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15 Most Painful Shoes Ever Created

Updated 29 April 2020

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These weird shoes cause discomfort to all who wear them. Sure, these shoes will make head turns while wearing them. But is it worth the excruciating pain and suffering you get while wearing them on your way to work? 

1. Shoes That Mould Your Feet

Source: Independent

These shoes are part of the traditional Chinese foot-binding practice that developed in China, more commonly called “The Lotus Feet”. It may be a status symbol, but wow that looks painful!

2. Wooden Stilt-ettos

These stilts were designed by Eelko Moorer and their odd appeal looks as bizarre as they are painful. These may not work as actual footwear, but they look so fashionably avant-garde.

Source: Jankar Esbjerg

3. Wire Frame High Heels

These shoes are made of galvanized wire and can be purchased from the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh. Made with a 3D printer, these heels show the beauty of the wired world.

Source: Virtual Shoe Museum

4. Bondage Shoes

Wearing the weight of these chunky heels would be like a tough session down at the gym. They will keep you strong but you won’t enjoy it till you take them off.

Source: Dolls Kill

5. Boxing Glove Shoes

These shoes may look quirky and fun, but the pain they may cause to your feet is something even the great boxer Rocky won’t take. 


6. Cardboard Shoes

Stylishly innovative and asymmetrically chic, this pair of heels still looks undisputedly painful to wear. 

Source: Ooduarere

7. Pikachu Platforms

Don’t be fooled by the charming Pikachu and Game Boy console installed in this pair of platform shoes. The pain caused by wearing these is still excruciating.

Source: Technabob

8. Donated Feet Shoe

While these shoes are a must-wear for Halloween, no one who wants comfort should consider buying these. Plus they look pretty gruesome.

Source: Lolwot

9. Crocodile Converse

The TV series Walking Dead must have been the people who made these ravenous Crocodile Converse sneakers. One thing’s for sure: wearing them is bloody.

Source: Smashing Lists

10. LEGO Shoe

Warning: Wearing these colorful, deceptively cute pair of LEGO heels will cause you to lose your love for the harmless children’s toy.

Source: Bless Mess

11. Cork Sandal

Yes, the eco-warrior in you is proud that you’re recycling corks to make them as sandals. But your feet won’t thank you for it.

Source: CorkSpirit

12. Open High Heels

Why anyone would want to torture their toes by wearing heels that expose, instead of protect, their feet to the elements is an answer only philosophers could know.

Source: Crooked Brains

13. Meccano Shoe

It might be tempting to wear these metallic heels to show your love for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. But you won’t do it, though, because you love your feet more.

Source: Crooked Brains

14. Claw Shoes

This pair of gothic heels is something Maleficent would probably wear, but guess what: you’re not her because your feet are made for fluffy stuff.

Source: Crooked Brains

15. Spikey Heels

While these heels could actually be useful as a self defence tool, accidentally stepping on the spikes when putting them on will offset the benefit.

Source: Trend Land

Wow, finishing that list was just as painful. But now that you know about the most painful shoes mankind has made, ask yourself this: would you wear any one of them?