volcano leaving a plumb of maze smoke in its wake. Fight your way past the molten boulders shooting out and avoid the burning lava forest below.

5. Good Mythical Maze

The colourful sky almost resembles the fingerprint of the artist, and maybe one of the faces is his hiding amongst the swirling maze above the mountains. You start in a burning flame and quest to one of the four grassy peaks.

6.Black Hole Sun

Taking 2 weeks to complete, this maze is based on the Soundgarden song “Black Hole Sun.” Will you venture towards or away from the void? According to the artist, the chances of completing this maze are around 5%.

7. Pandemonium

Coloured completely by hand, this maze has a child-like quality. An expedition through the knotted jungle takes you past trees, fires, lakes, a genie’s lamp and at one point, past the whole planet. Try and avoid the one eyed beast in the left hand corner.

8. The Spiteful Crow

Don’t let the start and end being so close fool you, this will not be an easy adventure. In this maze the artist has incorporated a busy city landscape, an american flag and as the centrepiece, the spiteful crow himself.

9. Minecraft

Getting inspiration from the popular video game, Minecraft is full of different styles of mazes based on the four elements. The artist has also used actual pieces from the game so there’s no mistaking what universe you’re in.

10. Mother 3

Another game related maze, this piece is based loosely on the video game Earthbound. It includes a number of enemies and characters found throughout the game.  Like with the rest of the mazes, the actual puzzle is still hand drawn and only the video game characters and background effects are added by Photoshop.

11. Alien Roots

Looking like either the landscape of another planet or a room in Willy Wonkas’ factory. The background and effects were created using Photoshop. This maze provides possible paths that can lead through either of the 3 trunks. 

12. Goodbye

Taking elements from Van Gogh’s – Starry Night, the blazing sun and swirling patterns make for an interesting exploration. This is one of the easier mazes and you could probably complete it under an hour.

13. Stark Reality

This maze is created using coloured pencils and sketching. The artist Jon Stark heavily influenced this piece of work. Start this maze at the upper left hand corner and venture past shapes and arrangements to the black hole in the bottom right.

14. Earthbound 2: Electric Boogaloo

Part two in the Earthbound saga sees another adventure through a maze of the video games characters, demons, an inferno and lakes. It has a few different styles of maze within one piece to constantly keep you guessing. 

15. Psychedelic

Created with sharpies, pen and coloured highlighters, the actual maze was created in just one day. Looking like a 60s psychedelic dream, it wouldn’t go a miss at a Grateful Dead concert. Open your mind, relax and float through this maze.

16. Cardinal’s Maze

This organic looking maze was made using pencils and then refined using Photoshop to make it look more “painted”. The puzzle hides within a tree’s branches basking in the sun. Start on the tree trunk and venture to the red bird at the end.

17. Tropical

This crazy tropical looking maze sees you starting in the middle to explore an odyssey of twists and turns to the end in the left hand corner. On this journey you may notice the artist’s signature is actually part of the path.

18. Sundance

This incredible maze is based on the complex system of a large tree’s roots which are held together with four hands joined tightly. At the bottom you can see the heart of the tree which pumps life into the maze.

Each one of these awesome mazes are both challenging and beautiful to look at. Ranging in complexity and theme, which one will have you pulling a puzzled face emoji?

Thanks to the artist Ben Uelk for providing us with such amazing mazes.

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