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12 Geek Inspired Wallets

Updated 29 April 2020

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You’re wearing your periodic table t-shirt, your ‘Make Nintendo Great Again’ cap and your ‘80s Transformers velcro shoes. How could you possibly top off this ultimate geek look? With one of these 12 wallets, that’s how.

1. Apple Pro keyboard

A vintage Apple Pro keyboard makes the perfect material for a semi-transparent wallet. Flexible and comfortable in your hand or in your pocket, this wallet holds all your personal credit cards and cash.

Source: flickr/uninorth13

2. Atari Pac-Man Wallet

Were you a Pac-Man addict before the advent of the more modern video games? Go ahead and admit it with this unique and original wallet. Repurposed from actual Atari game cartridges, it even has the original chip inside for extra geek points.


3. Duct tape Wallet

Nothing is stronger than duct tape for holding up to use and abuse. It’s the king of durability for your cards and cash. They say if there was a nuclear war, the only things left on earth would be cockroaches — and this wallet.

Source: amazon

4. Mighty dot matrix wallet

Remember the old fashioned dot matrix printer? Reminisce with a dot matrix wallet. It may not last the rain but it’s worth the recognition from your fellow green-screen-gang.

Source: amazon

5. Nintendo Wallet

Get that feeling you’re about to take Mario on another adventure every time you spend money. The power, reset buttons and the controller inputs make this wallet look and feel like the front of the original NES console. 

Source: merchoid

6. License plate Wallet

If you like to stash your cash where no one would expect, this license plate wallet is perfect. Appearing to be a bent vehicle tag, few burglars would suspect it actually holds your list of GTA cheat codes.

Source: flickr/seanlax5

7. Money Wallet

Make a financial statement with a wallet which appears to be a huge bundle of money. While you may have only credit card plastic inside, you’ll never be without your stash of cash with this unique accessory. 

Source: blogspot/strangerworlds

8. Tetris Duct Tape Wallet

The classic game of Tetris inspired this bold fashion wallet. The bright colors are appealing and it’s made from the toughest stuff on the planet. This accessory is cool as well as practical.

Source: etsy/kmcdesigns

9. Cassette Tape Wallet

Have you ever wondered where all the cassette tapes disappeared to when people moved to compact discs? We found them, repurposed as wallets for that retro-style, to let everyone know you’re an audiophile. 

Source: craftster

10. Wallet 2.0

File your personal items inside this heavy duty wallet and you can find anything instantly. There’s a divider for identification, credit cards, bills, money and other things. The ultimate item if organisation is your vice.

Source: ohgizmo

11. Crossword Wallet

Never be without your favourite puzzle. This super hard crossword should give you plenty of hours of fun plus somewhere to keep your cards and money.

Source: photobucket/anare_nana

12. Map on a Wallet

Navigate the streets and never get lost again with this recycled cash receptacle that also doubles as a map. It’s made from Tyvek so it will last too.  Where in the world will you keep your belongings?  

We all like to personalise ourselves, why should our wallets be any different? Making a statement about who you are and what you love is made all the better when someone acknowledges even the geekiest of accessories. Which of these wallets brings out the geek in you?