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15 Bizarre Motorcycle Sidecars

Updated 29 April 2020

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Whether it be a trip to the the lake, the race track, camping or even your own funeral, ride shotgun in one of these bizarre motorcycle accessories. They guarantee riding one of these will get heads turning in the street.

1. VW Sidecar

This take on the classic VW transporter with its own headlights and window wipers, the stylish white and gold sidecar is attached to a matching moped. Any mods dream carriage.


2. Sidecar Hearse

If you’re drawn to a non-traditional send off, a hearse sidecar is the outlandish way to arrive at your funeral. Complete with flower rail, air-con and pulled by a Triumph, this final ride will be turning heads at any procession.


3. Snaefell Sidecar

The ultimate supercar has been transformed into the ultimate super sidecar. This fully functional vehicle took the owner 10 years to build in the owners spare time. Check out it’s jazzy gullwing doors.


4. Beer Barrel Sidecar

This curious sidecar might bring unwanted attention from law enforcement but the beer barrel machine looks incredible with its wooden body, gold binding and little tap on the front.


5. Bath Time Sidecar

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get ready for those special occasions. Problem solved! A bath sidecar with shower head will have you clean and punctual if not a little embarrassed. 

Source: METRO

6. Coffin Sidecar

If you favour the macabre, a coffin sidecar is perfectly unusual. With side handles and flame decal, it’s attached to a powerful stock cruiser for added “bad to the bone” attitude.


7. Fighter Plane Sidecar

Disguised as a WWII era fighter plane, this extremely creative (built by hand) chariot has a propeller, a cockpit and tail fins, it even sports fake bullet holes like it has actually been in battle.


8. Piano Sidecar

Bringing a whole new meaning to the road trip soundtrack, the fully playable piano sidecar brings music where it rides. What would make this invention even more bizarre? Playing it naked of course.


9. Sidecar From Hell

Coming straight out of hell, this vehicle is actually driven from the Citroen 2CV styled sidecar, giving it the inventive look that the skeleton is pulling an unfortunate soul who rides with him.

10. Kiddie Sidecar

How do you adapt from the easy rider lifestyle when you have kids? This creative father shows how. He seats all four children in in the side car with their own windscreens and skeleton-like paint job. 


11. Ice Cream Sidecar

Staying cool whilst staying cool. This sidecar has been converted into a mobile freezer serving ice cream to the masses. You’ll hear it coming with its two large speakers playing traditional ice cream truck lullabies. 


12. Doggie Sidecar

No man (or pet) left behind with this inventive way to transport your puppy. The wonderful sidecar lets the dog feel the wind in their ears and, if they’re extra hip, get them a pair of riding goggles.


13. Old Skool Wicker Sidecar

Since the 1900s people have been riding in sidecars. This early addition was made from wicker! It looks comfortable enough, but you wouldn’t like to get into an accident sitting in Grandma’s old knitting chair.


14. Camping Sidecar

What better accessory to have on a camping trip. A sidecar that folds out into a tent! This ingenious idea takes around 2 minutes to construct and even holds an extendable roadside kitchen.


15. Hannigan Astro Sidecar

A sidecar for a futuristic age. The aerodynamic Astro has a spacious cockpit, luxurious upholstery and a ludicrous sense that you could take off in the stratosphere at any given moment.    


From the womb to the tomb and everywhere in between, there’s a sidecar for all walks of life here. Would you rather be riding in a plane, playing the piano naked or washing your hair? Either way, being a passenger has never been more fun.