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15 Truly Terrifying Dolls

Author avatar Danny Ashton

Danny is the father of a very active 2-year-old and has made plenty of mistakes buying toys over the last couple years so hopes his site can help others avoid the same fate.

A fear of dolls is known as pediophobia. This selection of 15 truly terrifying dolls looks into the darkest corners of creativity and craftsmanship. These are not for the faint hearted and definitely do not make gifts for the kids.

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Now lets get on with the scare-fest!

1. Helma German Doll

From afar, you may mistake this eerie figure as a real girl. Up close is a different story altogether. Her sinister smile and realistic features are sure to put the strongest of minds on edge.

Image source: Amino

2. Scary Mary

Scary Mary is an example of pure evil. Her intense stare with large blue eyes, a childlike smile and a dirty face that suggests she has been out haunting dreams. Who knows where the rest of her body is.

Image source: Deviantart/sugar-crystal

3. Butchered Baby Dolly

You’ve got to have a pretty dark mind to make this doll. Looking like it’s had a visit from Victor Frankinstein, the torso, mouth and limbs have been stapled together. Seems like it could do with a little sun.

Image source: Wattpad

4. Fancy a Cuddle?

The answer is probably…no! This little creature looks like it just awoke from a nap in a krypt. Those teeth need a little attention and it’s cracked skin all point towards a sinister past. Hand it to any child to mentally scar them forever.

Image source: Flickr/Karen Woodiel

5. Killer Dolly

If this doll looks like it belongs to a freakshow, that’s because it actually does. Made by artist Michael R Gordon, she’d be right at home in a haunted house. Have a closer look at the mask that covers her face. Shudder.

Image source: Sideshow World

6. Just Plain Weird

This adorable little couple seems very comfortable suddenly appearing on your shelf in the middle of the night. Those mischievous smiling faces look like these two have been up to no good… Probably involving a blunt instrument.

Image source: Flickr/Chuck b

7. Sailor Doll

From ship to shore this sailor brings terror to every port. His sunken life like eyes stare directly into your soul and his huge smile shows him laughing at your horror. Imagine being aboard a vessel with this guy at the helm.

Image source: Piximus

8. Chucky Doll

One of the most famous dolls from the silver screen, Chucky lives in nightmares the world over. If you ever see his bright red hair, stitched up face and signature dungarees come toward you. RUN!

Image source: NerdToys

9. Burnt Baby Doll

This hyper realistic doll comes straight from the fires of hell. The details in its eyes and skin tone makes this doll all the more creepier. Waking up next to this burnt baby is what bad dreams are made of.

Image source: Creepy Pasta Legends

10. Jigsaw Doll

If you come across Jigsaw at anypoint, you know you’re in trouble. He only turns up in the worst scenarios usually riding his tricycle. What is the freakiest bit? His bulging red eyes, hypnotic cheeks or the bow tie?

Image source: The Scary Closet

11. Pennywise Doll

Another Hollywood hallucination, this doll is based on Stephen King’s nightmare clown from IT. Pennywise wouldn’t fool anyone into thinking he was a harmless clown, even with that big smile and red balloon.

Image source: Bigbadtoystore

12. Trilogy of Terror Doll

In 1975, this fearsome doll committed stabbings, drowning  and sacrificial killings in the Oscar nominated Trilogy of Terror. Make sure you don’t remove his chain or you might end up his next victim.


13. Discarded Doll

What would you do if you found this on your journey home? This decapitated doll seems to still be screaming from the torment that occured to its body, it’s hair still standing on end from the horror.

Image source: Deviantart/SimonLarbalestier

14. A Very Strange German Doll

This intensely terrifying German doll has the weirdest hips sticking out the side of her body and is completely naked apart from socks and boots. It’s difficult to imagine what ordeal this doll is ready to take you through.

Image source: Wattpad

15. Demonic Twins

Demonic is the only word to describe these possessed toys. It seems that any second they could rise out of their cott and dance around singing freeky nursery rhymes whilst you cower under the sheets.

Image source: Flickr/Wagsy

What was going through the minds of the people who made these toys for children to play with? What did these children turn out like? And which one would you least like to wake up next to?